Ritu’s Healthy Living Week 28 – #icandothis


It’s been an up and down week, food-wise this week. Firstly it was half term, so a week off means my routine goes to pot, kinda! I ate good means but plenty of naughtiness crept in too! Then we had birthdays, which meant cake, and a meal out… and then cake for a couple of days after to… you can’t chuck cake out! I have included food from yesterday and today too, even though it didn’t have bearing on my weigh in… but suffice to say, we had a lovely mini break, even though it was peppered with the sad news of my dear cousin passing…

And the results… Well, as I knew I was going away, I weighed in a day early, so I wouldn’t miss it. and I maintained!


Yes, result!

So that is 23.5lb off with Slimming World, and 28.5lb in total!

Seriously, though, the amount I have eaten over the last 2 days… I’ll be amazed if I manage to maintain next week!

Until then my healthy Peeps!

Do I Give Up Now? #icandothis


Sitting at my in-laws house this evening I perused the daily paper. Granted it was not a broadsheet, but rather The Sun! Still, it can be an amusing read!

The middle page spread was rather alarming for me to read, given the last six months that I have devoted to healthy eating, and losing weight.


All these ‘Super Slimmers’, the faces that had been associated with various diet plans, such as Lighter Life, The Cambridge Diet, and Slimming World, who slipped back into the overweight depths after a couple of years.

Upon reading the article it claims that basically if you are planning on losing weight, then great, but most dieters tend to put it all back on, and then some within 2 years!


I must admit, the last time I lost a considerable amount of weight, it was hard to maintain the eating regime that had been set, and yes, I did slowly gain all the weight back, with a little extra on top.

Am I gonna allow this to happen to me again?

Am I planning on being one of their statistics for failure?

The answer to that is “No!”

I am aware that in order to keep my weight at the level I would like, I need to make sure I don’t lapse into the bad eating habits of the past. I actually enjoy eating meals the Slimming World way, and you have all seen the photos of the yummy food I have ingested recently!

Once I hit my last target, I won’t officially stay a member of Slimming World, but I have enough knowledge now to make better food choices. I will aim to get that little bit more active too so exercise does its part.

And in some way, I will continue to blog about it. Writing about my healthy living has been a huge inspiration to me, I always want to report a positive week, rather than a downer, saying I give up.

This way, hopefully, two years down the line, I can look back and say “Whatever!” to those researchers, “Look at me, still slim after losing all that weight two years ago!”

There is a documentary about these Slimmers tomorrow which I plan to watch too, so maybe I’ll get some more pointers about what not to do, in order to maintain my weight!





Ritu’s Healthy Eating – Week 27 #icandothis


Another week, another batch of healthy meals with some naughtiness thrown in!

Shall I start with the naughties?

Well we had my brother in law’s birthday, so there was cake (and nibbles), then we had a wonderful wedding with soooo much food, I couldn’t exactly say no, and at school we were decorating ginger biscuits,  so I had a nibble of a couple… (someone had to eat the demo ones I made!) then I can’t forget the Hot Cross Buns with lots of butter! Oh, and pizza too…

But there were the times I was so hungry for my healthy snacks I couldn’t even get a picture before eating!


Then some food was just plain old funny!


And so to some of my on plan meals for the week.

No dance class this week due to family birthdays, but I managed to dance plenty at the wedding!

And how did I do?

Another 0.5lb off!


So that is 23.5lb off with Slimming World so far, and in total, I have lost 28.5lbs since starting my healthy eating plan!


It’s half term this week, so I’ll be at home more. Sometimes that is good, sometimes it means I pick and graze more…, and I still have a couple of birthdays to celebrate, as well as Valentines Day… Will I manage to lose, stay th3e same, or put on? Who knows!

So, until next time, have a healthy week Peeps!

I Iz Sik


Feeling sorry for myself,
Tucked up in bed all day
I succumbed to the sick bug
I’m not feeling okay
Drained, I have no energy
My battery is flat
But I’ve been looked after,
Nursed by my cat!
One more day I’ll stay in bed
Nibbling on toast
Using time productively
And scheduling some posts!

Ritu 2017

Ritu’s Healthy Living – Week 26 #icandothis


I have tried oh so hard this week.. being pretty good with my eating. That elusive 0.5lb had to come off somehow!!!

I used some of the Slimming World ready meals and they weren’t bad either!

I did an hour and a half of my bhangra/giddha class which raised a sweat and got me huffing and puffing! (can’t go next week as its on Hubby Dearest’s 40th birthday, but I’ll make up for it tomorrow, will be dancing plenty at a wedding!)

And the loss?

0.5lb down…


Thats 23lb with SW and 28lb in total!

I have lost 2 stone!!!!

I did it… I really did it!


But for some stupid reason, I decided to increase that by an extra lb on my SW goal, so if I can reach that too, it will be awesome!

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