Chai And A Chat #85 #ChaiAndAChat #CoronaDiaries Week 9

Can you believe we’ve clocked up nine weeks of Lockdown?

Got your drink?

  • I was in school on Monday, and a bit tentative, as there would be chats about the possibility of going back into school with reduced classes as of 1st June. The teacher I was with hasn’t been in at all because of living quite far away, and having a little baby at home. He was a little nervous, but we had a good day, making butterfly feeders and going on minibeast hunts.
  • I came home with the worst migraine on that day, and admit to a meltdown of epic proportions because no one at home wants me to go back to work, I don’t feel safe to yet, but I need to, for my dear pupils. The conflict in my mind awful.
  • Tuesday, we had another Zoom meeting to discuss the new plans if and when we come back to school on the 1st June. So many questions, so many discrepancies… I can’t even…
  • I attended a webinar on Wednesday about how we could possibly saafely return to an Early Years Classroom, and it fills you with confidence when the person advising you, is not even convinced we arae doing the right thing…
  • On Thursday I was back in school pretty much all day trying to set our classrooms up for the reduced amount of children who would be attending as and when we open. It was sad. Having to block certain areas up so the children wouldn’t feel tempted to touch things that could become germ harbours. Oh, and a cleaning station too.
  • Enough about school. Seriously! I managed to finish a writing course the other week, and it was a lovely surprise to open the mail, one day to find a real certificate to show I had passed! I must be a writer!
  • And I also got my results for the first four modules of my calligraphy course, as well as completing the remaining six. I am definitely now expert, and still finish any practice with ink all over my hands!
  • I’ve been reading plenty, and spent a few days able to sit out in the garden as I worked, as the weather has been glorious too!
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What a lovely evening to spend in the garden with a book πŸ₯°

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  • I also reached a great Amazon milestone for me, which was 40 reviews! Super excited! Then someone who read it, was gushing to me, and she told me she had already recommended it to several of her friends. I’ll let you in on a secret. I was always worried that people from my background might not like it. Maybe they’d think I was taking the mickey, or not portraying characters well, but the fact that they have really loved it as well. I am overwhelmed. And they want more! so I aam trying (struggling) to write more on book two, which is most definitely happening.
  • The weekend brought with it, high winds, accompanying the sunshine too. We had gardening time, walks out and some of the household even went to play tennis (not me – I don’t do sport!)
  • We ordered our first Chinese takeaway in around ten weeks. It was lovely to eat after for so long, but definitely highlighted that we are more happy eating home food nowadays than takeouts. But there are days that you just have no inspiration. Days like that, I provide sustenance that looks like this…
  • The biggie for the week was Pops celebrating his 74th birthday. Obviously we couldn’t be together, but Mum made him a cake, and we ensured a present was delivered on the day for him too. I cannot wait until the day we can see them, and I can get a Pops hug…
  • Oh, and that BoZo… BoJo, had his moment in the press today, and seems determined to send the babies back to school come the 1st… I am so unconvinced… but what to do? Add that to them sending the official guidance for Early Years Settings and reopening, on the Sunday of the bank holiday weekend in the half term week… Perfect!

This week, we are on official half term. Somehow, none of the keyworkers require care, so the school is officially closed all week (not great if we need to do any more last minute setting up, but there is still the chance that come Thursday, or, knowing the Govt, Sunday night, that they may do a u-turn on schools opening.

I can’t do any more than what I already have, so I have to make sure I try and relax as best as I can, before what will be a highly stressful time for us all, as we worry whether we are doing the right thing or not. I shall be reading, and writing, if all goes well, this week! And grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning, as usual…

What have you been up to?

Stay safe, my dear friends!

Please Welcome Ritu Bhathal and her Debut Novel “Marriage Unarranged!” @lisaorchard1

I have been featured on Lisa Orchard’s blog today. Do pop over and have a read!

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 273 – Waiting


Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.

Joyce Meyer

Thank you, for that pearl of wisdom, Spidey.

Waiting. I think we are all in a permanent state of WAIT right now. We wait, with bated breath, to hear what the next steps will be by governments, with regards to this COVID-19 pandemic.

Our whole lives in the hands of a very tiny percent of the population. We sit tight, when the news is on, with the next announcement. How many new cases? How many deaths? Any positive news? Are things getting better or worse?

Currrently, my specific wait is to hear the definite decision regarding certain Primary School year groups returning to school on the 1st June, which is just over a week away.

