Chai And A Chat #59 #ChaiAndAChat

Happy Monday to you all! Another week has passed. Where does the time go? And yes, another busy one for me too! Settled with that cuppa? Right then…

  • If we were sipping chai together I’d start by giving you the next update on the health situation. I spent most of the week with just dull aches in my knees and one shoulder, but nothing debilitating. I hoped that maybe it was just something viral. The Drs appointmet didn’t give me much more, other than another clear set of bloods, checking off inflammation and rheumatoid arthritis. I told the Dr that I wasn’t in awful pain, at the moment, but the tiredness, and headaches were still around. He said things like fibryomalgia are hard to diagnose, and often a process of elimination. There are meds he could give me, but do I want to start existing on tablets that could end up giving me other side effects? No. I think at the moment I can manage the pains tht creep up. He sent me off with some exercises and told me to take Pops’ advice with some yoga breathing and massages. All was fine… until Saturday. The knees were really painful, but not as bad as that awful day 3 weeks ago. I lay in bed with a hot water bottle on them. The heat soothed the pain away for a while. Then we went to Bluewater on Sunday and all was fine, until I had a sudden pain on my ankle as I was walking around. It came along so suddenly, I just don’t know what is going on. Another visit back to the GP? Who knows when I’ll get an appointment now… Long soak in a warm bath for me and more hot water bottles, along with ibuprofen if needed, I think…
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d tell you that school has been good too. We started the week with Armistice Day on Monday. It’s not easy to explain to children aged 4-5, what Poppy Day is, but we tried our best, and they made some lovely pictures of poppy fields. Then Monday and Tuesday evening were late ones for us as it was parents evening time. For the most part, things went well. It just left us all very tired. The next fun thing we did was sensory spaghetti play! I spent a good hour and a half one night, cooking and colouring spaghetti so they could hide letters and numbers in it and try and fish them out using gian tweezers! They loved it! And Friday was Children in Need, as I posted about earlier. The children love it when they get a chance to be involved in anything and dressing up is of their favourite things. What better, than to be able to dress up, and raise money for charity too?
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d just have to slip this one in… One of my beauts always brings in pictures and ‘gifts’ for us and this week, I was given a cut out picture from an LOL Surprise magazine. “This is you, Mrs Bhathal!” What do you think? I am starting to feel delusions of grandeur… may just ask you to call me Queen Ritu soon… 😜
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d leave the best news to last… I finally revealed my cover! I have been toying with the idea of revealing it a lot recently, but wasn’t sure, especially as I haven’t got a solid publish date yet. But, to be honest, it shouldn’t be long now. I’ll get my final draft back from the editor in a couple of weeks. I just need to write a blurb I am happy with, and add the ‘weird’ pages, like acknowlegements, dedications, about me, and that published on page to the manuscript. I have started formatting, and hopefully any changes to the script will be minor, which I can do in my formatting programme. Then I can let my dear cover designer how many actual pages the paperback will be, so she can send me the relevant cover, complete with blurb and spine. A wrestle with KDP, and hopefully I can get myself set, and announce a pre-order and publication date for you all! But if you did happen to miss it… here is my book baby!
  • If we were sipping that chai together, and possibly reaching for cake or cookies I’d mention that I must be really wicked, because, honestly, there is no rest to be had for me here! We will be upping the ante with beginning Nativity rehearsals, to start off with this week.
  • If we were sipping that chai together, and possibly reaching for cake or cookies I’d tell you that Lil Man and Lil Princess have another day off school on the Wednesday, so Lil Princess will be coming in to help me for the day, and then I have to take her to the dentist.
  • If we were sipping that chai together, and possibly reaching for cake or cookies I’d let you know that I will also be hosting my first ever parent meeting to discuss our Phonics scheme to the reception parents, as this is my subject responsibility this year. And on the same day, I will have to hare out early as Lil Princess and I are off to see Little Mix in concert too! I am already tired, and it’s only the beginning of the week. Hope my aches and pains hold out!
  • If we were sipping that chai together, and possibly reaching for cake or cookies I’d also slip in that today, Monday, is our wedding anniversary. It falls on a Monday so there won’t be much celebrating, but plenty of time together. ❤ 18 years… where did they go?

Right, that’s me done Peeps! Let me how your week has been.

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 246 – Dreams


“The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.”

Paul Valery

Thank you Spidey for that fantastic quote!

Firstly, I must apologise for the late Spidey entry today. I did indeed need waking from my dreams this morning, to the realisiation that I had not scheduled this post last night!

Too busy making dreams come true, to be honest, and tiring myself out (which, given my current state of health, is not that hard for me to do!) to stay awake long enough to write a post up, last night!

You see, yesterday saw the beginnings of one of my life dreams coming true.

You may have noticed, (and if you hadn’t, where on earth were you?) on my author blog, this blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, that my cover reveal went live yesterday.

Not only is this the beginning of my dream turning to a reality, but it is a poke up my backside too, and a reason for me to not procrastinate any longer.

