Chai And A Chat #77 #ChaiAndAChat #CoronaDiaries Week 2

Another week passes by… is it just me or did it seem to go on for about five months? Anyway, enough pondering… let me tell you about my week!

  • Monday was my first full day in school with the keyworker children. It’s strange, a different sort of latchkey kids, you know. These children who have nowhere else to go, because their parents are at work… Sorry, I digress… So we had 8 children in, and I had a few things planned for them. We started off with some Easter crafts, then went on to do a bit of PE, following the live PE lessons by Britain’s PE teacher, Joe Wicks. Always a good workout, but I feel it for days after! Then we came back, and I told the kids we were going to do some writing. There were moans, but, hey, writing can be fun, can’t it? And who better to teach them that, than a writer? Well, I had a chat with them about all the people they weren’t able to see at the moment, and we all wrote letters, together to someone they were missing at the moment. It was a touching moment when even the least likely to put pen to paper child, by choice, wrote a page long letter to his great gran who had been admitted to hospital two days previously. Then we had a short story time, where I read Fantastic Mr Fox to them. After that, they had lunch, and then we concentrated on some structured art, with me teaching them to draw three different types of flowers, with they then collaged in rainbow colours, so they could take them home to put up in their windows. A short film time at the end then they went home. Or the last four went home, as others had been picked up as the day progressed. My day at school was finished, and I went home, tired. Jumped in the shower, and got fresh, ready for my own family. Until the Easter break is over, that is my lot for school ❤ Thank goodness. I can devote time to my own family, and observe the social distancing properly.
  • On Tuesday, it was time to get ready for food shopping. I have been very strict with the family, and made them aware that we will be eating whatever we have at home, and I will only go out once a week, or even less, if possible. But today, we needed fresh fruit and veg, and bread. i jumped up out of bed early, knowing there would be queues, and there were, but sensible, socially distanced queues, that went down pretty quickly. Everything I needed was in stock, and it was a genuine pleasure to see most stock actually available!
  • I tried my hand at making chickpea curry today too, after a long time, and thankfully it wend down a treat! Lil Man even asked for seconds! I count that as a compilment!
  • The rest of the day was pretty smooth sailing. Kids worked hard at their school work, and Hubby was busy in his makeshift office. I even got another module completed on the writing course!
  • On Wednesday, I had a live webinar to attend for school. I sat there, all ready, and we started… but the whole thing messed up so that went out of the window. Oh, well, back to it tomorrow, apparently! The kids officially finished school at lunchtime, so that was it, they were not interested in doing anything after that! It’s been fun, though. Every evening, I have been taking one, or both of them to the Gurdwara playing field which is a short walk from our house, to get some exercise. Not many others are using the place, so it is perfect for social distancing. I have managed to work up to walking a good 7 laps of the track while we are there.
  • Thurdsay saw a lazy bunch of kids who didn’t eve surface unitl 12pm! But that suited me as I had to attend the webinar again! Once that was done, and all were fed and watered, I took part in a live writing sprint with Sacha Black, in her Facebook group, Rebel Authors. It was quite productive, as even though I didn’t write, I got a lot of planning done for book two’s structure, as I have started writing it, but I am floundering at the moment. Every little helps! Talking of Sacha’s group, we even had a Google Hangouts meet on Wednesday evening, where we just chatted together, with the videos on. It was like being at a local pub with your mates! Such fun! We talked productivity, as well as how we are getting through this crazy period. It’s going to be a regular thing, as far as I know, so I look forward to the next one.
  • Friday was a pretty quiet day too. I read lots. The kids woke late again. But before I started my reading, I cleaned the house from top to bottom, bleaching everything I could. All the bedsheets were changed and the house properly aired. I felt I had accomplished something!
  • On Saturday, Hubby started tidying the garden up. It was meant to be a glorious weekend, and what better way to spend it, than in the garden, epecially as we aren’t meant to be going out? And I also discovered TikTok! I apologise in advance, but you may end up seeing silly videos of me if I decide to post them on here! If you follow my Insta, you might have already seen a couple on my stories! My nerves were all over the show, because I knew I had my radio interview. I busied myself with cooking, laundry and reading, then as the dreaded hour approached, I had to keep stopping myself from be ing convinced that the next call would be to tell me that it had been cancelled again… But it wasn’t! In fact the fifteen minutes sped by and I had a lovely but rather fast chat with Harriet Minter about the book, as well as being a teacher in this time. So, is that it? My fifteen minutes of fame? Who knows!
  • Sunday was another beautiful day. They all got up late AGAIN! But I was good. I don’t stay in bed unnecessarily, and I have even been doing a 15 minute workout video on YouTube every day, to make sure I don’t get too lazy during this time, as well as that daily walk. So, workout done, I had a cuppa, and then woke the masses up. We breakfasted (brunched) and then off to the garden for more business!
  • Hubby Dearest started trimming the hedge, until he trimmed right through the wire… well, that was the end of that… until I found a pair of shears and managed to finish the end off. I even ended up hanging out of the bedroom window to do part of it, as the hedge is huge and keeps banging on the window in the wind! Then we went to jetwash the patio, but about a quarter of the way in, the hose snapped so that was the end of that… until I grabbed the broom and physically scrubbed the patio! It’s not sparkling, as it would have been, but it’s cleaner! The rest of the day was spent lazing about outside, on the lounger, as the kids played water fights. We had the music on, and enjoyed a real family afternoon/early evening, which finished with video call to the rest of the family, and a film together!

