#SoCS July 7/18 – Sup

Linda’s prompt for SoCS this week…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “sup.” Use it as a word or find a word that contains it. Have fun!


I was on a break, ya know… I needed a time out… lost my spark… my Blo-Jo had totally gone.

So I spent the best part of six weeks doing nothing really creative.

I read.

Even reading took its toll. I was so tired, I was falling asleep partway through pages, but I enjoyed a good few books.

Then there was school.

It’s the last term of the year and there are still 2.5 weeks to go for us… assessment, reports, progress grids… sorting out class lists for next year…

And we converted to part of an Academy. It was supposed to be a simple changeover, and by and large, it has been, but there are always teething problems, and as part of the changeover, I am no longer a Governor. I really enjoyed being part of the governing body, but it is a lot of extra work, so, unless they decide they’d like to reappoint me, I’ll enjoy the breather!

Being mum has been interesting too… Lil Man turned Teenager officially, Lil Princess turned four eyes (part-time, for reading and screen) and all the hormones flying around the house are incredible!

But I’m back now, trying to post regularly, as, despite being exhausted, I really missed my challenges and those little sparks of creativity, well, they keep me sharp for when I begin my novel rewrite in earnest in the summer holidays!

I entered the first 3000 words into a first novel writing competition too… won’t hear (if I do at all) until September so I have to keep myself busy!

I’m also due to become an aunt any time soon too! My 3-year-old nephew will be becoming a big brother, and the world will be gaining another Finndian!

So, there’s my lil #SoCS for today, thought I’d update you on the world of Ritu!

Catch ya later Peeps!

Happy Saturday Peeps!


Ritu’s Healthy Living – Week 3 #icandothis

Week 3 has been and gone…

It’s been a truly hectic week. I have not been for any formal exercise, except for one walk, when I decided to leave the car and walked the 1.5KM to my in-law’s house. Painting, and decorating, lifting furniture and building flat-packs have been my workouts instead!

And I have tried… oh have I tried… to eat as healthily as I could. But there have been more occasions than I would like to confess to where we have succumbed to takeaways. I have tried to choose the healthier options, but it’s not always possible. And where I have eaten healthily, the naughty snacks have crept in… Chocolate and biscuits… oops!


Here is a small selection of the meals I have eaten, breakfasts, lunches and dinners… They don’t look too bad, but they also don’t include the Egg and Bacon McMuffin we had on Sunday morning, or the Pizza with the kids, or the Chinese takeaway with the family…

I have found a few snacks though that are healthier alternatives… Lentil crisps (yes, really!) and 9Bars with a carob topping to satisfy the sweet tooth.

I thought maybe I need a proper kickstart to this whole weight loss thing. In town, there was a woman selling the Aloe Vera Detox Cleanse. I have heard a lot about it, so I went to have a chat. 9 days. A lot of Aloe Vera juice, other vitamins, a shake and calorie controlled meals, along with 30 minutes moderate exercise every day, and you are guaranteed to lose at least a dress size in that 9 days.

So, how much would this miracle cleanse cost? only…£100! I hid my cough and splutter, and said I’d think about it… Oh, and as a parting shock, she mentioned that the 30-day after care plan is only a mere £200! Maybe when I win the lottery, eh! I have dug out some old exercise DVDs to maybe try next week…

Instead, I have dug out some old exercise DVDs to maybe try next week…


Bollywood Burn! Sounds fun, eh! and the 10-minute workouts… who can’t spare 10 minutes?! I’ll let you know how I get on!

So, the thing is, did I actually lose any weight this past week?

I did, not a lot, but I did… 0.5lb! I am very proud of me! It’s been on average 1lb a week… I can cope with that!

And I was spurred on to do something physical tonight too, so 20 minutes on my exercise bike, and I now have pleasingly aching legs!

So, here’s to another week of trying to change my living habits, including more exercise and better eating!

Til next week, #healthyritu signing out!



A little update again!

So week  2 in the teaching world was great and ended with a high, as I had a company called ZooLabs visit the nursery twice, so each of the sessions of children could see what they were going to do, and boy did they all enjoy themselves!

Zoolabs are a science based educational company that do workshops around schools on various topics, but the main thing is they bring creatures, and mini beasts to the children!

We met Colin the cockroach, Sonny the Snake, Rosie and Phyllis the tarantulas, Tick and Tock the Rat sisters, Milo the millipede, Henry the Giant African Land Snail, to name but a few!

It was so delightful to see the children’s reactions to the animals, and they were so brave, and confident to touch, or hold creatures, and ask lots of questions!

This week, I am out for the week at another school.  Remember my Return to Teach Course? Well I am still completing that, as even though I have my job, I can’t waste the money we spent on it! So I am doing a placement, and it is at a small village school, very different to my own, where we have a large intake of children, it’s in the middle of a busy multicultural town, 49% EAL, which means children of other language. This school has, perhaps 2 children regarded as EAL, and is half the size.

But I have been given a warm welcome, and the children in the class where I will be based are lovely! I have already had a declaration of love, and many running hugs, where I nearly lost my balance! Oh its a good thing I love children so much!!!

2 nights of Single Parenthood, as hubby Dearest is away for work, and I am missing him so much, though, I seem to have got an awful lot done over these 2 evenings! Including scheduling lots of posts!

How has your week/weekend been so far?

Drumroll….. I have news….

Thank you all so much for your good wishes this morning…
I have been keeping you on tenterhooks with something that I was waiting for, it’s been nearly 2months since it’s been playing on my mind…
But basically I had a job interview today…
A teacher’s job interview…
A Nursery teachers job…
At my existing school…
And I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I Smile Anyway...

Hula Update – I’ve Lost Count Of The Weeks!


I hadn’t updated for a while so thought I’d better…

I have been faithfully rolling my hips in both directions for 10 minutes a day, with my weighted hula hoop! Every day, let me reiterate! No slacking!

But I have also been eating lots of naughty things too… Never good…

But my measurements are relatively static, at 34″ sometimes 33.75″ which is good! Not quite the 32″ the nurse advised, but hey, it takes time!

So I’m off to do my daily stint now. Having a lazy Sunday!

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