No more dillydallying, and wishing that one day my book might just get out there, but now I have to do this!

I was overwhelmed by the reaction that the cover got, from both familiar names, and others who have been following me, or who happened to come across the image while checking out their social media.

So many of you, eager to read this precious baby of mine!

So, my next steps are to wait for my final editor check, hopefully with nothing more than a few silly spelling or punctuation issues, (fingers crossed, then format the book, finish writing the blurb, get the paperback dimensions to my fantastic cover designer, upload everything to KDP and set a publication date.

Still a bit of technical work to do, but you guys, my book will be out there soon!!!

And if you missed it, here is the cover for Marriage Unarranged. 😄

Designed by Kirsty McManus – She is awesome!

I’m going to be cheeky, and late to this one too, but since Linda’s prompt for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday was Dreams, this post fits the bill perfectly (even though it’s been posted on a Sunday!)

So… tell me, what is your biggest dream right now?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps  And enjoy your week! ❤ 

When It’s Time To Commit #CoverReveal for Marriage Unarranged – Ritu Bhathal

OMG Peeps! The cover is out there!

Please click below to get your first glimpse of my soon-to-be published novel, Marriage Unarranged!

Cover Reveal Rip

And make sure you’re following me at to find out when it’s due to be published!

Source: When It’s Time To Commit #CoverReveal for Marriage Unarranged – Ritu Bhathal

Children In Need #bbcchildreninneed

Yesterday was the day of Pudsey Children In Need on the BBC, where the country is urged to help raise funds to help children around the country who may have illnesses or difficulties that they would require a lot of support, physically and financially.

It is a great charity,a nd many have benefitted over the years…

We alway take part at school, encouraging the children to dress up and raise money. The teachers are no different, and when it comes to dressing up and taking part, well, you know me!

Not sure how much we raised so far, but it was great to see my class all dressed up! I had several Pudsey’s like me, and pleny of spots!

Chai And A Chat #58 #ChaiAndAChat

Happy Monday to you all! It’s the start of week three back at school, and plenty is going on around us!

  • If we were sipping chai together I’d start by telling you that I am still standing! Yes, the aches and pains are drifting from here to there, but they are not bad. My knees still hurt, but not as extreme as the week before. My shoulder aches. But, over all, it’s not too bad at the moment. I ran to the hospital on Tuesday in my lunch break to have the next set of bloods taken. So now it’s waiting until this Friday for the next Drs appointment.
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d let you know that my dear Beauts in my class are such a lovely bunch! They are still enjoying our Superhero topic, and they love dressing up in capes and masks, and rescuing everyone! And the idea that if they are Super helpful and Super friendly, they have more of a chance of getting on the class rainbow, has worked a treat! They aren’t allowed to tell me themselves, but if another classmate comes and says someone has been Super in any way, to me, they get to be my Superkids for the day!
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d say that on Wednesday, we were all dreading our twilight evening. It would mean 2 hours after school, not actually training, but meeting with other teachers in our age group from our academy, and comparing classes and attainment. Thankfully, our Reception meeting didn’t take as long as we hd anticipated, so that was a result!
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d tell you that the weekend arrived, quick as a flash, and it was a busier one than the last few weeks. We spent Saturday evening with the in-laws, and the night, I was up most of the night with Lil Man, who was sporting a raging temperature and a really sore throat. As he is prone to tonsillitis, I took him to our local walk in doctors surgery and after a two hour wait, we were told that yes, his tonsils were mildly inflamed, but not infected (thank goodness). So, no antibiotics, but lots of salt water gargles and keeping his neck warm.
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d say that Lil Princess had a great afternoon as she had arranged a visit to one of her new secondary school friends’ house. We both had a lovely time, as I got to have a cuppa and chat with her new friend’s parents and the girls spent the afternoon esperiementing with makeup and hairstyles. Makes me feel happier, that I know some of her new friends.
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d not forget to mention that I have mad a plan to do a cover reveal for THE BOOK soon, possibly this week, so if you haven’t already, make sure you follow my author blog,, so you don’t miss out! I have been very busy, editing crutch words out of the manuscript this week, and from a list of arounbd 10 words, there are 2 left to check. That means I have been through the manuscript 8 times in the last 3 weeks, adjusting and deleting! Once I finish this time consuming task, I need to spell check and read myself to make sure it all makes sense, then I can send to my editor for the final read through! OMG, so nervewracking….! I still have to write a proper blurb yet!
  • If we were sipping that chai together, and possibly reaching for cake or cookies I’d tell you that today and tomorrow I will be at school until late as it is that time of year again… parents evenings! I actually quite enjoy them, speaking to the parents about how their darlings are coming along! But it’ll be tiring.
  • If we were sipping that chai together, and possibly reaching for cake or cookies I’d mention that obviously, Friday I will have my Dr’s appointment, so fingers crossed there will be something to discuss, after all the blood tests.
  • If we were sipping that chai together, and possibly reaching for cake or cookies I’d let you know that I already can’t wait for the weekend!

Right, that’s me done Peeps! Let me how your week has been.

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