#BookReview – Oath Keeper by Shelley Wilson @ShelleyWilson72

Another great book I finished in one night. In fact, I was up until 5am finishing it (long story as to why I was up that late, but still, I got great reading time, and thanks to being mum, I was up as usual, because, well, kids – you know!)


I read Shelley’s Oath Breaker when it came out, and I mentioned how werewolves and I didn’t really mix, but that Shelley had converted me… (read that review here) So I was really excited when the sequel to her book was finally announced!

So first, the blurb…

She chose the pack. But does the pack still want her?

Mia Roberts is struggling to fit in with the Ravenshood pack. Although her brother is an alpha, he’s not even convinced she has the werewolf gene. If she’s not a wolf or a hunter, then what is she? 

The answers lie inside Hood Academy. But when children in the wolf community start shifting too soon, Mia worries that her hunter father may be responsible.

She wants to help her pack, but she also needs answers. Can she keep her brother from killing her father long enough to find out who she really is?

Loyalty, friendships, and family bonds are tested as Mia steps into her power and discovers her true identity.

And my thoughts…

I had a while to wait for the sequel to Oath Breaker to arrive, and when it did, I was not disappointed!
Reading about Mia and her turmoil during her discovery of her own from was so realistic, I was feeling the pain at times!

We are reunited with Mia, Zac, Cody, Elizabeth, Sebastian et al, and see them battling the evils that are the Parker Family, with some new twists thrown in. Can they save the werewolves?
Will Hunters and Werewolves ever be able to live side by side in peace?
Will she be able to finally be an Oath Keeper?
Well, I’m not telling you that!
I’m only saying that you need to read the book to find out, and if you haven’t read the first, make sure you read that too!

Read my Amazon review here

Read my Goodreads review here

Buy it here

Oath Keeper (Hood Academy Book 2) by [Wilson, Shelley]

Check out Shelley’s Amazon page here.

And her bookshop here. Shelley is not only a fantastic YA author but a wonderful motivational writer too.


If you want to know more about Shelley Wilson, click here for her full bio and media kit!

10 Steps To Hero – How to Craft a Kickass Protagonist by Sacha Black #BookReview @sacha_black

I’m really not one for reading texts for how to improve your writing.

Bitmoji Image

It’s not that I don’t think I need them, but I often feel that if someone is telling me how to write, then what I churn out is not really my voice, but that of another…

Having said that, I have read a few recently, by trusted authors, some who I feel I know, some whose name I have grown up with… Stephen King, Karen McQuestion, Bryan Cohen, Nicola Morgan, Sacha Black…

And they haven’t been telling me what to write, rather how to go about the process, sometimes how they started off, in order to reach the heights they have climbed.

Sacha Black is definitely one of those authors.

Hers was actually the first ever writing craft book I read actually.

When she released her guide to creating villains, I had to get it. Partly because I had been with her step by step, via the blog, as she wrote it, and partly because she always sounds like she knows what she’s talking about!

And I wasn’t disappointed! Read my review here.

And after that, she couldn’t leave it at one book, so on top of writing two parts to her YA series, she created a guide to create a fantastic hero character too!

So, the blurb…

From cardboard cut-out to superhero in 10 steps.

Are you fed up of one-dimensional heroes? Frustrated with creating clones? Does your protagonist fail to capture your reader’s heart?

In 10 Steps To Hero, you’ll discover: 

+ How to develop a killer character arc

+ A step-by-step guide to creating your hero from initial concept to final page

+ Why the web of story connectivity is essential to crafting a hero that will hook readers

+ The four major pitfalls to avoid as well as the tropes your story needs

Finally, there is a comprehensive writing guide to help you create your perfect protagonist. Whether you’re writing your first story or you’re a professional writer, this book will help supercharge your hero and give them that extra edge.

These lessons will help you master your charming knights, navigate your way to the perfect balance of flaws and traits, as well as strengthen your hero to give your story the conflict and punch it needs.

First, there were villains, now there are heroes. If you like dark humor, learning through examples, and want to create the best hero you can, then you’ll love Sacha Black’s guide to crafting heroes.

Read 10 Steps To Hero today and start creating kick-ass heroes.


Did it help me?

I gotta say YES!

