Ritu’s Healthy Eating – Week 42 #icandothis

Another week, another load of lovely food, and a good few naughty treats too!

The weekly weigh-in showed… Oops! A gain of 1.5lb! But no worries, I am still under my self imposed target of 9 and a half stone!

And I am happy to say that, though my shoulder is hurting after it, I managed to get back to my bhangra class for the first time since my accident!!! I hope that a few weeks of dancing will help kick-start the next phase of my health kick, to include a little more exercise!

Until next week Peeps!


Ritu’s Healthy Eating – Week 41 – #icandothis

Another crazy week, busy, with eating on the hop!

But I managed another 1.5lb off!

I don’t quite know how that happened! I have been visiting the freezer rather a lot, eating Haagen Dazs and things like that too!

Also not sleeping well as my best friend is in labour, and has been since the early hours of Sunday morning… it is Friday now, and finally baby is thinking the pains can stop, and she is trying to bring this baby out into the world today and RIGHT NOW! Been constantly on alert, checking my phone for updates… that doesn’t help, when you a re tired you wanna snack too! OH God! Got the Alert! She has a GIRL!!!!!!

Still, foody pics for this week!

Aside from my news, my colleague recently joined Slimming World, and I am so proud of her, 5.5lb loss in her first week!

Right, I’m off to get happy about my new ‘niece’!

Happy Week Peeps! Love y’all!!!

Ritu’s Healthy Eating – Week 40 – #icandothis

Another week, another weight change… but this time for the positive!I dropped 0.5lb so am hopefully getting back on an even keel regarding the eating… not so much eating double anymore!!!

Food this week…

And even Sonu Singh wanted a look in this time!


Think he could smell the fish lol!

I’m a little late writing this, this morning so no time for a recipe for tip, but will be posting on Sunday about how to make a Proper Punjabi Paratha! Look out for it!

Til next week Peeps!

Stay Healthy!

Ritu’s Healthy Eating – Week 39 – #icandothis

wp-1492120543707.It’s been another week of eating ups and downs. And it pains me to say that I had another 0.5lb gain, though I am still not over that weight ceiling I set myself!

I had fully expected to to to my bhangra class too this week, but I had some severe stomach pains on the Tuesday which meant that I thought it best not to push it on Wednesday.

I have decided that I have to be sensible now and not buy any naughty things that will tempt me to much. This last month and the munchy madness that has accompanied Pre/during/Post-Easter has meant that I have redeveloped a taste for the sugary treats that I always loved before.

I had managed to wean myself off them all, and kept a selection of treats that I knew were ‘allowed’ for me, but as soon as I ate ‘wrong’ things, I was like a recovering chocoholic falling off the wagon in a spectacular way!

Even now if I eat something I shouldn’t, my brain is telling me to have another… that eating double mentality of mine needs to do one!

But, I have been good too, as the meals below show you!

Have a great week Peeps!

And remember, ‘Enough is as good as a feast!” “Eating double causes trouble!”

Ritu’s Healthy Eating – Week 38 – #icandothis

wp-1492120543707.It’s been a stressful week, with me being tense with this dang lesson observation!

Sleeping erratically and eating healthy during the day, and snacking at night take their toll!

Weigh in today… Ok, another half a pound on, but I am still below my ceiling weight so I am not worried!

And I have eaten a mix of Slimming World meals and the same as the family meals, because when your son starts Food Technology, you can’t say “Ooh that looks lovely son, I just can’t eat it!”

I really must get some exercise worked in to my routine. It has taken a total back step in my life recently!

I’ll leave a tip for today…

Whenever you’re ‘hungry’ go drink a glass of water. It is common for us to misunderstand thirst for hunger, and snack instead of drinking, thereby overeating! If you are not keen on water, infuse fruit in it, using one of these great infuser bottles that are available now! Or maybe drink a cup of fruit or herbal tea. It all counts towards your recommended 2-3 litres a day!


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