10 Days of Keto – #KindaKeto

It’s been ten days (as the title says) and I can say that I have actually managed to stay on the Keto diet successfully for all that time!

Honestly, I didn’t think I’d be able to do this – you know me and my sweet tooth!

But I have managed to be good, and I do think the fact that I am eating meals made up of more whole foods, rather than low-fat ones, means that I am feeling fuller for longer.

And I am drinking lots of water, or peppermint tea too.

What have I been eating? Oh, I have been cooking up a storm here! And for the most part, these meals have been filling and tasty too!

And I have tried a good few Keto baking recipes, using almond and coconut flour, or eggs, with varying success!

Coconut pancakes I tried, and they were… okay…


Lil Man wanted to try, so he got blueberry ones, I had plain with just butter.

Then, I thought I’d have a go at cauliflower bread toasties… this was my first #KetoFail!

What it was meant to look like vs. what I ended up with!

I realise now I hadn’t squeezed the water out of the cauliflower enough, but the scrambled cauliflower cheese I ended with was still pretty tasty, just not great to look at!

I managed to make these with more success later in the week.

I was intrigued by Cloud Bread. I have to say, I haven’t really had bread cravings, but, being on school holidays, I had time to experiment… #KetoFail part two!

The fluffy rolls I was expecting vs. the ‘slices’ I ended up with!

I couldn’t make my egg whites fluffy or stiff! But I think I had grease in the bowl. Still, I was able to have sandwiches!

The last #KetoFail was Almond Scones.

They should have been relatively firm and easy to slice… instead slightly chargrilled on top, and rather crumbly. Very dry! But I don’t believe in waste. Lil Man tried these too, but they weren’t to his liking (I hadn’t expected him to like them!) I have been eating one every day, as my snack, and they are okayyyyy.

If I have wanted anything sweet, which to be honest has been minimal, I have had a couple of squares of dark chocolate. (Which I don’t really like, so it’s easy to eat less!)

I’ve managed to get on the treadmill a couple of times, and the exercise bike a little (gotta train up for that half marathon!) and even wobbled on the vibration plate machine thingy that Hubby Dearest bought for his mum!

And has it been worth it?

Well, let me tell you that starting weight of 11st 1lb is now 10 st 8lb, so I have lost HALF A STONE!!!!

It isn’t the easiest of eating plans to adhere to, and I know next week it will go out of the window (we are away for five days) but I shall try my best to stick to most of the principals and hopefully I won’t undo too much of the good work!

But there you have it – #KindaKeto is #KindaWorking!

Living Life, Keto-Style – #KindaKeto

I was so good a while back.

I followed the Slimming World weight loss programme and I lost nearly 2 stone.

A photo shoot with my family had scared me into realising I needed to lose weight.


Sure, it was a lovely photo, but that rounded face, that chin… no, that wasn’t the Ritu I expected to see in the mirror!

Coupled with my mother gently telling me that I should get things under control now, as it only gets harder when you get older… That was all I needed to get myself into gear.

Over just under a year, I controlled my eating and tried to add a bit of extra physical activity into my life, over and above the rushing around at school on a daily basis, and I lost all the weight I wanted to.

I was 9st 3lb for the first time in a LONG WHILE!

I could have carried on as I was. The diet was very easy to follow. I wasn’t missing out on anything. If anything that was too low a weight, so I decided that if I hovered between 9st 7lb and 10st that would be fine…

But those snacks. Those sweet treats. Those savoury bites…

They called.

And often instead of just one, or a little, I was having two (or even three!😱)

I crept up to 10st and beyond…

It was with total horror that I stepped on my scales the other day and I had hit 11th again!

I needed to do something, but paying for the pleasure of Slimming World didn’t appeal. I knew how to eat their way, but I wasn’t feeling it…

I started browsing Pinterest and found several recipes that mentioned the Keto Diet.

Researching it, I thought it sounded like something pretty tough, but good in the long term, because of the health benefits.

What is the Keto Diet?


From OurPaleoLife.com

Confused? I was, a tad, so I carried on reading up about it in various places.

The health benefits swung it for me though.

And it was also good at stabilizing Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) which I suffer from. The healthy heart effect was important as there is a strong history of heart disease in Pops’ side of the family. Diabetes was another trigger point, as both my parents have mild diabetes, developed in their later years. Mood stabilising, and energy levels increasing? Yes, please!

But there are things you have to adhere to…

The food ratios…

Great. Now I would have to start reading labels better than before.. but guess what, there’s an infographic for everything!

The things you can eat… The things you can’t eat…

No bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, or SWEET STUFF!!!!!!

Then I read about this…

Great… so I would suffer from flu and all sorts of stuff that could be rather unpleasant, including bad breath! I remember this being a big issue on Atkins, which was more a no carbs, all protein and fat version of this diet.

Do I do it?

Well, I could only try.

So I jumped on the Keto bandwagon, only I feel the need to tweak things to an extent, so I’m logging my food journey on Instagram, with the hashtag #kindaketo.

I’ve managed a meal out at Pizza Express and made a few Keto-friendly meals. It’s only been 2 days, but I have definitely felt some benefits, in that I haven’t snacked. And I do indeed feel full for longer!

I miss the amount of fruit I usually eat, but not the naughty things so much.

I discovered that fresh mint leaves and hot water makes an excellent warming drink.

I can still make pancakes, but with coconut flour instead!

And I shall experiment today, attempting to make Cloud Bread, or Oopsie Bread which is gluten-free, and extremely low carb!

Could I do this long term?

I’m not sure, but I can only try it out.

I think if this diet can help me kick my snacking and sugar addiction then it will be the best thing for me. After a few weeks, I will chill out and see if I can keep my diet generally better.

I’ll let you know if it works!

A great website full of info and recipes is the Diet Doctor, full of great, free advice!

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