I’ve had my fair share of wobbles, and I think you all know that. But, it’s my decision as to how I behave as I wait.

Despite my disagreement with the decision to even contemplate sending the little ones back to school, I am also aware that we have to, at some point, ease back into life as we knew it.

The #NewNormal cannot be our permanent normal, after all.

So, I’ve been in school, stripped back various areas, cordoned off places, given eacy child that I know is due to come back a special space, set of equipment, and a new socially distanced ‘spot’ to sit on when we have carpet time.

We’ve made plans as to how out timetable is going to change, drastically, teaching these ten children that we have possibly coming back, and the twenty whose parents are not willing to send back yet.

Now we are on our official mid term break. and I cannot do anything else, beside wait and worry. I am not going to worry, Decisions are out of my hands right now.

Instead, I am going to think positively. Put the fear out of my mind, as best as I can, and try and relax before the #NewNormal Take 2 launches.

What will be, will be. I have to stay as sensible as I can. It’s the only way.

So… tell me, what part of the next stage of lockdown easing are you waiting for, or dreading?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps  And enjoy your week! ❀ 

#SoCS May 23/2020 – Cheyynah

Linda’s #SoCS prompt this week:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is β€œch.” Find a word that starts with β€œch” and use it as your prompt word. Bonus points if you start your post with that word. Enjoy!


Go on, say it.

Can you actually say it without morphing into a grotesque version of Donald Trump – ‘Cheyynah’?

I know I can’t.

Chinese food.

I miss a good old Chinese takeaway, but since this virus spread, here in this area, we have no places open, even for delivery, because the owners were subjected to such abuse. And one had even put a note up to say that she was born and bred here in the UK, had never been to China, and bought all her ingredients at local wholesalers, but still, her business got grief.

That really makes me sad. Some people are childish.

Happy 74th Birthday Pops! #74actually!

Pops is turning 74 today! So please wish him a very happy birthday! I am sharing an old post from when he turned 70. He really is a wonderful dad, and I couldn’t ask for a better one . ❀

Ritu 2020

It is a very special day today for me.

My precious Pops is turning 74!

Happy Birthday

Humble to a fault, with a heart bigger than the universe, that’s my Pops.

He’s been my guide, my inspiration, my support since, well, forever.

Born to a farming family in Kenya, the youngest of multiple siblings, Pops popped out a ready-made uncle!  He had nephews and nieces to play with as a youngster and was always called Kaka, which means baby, as he was the youngest. Pops lost his own father very young, but his mother and brother brought him up.

He wasn’t the biggest academic in school, loving sports and dancing, but wanting to do the best he could, he pursued Dentistry and went to Wilson College in Mumbai.

Here he is with some of his High School athletics trophies!

He held a high jump record at his college which was only broken relatively recently!

He was a pretty cool dude. Check him out here!

Cool Dude
That’s him, white shirt and sunnies on!

And here is one of the photos that convinced my mum to marry him…

Young Pops

Look at the happy couple!


Marriage and a few years later, along came me!

Me N Pops
Love these photos!

Then my brother…

Selfie mode!

Years pass so fast and he is now a father-in-law and a grandpops to 4!

He was a dentist for many years until heart problems and arthritis meant he had to take early retirement.

Did he sit back and let retirement take over him?

Nope! He started practising yoga which gave him a new lease of life, so then in his mid sixties, he became a yoga instructor and started spreading the message out there to many people about how to improve your health naturally. No charging. This was his community service to the world!

Then he was asked to film his own TV programme which airs every day on a channel here!

Very Proud of my TV Star Pops!

All through this time he has been not only a most amazing Pops, husband, and grandfather, dentist and yogi, but ask all those who know him, family and friends, and they will all agree that he is there for them no matter what. Surrogate granddad to so many children, brother, uncle, everything. Nothing is too much hard work for him. He will be there.

And he still hasn’t stopped dancing! He says to us that when he dances, he feels 21. He can beat all the youngsters in a bhangra dance off, then when he sees a video, he says “What is this silly old man doing?!” I only wish I had photos of him in his bhangra performance days!  Mums are amazing! She pulled a few old photos out for me and sent them, in her own special way!

But the reality is he is brilliant! And all who know him will agree!

So I just want to wish my Precious Pops an amazing 74th birthday. May there be many, many more to come! Love you!

Keep Dancing Pops!

Dancing Pops

From your forever Little Girl, Ritu xxx

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