10 Days of Keto – #KindaKeto

It’s been ten days (as the title says) and I can say that I have actually managed to stay on the Keto diet successfully for all that time!

Honestly, I didn’t think I’d be able to do this – you know me and my sweet tooth!

But I have managed to be good, and I do think the fact that I am eating meals made up of more whole foods, rather than low-fat ones, means that I am feeling fuller for longer.

And I am drinking lots of water, or peppermint tea too.

What have I been eating? Oh, I have been cooking up a storm here! And for the most part, these meals have been filling and tasty too!

And I have tried a good few Keto baking recipes, using almond and coconut flour, or eggs, with varying success!

Coconut pancakes I tried, and they were… okay…


Lil Man wanted to try, so he got blueberry ones, I had plain with just butter.

Then, I thought I’d have a go at cauliflower bread toasties… this was my first #KetoFail!

What it was meant to look like vs. what I ended up with!

I realise now I hadn’t squeezed the water out of the cauliflower enough, but the scrambled cauliflower cheese I ended with was still pretty tasty, just not great to look at!

I managed to make these with more success later in the week.

I was intrigued by Cloud Bread. I have to say, I haven’t really had bread cravings, but, being on school holidays, I had time to experiment… #KetoFail part two!

The fluffy rolls I was expecting vs. the ‘slices’ I ended up with!

I couldn’t make my egg whites fluffy or stiff! But I think I had grease in the bowl. Still, I was able to have sandwiches!

The last #KetoFail was Almond Scones.

They should have been relatively firm and easy to slice… instead slightly chargrilled on top, and rather crumbly. Very dry! But I don’t believe in waste. Lil Man tried these too, but they weren’t to his liking (I hadn’t expected him to like them!) I have been eating one every day, as my snack, and they are okayyyyy.

If I have wanted anything sweet, which to be honest has been minimal, I have had a couple of squares of dark chocolate. (Which I don’t really like, so it’s easy to eat less!)

I’ve managed to get on the treadmill a couple of times, and the exercise bike a little (gotta train up for that half marathon!) and even wobbled on the vibration plate machine thingy that Hubby Dearest bought for his mum!

And has it been worth it?

Well, let me tell you that starting weight of 11st 1lb is now 10 st 8lb, so I have lost HALF A STONE!!!!

It isn’t the easiest of eating plans to adhere to, and I know next week it will go out of the window (we are away for five days) but I shall try my best to stick to most of the principals and hopefully I won’t undo too much of the good work!

But there you have it – #KindaKeto is #KindaWorking!

An Update On Pops and Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge #209 Old & Days #Haiku #Micropoetry

Thank you all for your kind wishes regarding Pops and his ill health. As regular readers, you all know how much he, and my mum, means to me.

Well, I went with my gut instinct.

I received a message in the early hours of Sunday morning to say a CT scan was required and possible surgery.

My mind was made.

We deposited the children with their other grandparents, and Hubby Dearest and I rushed (as fast as you can rush in the heat, and on a three-hour motorway journey where the M1 will inevitably have roadworks and traffic) up to Birmingham.

And I am so glad I am here with him now.

He looked so tiny when I got here. This wasn’t the vibrant Pops I knew.

The anaesthetic and morphine had him in a muggy daze and for the first couple of hours, he kept on waking up, and saying hello, not registering that we had been there a while.

He was very pale, but a welcome pale from the almost jaundiced yellow he had been the day before.

It appears (though this is not conclusive) that there may have been an ulcer caused by regular long-term medication that burst, causing a perforation, or tear in the bowel. The possibility of gastroenteritis from a few days before may have aggravated the issue, causing the tear, and then subsequent seepage into his body from the bowel, that created the extreme pain he had been suffering.

Long story short – he needed major surgery to remove the torn section of bowel, and then rejoin it all, and drain the unneccesary ‘stuff’ (yes, technical medical term there!) from around it.

The surgeon said the bowel was so red and inflamed it was angry, or ‘vexed’ in his words.

