Timeless – #WritePhoto

Sue’s #WritePhoto prompt:

Timeless fragments stand
As stationary sentries
They mark history

Ritu 2018

One Liner Wednesday – #1LinerWeds – Birthday Special

“I wish that your future is as bright as you make my world, my darling daughter – Happy 11th birthday Lil Princess❤ ”


I shan’t ramble on too much, but we are celebrating my daughter’s birthday today, as well as my father-in-laws! Another lovely day… ice cream today, cake follows on the weekend!

Written for Linda’s #1LinerWeds prompt.


One-Liner Wednesday – In Sync

Gin-Spired – Dream House

Lorna is back, after an extended break with her prompt for a post.

This time she gives us the words DREAM HOUSE.

What a great prompt!

It is extremely apt at the moment for me, as I am up to my ears in junk that is being Marie Kondo-ed the heck out of! I look around our abode and wonder why we kept things, why we haven’t fixed things, and when we are going to get our act together.

You see, if things were cleared up/fixed up/extended slightly, this place would be our dream house.

We have a lovely garden, space to extend and it is in such a convenient location, close to town and work. Close to villages and farm life as well as being within easy reach of the city lights of London. It is a cul de sac, no through road, so there aren’t many cars speeding past and undesirables wandering around. We have the spiritual sanctity of the Gurdwara on our doorstep.

But… When we moved in, the kitchen was fitted rather shoddily. A fact that didn’t become apparent until much later, as it started to show that certain parts hadn’t been fixed correctly, one screw used where two should have been, cupboard doors coming loose, plugs messed up… all sorts.

The house had been freshly carpeted by the previous owners and painted and plastered. It looked wonderful.

Except the carpet was cream. And we had two kids.

So fast forward to know, it is kinda grubby grey in most areas, unless you look under longstanding items of furniture, where the brilliance of the original cream shines out!

And the walls: well they were plastered with something substandard, and corners hadn’t been fitted with the proper corner piece that they should have been, so there are gouges in the walls, and things like curtain poles that should stay up, decide to give up as the plaster doesn’t want to hold anything, and crumbles…

The bathrooms have awful ventilation so, despite windows being left open, bleaching and scrubbing happening regularly, the black grout mould has taken residence. And there appears to be a leak somewhere under the shower tray in the second bathroom, that has rotted the skirting boards, and most recently, the door frame, so much that the hinge has now come away, and splintered the wood…

So many issues.

Why are we still here?

Why haven’t we sorted them all out?

Because there are plans afoot.

The hope is to get someone in to quote on a possible extension and loft conversion.

It could mean larger rooms for the children, and a guest bedroom or suite.

I may even get my creative room, with desk space and lots of shelving and storage for my books and stationery!

All that and we’d still have the convenience of where we are.

That would be my dream home

Of course, if it is going to cost way too much, or they can’t deliver, we’ll be looking to patch this place up as best we can, and start looking at a bigger home.

Then I’ll dream of what else I could get…

For Lorna’s Gin-Spiring Post prompt.

Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 124 #SynonymsOnly – Game & Trouble #Senryu

It’s Tuesday, and that means Colleen’s Tanka Challenge! Of course, just providing a couple of words would be far too simple, so we have two words, yes, but we can’t use them! Only synonyms allowed!

Game & Trouble

He came, heroic
To solve all my dilemmas
With a plan in mind

He left, defeated
I'm not an easy woman
Others can confirm

My distress is fake
For I am full of mischeif
Just another hoax

Ritu 2019

RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #241 Storm&Fierce

Ronovan’s weekly haiku challenge:

Storm & Fierce

Today, my haiku will be more of a senryu with a backstory attached… (rant to follow the poem!)

A storm is brewing
Reining in fierce reaction
Someone's gonna pay!
Ritu 2019

Right, so, if you read my Chai update yesterday, you’ll know that I had a rather trying week last week, and the hope was that this week be more of a relaxed affair.

Yeah right!

So, my car needed to go in for service and MOT and I used a company which I had a positive experience with last year, Servicing Stop.

They are a centralised company who manage bookings and get your car picked up and dropped off to a local garage, for a supposedly, respectable price, and the convenience is what sells it.

This year my reminder came up so I booked a day in, during the half term, so I had no need to be anywhere urgent. Perfect.

We walked to the dentist, came home, and I Marie Kondo-ed the heck out of my attic and called the company for an update.

I was told, after a few moments, that oils need flushing from the engine and new oils to replace it – that’s fine, usual things. Oh, and there was a fail on the MOT…


Okay, so can they correct the fail (At my cost, obviously) and redo the MOT?)


Apparently, a wheel locking nut was missing from the front tyre and you can only get that from Mercedes Benz.

