ūüéāūüéČ Happy Birthday, Lil Princess! A Little Mix Experience!

Today is the day my little baby, my Lil Princess hits double figures!

I can’t believe I am a mother to not one but two kids aged 10 and above!

She has requested a few things, as kids do, but the main present, well she had that already! Just this last Saturday actually!

Long gone are the days of mooning over One Direction – check out her 7-year-old drawings of them here – instead, it is time for Little Mix fever!

We have spent the last few weeks hearing their cd on repeat in anticipation of her birthday treat.

A few months back, when I went to the local theatre, I noticed an ad for a show called The Little Mix Experience. A tribute band who played a whole show in the Little Mix way. And it was a few days before her birthday…

Now, I don’t know about you, but I am not keen on the idea of spending around ¬£100 per ticket to see a band… not at her tender years anyway, so this was an ideal opportunity to introduce her to concert culture, in a controlled environment!

We decided that it would be a great treat for her to go with a few friends to see this show.

So, on Saturday, Lil Princess, along with 4 special friends, and one of the mums (who is my special friend) went to see her first concert!


She managed to wrangle a free glowstick from the merchandise man, as I was talking to the lady at the box office, by saying it was her birthday, and then I felt obliged to buy the little bear too!

The show?

Well, we had an awesome time! The audience was full of families and young girls who were Little Mix Crazy and the band didn’t disappoint!

They sang a great mix of new and old hits, along with a couple of covers, and got the whole audience singing and dancing!

And at the end, they did a meet and greet, which was so busy, with all these mini Little Mixers clamouring for photos with the (not real) Little Mix that we ended up slipping away!

I managed to get a couple of videos of them singing (excuse me crooning along to Reggaeton Lento, I couldn’t help it!) for your viewing pleasure!

I am currently trying to remove the CD surreptitiously from the car stereo… but it’s not easy, and to be honest, I quite like Little Mix too!

All that remains is to say Happy Birthday to my gorgeous Lil Princess.

Stop growing up so fast, and making me feel old!

Love you to the moon and back, my sweet girl ‚̧

A poem I penned for her a few years ago

The biggest blessing of my life,
Becoming a mummy, after being a wife.
I love them both equally, yes, it’s true
But with my girl, the things we can do!
Shopping, dressing up, hair styles, nails
And when she’s older, advice about males!
She amazes and frustrates in equal amounts
But the love that she gives, now that’s what counts.
When there are tears, it tears at my heart,
I hate it whenever we are apart.
The giggles and laughter, that beautiful sound,
She lights up my life, when she is around.
I love my girl, and I’m lucky to be
The mummy to someone so very crazy!

Ritu 2016

Back to School – Whyyyyyyy???

It’s Monday… again…

It’s before 7am, and I am up… again… in the dark, faffing around and getting ready for work, preparing the kids things for school…

Did I really have a week off?

You may recall my post last week about what I had planned during our half term. If not you can check it out here!

There was not much R and R involved in the eventual plans for the week, what with kids having plenty planned, and driving up to my folks, then birthday things going on.

It all went to plan.

The car cost me an arm – rather than an arm and a leg – due to finding a great company that picked up the car, and dropped it back to us, with a service and MOT done in the middle.

The kid’s sleepover was great too – I just love seeing their cheeky faces when they have an opportunity to act all grown up, and they pushed the sleep time, but I was just glad they had fun,

The trip to Pops and Mum was short but sweet. We spent time together, popped out for lunch and shopping, and spent a wonderful evening watching old cine films again! They had found reels containing footage from when I was born, to my first steps, dancing (Lil Princess wanted to know why the 11 month old me was “twerking”! Try explaining the huge butt, thanks to a terry towelling nappy, and the baby bounce that all babies do, when they don’t have the ability to move on their feet too much, but want to enjoy the music!) in my own way, to my first trio to see family in Kenya. It was precious to see me with my maternal grandparents, and my Pops’s brother, all who aren’t with us any more.

