Happy 70th Birthday Mum! #MumIs70

It gives me great pleasure to tell you that today is a very special day.

You’ve already read about Lil Man and his birthday. And the fact that he was born on my mother’s 55th birthday – a present I couldn’t ever surpass.

Well, today is her 70th birthday!

It is a tough time to have a big birthday, especially since we aren’t even near them, and I can’t go and do a driveby celebration, but I know you will all help me to celebrate with her.

My mum is the absolute best person in the world. She is an amazing woman with the hugest heart.

My Beautiful Mum ❤

Born into a family with parents who were pretty forward thinking for their time, my mum was given the best education, including an British boarding school, in Kenya, where she was born, and then university in Bath. (She even briefly knew Mary Berry!)

She married my Pops, an arranged marriage, and started a totally different life. My Pops’ family is different. A great bunch, but maybe, at that time, not so forward thinking. So Mum settled into the life of a housewife, living in an extended family with no parent’-in-law, but plenty of sisters’-in-law (Pops has a HUGE family) and kids all over the show!

After marriage

They moved to England in the early 70’s and as Pops settled into his dentistry, saving to buy their own first home, Mum found a job in the Civil Service, but was never able to start it, as she fell pregnant with me! A decision was made between them both then, that mum would be a stay at home mum, to look after the family and home, while Pops was the breadwinner. That was the norm in those days.

I’m in her tummy, there!

Cue many years of being mum and house wife, as my brother entered the scene, as well as many other members of our family. Our home became a place where people started to send their kids when they were of a certain age, to continue education in Britain, from Kenya, so I had at least eight different room-mates over the years, from cousins my age, to older ones, to some who were having babies and staying with us for the support.

And Mum was there, being surrogate mum to all these different people, as well as being a fantastic mum to us.

Here we both are ❤

As the houseguests lessened, and my brother and I got older, Mum took a job, helping Pops with his dental surgery, and the management.

Then us kids got married, and she became the best grandma ever, to my two children, including Lil Man, who shares her birthday, and to my brother’s two darlings.

The birthday buds!

Mum hasn’t just been key in our lives, but I have many cousins and nephews and neices, who look upon Mum, and Pops as their guides too. Her love is so great that she always welcomes all with open arms, offering love, advice and cake.

She is the best cook, a wonderful baker and she’s a sucker for hoarding things, but I’m not complaining, because mum’s squirreled away things become little treasures for us, when they are brought out! From old materials and clothes, to household gadgets, and hundreds, if not thousands of photos.

But all the time, she never stopped being the biggest support to us all. Mum has always been, and still is, my mentor, my guiding light, and someone I aspire to be like.

I’d like to take this time to ask you all to help me wish my darling mother a very happy 70th birthday! Here’s hoping I’ll be able to see her soon, so I can give her the biggest hug ❤


Chai And A Chat #90 #ChaiAndAChat #CoronaDiaries Week 14

Hello, my dear Peeps!

So, we have lived fourteen weeks in this strange new world…

Go, grab a drink, I’m here, waiting, with mine.

  • So, the second week back at school was interesting, in a different way. The children have settled down to this alternative way of leraning, and I am surprised how they aren’t asking to mix with the other classes, satsified with their own little bubble for company. I’m not complaining, it would be harder if they weren’t enjoying it. I hav been told I have one of my Special Ed children coming back, on Monday, but for a trial, as if he cannot cope with the way we have to school at the moment, he won’t be able to stay. But Monday will tell us what we need to know.
  • I also had a meeting with the Head to discuss next year. I cannot tell you the BIG news, but I can confirm that I will still be in Reception next year, and maybe I’ll be able to complete a full year with no craziness, this time!
  • In other worlds, the pains are still there, but not as bad, but I am still tired after a day at school. Naps happen without me intending, if I sit for a moment.
  • But, I have been busy with other things too. I thought that, to combat my low energy levels, I need to do something healthy, so I signed up to Couchto5k. This is an NHS approved app, which helps you begin to run, in small increments, building up your stamina and fitness. And I completed the first week’s 3 runs! It’s been very hot here the last week, so aside from the first day, where I stupidly decided that 5.30pm would be aa good time to go, and I melted, slightly, Lil Man and I have been going together, as he has signed up too, even though he can run 5k with no worries. See, my supportive son ❤
  • I also downloaded two other challenge apps, the 30 day Plank Challenge and the 30 day Flatter Tummy Challenge, so I am trying to do those as well…
  • Aaaaand… I am trying my hand at Keto eating again too, for a while, to hopefully lose some of this fat! I did attempt this before but found the prep hard work, but this time I am determined. Sunday brunch was yummy, and totally diet friendly! Keto Almond flour and coconut oil pancakes with berries!
  • We’ve continued our walks on the days we don’t run, and saw a beautiful sunset as we walked along the prom. It was gorgeous.
  • On Saturday we had a socially distanced celebration for my Brothe-in-law and his wife as it was their 10th wedding anniversary. Typical that the gift we ordered didn’t arrive on time, so I hope I can get it to them on Monday instead.