He was wired up to all sorts, tube in his nose, oxygen mask on, catherer in, various IV drips with saline and antibiotics…

But the surgery went well, straightforward, they said.

He regained a little colour before we left, but he was still really groggy.

I made the decision then that I need to be with him for a few days at least.

So, here I am, tapping into my Surface whilst he dozes by my side.


He looks wonderful (well, as wonderful as you can with tubes everywhere) a smile on his face when I arrived. It warmed my heart ❤

He’s taken a few steps and is on fluids only still at the moment, but he has definitely turned a corner… a huge one!

My heartfelt thanks to the NHS team too, who have been so amazing since he was admitted. They are always around with a smile on their faces, nothing is ever too much of a big job for them, and if you can spare a smile and politeness for these angels, they will always go that extra mile, without question.


And so, I found Ronovan’s prompt words, Old & Days, a good prompt for a little Pops based Haiku, to celebrate this time we have together, chatting in between his dozes…

Nothing better than
Spending days with our elders
Old wisdom passed on

Ritu 2018

It wasn’t all bad though, yesterday. There is something else I want to share… but I’ll save that for another post!

Til then, peace out Peeps! I love you all! 

Ritu’s Healthy Eating – Week 49 – #icandothis

Another week of tiredness, and still conscious efforts made to eat better.

Yes, there have been naughty snacks, and that Pizza meal happened, but here’s most of what I consumed last week!


Was it worth it though?

Well, it was indeed!

I lost that 1.5lb!


Feeling more motivated despite the tiredness now!

Have a wonderfully healthy week Peeps, and when I log in to chat about weight next I’ll be euphoric because it will be that la\st day of school for the summer! One week to go!!!


Ritu’s Healthy Eating – Week 48 – #icandothis

Another week of good eating, but also filled with cake and indulgences!

It was Lil Man’s Birthday so how could I not make and eat cake, and refuse him the foods of his choice?!







Cake and Mango Lassi


But the biggie… the weigh in…

I’m  a little disappointed in myself… but I knew it was coming, however, since I weigh in during the week too to see how I am going, I know it is not as bad as it could be…

A 1.5lb gain.

Aw man!

Still, I can only try my hardest to lose it an a little bit more again.I am so tired from work at the moment. The end of the academic year is a killer. It is so easy to reach for comfort snacks to fuel the last few weeks, and I know I have been doing that.

This year I have also been falling asleep much earlier each night, and I am not fighting that at all. If my body says sleep, I am listening, not even finishing the chapter I am reading.. and that’s saying something!

Sheesh! I must be growing up! Actually listening to my body instead of forcing myself to do things because I feel I need to do them!

Right, I am off to try and be a better eater this week… (she says, knowing pizza is on the cards tomorrow night… Eek!)

Hope you had a healthier week than me Peeps! And here’s to a loss next week!!!!

Ritu’s Healthy Eating – Week 47 – #icandothis

When I’ve been good, I’ve been really, really good.. when I’ve been bad, I’ve been really awful!

There were fruits, veg and salads… there were chocolates, cakes and ice creams!

And it won’t end there… we still have to celebrate Lil Man’s birthday properly, s there will be a meal out, and CAKE obviously too!!!

But what about my weigh in??

Well, tragedy struck when I realised on Wednesday, that my scales had died! And even my emergency pair were finished too! Dang!

I had to fit in an emergency pit-stop to the shops at lunchtime to pick me up a new pair ready for this morning! (Run = exercise – good thing!)

But with a new pair of scales you can’t be sure they are fully calibrated to be the same as your last. As I couldn’t hop from one pair to the other to see whether they weighed me the same, I was dubious. But my new all singing all dancing Weight Watcher scales (sorry Slimming World, I love you but you haven’t got your own scales!) tell me I was the same as last week!

I’ll take that! Better then these ones telling me I was actually a heifer!

So onwards, and hopefully not upwards!!!

Have a great, healthy week Peeps! I hope to report a loss next week!

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