It wasn’t as bad a week as I thought it was going to be!

  • We listened to the Queen give her speech to the nation in the evening too. She is a wonderful lady, give her her dues. And as I pack up for this week, we just found out that Boris Johnson, the PM, has been taken into hospital as the symptoms he has been experiencing, with COVID-19 have not subsided in ten days. Wish him well, this illness is awful, and has touched everyone. I lost an aunt this week to it, and another of my aunts has been in hospital for a week, so far, battling it. She was actually taken in with Pneumonia, and a first swab test came back negative. But the results took four days. In that time, it is likely she picked it up and a scan of her lungs showed that she did indeed have the virus. Thoughts and prayers for them.

Let’s see what this week holds, as the kids are on holiday, Hubby Dearest is still working for four days, and I really want to try and get writing for a couple of hours a day!

Sacha has a couple of live writing sprints planned again, including an evening, bring a drink one, which should be ‘interesting’, and another Google Hangouts meet up has also been scheduled.

The weather is meant to be good too, so hopefully that means more outside time for the kids as well, as us.

The strrangeness of this new normal is so surreal…

How has your week been? Any signs of settling into this new life?

Chai And A Chat #77 #ChaiAndAChat #CoronaDiaries Week 1

Wow! What a week. Things are still changing, as I type… Let me tell you how week one of the new normal has gone for me…

