Living In A YouTube World – #MondayBlogs

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed a shift in the behaviours of their, or other children these last few years?

In my world, the children, despite being restricted, seem to be constantly watching or near one screen or another. Whether it’s the TV, phone, tablet or PC, there is always some reason for the need for these electronic devices.

I’m lucky though, with Lil Man. He will use his phone to message friends, listen to music, take the odd photo, and maybe play a game or two. Sometimes he likes to watch funny clips on YouTube. But he’s a naturally active child, so he’d rather get out there and be physical, on his bike in the garden, or playing cricket.

Lil Princess is creative in her own way, she has heaps of Arts and Crafts materials and enjoys constructing things, or reading, but she has developed a bit of an obsession for certain online games, like RoBloks and MSP. We limit that access to weekends, and monitor what she is playing.

Though what she likes the best, is watching YouTube videos. It could be watching the latest video from her favourite Vloggers, like Smelly Belly TV or the Dobre Brothers, or listening to music, watching videos with lyrics on them so she can learn the words.

But the ones I find the most annoying, and what seems to encroach on reality, are the tutorial videos and the reveal ones. From watching how to apply makeup, to how to make slime, to being enraptured by a person opening a box or packet of something or another, it is starting to creep into her usual life.

What do I mean?

Well, it’s the way she talks!

When she is going to do something, like make any thing arty, she doesn’t necessarily have a camera facing her (though she has tried that too!) but there is a constant dialogue, describing what she is doing, step by step. If she opens a toy, again the dialogue starts.

If she is choosing an outfit, there is a one sided conversation happening with her imaginary followers!

But it’s like she, and other children I have noticed, can’t do ANYTHING without talking through it. Even watching TV or a film! That is so annoying! She feels the need, to commentate about everything that is happening on screen, and makes us miss important dialogues because she is more interested in dissecting what just happened, or what might happen!

And (forgive me, my American Blogily) its almost always in an American accent! I am constantly correcting her pronunciation and vocabulary!

Honestly, I feel like I am living life in a YouTube channel!

Oh, and don’t get me started on the fact that she, along with most kids, sees a camera phone and automatically gets the pout on!

How about you, Peeps? Have you noticed this phenomenon sweeping the youth you encounter, or is it just my strange child?

Friday Fatigue!

Two weeks almost done…

And the kids aren’t even in full time yet!

Switching from Nursery hat to Reception hat is surprisingly tough, you know!

Even though these two years are in the Early Years Foundation Stage, they are both very different in terms of developmental milestones a child hits.

Nursery at 3-4 years old is a time for building confidence, looking at their personal, social, and emotional development. For us, with our extremely mixed cultural demographic, it is also a time for teaching spoken communication in English, and fostering understanding of simple concepts. The children need to learn how to play together, talk together, take turns, learn patience and perseverance.

Throughout the year there is emphasis placed on counting, and learning the sounds of the alphabet through play, and recognising their names too, with hopefully, attempts at writing it.

Reception at 4-5 years old, is a time to just consolidate these things above, but there is a high expectation to really build the academic learning foundation too. These children should be writing sentences by the end of the year, counting fluently to 20, and doing simple addition and subtraction. Oh, and hopefully they should be reading simple words and sentences too!

Within both groups we need to give them experiences to enhance their learning of the world around them, culture and community and technology. They need to experience ways to create in different ways too.

So, what impact does this have on me?

My expectations for each group have to be different.

I need to remember not to push my babies too hard, and to make sure my older babies are stretching themselves enough!

The nursery children are doing a couple of hours in the morning then the afternoon session are doing two hours. We have worked on settling them, and showing them how to keep busy, trying different things.

The reception class are still doing mornings only. They are learning about structure, and listening, and exploring their new environments.

But this doesn’t mean lots of free time! No!

We have to assess each child individually, to see where they are at the start of their academic life.

In Nursery it is for our records. In Reception it is for the National Base Line.

Yes, I can sit with a cuppa and go through my paperwork. But I am running back and forth between the two classrooms to confer with my colleagues. The path from my class to the printer is wearing thin.

And that teacher tiredness encompasses all in my profession, not just me!

And I attended my first Governors meeting too, which was actually not as daunting as I thought it would be!

I arrive home and the Mummy hat goes on. Dinners for the kids are already cooked by my dear Mother In Law, so that is great! But homework, housework, laundry, all still need doing. Making the lunches for the next day, and feeding myself and Hubby Dearest also takes priority.

Then I finally sit and can write for my blog! Ritu’s ‘Me!’ hat finally on!

My novel has a little bit left, but with the tiredness I am experiencing, I don’t want to try and finish it without a fresh brain!

So when I am yawning, and craving asleep before 10 pm, I am not fighting it at all!

Do you blame me?

Right, I’m off to finish my week!

Enjoy your weekend Peeps! I’m planning on enjoying mine!

#SoCS Aug. 26/17 – When

Linda’s prompt for #SoCS this week:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: Start with “WHEN.” Write whatever you’d like, but begin your post with the word “when.” Enjoy!

When can we go swimming, Mummy?”

That’s a question I hear all the time, and have heard a lot over the last few year.

Kids love swimming and water. If we go anywhere, even for a night, the first question will be “Is there a swimming pool?”

