Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Tuesday Challenge Family & Thanks

So that Colleen went and left us for a month to chase her NaNo dreams, but she didn’t leave us without… oh no, she left us a challenge and a half.

A list of prompt word pairs that she wants in poetic form, but as SYNONYMS, not the actual words!

So, this week, we have

Thanks & Family

Here’s a Cinquain


Children, Play, Rock, Swing, Leisure

Pixabay Image


Tiny copies
Needing, wanting, loving
Grateful for our progeny

Ritu 2017

RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #176 Broken&Over

Lovelt Ron’s prompt this week:

Broken & Over

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge Image 2016

My haiku turned tanka this week!

Forest, Trees, Mato, Nature, Twigs, Wood

Pixabay Image

Leaves overturned by
Feet stepping on broken twigs
Each snap a pleasure
The crackle of winter walks
Appreciating outside

Ritu 2017

And a Senryu

Heart, Sky, Dahl, Blue Sky

Pixabay Image

Broken hearts can heal
With a little tenderness
It’s never over

Ritu 2017

RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #175 Short&Sexy

Lovely Ron’s Challenge words:

Short & Sexy

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge Image 2016

Woman wearing nude colored high heel shoes

Shutterstock Image

Short skirts grazing thighs
Skimming sexily over
Undulating hips

Ritu 2017

San Francisco, Oakland, Bay Bridge

Pixabay image

Evenings short and dark
Creating a sultry mood
Perfect for love.

Ritu 2017

What Kind Of Blogger Are You? #ThrowbackThursday

I often read some posts in amazement.

The time a blogger has taken to write their post, the attention to detail, the sheer beauty of their creation, and I wonder whether I am doing things right.

Don’t get me wrong, I can also be relatively thorough, and craft a pretty post, with all-singing, all-dancing links, photos, and lots of information, but I am seriously in awe of those who manage these types of posts on a regular basis!

but I think I am most definitely a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda gal. When something comes to mind, I need to write it then and there, and preferably post it straight away too!

Case in question, I was sat in my car, in the Asda carpark this morning, when the thought for this post came up. Forget my frozen food, slowly thawing in the boot, and the fact that I needed to get back to bake a carrot cake for Lil Man… words were bubbling in my brain! I needed to get them out, and typed up as fast as I could! Thank you so much Notes App on my phone!

The following verse is what flowed, to a background noise of shoppers and car washers, cars and kids!

Which One?
Are you a grafter
A blog post grafter?
Spending days, if not weeks
Making minute tweaks
A masterpiece creator
Looking up data
Editing until words swim around
Thankful you corrected the errors you found
Able to post a piece that is perfect
And sure it’ll have the desired effect
Or are you a blogger
Who seizes that fodder
And write as it hits
No idea will you miss
You write from the heart
All areas you chart
Some post, short and sweet
Some long, written in heat
Some that you treasure and some that you rue
All showing a true reflection of you

Ritu 2016

So, what kind of blogger are you?

Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Tuesday Challenge #Tanka – Autumn & Leaves

Colleen’s alternative poetry challenge NaNoWriMo is running: giving us a pair of words and for us to then use not them, but synonyms in our poems!

This weeks words to switch are~:

Autumn & Leaves

Snow, Autumn, Leaves, Winter, Leaf

Image from Pixabay

I used Indian summer, and fall for autumn and farewell and foliage for leaves, within a tanka.

Indian summer
I bid you a fond farewell
For winter is here
The gold foliage of fall
Gives way to cold, bare winter

Ritu 2017

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