  • I rolled up to work on Monday, having made lunches for the kids and Hubby, as. I wasn’t sure what time I was going to be back, but it’s best to be prepared, isn’t it? Their online learning wasn’t starting officially until Wednesday, but they had plenty to keep them occupied. School was a strange place. There were more adults than children, as the majority of folk had managed to get care for their kids, but there were still children of key workers in. Some staff had been assigned to be working with them. The rest of us had different duties to complete around the school and in our classrooms. A few colleagues had brought their children in. with them too. After a long discussion, it was decided by our head and the rest of the management that those with children at home, or carers for vuldernable members of family who lived with them, should stay at home, and not come in. A tough decision, but a sensible one. I was approached as I have kids at home, but to be honest, they are pretty self sufficient, and as long as I am sensible with hygeine, and shower and change when I get home, I am okay to keep coming in as necessary. I finished at normal time, and then braved the supermarket to see if I could get some chicken, as the request had been put n. They wanted my chicken soup. Obviously no dinner at my in laws as the kids weren’t there. I just about managed to get some, and. as I was cooking it up, the announcement came that we were going into more of a severe lockdown. We were still open, but I had to explain to the in laws that we were definitely not coming round there now, for the forseeable future. There are vulnerable people in that house, two diabetics, a heart patient, an asthmatic… no risks to be taken.
  • On Tuesday, I knew I had a couple of computer-based school tasks to do. Most of my class team were not going to be in, so I knew I could focus. First, I thought I’d try and pop in to Asda, and get a few key things that were running low in the house, including bread. There was a queue when I got there at 7.45am and they were opening at 8am. But It wasn’t too long. By the time doors opened, it stretched way beyond my eyeline. The store was letting in around six people at a time, in order that they kept people as far apart from each other as possible. By about 8.15am I was in, and grabbed the things I needed, before heading home to drop them off then I ventured to school. My classroom has been tidied up as much as it can be. Reports, Performance Mamagement reviews have been done, Progress Grids completed. Assessments done. Rather than start a new task, I went home. But not before a detour to the in-laws. Mum had called me to say she had made food and would pack it and leave it outside for me to grab. Bless her! It was good to see the kids still focussed with their work, and a habit I started on the Monday was that regardless of anything, we would get outside for around an hour, if possible, every day. We are lucky to have the temple just walking distance from our house. the temple is closed for worshippers at the moment but their sports ground is still open for exercise purposes. Lil Man played with his football, Lil Princess walked with me, then used some of the outdoor equipment. I did several rounds of the ground, and I have been taking that time to post a daily video story on Instagram, a kind of virtual diary, if you will. Whilst walking on Tuesday, I saw two magpies… hope in what feels like a hopeless situation…
  • On Wednesday I stayed at home. And as it was the kids first day using Google Classrooms, I was glad. There will always be some teething problems, but we got there in the end, even though work from a 50 minute lesson took Lil Princess and I nearly 2 hours to complete – not because it was hard, but because the way it was meant to be submitted was ridiculous! I took the chance to finish some online training that my Head had sent to us all, then I accessed an online writing course that I had signed. up to a long time ago. I completed module four of a fourteen module course, so w as quite impressed with myself!
  • I have to share with you my own little bit of humour, with regards to making yourself a mask at home…
  • Thursday saw me back at school for the morning, where I had to email a few bits to my Head and then I set about the task of trying to sort out a resource cupboard that is part of my responsibility, and a HUGE MESS at the moment. It was quite cathartic, to. be honest! But something that will take more than a couple of hours to complete. After taking a good crack at it, I left after 12.30pm, with the intention of dropping the containers back to my in-laws, and picking up prescriptions for our hay fever medication, because not only do we have a virus to deal with, but that allergy season is also upon is now! But, I got there a bit late and they were clsoed for lunch. Got home and sorted lunch out for the family, and then I managed another module of the course too! Go, me!
  • Friday – another school morning. It was even quieter than normal with only two children in for care. I got another huge amount done on my cupboard sorting, but not before I was called upon to join the children with their daily PE slot, the live half an hour session with Joe Wicks on YouTube. I was definitely out of puff by the end, and I tell you what, I knew I was going to suffer the next day! I left by 12pm and got home, fed the crew, then curled up in bed with my son, so we could watch a film together, after he had finished his work.
  • On Saturday, I was woken up at 7.30am by a video call from my brother and nephews, which was lovely. Since I was awake, I decided to just get up. Grabbing my MacBook, and Kindle, I set myself up in the living room, with intentions of getting more of the course done. But when I went to log in, the website wouldn’t load! I got worried. Had I lost all my progress? Has this virus affected the company. providing the course? After slight hyperventilation, I thought I would jsut try something else, and started viewing vidoes from a Productivity course I had also signed up to. Lunchtime came and after making food for the masses. who had finally woken up, I grabbed my Kindle for a little light reading, only to find it wouldn’t switch on, even after being plugged into the charger! After a conversation with Amazon support who basically said I would have to buy a new one, I frustratedly just put it back on charge and thought I’d look at it later. Then I turned back to my course…but the MacBook had decided to make a funny noise. Jeez! What was happening with my technology today? I switched it off, and decided to bake cupcakes with Lil Princess instead.
  • The evening brought news of a big jump in deaths as a result of COVID-19. Things are getting really scary now. My aunt has been taken to hospital with suspected COVID-19. She is on oxygen now, and still awaiting confirmed diagnosis. We tried to be light-hearted. Watched films together, had a take away, but my mind is elsewhere…
  • On Sunday, I literally stayed in bed ALL DAY. Mother Nature was showering us with all sorts of weather, from beautiful blue skies, to rain to a hailstorm! I read all day, which was just lovely, then we decided to venture out for around twenty minutes for a walk. It was too cold to stay out any longer!
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So there it is. My week. It’s been strange. And as of Sunday, the lockdown is to get much more serious. Apparently, there will be police or even army at checkpoints, making sure no one is out unless they have to be.

