November 29: #Carrot Ranch – Into The Dark…

Charli’s prompt this week:

November 29, 2018, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story using the phrase “into the dark.” What must a character face? Write about an encounter, journey, relationship, or quest. Follow the ship’s lights on gloomy seas. Go where the prompt leads you.

Into The Dark

Swaying slightly, she stumbled out into the dark.
It took Penny a few moments for her eyes to adjust to the dim light.
The door had slammed shut behind her.
Why had she decided to have that last drink?
She knew alcohol and her didn’t mix, yet all it took was the encouragement of a few mates, and she was knocking them back.
And with each drink, came confidence.
She danced, and smiled, and flirted.
But he took it too far.
The pushing to the toilets.
The clawing hands.
She shoved him and ran, fleeing via the fire exit.

23 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. calmkate
    Dec 06, 2018 @ 07:25:36

    a #metoo theme written so well it gripped, well done Ritu 🙂

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    • Ritu
      Dec 06, 2018 @ 07:29:07

      Thank you so much Kate.
      To be honest, I watched an episode of EastEnders where a girl has been dealing with rape, after dropping making, resulting in sex without consent… It made me think so much about how a lot of women are targeted purely because they are deemed to be ‘up for it’ just because they like to enjoy themselves. Definitely a #metoo piece xx

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  3. Charli Mills
    Dec 05, 2018 @ 22:08:45

    Wow, such powerful writing, building tension, exposing vulnerability, and then the predatory attack and escape. In 99 words! Good job, Ritu!

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  4. Jennie
    Dec 03, 2018 @ 12:36:49

    A scary story with a good ending.

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  5. Erika Kind
    Dec 02, 2018 @ 20:22:08

    Unfortunately no fiction at all.

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  6. syl65
    Dec 02, 2018 @ 17:22:44

    All too real Sister…

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  7. Annette Rochelle Aben
    Dec 02, 2018 @ 16:22:03

    Eww.. grateful I am, that I no longer drink

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  8. robertawrites235681907
    Dec 02, 2018 @ 12:38:25

    Oooh, very scary, Ritu.

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