FRIDAY FICTION with RONOVAN WRITES Prompt Challenge #26-Caught

You know it’s Friday when Ronovan’s Friday fiction prompt shows up in your email!

Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes

  • Word Count is off! Let’s focus on the theme of the thing. Not many actually stick to the word count anyway. (SUGGESTED-No more than 500 if you want to try that.)
  • Using the prompt of ‘Caught, WRITE. A surprise can be anything. Surprise me with yours. (REQUIRED)

Where will Lara’s story go next?

Just Friends Part 17
Lara woke up and felt like she was on cloud nine! It had been a long time since she had had a date with someone and felt so positive.
They had walked around the surrounding areas of the O2 arena after the concert last night, talking, holding hands, and stopping to kiss like a pair of lovesick teenagers.
Christian had told her how he had liked her from afar at university, and how he had been painfully shy when it came to talking to the one person he had really wanted to.  He had probably come off as aloof, as his conversations were always so stilted, and he was surrounded by the little posse of Barbie dolls that had attached themselves to him, so there was never really much of an opportunity have a real chat.
She confessed that she had thought he was ‘alright’ too, and that because of his ‘hangers-on’ she never really thought there was much point in making an effort to impress him because she wasn’t his type.
It had been hard to leave him, and he obviously felt the same way, as he insisted on accompanying Lara on the train back home, even though he lived in a different direction, and then walking her to her door chivalrously.
Almost too chivalrous, she thought, as she lay there that morning reminiscing. He was almost too much of a gentleman. A small part of her had hoped that he would have hungrily kissed her at the doorstep, and lips still searching for her, push her back through the door, inching clothes off as they found their way to the bedroom. Then he could have shown her exactly how he contorted his body, and hers, using all that yoga training…
But he didn’t. He kissed her, lingeringly, then said he would call her tomorrow, and disappeared.
Sunday was usually a day of rest, so she got up languidly. There was no sound from Mel’s room yet, but that was unsurprising. She rarely rose before midday on a Sunday.
Her phone beeped. A message from Amit.
“So? How was the date last night, girlfriend? Spill!”
She quickly tapped a reply.
“Heaven! The music, the atmosphere, it was brilliant!”
It wasn’t more than a second before he sent one back.
“Forget the concert you freak! How was the man???????”
Lara grinned to herself. She knew that Amit was dying to know every juicy detail of the date.
“Oh, him… Cool. Yeah, he was ok too.”
Then her phone rang.
“OK??? Just OK???? OMG Lar! You went out with an adonis last night, and you say he was OK????? What is wrong with you???? Seriously woman! What am I going to do with you?!”
Lara just burst out laughing!
“Relax, you Drama Queen! The date went really well. It was wonderful, actually!”
“So, spill!”
“Not on the phone! How about we meet at the coffee shop later, about 4ish? I’ll bring Mel, then you can both do the grilling together!”
“Ok, it’s a date! See you later!”
Lara’s phone beeped again. Christian this time.
“Morning, beautiful. Hope you slept well J”
It seemed like nothing could wipe the smile off her face this morning.
She went to get a cup of tea, and switched on the telly.
That familiar beep echoed from her side again. Wow! Her phone was busy today!
It would be Amit again, she was sure. She’d look at it later.
Ten minutes later, it beeped again, then again shortly after.
Oh God Amit! Seriously? He was so impatient! She knew he’d be texting all sorts of silly questions about last night.
She grabbed the phone and went to switch it to silent when she noticed that the messages weren’t Amit.  They were from Neil…
“Lara, can you give me a ring, please? Need some advice.”
“Lar? You there?”
“Really need to chat to you ASAP”
Neil wasn’t the type to text unnecessarily, so she rang him straight back.
“Sorry Neil, I was in the shower. Is everything alright?”
She heard Neil sigh down the receiver. “Sorry to bother you Lar… I’ve been sitting here thinking and I’ve got myself into a bit of a state…”
“Why? What’s up?”
“I’m not sure.”
“Not sure about what?”
“Am I rushing it? This marrying lark? I’m wondering whether me and Mya… well, are we really right for each other?”
Lara’s heart skipped a beat… Any thought of Christian slipped out of her mind briefly.
“What do you mean? Neil, you were all over each other on Friday night! I’d go so far to say it was pretty sickening for the rest of us.”
“Exactly Lar, you know that’s not like me. I don’t know, I just got caught up in the moment…”
The doorbell rang and Lara went to answer the door as Neil continued.
“Maybe marriage…Mya… they aren’t really for me…”
“What?!” Lara exclaimed as she opened the door to find Christian standing there with a bag from the local bakery, the smell of fresh croissants wafting over to her nostrils.
She pulled her tee shirt down self-consciously, smiled at Christian, and remembered Neil was on the phone, pouring his heart out to her.
What a situation to get caught in!

And check out the audio here!


20 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. athling2001
    Jun 04, 2016 @ 11:51:51

    As the Friends Turn. Great addition.

    Liked by 1 person


  2. Trackback: FRIDAY FICTION with RONOVAN WRITES Prompt Challenge #27-Use 3 of 5 – ronovanwrites
  3. Ronovan
    May 26, 2016 @ 18:20:36

    Let me see…dun dun dun. Prompt making time.

    Liked by 1 person


  4. Hugh's Views and News
    May 23, 2016 @ 16:57:11

    Certainly keeping the legs going on this story, Ritu. You’ll have a book soon. Will it ever end? Will it go into a second book?

    Liked by 1 person


  5. Erika Kind
    May 21, 2016 @ 10:23:14

    Yes, yes, that’s my Sis, keep it going, twist by twist…. woohooo…. that story is awesome!!!

    Liked by 1 person


  6. Judy Martin
    May 21, 2016 @ 09:35:10

    Love it! Everything is closing in on Lara now and she is going to get in a pickle….I can feel it! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


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