Two Hearts – #RomanticTuesday


Two hearts yet one beat
Connecting us forever
For eternity

We face everything
Floating through life hand in hand
Kindred souls entwined

Electric touches
Igniting untamed passion
Like a naked flame

Ritu 2017

WRITESPIRATION #115 52 WEEKS IN 52 WORDS WEEK 19 – The Right Place To Write

Sacha’s prompt this week for #Writespiration.

This week, I want to get to know you. Pretend money is no object, describe your perfect office or writing location, or make it up, make it random or describe the craziest place you’ve worked.

I wrote this 52-word piece first… Maybe the craziest place I have written…


Sitting here, right now is probably the loudest writing spot I use!
For the last two years, I manage to squeeze in an hour’s writing time at my children’s Dhol Lesson!
Imagine… Between four and twelve large drums beating, often not in time, providing me with inspiration… and often a headache too!

Then the drums provided me with inspiration to write a 52-word poem too! (Hope this is allowed Sacha!)

As a writer I have no home
I have no writerly fixed abode
In the dining room or on my bed
I scribe the stories in my head
My phone, tablet, laptop too
Occasionally, while on the loo!
But to have a space that’s truly mine
Now that would simply be divine!

Obelisk #writephoto

Sue’s #writephoto prompt this week…

Sitting here
I reminisce
Think of all
Those things I miss
All those moments that
We shared
All those feelings
When we cared
What went wrong
I’ll never know
Yet watching the tide
Come and go
I’ll think
Of you
And our love
So true
That monument
Marks where we’d meet
The secrecy
Turned up the heat
But then you said
we had to stop
Our idyllic bubble
You made to pop…
You left me there
And walked away
But memories
Are here to stay

Ritu 2017



Child – #writephoto

Sue’s #writephoto prompt today

A freku for today – A poem followed by a haiku to sum the verse up.

Antique playthings
Once gave so much pleasure
Antique playthings
Surely things to treasure
Antique playthings
Memories roll back
Antique playthings
Dolls house and train track
Antique playthings
In an old nursery
Antique playthings
Looking quite freaky
Antique playthings
With eyes that follow you
Antique playthings
They know all that you do
Antique playthings
Bear witness to it all
Antique playthings
They see your rise and fall

These antique playthings
Valuable yet horrific
No comfort given

Ritu 2017


Doubling Up!

I have to confess… I have been oh so naughty these last few days! The Easter break always finds me with less willpower than at Christmas or the summer holidays for some reason!

I have been eating… and eating… and eating. When I want a snack, I am not reaching for the fruit bowl, or a yoghurt, as I have been doing, but rather the crisps, chocolates, ice creams, cakes… did I mention chocolate? And rather than having just one, I end up going back for a second helping!

It inspired a little poem from me today! Here’s to all of us who can’t help but snack! ( I’ll be back on my wagon once term starts. It’s not even worth me trying to be ‘good’ this holiday!)

This is getting serious
I don’t know what to do
For every time I have a snack
It’s never one, but two!

I went to get an ice cream
Didn’t realise the trouble
For after scoffing one
I needed more – Double!

Maple pecan plaits
You buy them in a pair
So I ate them both
I think that’s only fair!

At afternoon teatime
I make myself a brew
And if its not a pack of biscuits
I’ll have a scone – no, two!

With Easter coming it’s no fun
Chocolate everywhere
It would be rude not to eat,
And just sit and stare!

It’s not just sweets but savoury too
That seem to be coupling up
Wine, two glasses – not just one
And tea, ooh yes, another cup!

This doubling up is awful
I really shouldn’t indulge
After all my hard work
To shift my waistline bulge!

But then, I’m only human
Sometimes you gotta eat
And at my next weigh in
I promise I’ll not cheat

Instead, I’ll be good, I swear
I’ll get back to my routine
And then I’ll be posting about
How I got back to being lean!

Ritu 2017

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