Colleen’s Syllabic Poetry challenge: Use synonyms of the prompt words in any of the syllabic poetry forms.

Past & Present

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Start the day today
Not thinking of yesterday
But of the future

Ritu 2021

The Sue Vincent Rodeo Classic with The Carrot Ranch

Sue Vincent is one of those special bloggers that inspires people all over the world. Readers have long been galvanized by her posts about mythology, about ancient ruins and medieval churches, and her daily #midnighthaiku. Even more have participated in and grown as a result of her #writephoto prompts. In addition to posting her prompts, Sue has tirelessly supported other bloggers by sharing others’ responses to her 19,000 and counting followers.

Recently, Sue has been faced with a new and difficult challenge: lung cancer. You can follow her blog to find out more directly from her. The Covid pandemic has served not only to pose a specific threat to a person with a severe respiratory illness, but it has caused loss of human connection through self-imposed quarantine.

Now it’s time for Sue to receive something back from the community she’s been a cornerstone of for a decade. Let’s bring the Rodeo into Sue’s house through her computer, and let’s come together with hearts full of joy. Join us for the Sue Vincent Rodeo Classic at the Carrot Ranch – a contest, parade, and celebration all in one!
There are many ways to participate. One is to visit the prompt image, “Hidden”, at the Carrot Ranch. The prompt image and entry form will go live on Monday, February 1st, 2021. Enter a flash or a poem by Friday, February 19th, 2021, and you could win either $100 or a copy of one of Sue’s books. The form will allow you to give a small donation for Sue and her family, and a link can be found on the contest page. The winning entries will be announced at the Carrot Ranch on March 22nd, 2021.

If you’re not ready to rodeo, there’s always the “Parade”. Reblog one of Sue’s posts from any of her sites (Daily Echo or France and Vincent) with a comment about why you found it special. Follow her blogs. Read one of her books, then leave reviews where you can. Several people are already gearing up for the parade – so feel free to check out other people’s blogs for suggestions.

Also, go ahead and reblog, tweet, Facebook, or somehow otherwise share the contest! 99 word literary art is a fantastic way to celebrate a blogging hero and very deserving person.

Saddle up, everyone! It’s time for a Carrot Ranch Rodeo like none ever held before. The Sue Vincent Rodeo Classic begins on Monday, February 1st, and it’ll be a TUFF prompt to fit within 99 words. 
See you at the Ranch, buckaroos!

On a personal note, I have known Sue for most of my blogging life, around six years. We met a few years back, too, at the Annual Bloggers Bash.

What a lovely lady.

Sue has been a great support, and champion of my own blog and writing over that time, and a huge inspiration to me, too. I was devastated to hear of her diagnosis, but her positivity, and attitude towards the whole situation has been amazing.

Please, if you can, try and join in, in some way. Come on, Peeps, let’s pay it forward!

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One Line Wednesday – #1LinerWeds – Vaccination

“If it’s offered, take the vaccination, please.”

Ritu, 2021

A few extra lines to support this one.

It appears that so many in the BAME community, a community of people disproportionately affected by COVID-19, are not taaking up the offer of the vaccinations that are being given, right now.

Why, I don’t know.

Thing is, we will never get ourselves out of this hole if we don’t all do all that is humanely possible, to help the situation.

Please, get vaccinated, and if you have an elderly member of your family, ensure they take up the offer.

I haven’t seen my family in months, and until we get things under control, I have no idea when the next time is, that I will feen the embrace of my parents.

I know many of you are in similar boats.

Pops and I are working with a friend of mine who works in the NHS to help create videos in many languages, with the simple message, to send out to the BAME community, in order to reach those that may not understand, or be fearful of the injection.

Let’s work together to do this.

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For Linda’s #1LinerWeds challenge

Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 342 ROUGH and Season.

Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku challenge:

Rough & Season

Photo by Todd Trapani on Pexels.com
The rough bark exposed
In this cold winter season
Branches pray for leaves

Ritu 2021
Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge Winter badge 2021

Chai And A Chat #119 #ChaiAndAChat #CoronaDiaries Week 43

The third week of this year has passed in a blur of lockdown… I’m not sure where the time is going\1

Anyway, let’s get to it. Where’s your drink?

  • If we were having chai I’d begin with the usual, school stuff. So it was my week away from the Key Worker children, but I still had to be in most days, just to make sure all was going to plan. I think I had 100% engagement with the online platform, so that was pretty ace, and when I checked on the weekend, a couple who hadn’t uploaded work, had tried to, so that was great! We had another child as well, so that spiced things up a bit. However, two things took precedence, last week. The first, the LFD (Lateral Flow Device) tests that the government want us to take, if we wish, twice a week, ourselves, to test for any asymptomatic cases. This is not for pupils, just the school staff who are in, so we can self isolate when needed, but we only test twice a week, so we could get a negative, be postive the next day, and still spread things around, then find out at the next test… a few training sessions later, all I think is what a waste of time, and it kinda looks like a pregnancy test! The second thing that drained many hours was trying to wrok out how we can upload videos onto our online platform… Don’t get me started, just know that I have recorded myelf several times, and tried so many ways, but for some reason, the platform we use won’t always accept them, or the medium we use to record requires parents to have accounts too… such hard work!
  • If we were having chai I’d have to share with you that it was our Sonu Singh’s 7th birthday too, on Wednesday. In cat years he is now older than us all!
  • If we were having chai I’d let you know that I am still doing my journalling. One of the challenges was to write about what others think of you and your best qualities… I put it out there, and here are some of the answers. I was touched by some of the comments, and there were even more added after I did my journal spread. It’s definitely something for me to reread on days I feel bleurgh…!
  • If we were having chai I’d say that we had no viewings of our property, which was a bit frustrating, but saw a couple of others… and all I can say is “Watch this space!”
  • If we were having chai I’d end with telling you of my disappointment that almost all of the country got snow on Sunday, and we got RAIN! No fair! I was so excited, even popping my woolly socks on, ready, and then NOTHING! What a disappointment!
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This week, I’ll be doing house things, as well as being in school, and the usual bits and bobs.

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