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love swimming, but the last few years, it has been less swimming and more eagle eyes in back of head, as I watched warily to make sure one of my brood didn’t drown.

Lil Man is actually pretty good, so he can head on up to the deep end, and dives in, swims around with confidence.

Lil Princess however, was a different story. She had learned how to swim, was doing really well, then I had to cancel the lessons as full-time teaching took its toll on after-school activities. She resorted to staying in the shallow end, or baby pool, splashing around, and pretending to swim (doing the arm movements, but hopping along the floor of the pool!).

I always felt bad, but there wasn’t much I could do about it.

We have a couple of local pools, and when the holidays come the same old question rings out constantly: “When can we go swimming?”

I shouldn’t have a problem, but I do. Several.

  1. I want to actually swim too, but can’t as I am on life guard duty.
  2. The pools are full of crazy kids jumping in at random times, and, shock, horror, getting my hair wet!
  3. I’d need to defuzz… and I hate having to do all that preening, just to enter a pool full of strangers!
  4. Going there requires an effort I don’t always have, in lazy lounging holiday mode!
  5. Public pools can be so…dirty!

Usually, when we go to visit my parents, there is a trip to the pool involved. Luckily my mum loves to swim too, and so we station ourselves, one with Flipper (Lil Man) and one with wannabe Mermaid (Lil Princess).

We swap over the hour or so we are there, and get a little chance to swim too.

This summer, the cries for swimming have been more intense.


Because Lil Princess has been taking swimming lessons at school, and, like they say you never forget how to ride a bike (not true…I’m sure I can’t any more!) it appears to be the same with swimming.

“Mummy, I want to show you how I swim! I’m nearly in the top group too!”

So, when in Birmingham the other week, we took them.

And what a pleasant surprise!

My daughter really can swim!

And we spent the whole time in the deep end, with the kids jumping off the diving boards, and swimming. It only took one of us to be life guard, freeing the other up to actually swim!

Because I was so happy to see that, I even got convinced to show them my diving. It’s been a long time since I dived, and, many moons ago, I was pretty good.

Well, I didn’t belly flop (that was Lil Princess’s domain this time!) but I forgot the pressure as you hit the water, and nearly twisted my neck the first time! It was marginally better the second.

Diving means my hair got wet too – another annoyance that I overcame!

She’s happy, she’s shown Mummy she can swim. And mummy is very proud of her.

But not everyone knows of her skills, and she needs to demonstrate them again, so now the request is being made elsewhere…

When can we go swimming, Daddy?”

Yeah, you take them this time! The question is…When?


Kid’s Logic – Part 50 – Write a Book, We Can Get A Dog!

It’s been over a year since I posted one of these! Not to say the kids haven’t come out with some corkers, but they are also more aware now, and I can’t be shaming my tweens (can I?!?)

But yesterday, I had a classic conversation, which was totally kids logic, and I had to share.

Both of the kids ( and their father) have fostered the hope of getting a dog. Npw, a few years ago, I would have flat out said no. I was scared of them. More recently, I have been more accepting of the idea of a dog, but the practicalities of having one, that I can’t change. It would be hard for us, with our life as it is, to be fair to a dog, and give them the life they need.

You know kids though. These things mean nothing. “But mummy, you don’t need to worry! We will look after it!” I mention the fact that no one is at home during the day ” It’s ok Sonu (the cat!) will look after it!”

Then Lil Man had a lightbulb moment!

LM: Mum, when do you retire?
Me: Not for a long while yet son.. the way things are going, I’ll need to work at least another 30 years!
LM: Why?
Me: Because we need to earn money to survive, and save up for when we do retire.
LM: Haven;t you got enough yet?
Me: Nope, and we still have a lot of spending to do before we are at the stage where we just save.Gotta bring you two up first! Either that or we win the Lottery, or this book I’m writing becomes a best seller!
LM: That’s it. Write a best seller then!
Me: If only it were that easy son…
LM: If you sell like a hundred, would that be enough?
Me: Not quite.
LM: Do you get all the money when you sell a book?
Me: No.
LM: Is it about Indians?
Me: Yes, kinda..
LM: Well then all the Indians will buy it! And if they aren’t Indian, you say “Why aren’t you buying it? Are you racist?!”
Me: Er, no son, it’s just not that simple to write a best seller. If I am lucky and someone important read it, and recommended it, it could sell more, or even better, if a movie company say it and wanted to make it into a film that would be great too!
LM: Ok then, write one of those! Do you have pictures in it?
Me: No son, it’s not that kind of book.
LM: What? Not even at the beginning and end of a chapter?
Me: No.
LM: Get ’em from the internet, innit!
Me: No thanks son. Firstly, that would cost a lot too, and secondly, I don’t need pictures!
LM: So get on with it Mum, write that book and sell loads, then you can retire.
Me: why are you so worried about me retiring?
LM: So we can get a dog innit! And you can look after it!


Kid’s Logic, see!

Bunchems! #SundayBlogShare

Have you heard of Bunchems?

They are an arts and crafts toy, little hook and loop balls that connect together so you can Well, Lil Princess really wanted some and was rewarded with a set at Christmas, but it’s taken a while for her to get them out to play…

This was what she made.


And we even got a shout out from Bunchems on Instagram!


Love a bit of creativity!

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