#TikTok Drain #Poetry!

I haven’t penned a poem for a while, but something inspired me today, and here it is… on TikTok, for you. If you are a Tiktoker, do follow me on there, otherwise, just enjoy my poetic musings!

I’ve found another wormhole
Another drain on my time
I can’t believe it’s happened
So I thought I’d write a rhyme

Those kids, they made me do it
Said, go on Mum, it’ll be fun
So I logged in, started scrolling
And slowly I became one

One of those Tiktokers
Lip synching to silly sounds
Trying to match the dance moves
On the trending clips I found

But, back then in lockdown
I kept my privacy
Only sharing videos
With those I trust, you see.

Then life got hectic, so I stopped
Deleted my account
Until the call for Booktok
Grew loud, there was no doubt

Time for me to jump back on
And do it for my book
For a way to get promotion
New readers I could hook

I started out pretty well
A couple of cute videos
Followed some other authors
and booktokers that I chose

Then I started to scroll again
FYP calling me
Silly sounds and dances
But something more, you see

I found all sorts of communities
Browntok, queertok, cooktok
Watching listening learning
Snippet clips that really rock

I learned how knowledgeable people are
But also just how biased
I saw how creators responded
They didn’t sit there all quiet

One video led to another
And soon an hour passed
Jeez, I could have written words
I hold my phone, aghast

Tiktok, I do love you so
But you’re taking me away
From the very reason I’m here
TO write, not watch and play!

And, an aside, those kids 
I mentioned before
They tell me I’m too old for this
Well, that I will ignore

I find myself peppering my daily life
With the latest trending sounds
A little dance here, a soundbite there
While my kids try to shut me down

Because, although it is a drain
A little Tiktok fun
And getting some more followers
Is grand… will you become one?

(Tiktok obsessed) Ritu 2022

Writing PG-Rated Scenes (As in your parents might be shocked!)

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Happy Birthday, Me! 🎉🍾🎂 Bargain Book Alert!

It’s that certain day of the year, for me, today, Peeps!

Another year older, not sure I’m wiser, though!

My day will be filled with, school, as usual, and some quality time with my hubby and kids, and Sonu Singh, of course!

If you weren’t aware, a certain book is on offer, until the end of today, so, if you are on the .com or .co.uk side of the ‘Zon’, you could pick up Marriage Unarranged for a bargain 99p/c!


Anyway, I’d consider it a birthday gift, from you, if you were to buy it, or, share the offer to others!

Have a wonderful day!

I’m off to school now!

Words – They Don’t Always Come Easy (+ A Birthday Sale!)

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Oh, and remember Marriage Unarranged is on offer until Friday, which happens to be my birthday!


Sobering Spirits #FlashFiction

A little silly story from me!

Sobering Spirits!

Now, this is a situation I’ve never been in, before.

I’ve worked at plenty of conferences, in my time: A bunch of stuffy business-people, meant to be listening to the pearls of wisdom of the overpaid speakers, instead, talking over one another, filled with self-importance.

Then their evening ‘dos’.

The cheap alcohol flows and minimal food means that we are left trying to empty the venue of extremely drunk folk more often than not.

I’m used to it now. To be honest, it’s ruined my enjoyment of a good drink.

Tonight, however, we had a unique gathering of individuals. I can’t really call them people. More, erm, ‘beings’.

You see today we had the first-ever Spirit Spooktacular event; there were ghoulish ‘spookers’, spectres, phantoms – basically, I was in a room full of ghosts.

It was impossible at the door.

They have no idea about queueing.

No, I lie. Some did, but there were the ones who simply floated through the queue and went in. One or two floated through the walls straight into the hall!

And there was absolutely no point in us having a seating structure for them either. They hovered, or suspended themselves wherever they saw fit, to listen to whichever spook was spooking!

It was the evening event though, that really got me.

What a bunch of lightweights.

The thing is, spirits are not designed to ingest spirits. Or any alcohol.

I know how to get most drunken humans to sober up; by giving them a bit of food, water, fresh air, and on occasion, I have been known to pour said water over certain stubborn heads (but don’t tell my boss!) – it works.

But not for sobering spirits up.

For a start, they don’t eat. I was surprised they drank, to be honest.

And the thing with being a ghost, you don’t have a body, so it only took a couple of sips for their vapours to become intoxicated.

I can reach a drunk person, laying on the floor, or sat, propped up on a chair. But what do you do with the spirits who are drunkenly floating up against the ceiling?

We needed to clear the hall and set up for the next day’s event.  I’m not sure whether the estate agents would appreciate ghostly residue during their conference – though maybe they wouldn’t mind. After all, some had to sell haunted houses…

Back to now, though.

Anyone? Got experience with sobering spirits?


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