I managed to film a couple of clips on my phone for you to share with me!

Here is me with my special style of crawling!

And here are those first steps!

I didn’t get much rest though, as I spent the first night chatting to my parents until late, and the second on the phone to my bestie until the wee hours. It was a much needed catch up, and many sage words of advice were spoken, making me feel a bit better about all sorts of things.

Back to reality (as in home) meant we were getting prepared for the Saturday night birthday treat for Lil Princess. It was a concert by The Little Mix Experience, a tribute band of her favourite group at the moment, Little Mix. It was a lovely evening, and I shall post in more detail about that tomorrow!

Yesterday was spent getting ready for today… Bleurgh!

I don’t want to go back to school!

Image result for don't want to go back to school teacher

Google Image

Actually, that isn’t entirely true. I am happy to be going back to a little routine. And I am not in as much of a funk as I was in January. Yesterday, I dyed my hair – Goodbye greys! – and beautified myself!

I’m feeling more positive, and more ME!

So here’s to a good new term, full of fun and craziness at home too, when the in laws go to India, and I have extra childcare to juggle, on top of usual mum/wife/ teacher duties… argh!

Happy Monday Peeps! Have a great week!!!


Practice What You Preach #FridayThoughts

I’m a teacher, you all know that.

I have the good of every child in my heart at all time.

Those little souls you entrust me with each year become my own children for that year, and often for the rest of their Primary education, as I am in contact with them throughout their education whilst in our school.

And I only want the best for them.

This is why I advise parents on ways to interact with their children, to develop them as wholly as possible.

You know what I think (don’t make me get back on that soap box!) digital life is fantastic, but don’t let that be the only life your child experiences!

Take them out!

Talk to them!

Play with them!

Create with them!

(then let them play a little on a screen… a little I said! They still need the tech skills too!)

And I know that is the way to give a child a rounded upbringing.

So when I come home and get on with my day to day chores, and look at my own two… one on his phone playing a game, or on the PC, and the other using her phone to sing songs on Smule or to watch YouTubers… I wonder, have I not taken my own advice?

Is this why getting them to bed is a chore as they don’t want to put screens down?

Are the temper tantrums when we ask them to do anything, a result of us letting them get too comfy on technology, so they don’t want to leave their screens to do anything¬†real?

But then they are older.

We have given them a LOT of experiences during their formative years.

And for all the time they are on tablets/phones/PCs or watching TV, they are equally out there playing sport (Lil Man), socialising with friends, mingling with family, being creative (Lil Princess) and doing homework…( perhaps with a slight, gentle nudge in the right direction!).

And I have to admit that I am as bad really… Once I am done with work, and any housework, I tend to either be reading on my Kindle, or on my phone/PC/Surface writing, blogging and keeping up with Social Media!

I guess we lead by example…

Maybe I need to have a think about my New Years Resolutions… but lets get Christmas out of the way first!

Until then, have a festive Friday Peeps!

It’s Christmas Jumper Day here today raising money for Save The Children. I am sat here typing away in my Olaf jumper, ready to have some Christmassy fun with the children!

Enjoy your day!

What will YOU give your child for Christmas? #ThrowbackThursday


It’s not the presents that matter, it’s your presence.

Kids… they can pretty much always have a list a mile long, of things that they would like for Christmas.

Take, for example, my kids.

Lil Princess, at 7, seems to add things that she desperately NEEDS on a daily basis. (Not that she will get it all!)

Lil Man is a little older and wiser, it seems, at 10. He has requested 2 things, and is not bothered about getting anything else… they would just be bonuses.

But still, when you add it all together, we are looking at £3-400 worth of stuff, if we got it all. And if we did get it all, would that make us the best parents in the world?


It would make us one of a growing number of parents who, having been working to support our family, feel the need to give our children everything they asked for, to make up for not being there all the time.

