Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 308 – Positivity


“Keep looking up. That’s the secret of life.”

Charlie Brown

Thanks, Spidey. Think I’m getting a crick in my neck from all the looking up, but I do try and stay positive!

There is far too much around us, right now, that can bring us down. Even the most bubbly of person finds themselves feeling flat, more often than usual.

Ask me, I’m one of those bubbles…

I’ve never experienced this amount of low phases in such a short space of time. You probably wouldn’t know it from my blog, because I try to be that voice of positivity at all times, but behind the encouragement sometimes sits a person feeling like she is just about surviving.

I should count myself lucky, really.

I have so much to be grateful for: a wonderful family, my true love as my soulmate, both sets of my parents are healthy and have had or are getting their vaccines, a roof over my head, a secure (stressful) job, a car, friends I can rely on, a little money in the bank, food in the cupboards, that sort of thing.

But sometimes, this situation drags me down. It feels as if it will never end.

  • When will I see the rest of my family?
  • When can I hug?
  • How long before I get to be with my Finndian family?
  • When will we get back to normality in school?
  • Will we sell our house, ever?

Then I do that Charlie Brown thing, and look up, metaphorically. I try and find the silver linings, and sure enough, they do appear.

We’re all sitting under a huge cloud, right now, so it’s even more important, right now, to be looking up, to glance the breaks in that cloud, and feel the sunbeams of positivity on our faces, whenever we can.

So, make sure you keep looking up, Peeps!

So… tell me, how are you coping, now it’s reaching nearly a year since life as we knew it ceased?

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Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps.   

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 262 – Viral Positivity


“What you think, you become.

What you feel, you attract.

What you imagine, you create.”


Thank you, Spidey, for this. I think we all need to read, absorb and act upon this quote, especially right now.

So… heard of Covid-19, or Coronavirus? If you haven’t then where have you been the last couple of months???

For some it has become the biggest shadow in their lives.

And it looks like the panic is definitely setting in here, in the UK.

From people wanting to buy and wear masks when outside, to the supermarkets displaying empty shelves as people dive into panic buy mode, it is crazy.

It’s true. I went to do my normal shop last night, and thought I’d pick up some hand sanitizer whilst there so the kids could keep one in their pockets. But the shelves were BARE! There was no handwash, pasta was almost gone (Funny, even in panic buy mode, people won’t buy wholewheat pasta!) and the toilet roll was pretty much gone. ( I wasn’t aware that excessive tiolet going was a symptom?). And that is the picture that is being shown across pretty much all supermarkets at the moment.

If you so much as cough or clear your throat, you see people giving you a wide berth.

At school parents are asking if we are closing for some time.

It’s like no one is willing to think positively. Instead they grab the news and twist it into the worst picture possible.

It will be an EPIDEMIC!

We will all end up ill!

And Chinese Whispers don’t help, either. There was a rumour that a child in a local school had been sent home with the virus. My mother in law told me.

Really? I work in a school. We would be told of that immediately, and action plans set in motion, if that was the case.

But one of the local shop keepers had said it, so it must be true!

I checked online, and the story was that a child, displaying no symptoms of illness, was found to have been in contact with another friend, from outside our town, whose family member may have tested positive. The child was sent home to self isolate as a precaution, and get tested, but the school was not shutting, or going into deep clean.

Reassuring the in-laws that we were safe, I was then not surprised to hear others in the Indian community here, spreading the story. (Obviously the shopkeeper had been busy informing customers!) It had changed into there were two cases IN OUR SCHOOL! Someone asked me what the contingency plan was now.

I looked at this parent and had to stop myself from rolling my eyes, then told her that no, there was no cases in the school and if there were, it would be highly likely that the whole place would have been shut down for deep cleaning… so she would have known!

Seriously, it’s like people are just wishing for the worst to happen.

I am trying hard to stay positive about it all.

Yes, there is a chance that we will shut schools for a couple of weeks, if the Government advise it. But not at the moment. Things are just continuing as normal. We’re taking the opportunity to reiterate personal hygeine at school, in a roundabout way, without scaring the kids. Making handwashing a necessary fun activity.

I don’t plan to be ill, so I’ll do or not do all that we have been advised to do, or not do.

I’ll try to keep spreading positive messages to those around me, and quash feelings of fear as much as I can.

I’ll hope for a town that escapes the LURGY!

I know it’s scary.

It’s a new virus that is mutating regularly. But it still isn’t a worse killer than the flu.

In most cases, it is a mild cough or cold that clears up. Those at risk are the elderly and those with underlying health issues. They are also at risk from any other cold, flu or virus too.

The biggest things you can do are:

Not panic.

Wash your hands.

Don’t unnecessarily touch your face.

Live life as normal unless you have been told otherwise.


So… tell me, how is the coronavirus affecting where you live?

Have a peaceful, healthy Sunday Peeps.  And enjoy your week! ❤ 

Open #writephoto

Sue’s #WritePhoto prompt this week:

Just open 
The doors
Of your mind
To possibility
It's amazing
Which opportunities
Present themselves
By you being
To them

Ritu 2019

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 212


“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. if you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” – Steve Jobs

Thank you for this quote Spidey.

I read this quote and though of a friend who has finally realised her dream, quit her job and taken the path of full time writer. I applaud her and her decision. She is finally doing what she wanted to.

And then I think of me.

I want to be a writer too.

But I want to be an educater.

And I am at a point where I am trying to live both dreams.

Positive things are happening in both. I can’t complain.

Maybe, just maybe, it is possible to live both dreams at once…

So… tell me, what is your dream?

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 209


“It’s not how we fall, its how we get back up again.”

Patrick Ness

Thanks Spidey.


Okay, so I’ve had a bit of a week of it.

Things going down that have almost knocked me sideways, in professional, writing and personal life.

I won’t dwell on them though.

I will learn from them.

And I will get back up, be a better version of me as a result.

So… tell me, how do you handle situations that knock you for six?

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