Chai And A Chat #222 #ChaiAndAChat

Well, hell,o February! The month of love and birthdays. Oh, so many birthdays in this family of mine!

I’m supping my green tea. What about you?

  • If we were having chai, I’d start by telling you all about our week in school. We had a couple of absences, plus there was the strike on Wednesday, as well as my all-day seminar on Thursday. It’s funny, but I am sure I have mentioned before, but there is one class where we have so much absence, and then there is the other where barely a child is off… ever. This was exactly the same last week. It was strange, as certain characters were unwell. You see how class dynamics change with these people missing. The Seminar was actually really good. There were some truly inspiring talks, as well as a couple that were a little less inspiring, but great to mingle with other Early Years educators and chat with like-minded people.
  • If we were having chai, I’d tell you the strike passed with around 5 members of staff choosing to take action. Again, it is a really hard decision to make. We fully support the strike action and why they are happening. It isn’t purely about teachers’ pay. It is about the state of education and fighting for the rights of the children and better funding for all those areas that have seen investment slashed, leading to the issues we seem to be facing more and more in classrooms. We were able to stay open, because though disruption is what unions want, as educators, we still have that head on us about the wellbeing of our children. Not enough teachers were off to warrant a school closure.
  • If we were having chai, I’d say that I was meant to have an official lesson observation on Friday, but due to lack of sleep because we have been having a bit of a week at home, I was in no fit state. I do love my Head. She knows what added pressure that would have put on me, even though I was (kinda) prepared. Next term it is, then!
  • If we were having chai, I’d tell you that by the time Friday evening rolled by, I was absolutely exhausted! Lil Man has been having his mock exams, and it’s never easy getting a teenage man-boy to revise… On top of a daughter suffering her own ups and downs in school right now. That, coupled with a busy week at work meant I was asleep before I could even think when I got back home.
  • If we were having chai, I’d mention that though I haven’t been writing on my WIP much, it was good to get poetic on Saturday…
  • If we were having chai, I would give you a snippet of Sonu Singh! I have had this soft grey cat bed in my office for over a year, and he never uses it. But this last week, he seems to have rediscovered it, so I spent time with him curled up in it on Friday night.
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This week is the last week of term before our half-term break. That means half the academic year is done! I think it is. pretty straightforward week, along with a few days where certain staff are in and out or swapping days, and then we break up. It is also Lil Man’s last week of mocks. Plus, it is Hubby Dearest and my mother-in-law’s birthday, too! Cake week!

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Spidey’s Serene Sunday #413 – Self Care

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few mintues, including you.”

Anne Lamott

Thanks, Spidey. I think we all need that timely reminder. I’m sure we have used this quote before, but it is such a good one!

There have been days, recently, when I have felt as if I am scraping the barrel to get the enthusiasm and energy required for daily life with a bunch of 4-5-year-olds, and then to deal with home life too. Oh, and as Perimenopause to the mix, along with not being able to get my HRT!

It’s not been easy, I have to say. Without going into details I have to say that sometimes, it feels like going in to work has been the calmest place, and if you have ever worked in the Early Years, you’ll realise the enormity of that confession.

Still, here I am. I’m still functioning. Still doing what I need to do.

I get asked by those of my friends and family who know the ins and outs, how I am coping.

It’s simple. To me, anyway.

There are times when I have to put myself first.

Not selfishly.

But I need to make decisions that will help me get through.

The first is to lessen the unnecessary pressures I put on myself.

I want to write. Sure I do. But with my brain not having the bandwidth to create, right now, I don’t force myself.

If I haven’t cleaned the house from top to bottom, I don’t beat myself up.

If I have had to order a takeaway or stick a ready meal in the oven, so be it.

And the second is to make time, even if it is only a short while, to do the things I love.

So I’ll read (lots, as you know). It may only be for a few minutes a night in the week since I am physically and mentally exhausted from work, but I’ll make up for it on the weekend.

I’m exercising, for me.

I have my weekly soak in the bathtub.

I try to meet with friends, away from the family, once in a while.

I’ll spoil myself with a little gift.

Because I need to feel that I am worth it, too. Only then can I get through everything else.

So, Peeps, what is your favourite form of Self Care?

#SoCS Feb. 4th, 2023 – Perfection

Linda’s SoCS prompt…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “perfection.’” Use it any way you like. Enjoy!

Do you strive for perfection?

Always seeking satisfaction
Of that perfect photo
Or the perfect word
The perfect recipe
The perfect song heard...

Or is good enough, enough?
Will it get you by?

Do we need to lower standards
To decrease the pressure
And ease our mental health?

Perfection is a thing of beauty,
When it's presented to us
by Mother Nature

It shows perseverance
If we achieve it
By ourselves

Some things, yes,
They have to be perfect

But some can slide
Don't give yourself the stress

Ritu 2023

One-Liner Wednesday – Habits

“It takes just as much time to build good habits as it does to form the bad ones.”

Ritu Bhathal

For Linda’s #1LinerWeds

Write – #JusJoJan the 31th, 2023

And, it’s a wrap! Today is our thirty-first prompt for Just Jot it January 2023. This month has felt like the longest month ever, and yet it’s flown by. I won’t say too much here because I want to leave some for tomorrow’s wrap up post. But what do you say we finish this thing with a flourish?


Your prompt for JusJoJan January 31st 2023, is “write.” Use the word “write” any way you’d like. Have fun!

Why do I write?

Because I have so much to say!

Sometimes I think I started this blog because others were fed up of listening to me blather on, so I thought that a blog would be good. I could write, as if I was chatting, and no one could stop me, or if they didn’t want to listen, they could just shut the page!

That writing culminated in me getting to know so many amazing folk in the Blogishpere, and from those early years and their encouragement, my dream of having a novel published also came true.

And now I write, still for myself, but as much, for many people who apparently enjoy my ramblings!

I’ve got through writing courses and craft books, listened to podcasts about honing my ability, but shall I tell you the one thing I have learned? The most important thing?

There is no ‘write’ or wrong!

When you write from the heart, that is the purest form of prose or poetry.

On a personal note, I must thank Linda for hosting this fabulous month. It is never easy to coordinate these things, but she is just a superstar, and I used #JusJoJan as a training month to get me back into my writing. I hope that after this month, I can take time out every day and write words on book three so I stay on track for my idea of when I would like it finished.

Farewell, my fellow #JusJoJanners!

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