For the first time, since reading these kinds of books, I was inspired to get a pen and paper, any paper, and jot down ideas to hopefully improve my characters, and their reasoning behind doing some of the things they do in my own book!

I’m weaving my own web of connectivity, creating character arcs, looking through my hero lens… (you’ll need to read it to get what all those are!) And all with the help of this rather cool guide that is rather funny too. Sacha is like me, she tends to create her own words, to describe things. She’s not afraid to say it like it is either.

And would I recommend it to other aspiring writers?


My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Buy it by clicking books2read.com/10stepstohero

Reviewed on Goodreads and Amazon.

And not only does Sacha write these amazing badass craft guides, but she even manages to write accompanying workbooks too!

You know you wanna buy…

If you don’t know Sacha, why not?

She is blogging event organiser extraordinaire, being the birth mother of the Annual Bloggers Bash and Awards, and an author of four books, two fiction, and two non-fiction, with more due soon! And she is a loving wife and mother too, to top it off!

Sacha Black has five obsessions; words, expensive shoes, conspiracy theories,  self-improvement, and breaking the rules. She also has the mind of a perpetual sixteen-year-old, only with slightly less drama and slightly more bills.
Sacha writes books about people with magical powers and other books about the art of writing. She lives in Hertfordshire, England, with her wife and genius, giant of a son.
When she’s not writing, she can be found laughing inappropriately loud, blogging, sniffing musty old books, fangirling film and TV soundtracks, or thinking up new ways to break the rules.

Find out more about Sacha and her books here.

I do love Sacha, she has been ace at giving me, ahem, gentle nudges when it came to getting that first draft finished too!



The Girl In The Corner by Amanda Prowse #BookReview @MrsAmandaProwse

I’m back with another review!

As you can tell by the length of time between this and the last review, my reading has been little and often, rather than steaming through books, but you can thank the time of year for that!

Anywho, where was I? Oh yes! My review!  I was pleased to receive a copy of Amanda Prowse’s new book, The Girl In The Corner via NetGalley, and as a complete fan of her books, I was not disappointed in the slightest with this one either!

Let me give you a little info on the book first.

The Girl in the Corner by [Prowse, Amanda]

Rae-Valentine and Howard were childhood sweethearts. They’ve shared twenty-five peaceful years since they were brought together by Dolly, Howard’s larger-than-life sister. But now, on the night of their wedding anniversary, Howard reveals a shocking betrayal that leaves Rae reeling.

Heartbroken, she takes Dolly on her would-be anniversary trip to Antigua and the two women drink and dance and talk like they haven’t in years. But in the break from real life, Rae realises her choices have always been made for her, and suddenly she’s questioning not only her fragile marriage but also her one-sided friendships. Is she really the pushover everyone else sees?

When Howard comes looking for reconciliation, Rae has a choice to make: keep the peace, as she always has, or put herself first for once and find out who she really is.

And my review…

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Yet another wonderful page-turner by this wonderful author, Amanda Prowse.

I was hooked within mere pages, wanting to read the story of the rather exotically named Rae Valentine, who had an extremely unexotic life.

Much like a lot of women out there, Rae Valentine finds herself in an almost prescribed role of wife, mother, carer, cook, cleaner, general dogsbody, then a shock admission from her husband sends her life spinning off axis.

Will she forgive him?

Will she sink back into that corner, content to be an observer, and the good old Rae Valentine expects, or will she finally take her own steps into the centre of the room?

Beautiful, believable writing, hinting at a life we can relate to, a person we probably know, and an ending that has left me wanting Amanda to get writing on a sequel!

Thanks to NetGalley and Amazon Publishing UK for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review. This title is expected for publication in December 2018.

See my review on Amazon here.

Buy The Girl In The Corner here.

Image result for amanda prowse

Find Amanda and more abouther and her amazing books here.

Something To Tell You – Lucy Diamond #BookReview @LDiamondAuthor

I’ve just discovered something pretty cool… Netgalley!

And the first book I requested was Something To Tell You by Lucy Diamond.

Something To Tell You by Lucy Diamond

I have heard of the author, but not read any of her books, and the blurb sounded pretty interesting.

