#SoCS Oct. 14/17 – Well

Linda’s #SoCS prompt this week:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “well.” Use it any way you like. Have fun!

Well now, that’s a prompt and a half! Well. Use it any way you like.

Do I think of words with well in them, like swell or jewellery? Shall I write about disembowelling or wellbeing? How about farewells or dwellings? What about being well or unwell? Or do I think of the great British weather and discuss wellies, or wellington boots, as they are officially known?


I’m really not sure… my stream of consciousness is veering towards unconsciousness, to be honest! Not from boredom, but more from exhaustion. I’ve had a fraught week at work, and this weekend could not have come soon enough. And so, I leave you with my disjointed, tired thoughts, and hope for a better, calmer week next week!

Happy Saturday Peeps!


#SoCS Oct. 6/17 – Save/Safe

This week, to aid Linda while she is doing all things authorly, we have Joey from Joeyfully Stated  providing us with the post for the #SoCS prompt!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: save/safe. Use one or both. If you start and end with either of them, you’ll get bonus points. 

SoCS badge 2017-18

Safe is not the way I like to play. Well, actually that’s not entirely true.

I used to be the safest person you ever knew. I did everything by the book, never crossed lines that I wasn’t supposed to. I took it all, whatever was thrown at me, without  questioning it at all.

I mean, that’s what a good Indian daughter/daughter-in-law/girl does, isn’t it?

I guess that’s where I got the reputation for being the way I am.

But over the years, I have learned that just because I don’t do whatever I am expected, it doesn’t mean I’m not ‘good’.

Just because I may enjoy a night out with the girls, or the odd (non-soft drink) beverage with them, it doesn’t make me a bad person. Just because I cut my hair, it doesn’t make me disrespectful,

I have taken to questioning decisions made on the assumption that I will be happy to go with the flow, and it has done wonders for my well being!

Just because I smile all of the time, it doesn’t mean I agree with all that is happening, and if I feel strongly enough, I will say so.

It has given me an element of respect at work, and caused others to realise that I am not a push over, in other aspects of my life.

Now… I am off to publish this post but before I do that, I must remember to press ‘Save‘!


#SoCS September 30-17 – do/dew/due #SundayBlogShare #teacherappreciation

Linda’s #SoCS prompt this week, hosted by Dan Anton of No Facilities blog!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “do/dew/due”. Use one, use two or use all three. If you start and end with two of them, you get bonus points. If you use all three AND start and end with two of them, you get Linda’s bonus points plus, I’ll match hers – from me to you. And, lest we all forget – Enjoy!


Do you ever really thank the teachers of your children?

Are you really fully aware of what an educator, especially nowadays, has to do, over and above the basics of teaching a child to read and write?

I am writing this, (not so) fresh after an absolutely crazy week, filled with crowd control, rather than interaction, being bitten, listening to children use in inappropriate hand gestures and language, trying to teach them how to listen, use manners (please and thank you – forgotten words!), coping with children who have absolutely no respect for their elders, instead, laughing in your face when you are trying to explain to them that they are doing something wrong, and trying to give children who have NO CLUE about English a few words to help them settle in. And these children are all three!

Surely, before you send your child off to a place of learning, you would want to ensure that, unless there are special needs, your child has the basic etiquette of knowing how to listen for a short while at least, a few simple manners, and some understanding of sharing?

Like a plant needs the morning dew to quench it’s thirst from the night, in order to grow stronger, children need a stable foundation of good social behaviour before going to nursery or school.

An I wrong in thinking that that is something that is meant to be given to them at home, so they are able to learn as they come to us?

Instead, we spend the lion’s share of the time, trying to teach socially acceptable behaviour, and anything academic gets chucked out of the window. Then as the year comes to an end, we are questioned as to why children aren’t already writing their names/able to count to 10/trying to read words… Well, sorry, but if the majority of man power we have is being used to stop tantrums and fisticuffs, getting down to the nitty-gritty of ‘teaching’ is a tad hard!

And I truly feel for the children whose parents have instilled good ethics into them.  Those who can’t be given the attention they truly deserve, because we have to try and give the others the skills they haven’t acquired at home!

We do try to. Of course we do. If I had a majority of children with at least these basics, then I could really do what I want, which is to give them a solid foundation to their educational career. Instead it is a minority, I’m afraid.

And then, this continues to be a problem if we are trying to teach children values at school, and they are not reinforced at home.

Sometimes it feels like we are fighting a losing battle.

So, I ask again, have you recently thanked your child’s teacher?

If you haven’t I think you need to go and give them their due!


SoCS badge 2017-18

I think I deserve Bonus points and MORE this week!!!! Phew!


#SoCS Sept. 23/17 – Hot/Cold

Linda’s #SoCS prompt this week:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “hot/cold.” Use one, use both, bonus points if you start your post with one and end with the other. Enjoy!

Cold feet are something I really cannot abide!

When it gets to the winter months I am the one with the socks on constantly, and at night I need my hot water bottle, regardless of what anyone else says!

Woe betide, Hubby Dearest if he gets in and rests his cold feet against my legs!

The kids are like me too. They crave the heat of a rubber bottle full of hot water in their beds to warm it before slipping under the covers at night.

But equally, when it comes to the heat of the summer (Shush, I know I live in England, the land of the rainy summer, but we do have heat here on occasion!) I find I cannot get on with the hot weather!

I literally melt!

Seriously, I am not kidding!

It’s why I was happy to get married in November because, in the heat, makeup slips off me. At least I knew I would continue to look relatively graceful for the day, rather than a clown with mascara and eyeliner running down my face!

And cold feet are not something I worry about in the summer either because I go from ice block to furnace!

For me, my footwear of choice in the summer months would be Fitflops because my feet end up radiating heat and I end up flustered and hot!

#SoCS Sept. 16/17 – Vol

Linda’s prompt for #SoCS this week:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “vol.” Find a word with “vol” in it, and use it in your post. Have fun!

Volume – My hair has far too much volume at the moment. I got shorter layers cut into it in the holidays, and now, being naturally curly, it decides to do some wonderful things at night, so when I wake up, I look like I’ve been dragged through the hair backwards!

And the thing is, I don’t wash my hair every day. It’s something I’ve never done. With all the Indian superstitions regarding girls and hair washing, I’d never get a chance, if I believed them all! If I was to wash it every day, instead of the twice a week I have grown accustomed to, then the Bed head would be a thing of the past!

I was told as a child, to never wash my hair on a Thursday as I only have the one brother, and it would be bad luck for him.

Then when I got married a few other days were added to the mix, as my Mother In Law is quite the believer!

So Tuesdays and Saturdays went out of the window too, and I don’t even know why!

What’s even sillier?

Sikhs aren’t supposed to believe in superstitions!

But to be honest, my hair isn’t greasy, and I can’t be floofed with washing and drying every day. It gets cold in the winter too, and Hat head is no lesser evil than Bed head! Letting your wet hair dry under a woolly hat makes for an interesting look, believe me!

I’m grateful for my voluminous locks, to be honest. Many pay a lot of money for curls, yet God graced me with mine from the moment I was born!

So, do you know why I can’t wash my hair on a Tuesday or a Saturday? Or do you have your own hairwashing superstitions you can add to these?

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