I’m seeing this on a daily basis now, working in Nursery. And unfortunately this trend of giving all, and giving in, is not helping our younger generations to develop at a normal rate at all.

Parents giving kids as young as 1, tablets or phones to play with, to keep them quiet, while they get things done. ¬†What they are doing, is robbing their children of precious time they could be spending together, talking, developing their children’s speech, and personal skills. Instead, we get children who have no idea how to communicate, as they are stuck with the ¬†electronic version of a dummy to mute them.

Or those parents who have a mere hour with their children daily, as they are at work. It is much easier to let them do what they want, give them what they are moaning for, it saves your ear drums, and, makes that short time with your child much more pleasant. No tantrums.

Then those who have the time, but can’t take the initiative to introduce their children to society. ¬†Play groups, play dates, activity clubs. ¬†All these places give a child a chance to socialise, and bond with their peers, and realise that the world doesn’t always revolve around them.

We have so many children in our nursery who are only children. They don’t even have another small person at home to bounce off of, and to create relationships with. So when they come to us, and are faced with 19 other little people, vying for the adult’s attention, and having to learn that they can’t get everything when they want, it can be frustrating.

But going back to the children and their electronic dummies… This issue probably worries me the most. ¬†Constant use of things like the TV, Phones and Tablets to keep the kids busy, meant that they may be hearing words being spoken, but they are not being spoken to, and there is no encouragement for them to talk. ¬†Hence the amount of kids operating at maybe a year, if not more, younger than expectations.

It’s not just the speech that is an issue. ¬†Constant use of these devices, mean that children are not given pencils, pens and paper. ¬†Therefore they struggle to even hold a pencil or pen at school, their fine motor skills are grossly lacking.

All this holds them back, seriously.

So when I say don’t lay such an emphasis on presents, but try to be there for your child, give them your presence, I mean you will be giving the biggest present anyway.

Talking to your little one, you can give them a rich vocabulary, reading to them, you can teach them so much. ¬†Getting those colouring books out, or pens and paper, scissors, glue and glitter, may be messy, but it will help to give your child skills that they can’t do without as they grow up. Play some games with them, encourage turn taking, and show them they may not win every time, but that it is the taking part that counts.

I hope I don’t sound like I am preaching, but I feel so strongly about this issue, and it is heartbreaking to see how many kids will be labelled as ‘failing’ expectations, because we, as parents, think we are doing the best thing, when in fact hearing ‘no’ isn’t a bad thing, heck, screaming strengthens their lungs! (Just invest in ear plugs!)

Peace out Peeps! Carry on enjoying your festive season!

Well, How The Flibbertygibbets Did That Happen?! #MondayBlogs

I am seriously in a state of shock this morning!

Is it really the last Monday of November?

Meaning that the next one is in DECEMBER?

Which means Christmas is kinda just around the corner?

And I have hardly anything ready for that day???


We only have one month left of the year?!?

Three and a half weeks left of school, so there will be a lot of squeezing Christmassy things in, alongside the usual learning. One week is practically blocked out for Christmas performances – There are four different ones, and each has two slots. The half week at the end is filled with panto visits and class Christmas parties!

So, that’s just TWO weeks of real learning time left, within which I also have a formal observation to fit in, AND I have to, along with my Eco Council partner, arrange a Toy Swap sale for the kids, AND not forgetting another Governors meeting to finish the term off!


And while I’m on the subject, of How the Flibbertygibbets Did That Happen?… Since when did my nine-year-old decide she no longer believes in Father Christmas?!

I hoped to have at least one more year of the letters to Santa, and the PNP videos to show her, before the reality that Father Christmas is really mummy and daddy sinks in!

Instead, the last couple of months have been littered with ‘present opportunities’ where she has shown us what she wants us to buy her for Christmas, because she just, you know, knows it’s us who buys the stuff, not the Big Fat Fella in Red!

I am not ready for this!

I still kinda believe in the magic of Saint Nick!

Okay… let me get my shocked-self ready for school now, but really….


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