When Frankie stumbles upon an unopened letter from her late mother, she’s delighted to have one last message from her . . . until she reads the contents and discovers the truth about her birth. Brimming with questions, she travels to York to seek further answers from the Mortimer family, but her appearance sends shockwaves through them all.

Meanwhile, Robyn Mortimer has problems of her own. Her husband John has become distant, and a chance remark from a friend leads Robyn to wonder exactly what he’s not been saying. Dare she find out more?

As for Bunny, she fell head over heels in love with Dave Mortimer when she first arrived in town, but now it seems her past is catching up with her. She can’t help wondering if he’ll still feel the same way about her if he discovers who she really is – and what she did.

As secrets tumble out and loyalties are tested, the Mortimers have to face up to some difficult decisions. With love, betrayal and dramatic revelations in the mix, this is one summer they’ll never forget. 

And here is my review, as featured on Goodreads.

Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Something To Tell You

Something To Tell You by Lucy Diamond

My rating: 4 of 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thank you to NetGalley and Pan Macmillan for an ARC of this novel in return for an honest review.
I’m always a sucker for family-based stories, and this one didn’t disappoint.
Frankie finds a letter from her late mother which gives her information about her own parentage that she never knew before.
Taking a brave step, she ventures into the lives of the Mortimers, her biological father’s family with irreversible consequences.
There were so many different stories going on, stemming from the original plot, that there was no time to get bored.
At times I found myself double checking who was saying what, and which character’s point of view we had switched to, but on the whole, an enjoyable read.
Families are difficult at the best of times, this book highlights that, and also shows that you can overcome some pretty big hurdles, as long as you have your people around you!

View all my reviews

It’s out on January 24th 2019, if you’re interested! 

Dark Visions: an anthology of 34 horror stories from 27 authors: Volume 2 (The Box Under The Bed) Dan Alatorre and 26 others! #BookReview

A short while ago, I was approached by Robbie Cheadle, a great blogger buddy of mine, with a request.

She is branching out into writing horror fiction – another string to her already impressive bow, wife, mother, children’s author, baker, blogger, financial whizz… and now this too!

Robbie has had two stories chosen to be included in a new collection of spooky short tales, the second volume of Dan Alatorre’s collections, named Dark Visions: an anthology of 34 horror stories from 27 authors: Volume 2 (The Box Under The Bed)

She wondered whether I may have the time to peruse this collection, which includes 34 short horror stories, perfect for this time of year, and possibly leave a review.

And I have to say, I jumped at the chance! I have had the first volume on my TBR pile since it was published, and haven’t been able to read it yet, but I cleared my schedule last weekend and got reading.

I wasn’t disappointed!

Alongside Robbie’s tales are stories from other familiar indie authors, many of whom I have followed, admired and read for a while. You will have heard of them, I am sure!

Dan Alatorre, Jenifer Ruff (Everett), Allison Maruska ,  J. A. Allen, MD Walker, Juliet Nubel,  Dabney Farmer, Sharon E. Cathcart, Heather Kindt, Bonnie Lyons, Sharon Connell, Geoff LePard, Anne Marie Andrus, Christine Valentor, BA Helberg, Ernesto San Giacomo, Alana Turner, Nick Vossen, Robbie Cheadle, Betty Valentine, Frank Parker, Bonnie Lyons, Lori Micken, Chuck Jackson, Ellen Best, Victoria Clapton

It was truly a (spooky) pleasure to read!

My Review:

If you like to be able to dip in and out of a collection of spooky stories at your pleasure, then this is definitely a book for you!
A wonderful anthology filled with various delights ranging from the ghoulish to the gruesome!
I especially enjoyed the tale of a troublesome mother who helped her son’s business in a truly bloody manner, thanks to Geoff LePard, titled Ice Cream.
Robbie Cheadle’s tale The Haunting Of William was another that left me spooked out! For the record, that William deserved to get haunted!
Ellen Best’s entry, The Documentary is a short, sharp shocker too!
If I could, I would review each and every story, but that would defeat the purpose of you reading for yourself, so I urge you to take a chance on this fantastic collection of tales, perfect for the month of October, and Halloween!

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Goodreads Review: here

Amazon Review: here

Available to buy on Amazon now! Click here to buy.

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