It’s my assigned day with the children today, Monday. Then I won’t be in school unless there is an emergency. Then we just wait and see what the government says about what happens after the Easter holidays.

It’s a strange world we are living in at the moment…

How has your week been?

Chai And A Chat #76 #ChaiAndAChat #CoronaDiaries

Well, hello there everyone! It feels like it is a very different world I am living in, as I type this, compared to last week. Still filled with uncertainty and worry, but more… stark. That is the only way I can describe it.

From this week, I will still be sharing my Chai with you, but these will be my #CoronaDiaries. A view from the eyes of a teacher as well as what is happening in life.

But let’s start with a recap of last week!

  • On Monday, my colleague and I had a course to go to, so off we trotted, and the course was about changes in the curriculum, but each section was peppered with comments basically saying “If we’re still in school,” or “if we finish this year…”. It was hard to think about changes in next year, when this years education was so up in the air. We got confirmation from our colleagues that the class numbers were 20 and 17 respectively, in our two reception classes, out of a posible 30 in each. This was as a result of people self-isolating, if there were symptoms, as directed by the government. The next day a message was sent to confirm that if you as a parent were concerned, then it was up to you if you wanted to keep your children off. That meant a further drop in numbers. Tuesday mine was 19 the others 13. Wednesday was 12 and 8. Thursday was 7 and 5. Friday was 6 and 5… Whether these were scared parents, or self isolators, it remains to be seen, but if I was a parent, I’d have been trying to send them in, knowing that a closure for a LONG TIME was due…
  • We did our best, as a team, to keep upbeat. You know me. I’m always up for silliness. We amalgamated the two classes and really let them do fun stuff, alongside learning, then on Wednesday good old BoJo (don’t know why, I always seem to say Bozo, instead of BoJo, and have to correct myself!) announced blanket school closures as of the end of the school day, on Friday. Even more reason to keep the kids we had in, smiling. So on Thursday, some decided they wanted to go trick or treating. They dressed up from my home corner, and went knocking at the tables in the classroom, shouting “Trick or Treat!”. That wasn’t sufficient so the next stage was them asking us teachers to dress up , in costumes designed for kids… well, you have to indulge in these sillinesses, for the kids, don’t you?
I think I make a great Spidey carrying Goldilocks!
  • We have been using the Pirates theme to base our learning around and had things been normal, this Friday coming was to be our dress up as Pirates day. Well that was obviously not happening, so I talked to my team and we decided we would dress up to entertain the kids who turned up at least, on their last day. Kudos to the ladies who work in my class. They know the lengths I would go to and they heartily joined in. The other class, not so much, but at least the children were all going to be together, so they all benefitted from our silliness!
Meet my crew! That is me, Captain Stinky Jo, the Lady Buccaneer, on the left!
