Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 246 – Dreams


“The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.”

Paul Valery

Thank you Spidey for that fantastic quote!

Firstly, I must apologise for the late Spidey entry today. I did indeed need waking from my dreams this morning, to the realisiation that I had not scheduled this post last night!

Too busy making dreams come true, to be honest, and tiring myself out (which, given my current state of health, is not that hard for me to do!) to stay awake long enough to write a post up, last night!

You see, yesterday saw the beginnings of one of my life dreams coming true.

You may have noticed, (and if you hadn’t, where on earth were you?) on my author blog, this blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, that my cover reveal went live yesterday.

Not only is this the beginning of my dream turning to a reality, but it is a poke up my backside too, and a reason for me to not procrastinate any longer.

No more dillydallying, and wishing that one day my book might just get out there, but now I have to do this!

I was overwhelmed by the reaction that the cover got, from both familiar names, and others who have been following me, or who happened to come across the image while checking out their social media.

So many of you, eager to read this precious baby of mine!

So, my next steps are to wait for my final editor check, hopefully with nothing more than a few silly spelling or punctuation issues, (fingers crossed, then format the book, finish writing the blurb, get the paperback dimensions to my fantastic cover designer, upload everything to KDP and set a publication date.

Still a bit of technical work to do, but you guys, my book will be out there soon!!!

And if you missed it, here is the cover for Marriage Unarranged. 😄

Designed by Kirsty McManus – She is awesome!

I’m going to be cheeky, and late to this one too, but since Linda’s prompt for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday was Dreams, this post fits the bill perfectly (even though it’s been posted on a Sunday!)

So… tell me, what is your biggest dream right now?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps  And enjoy your week! ❤ 

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 244


“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Dr. Seuss

I just love this quote, Spidey! Thank you for popping it up on here today!

If I can’t do a lot of creating, which I am finding to be the case at the moment, with health issues etc., then reading is my next go-to!

And I honestly find that the more books I read, the more my world expands.

I am able to visit places I may never get to in reality, experience lives that I may not cross my path otherwise, escape in to fantasies that would otherwise always remain just that.

And the big one – I can dream that one day, my own book will end up taking readers on a similar magical ride one day too!

So, tell me, which book really helps you escape from reality?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps  And enjoy your week! ❤ 

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 243 – Bandi Chor Divas and Diwali


It’s Diwali today, Peeps! And also Bandi Chor Diwas, the festival we Sikhs celebrate today.

Most folks know about the simple Diwali story of Ram, Sita and Ravan the demon, and them defeating evil and coming back from many years in the darkness.

But this is not why us Sikhs celebrate.

Image result for bandi chhor divas quote

I hope this little graphic gives you a little insight as to why your turbanned neighbour may be celebrating today!

With that bit of education, Spidey and I shall leave you today, to prepare for celebrations, and we will be back next week!

If you are celebrating, Diwali or Bandi Chor Divas, we wish you a wonderful day filled with love, light and laughter.

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 242 – Aaaaand Relax!


“It’s nice when I have days off to go home and relax and literally take the weight off my shoulders and enjoy the simple things.”

Seth Rollins

My oh my, Spidey, you’ve hit the nail on the head right there!

You all know I’ve been struggling with tiredness recently, and finally, as I write this, I can say “Yes! I am on half term!”

That means a week off from all that work and school… sort of.

I’ve spent an afternoon with my Lil Princess at the hairdresser so far. Today I may get my nails done. Monday, I shall attempt to get a Dr’s appointment to investigate the tiredness, and Tuesday, I’m afraid I can’t totally switch off. I need to pop into school to finish some data and classroom bits.

But then comes Wednesday.

Yes! for Wednesday! Because I’ll be taking the kids and driving up to see my Pops and Mum for a few days.

I’ll be going back HOME for a while, and that quote up there 🔝, is echoing my sentiments totally. When I got back home, that is truly the place I get to unwind, sit back and relax. I haven’t seen my Mum since June, and Pops since the beginning of August, so I am so excited to be with them.

Just being there helps to relax me.

So… tell me, where do you go to relax?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps  And enjoy your week! ❤ 

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 241 – Exhausted


On an exhausted field, only weeds grow

Henryk Sienkiewicz

Yeah, thanks, Spidey, for likening me to a field…

But, honestly, that is how I feel at the moment.

You all know that I have stepped back from posting regularly because I mentioned being rather tired. I felt that a little mental break would help.

I had submitted my manuscript to a publisher and used that six weeks of waiting to step back from that creativity too.

Unfortunatley, I can’t step away from motherhood, or my day job of being a teacher, but even there, I have tried not to stay later than I have to at school. Usually, I’m in from 7.45am, and I leave betweek 5-5.30pm.

As for home, I have skimped on wheat I can, ironing as and when I need to, keeping the hosue clean and tidy, but not pushing myself too much, and sleeping earlier.

But it hasn’t really made a huge amount of difference.

Take yesterday. I had a littel cat nap in the afternoon, except when I woke up, I realised I had slept for 3 hours! And I could have stayed asleep for longer.


That is how I feel.

Adn I know I can’t give my best in this state.

I have called the doctor and made an appointment, but the earliest I could get was in NOVEMBER! I hope that I can ring in during the half term and see him earlier. Maybe it’s a vitamin deficiency, or something else.

Whatever it is, I need to get it sorted. I can’t exist like this.

I have a book to get out there. I have a class to teach. I have two children who need encouragement. I have a husband who needs his wife by his side. I have a family who want me to be the best me I can be. I have friends I don’t want to miss out on seeing…

So… tell me, what suggestions do you have for lessening this exhaustion?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps  And enjoy your week! ❤ 

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