Get the part and rebook so we can do a retest…

I was all afluster. I needed my car for the rest of the week. Lil Princess’s birthday plans rested on me being able to go places with her, in the car. And I had a whole load more stuff to get to the charity shops!

I called a garage here, who hadn’t got the parts and was directed to a Benz dealer who was about half an hour away.

“Yes, madam, we have the parts. that would be another £85… But why did they fail your MOT on this nut being missing? Having one of our ones is not a legal requirement? They could have replaced it with any nut and you could have got an official one later…”


So, my car now needed to go back somewhere, when it hadn’t actually needed to if anyone had used their noggin!

I called the company and relayed them what I had been told and he contacted the garage again and came back to me saying “Yes, I can see your frustration, but they have done the other stuff, and the car is actually on it’s way back to you now. Just get the wheel nuts and we can rebook you… Oh and while you’re on the phone, would you like to sign up to spend £15 with us monthly. It won’t lessen the cost of your next service, but will count towards any work and parts that may be needed next year?”

Er, no thanks, I am not giving you any more money than I have to. I just want my car sorted!

I paced around, getting antsy. Called the Mercedes dealer again to confirm that I don’t actually need their specific nuts, found out I could get cheaper replacement ones from Halfords and spoke to Hubby Dearest, who was also getting frustrated.

The car duly arrived and the lovely man who had picked it up came to hand me the keys, with a frown on his face.

“I’m not angry at you,” I said to him, “but, as you can see, there has been a bit of a palaver with my car today.”

“Yes, I can see that,” he said, ” And what’s more annoying is that it could have been sorted, and I don’t know why it wasn’t.” And in addition to the failed item, there were two other items that needed replacing which hadn’t even been mentioned to me by this company… which could have been actioned, had they told me!

He said, ” If you had come through the garage directly, they would never have sent a car back like this. We are tied to a contract with this Servicing Stop, and can’t do additional work unless they tell us the customer has asked for it.”

I told him how livid I was, that it was my daughter’s birthday, and I didn’t know what I was going to do, and he asked me to leave it with him so he could find out more at the garage and he promised a call back within the hour.

The worst thing though, was when we both looked at my Wheel Lock Nut Key box, there was not only a key but spare nuts in there! All that needed doing really was them using one of those, passing the MOT and telling me that if I wanted a special Locking one, I’d need to order it! (FFS!)

In the meantime, I fired off an email expressing my extreme disappointment to the company, Servicing Stop. (DO NOT USE THEM, PLEASE!) Still waiting for a reply…

The garage man called back, and said (to fuel my already frustrated self) that when they had been called by the company, to get an update on what had been done, and what needed doing, they were able to give a basic breakdown, without a chance to give suggestions, and the person rung off, without hearing the full issue list, hence me not being able to authorise any extra work to be done!

He had arranged, via the garage direct, and not the company, to pick my car up AGAIN, today at 10am, get the parts replaced and a new nut into the wheel, and the car back by mid-afternoon. I’d have to pay for parts obviously, but they wanted to help me out.

I gratefully accepted the proposition and sat at home with a car I was legally unable to drive now. We needed to get to the in-law’s house as we had a visitor arriving.

Preparing to walk, with the kids, my father-in-law offered a lift, so off we went.

Hubby Dearest got there and announced that his cousin, who we were expecting, had broken down around 20 minutes from the house. ALL the electrics in his fancy car had failed! (What was it with cars and our family yesterday?) So he went off to rescue him and bring him back home.

It ended up being a fraught, but lovely evening catching up with someone we hadn’t seen in a couple of years, and then the idea was thrown around that they all come back to ours, and stay the night.

Our house is open to any of our friends and family to come whenever they want, but to be honest, when I am in the process of ‘sparking joy’ it wasn’t going to be looking pretty.

Added to that was the fact that due to no car, I hadn’t got many provisions in either…

Still, happy hostess that I am, we all came back home and ended up not sleeping until past midnight.

So last night I had two brothers-in-law sofa surfing, the kids wanting to take the mick and stay up way late, and a Hubby who was happy to have his family with him, but worried about a meeting he had in the morning!

I was up at the crack of dawn (because I forgot to switch my school alarm off) and unable to go anywhere as all rooms were occupied by sleepy heads. Time to read, at least!

Hubby Dearest finally surfaced and went to work, with his brother in tow, leaving his cousin with me and the kids. He has now been picked up to by his brother, so they can rescue his useless car, and get back home.

So, right now, I am still car-less, still shattered, unable to get anything done with Lil Princess, as per our birthday week plans, today at least, and trying to rest up… yeah right!

Once I get the car back, I will be making a formal complaint to Servicing Stop. It was because they didn’t listen to the garage correctly in the first place, that half the info wasn’t relayed to me, and has resulted in two days of mine being ruined!


Okay, rant over.

Have a great day Peeps!

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