  • But what of these school closures? What was going to happen to us all? Despite the announcements made to the nation on Wednesday, the government still hadn’t cleared up a huge amount of niggly information needed for these closures to take place. He told the world that school was closed for everyone, except the children of keyworkers (detailing only three examples; front line NHS workers, delivery drivers and police), vulnerable children, and those with EHCP plans (children with complex educational needs, who have an agreed plan.) this brought up a quagmire of questions from parents and schools alike; Am I a key worker? If this is social distancing, why are teachers not allowed to stay at home? What are we going to do with our children? Who needs to be in school and who doesn’t? Well, there were no real clear answers until Friday morning, by which time, so many rumours and theories had been thrown around, that no one really knew what was real and what was suggested. To cut a long story short (ish) we are all still going to be in, in our school, as I write this (plans could change at any moment) and four teachers will be with the children who will be allowed to come in. They will be split into two age groups, and there is to be no official curriculum learning happening, more a childcare facility, with more arts, crafts, music, story, PE, creativity. How many children we have will change daily, depending on the shifts people work. It has been made clear that if you have the chance to keep your child at home, it is safer for them, rather than sending them to school, but we are here to support. We will be using the Joe Wicks live streaming PE at 9am every morning, to get the kids going, and I have even got a friend who will be doing three live Learn Bhangra sessions for an alternative physical activity too. May get the kids up and dancing.
  • As for the rest of the weekend, I was nervously excited because I had my radio interview, didn’t I? But no, it was postponed because the virus talk went on and on. The editor didn’t want to just squeeze me in, so we will be rescheduling. Disappointing, but it makes sense. I comfort ate cake instead!
  • Right, enough of that… So, the weekend was also Mother’s Day here. The kids hadn’t bought me cards, but Lil Princess painted me a picture, and Lil Man wrote me a card with some of his loose change taped to the back! 😂Then we popped over to see Mum in law to drop off some flowers for her, and came back home, after finally locating some beer for Hubby Dearest (this panic buying led to NO BEER! Tragedy!) We even squeezed a rather windy, brisk family walk to the prom, in the afternoon too! I had a lovely chat with my own mummy too.
  • I have to be honest. Yesterday was the first time I allowed everything that is happening to get to me. Maybe it was because it was Mother’s Day and I wasn’t able to see my mum. Maybe it was hearing that my best friend’s husband is unwell, suspected Covid-19 and he’s a paramedic. Maybe it’s because I’m scared because I am going to work tomorrow, while my family are safe at home… But I cried. A little. I am going to have to be so much more stringent with everything. We have told my in-laws, categorically, that we won’t be coming round now, unless an absolute emergency. There are two diabetics in that house, a heart patient, an asthma sufferer and one with a weak chest. We’d rather video call them, and see them healthy, rather than risk passing the virus on to them as we are more out than them, especially me. I will have to get in, shower and change my clothes before greeting my own family, with an el-bump, rather than a hug. I am going to miss hugs, from my babes at school, and my friends and family. I live for hugs. I want you all to start air hugging right now. Wrap your arm around yourself, and give yourself a huge squeeze. Imagine, me standing in front of you doing the same. That is my hug to you ALL!
My Hug to you ❤

My final words to you this week, as I prepare myself for what will be a scary, strange week, will be please stay safe, stay at home.

Love you lots, Peeps ❤

Seva is the Sikh principle of Serving Selflessly

Chai And A Chat #75 #ChaiAndAChat #CoronavirusGate

Psst! Have you got time for a cuppa? What with all the craziness of the #CoronaVirus, I don’t quite know where the time has gone!

