Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 294 – Hang On


“When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Gotta say, Spidey, you hit the nail on the head with this one, this week!

Ever had that feeling that you are literally at the end of your tether, and one more thing will just cause you to totally lose it?

I, personally, have been feeling like that the last few weeks. So much going on, at work and in my personal life, at home, that I waas beginning to feel like that camel, anxious about the last straw that was going to break my back.

What with the home ‘improvements’, errant builders and decorators all vying for attention, or disappearing before finishing things, or trying to get more money out of us because they misquoted, Hubby Dearest has been on edge. This, in turn, affects me, as he is trying to work from home, as well as trying to manage these issues, and when I get home, he has a list of complaints, moans aand worries, and the worst thing is I, physically, can’t do anything, unless I jack my job in.

Then we have my job.

I am loving the new challenge of being the Phase Leader, and I think I’m doing okay… but the stress of a mamagement role, and especially any role in leadership, during the pandemic, in a school, is TOUGH! It’s not as tough for me as it is for the Head, but still, there is a huge responsibility upon our shoulders, and this first term has been a killer eight weeks long.

We’ve all been slowly crawling to this week, where we finally get a week off, but the world didn’t want us to have it too easy, throwing four cases of COVID-19 into the mix at school, in the last two days. (Thankfully, not in my bubble, but still…)

Then dealing with an extremely close family member getting a diagnosis that no one wants to hear, and being helpless, being in a different country, and unable to be there, or to be with the people in this country, who need support, due to this danged Pandemic…

And, to top it off, a teenager causing grief for his grandmother… and needing to act as a mediator…

Tether? End? Yup. I’m there.

But, I’ve tied that knot, so to speak and held on, and finally am in the week of holidays. I’m not sure quite how restful it will be, what with estate agents due to come to arrange valuations, etc, but I’m planning on resting, as much as I can, reading, clearing out more junk, so whenever we do move, there is less to manoever, and hopefully, writing!

So… tell me, how easy do you find it, to ‘hang on’?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps.  And enjoy your week!  

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 293 – Wait


“Good things come to those who wait. Better things come to those who try.”

Nishaan Panwar

Thanks for that reminder of using patience, and a little effort to get where we want to, Spidey!

So, as you know, we have been waiting, patiently, for the builders and decorators to finish up work around the house, and I can finally say that it is all done!

(Pretty much.)

There have been niggles, but which job doesn’t have those?

Contractors who seem to be great, then they begin to show true colours. Trying to pass off extra costs above the agreed price, turning up late, making excuses…

But, no worries. It’s done, more or less, as I said.

We now have the joy of tidying up after them, getting the aethetics right, getting the agents round to do the valuations, then putting it on the market!

Our plans to start this project began a couple of years ago, and as we were gathering quotes and recommendations, getting geared up to actually start, the pandemic hit.

This scuppered so many of our plans, but we persevered, and got there in the end.

No point waiting for this pandemic to disappear…

Here’s to more positive steps!

So… tell me, are you a wait-er or a do-er?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps.  And enjoy your week!  

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 292 – Rest


“It’s better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.”

Emiliano Zapata

Thank you, Spidey, for showcasing one of my favourite quotes, ever.

I think that truly defines how I live my life, to be honest.

Though, there are times I may be on my feet a bit too much.

Knees aren’t a bad place to be, once in a while. (Especially if, like mine, they arae beginning to hurt again…)

Life has thrown so much craziness my way, the last few weeks, on top of the Pandemic pandemonium.

Work on the house, going back to school full time, worry about my parents who are in Birmingham where there is increased lockdown…

It’s all stuff that is out of my hands.

I’ve just got to deal with it.

And I have been.

But, my body has been hinting that it’s time to rest on my knees for a while.

Just a little rest, it’s not a bad thing. A few days of not rushing around like a loon won’t mean I am missing out.

Work won’t be going anywhere, but at last, the house is more or less done. Before the joy of valuations starts, I’m putting me first.

If I want a bath every night, a soak for an hour, I’m going to do that. I need to go rid my head of the grey that has taken over. I want to read without falling asleep from exhaustion. I want to get back to writing again… my WIP is waiting for me.

And I will do it.

So… tell me, how do you rest?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps.  And enjoy your week!  

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 291 – The Light At The End Of The Tunnel


“The best part is that I’m still here and, because the end is in sight, I treasure it all more.”

Diane Keaton

Another great quote, Spidey. Thank you. Most apt for me again!

As you know, there has been a huge amount of upheaval in my life, recently, what with the changes to work life, with the pandemic still rife, as well as the work happening on our house.

Well, I can’t see the end with the school stuff, or the pandemic, but, at least with the house the END IS IN SIGHT!

We’ve had the first weekend with no builders, decorators, or carpenters ringing the doorbell at 8am, (even on a weekend, yes!) and then proceeding to saw, bash or bang various parts of the house.

It’s not quite finished, yet, but almost. Just carpet to be chosen, and a little bit left to sort out, outside.

Honestly, it’s been an experience, but we have learned a lot, and whenever we need to do something as drastic as this, again, we’ll know what to do and what not to do!

The place is looking lovely, and I’m almost gutted that we are putting it on the market, but I do hope that whoever buys this place, is able to create many happy memories, as we have.

Now the fun starts, looking for our forever home!

So… tell me, do you have something you are really looking forward to?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps.  And enjoy your week!  

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 291 –


“When nothing goes right, go left.”


What a great quote, Spidey! Thanks for finding that gem!

What a thought. When nothing goes right, go left.

A timely reminder that there isn’t only one way to accomplish your goals. When one way leads you to a dead end, there is alway another direction you could follow.

Sometimes we are so focussed on where we go, the psychological blinkers are one, without us even realising.

Our vision is closed to the other ‘slip roads’ that appear along the way; little detours that may take a little longer, but will allow us to reach our destination just as well as the straight forward route.

But there are also routes that veer you totally off course, too.

The biggest example of this, for me, and maybe for maany budding authors, is when I knew I had a book in me, and I wanted to get published.

Initially, it felt like the only way was to find an agent and publisher, in order to see my book baby out there in the world.

Then, thanks to some great writers I know out there, the spotlight was turned to that publication route known as self or independent publishing. Absolutely nothing wrong with going it alone, as long as you have the right support and advice guiding you.

I nearly fell into the vanity publishing lane, but was advised quickly to be wary, unless I had recommendations.

But I managed to veer onto the road to publication the independent way, and here I am, finally at my destination of published author. Sure, it’s not in a mainstream bookstore, but I am still confident that one day, you’ll see my name there, too.

Not a right or wrong route, but a right or left choice. I went left. Got there in the end! And now, my book is officially registered with the British Library, too!

So… tell me, do you take the straightforward road, or are you happy to detour?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps.  And enjoy your week!  

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