Lovebirds (even though they’re Parrotlets!) #RomanticTuesday

A little entry for #RomanticTuesday.


Sometimes I may do you wrong
I’m not perfect, see
It makes you sad and angry
You turn your head from me


But given time you realise
I’m not all that bad
I’m just a man, not tactful
Your average kinda lad


Then we settle right back down
Doing the things we do
Because I know that you love me
And you know I love you too

Ritu 2017

#SoCS Aug. 5/17 – High/Low

fLinda’s #SoCS prompt this week…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “high/low.” Use one, use both, bonus points for starting and finishing with one or both. Have fun!

So, here’s my off-the-cuff poem for today! Y’all can’t keep me down!!!

High flying thoughts and wild ideas
Refusing to listen to anyone’s fears
No worries that I’ll crash and burn
From any mistake, I shall learn
Belief in me, that’s what’s inside
The crest of hope, that’s what I ride
And anywhere that I shall go
I’ll not let anyone make me feel low

Ritu 2017

Thursday photo prompt – Watchers #writephoto

Sue’s prompt for #WritePhoto today:

The walls have ears, so they say
Silent they stand, stark and grey
But the things they’ve seen over the ages
Could overfill a writers pages
Happiness, sadness and all in between
A bit of it all, they have seen
Buildings ravaged, falling down
Roots creeping round, gnarled and brown
Yet the things they see, memories may fray,
But sights can never ever be wiped away

Ritu 2017


Romantic Tuesday – Passion





I breathe
I exist
Only for you
The passion
I feel
Runs through and through
Your touch
Your lips
Excitement does brew
Pure heat
A release
For our love is true

Ritu 2017



I’m not ungrateful by any means. I do love the summer, and the warmth… I just wish I wasn’t at school, to actually appreciate it!

I shouldn’t really complain, right?
But you need to understand my plight, right?
Summer’s here in full force, right?
Sun lotion and barbeque sauce, right?
But temperatures over thirty, right?
Leaving me sweaty and dirty, right?
Kids can’t cope with the heat, right?
Ice cream ain’t just a treat, right?
Surely work can’t be legal, right?
I can’t even sleep at night, right?
And don’t get me started on pollen, right?
Itchy eyes, sneezes and throat, right?
I just need a holiday, right?
Then I might feel alright, right?

Ritu 2017

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