  • If we were sipping chai together I’d start with the little things… We had our moderation, which took an age of sifting through the work of different children from all the schools, to see if we were all singing from the same hymn sheet, so to speak. It’s amazing how different the demographics can be in schools not more than a few miles away from each other. We are a true inner town school, and our demographic tends to be many non English speakers, and low income families, with a real range of abilities. The others all seem to have many more able children from more stable backgrounds. Still, it’s interesting to look across the board.
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d tell you that I did manage to pop in to my local nail salon on Saturday, and got my nails done. They feel much better, but the salon was much quieter than usual. It’s operated by Vietnamese folk, but so many are misguided and think ‘Chinese’ they have stopped going at the moment due to Coronavirus fear… ridiculous!
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d have to mention the elephant in the room properly, i.e. that awful virus that is attacking the world. We spent Thursday on tenterhooks, waiting for Boris Johnson’s decisions about how the UK are going to deal with the virus… and they decided upon the strategy of developing ‘herd immunity’. So basically they think that if around 60% of us got it then our immunity would be better and they could handle cases better… They aren’t planning school shut downs just yet, because they don’t want the situation where they have to keep them closed for so long that it has a detrimental effect on everyone. Not only will it affect the children’s education, but if they were to shut, then parents would need to stay home, and that means they can’t go to work. What about those parents who work for the NHS or care industry? They are needed so badly at the moment. This though isn’t sufficient for most. People are seeing other countries shutting schools for 2/4/6 weeks, or even a couple of months and can’t understand why we aren’t doing the same. I honestly don’t know, but I wish we were told, too. It is hard enough being a teacher, at the best of times, but knowing we need to keep these children safe, and as educated as we can means that we have a lot of forward planning that needs doing. It’s not going to be an extended holiday. We need to create accesible learning for all the children so they are continuing to learn while they are at home. Our head is so conscious of work life balance, she has ordered a whole heap of workbooks that children can use at home for each year group, to keep them learning whilst off, whenever that may be.
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d tell you that we haven’t had a confirmed case here in the locality, but one school was closed for a deep clean due to a suspected case, and we had to send two children home, who weren’t well at all. It’t likely not to be the coronavirus, but we can’t be too careful.
  • If we were sipping chai together I wouldn’t be able to shut up about the craziness of panic buying that is going on right now! Over the last two weeks, the toilet paper, handwash and sanitiser shortage has extended to bleach and cleaning wipes, pasta, tinned goods, freezer food and even FREEZERS! People are buying emergency freezers to stash their bulk buys in! Really?? I’ve had the joy of seeing at least three supermarkets over the weekend, and the pandemonium is just getting worse. On Friday, I went to do my usual shop. I got most of what I would usually buy, but no beer for Hubby Dearest. After an evening of cleaning the house, we settled down to chill. I got up on Saturday and after my nails, I popped into a different shop to get the beers. OMG! It was like the days that lead up to Christmas! The usual shelves were still empty, but trollies were full. Still, I got my beer, or rather, his beer! The rest of the day we were in our own rooms, doing our own thing. If only the reality of isolation was going to be that smooth. Sunday morning, I woke up and realised that I didn’t have Sonu Singh’s litter and I needed to top up dry food. Hubby and the kids wanted Macdonald’s breakfast too. So off I went, with Lil Man. The pet shop was fine. Asda, however, at juwt past 10am on a Sunday, was heaving! Usually it is quiet, but the car park was full. Apparently there was a queue, building up for at least an hour prior to opening. I wanted to get a new knee support as my one is feeling too tight when I sit down. Even they were out of stock! As well as paracetamol tablets and liquid for kids. Again, queues like crazy. At least the Macdonalds concession was quite empty! Got home and wished for another quiet day like Saturday, but that was asking too much. The kids were bickering. Lil Man was in a tizz, because he hates being cooped up. He also managed to drop his laptop while using it the day before, and the screen isn’t working, so he just bugged the rest of us! We did end up out for dinner though, which was lovely, to celebrate our date-iversary belatedly!
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d tell you that I feel as if my life has been taken over by this dang virus… when will it all end? I’m worrying about my parents who are far away, my in-laws who are close but all classed as vulnerable, my kids, my hubby, my Finndian family, the children in my class, and their families… I don’t have time to worry about myself… at least I am making sure my hands are extra clean!
  • If we were sipping that chai together, and possibly reaching for cake or cookies I’d tell you that I can only wait now, and see what happens at schoolt this week. I am meant to be on a course today, unless it gets cancelled last minute. We were meant to have a Mothers Day craft afternoon for the mums and children, and that has been cancelled, as has Parents Evening, school trips, the disco that was meant to be on before Easter… Tenterhooks, I told you!
  • If we were sipping that chai together, and possibly reaching for cake or cookies I’d say that I don’t know what to do about Saturday. I am meant to be going into London for my radio interview… but though there is no lockdown, should I still attempt it, or see if they can do it via phone? Do I risk getting the train, or should I drive in and have a nightmare finding parking? I don’t know!

