New Release: Lockdown Innit – Poems about Absurdity by @Marjorie_Mallon

My dear friend and amazing blogger and author, Marjorie Mallon has been busy, again. During the first lockdown, she ended up compiling a host of diary style posts, and entries from many in the blogging community, detailing our experiences of Lockdown – a situation we never thought we’d be in, and hoped to never experience, again.

Now, as we sit in the midst of Lockdown three, here in the UK, she’s been doing more Lockdown writing! This one, a collection of Lockdown related poetry, is out from tomorrow! Go, get it!


Lockdown Innit is a poetry collection of eighteen poems about life’s absurdities and frustrations during lockdown. Wherever you live in this world, this is for you. Expect humour, a dollop of banter and ridiculous rants here and there. Amongst other delights, witness the strange antics of a swan posing by a bin and two statuesque horses appearing like arc deco pieces in a field. Check out the violin player on a tightrope, or the cheeky unmentionables wafting in the lockdown breeze!

Preorder Buying Links Lockdown Innit Releases February 26th

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Lockdown Innit is the second book that I have released during this time period

The first, This Is Lockdown released in kindle in July 2020. This Is Lockdown is a compilation and anthology of my diaries, poetry, flash fiction and 28 wonderful contributions from international authors, bloggers and creatives sharing their thoughts, poetry, and flash fiction during covid19. Many old friends contributed to the anthology and I discovered many new authors, and creatives via compiling this anthology.

This Is Lockdown is available in a shorter paperback version with poetry, flash fiction and contributions  (the diaries are only in the kindle version.)



And here is my mini review:

Lockdown, Innit is an eclectic collection of poems, in various forms, that have been inspired by the craziness that is Covid-19. From odes to loved ones, who are too far to see, or hug, to the poetic brilliance of The Face Mask Rolls, where Marjorie recounts the journeys of various face masks, discarded by their wearer, carelessley. Shook my head at the Danger To Pedestrians, sympathizing with other walkers, as we go about our normal walking lives, to be overtaken by the impatient joggers who have discovered anew hobby in lockdown… terrorising the pavements! The Breast Lump, I found particularly poignant, as I have had one aunt go through a similar scare, just the other day, and the fear of Covid-19, stopped investigations, before she was convinced that this was important, and also because my uncle has beed diagnosed with cancer during this pandemic, and again, it has been a tough journey… I enjoyed the journey, which took me through the whole range of emotions. Fabulous, Marje!


My alter ego is MJ – Mary Jane from Spiderman. I love superheros!

On the 17th of November I was born, in Lion City: Singapore, (a passionate Scorpio, with the Chinese Zodiac sign a lucky rabbit.) My early childhood was spent in Hong Kong. During my teen years, my parents returned to my father’s birthplace, Edinburgh, where I spent many happy years. As a teenager, I travelled to many far-flung destinations. It’s rumoured that I now live in the Venice of Cambridge, with my six-foot hunk of a Rock God husband. My two enchanted daughters have almost flown the nest, but often return with a cheery smile to greet me.

During the day, I work in an international sixth form with students from around the world. I’m the meet and greet lady who welcomes them to their new college and issues them with late slips when they don’t get to their lessons on time!

I write YA fantasy, paranormal, horror/supernatural short stories, flash fiction and short form poetry. More recently, I have produced and compiled an anthology/compilation set during the early stages of COVID-19 entitled This Is Lockdown. Following on from this, in February 2021 I will be releasing Lockdown Innit, poems about absurdity which will be available in kindle and shortly after release in paperback. 

I’ve been blogging for many moons at my blog home Kyrosmagica, which means Crystal Magic. From time to time I write articles celebrating the spiritual realm, inspiration and my love of nature, crystals and all things magical, mystical, and mysterious.

My eclectic blog shares my three loves: reading,  writing, and creativity. I adore reading and have written over 150 reviews on my blog:



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Twitter: @Marjorie_Mallon

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Kyrosmagica Publishing

YA Fantasy: The Curse of Time Book1 Bloodstone

Poetry, Prose and Photography: Mr. Sagittarius

An anthology: This Is Lockdown 



Short Stories in Anthologies:

Bestselling horror compilations

Nightmareland compiled by Dan Alatorre

“Scrabble Boy” (Short Story)

Spellbound compiled by Dan Alatorre

“The Twisted Sisters” (Short Story)

Wings & Fire compiled by Dan Alatorre

“The Great Pottoo” (Short Story)

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  1. OIKOS™-Editorial
    Feb 28, 2021 @ 21:33:28

    This is the very first book i have to start reading next week! Thank you for remembering me, Sis! I had scheduled this weeks ago. Michael

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  2. Claire Fullerton
    Feb 25, 2021 @ 16:01:19

    What a gorgeous book cover! Congratulations on your release!

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  3. willowdot21
    Feb 25, 2021 @ 07:36:23

    Fingers and toes crossed for Lockdown Innit! Great promo Ritu 💜💜💜

    Liked by 2 people


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