This week, I have two special birthdays to celebrate. They’re today, actually, you’ll see a post it a short while. Lil Man is 15 and my darling mum is 70! Wow! Where does the time go? Aside from school, and the exercise, my aim is to get my writing mojo back now too. Wish me luck!

Oh, and while you’re here, did you sign up for my mailing list? I am in the middle of writing an exclusive Chickpea Curry Lit story for my subscribers, and there will be news, tips and even recipes! You know you want to join… go on! Click the pic below to sign up!

What have you been up to?

Stay safe, my dear friends!

Lil Man hits 15!!! #HappybirthdayLilMan

3.08am. A funny time to be posting, I know, but at 3.08am, fifteen years ago, I was finally a mum!

Yes, my first born, Lil Man turns 15 today!

Born after a smooth pregnancy, following fertility treatment, and an interesting labour, Lil Man made his way, kicking and screaming, into our lives.

Don’t let that innocent face fool you!

Lil Man was born on my mum’s birthday, (Big birthday for her too – separate post to follow for that!) and was the first grandchild for both sets of grandparents.

The Birthday Buds!

He is a total character, and has such a gentle personality (apart from when he winds his sister up, and World War 3 threatens to start! Siblings, eh!)

From an early obsession with Thomas the Tank Engine, morphing to an infatuation with Spiderman, he then progressed to Star Wars, then cars and football. A bit of an obsessive personality, he has…

He’s a keen drummer, playing the dhol, and has managed to earn money at weddings, playing his drum. In fact, at one time, he was adamant that when he grew up, he would be a dhol-playing Spiderman!

Now, at the tender age of 15, he’s growing… inches to his height, shoe sizes are increasing at an alarming rate, and that bumfluff moustache has begun to show itself too!

And over the last few months, especially, he’s become more of a friend to me. We have been going out for long walks, talking about all sorts of things, from life, to family, to general silliness. We have discussed topical issues, and random topics too. We have developed a friendship, on top of the mother/son relationship.

I don’t get to say it as often as I should, but I am extremely proud of this young man, who has blossomed into a person with a huge heart, and a fierce loyalty for those he is close too.

So, please, can you help me in wishing Lil Man a fantastic 15th lockdown birthday! ❤

birthday hugs

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 278 –


“Things do not change; we change.”

Henry David Thoreau

Thank you, Spidey. An apt one for the current situation, I think.

Physical things do not change, in their essence. (Yes, I am aware of certain things, like caterpillars, tadpoles etc. but I’m being metaphorical!)

But situations do, as do people.

We are all currently going though a metamorphosis of our own, as we evolve through the pandemic.

People are finding that they are enjoying certain elements of lockdown, and the gradual lessening of the restrictions has brought about a bit of conundrum to some.

Over three months, it has become apparent how much they are enjoying more family time, working at home, no commuting, cooking more, online shopping rather than going out, enjoying their gardens and discovering DIY projects they haave taken great pride in completing.

I went out to town yesterday, for the first time since the majority of shops opened. It was quite surreal to see how there were queues outside most of the shops. I’m used to supermarket queues, but to see them outside certain clothes stores, wasa strange.

And yet we have all adapted. Lil Princess went with me, and she hasn’t seen any of this at all over the lockdown period. She was amazed at the way everyone walked in their designated family groups, avoiding one another. Most people were respectful enough of each other, to give way when needed, and there was an aura of calm about the place.

We have settled into a different way of schooling in a way no one would have actually forseen, with online learning, as well as the small bubbles within school.

Adapting as we see ourselves through this strange time.

And even meeting our loved ones, restraining ourselves from hugs, sitting apart in the gardens, just to get a chance to speak to our family face to face, rather than via video call.

See. We’ve all changed in one way or another. And maybe for the better.

So… tell me, how have you changed over lockdown?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps  And enjoy your week! ❤

I’m Still Here…

This is just a note to you all to say, I’m still around but not doing any challenges for a while.


It’s hectic at work right now, and I am trying to get some exercise into my life as well, on top of using time I have to write, when I have it.

Workin It

Spidey will still be around on Sundays, as will my Chai and a Chat post on Mondays, but other than that, I will post sporadically.

Energy levels have been really low, but I am hoping that the exercise will help build me up again, and work is exhausting too. I have a lot going on there, what with the slow easing on lockdown, and getting ready for September. But we are getting there, slowly…

Bitmoji Image

I will still linger, and read posts as and when, but I want to apologise in advance, if I miss any of your wonderful musings and creativity. Its because I’m chockablock!

Take care, and I’ll be back properly, soon enough! 💜

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