Right, that’s me done Peeps! Let me how your week has been!

Chai And A Chat #74 #ChaiAndAChat

Happy Monday to you all again. These Monday’s come around so fast, don’t they? Right, got your chai?

  • If we were sipping chai together I’d say that it’s been another week and a half, what with everything that is going on. When isn’t it, Ritu? I hear you ask… yeah, well, you know what my life is like!
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d tell you that school has been fun. We still have a few children off, for various reasons, not Coronavirus-linked so far, thankfully… And we were busy on Thursday for World Book Day! If you’ve known me for a while, you know I’ll take any excuse to dress up, and I am lucky enough to have a team who are just as bonkers as me! We were the cast of Little Red Riding Hood for this year! The day was spent with classes from the whole of Key Stage one and our Reception classes, going on a carousel tour around each classroom. As teachers, we had a specific story and activity that each class got to experience. I read Aliens Love Underpants – brilliant story! and the children got to design their own pants, and tell me why they were special!
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d say that I ended up with awful knee pain again on Friday. It could be an effect of geting absolutely soaked in a downpour on Thursday… Yes, I had to attend a meeting in my Little Red Riding Hood outfit, at the end of the day, and needed to get to a different school, which was around twenty minutes drive away, through village roads which were waterlogged by the amount of rain that had been falling. The parking was awful, and I had to walk nearly ten minutes in it to get to the school. Shoes soaked, coat dripping, I sat in the room with my coat haning on a radiator, and shoes off, in the hope that they would dry. The way back home was just as bad. The rain hadn’t relented at all. We nearly got splashed big time by a car who didn’t want to take notice of the pedestrian crossing, then as I drove home, a van approaching from the opposite side didn’t pay heed to a huge puddle and spashed me so badly that I lost vision in the car and nearly lost control of my car! But, I arrived home relatively calm… Still, the knee hasn’t stopped hurting since Thursday evening… Roll on April and my appointment…
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d say that I got a call on Wednesday to arrange an orthodontic appointment for Lil Princess. I’ve been through this rigmarole already, with Lil Man. He hated every minute, and ended up not wanting the braces in the end. Lil Princess, in contrast, has been waiting for the time the dentist said she was ready for hers! We were told that there would be quite a wait, a couple of months, before getting an appointment, but we were squeezed in on a Saturday instead. Two hours. We were seen late, because they were running late, then there was consultation, x-ray, re-x-ray then final consultation. She definitely needs the braces, but needs a sprink in her mouth first, to realign the tom back teeth, then four extracted, possibly a chain to pull some teeth down, before the actual fixed braces are put in! Three appointments have already been booked… I’m exhausted already! And feeling the pain for her.
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d tell you that on Sunday, we went to town to get our hair done, me and Lil Princess, celebrating International Women’s Day in our own way… And town was empty. the weather was mild. Was it people deciding to get out of their houses to do family stuff? Or lots of scared people not wanting to go out because of this COVID-19 virus? I’m not sure, but it was lovely getting in and not having to wait at the hairdressers! But, I was disappointed to hear that because people are scared of the virus, they seem to have been avoiding the nail salons… which are not operated by Chinese people, but mainly Vietnamese folk… yet uneducated folk are steering clear… so sad. Suck it up people.
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d excitedly tell you that, even though I haven’t been able to write much on Book two… I have received over twenty reviews on Amazon and Goodreads for Marriage Unarranged! I am absolutely thrilled to see the words people have written about my book baby!
  • If we were sipping that chai together, and possibly reaching for cake or cookies I’d tell you that this we have moderation which is sitting with other Reception teachers in our Academy to see how the kids are getting on, and whether we are making similar professional judgements on the children… great fun! (that was sarcastically said…)
  • If we were sipping that chai together, and possibly reaching for cake or cookies I’d say that I am hoping to get my nails done too this week, let’s hope the virus doesn’t shut everything down!

Right, that’s me done Peeps! Let me how your week has been!

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