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Ron’s Prompt:

Narrow & Minded

I decided to use synonyms for the words. I used diminishing, for narrow and determined for minded.

Diminishing space
No match for determined cat
Where I fits, I sits

Ritu  2019
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#SoCS March 23/19 – The Last Piece Of Mail I Received

Linda’s SoCS Prompt this week…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “the last piece of mail you received.” Talk about the subject of the last piece of physical mail you received, i.e. a gas bill–talk about gas, not the bill itself. Have fun!

Hmmm… it’s not often I get mail nowadays. Most of my bank statements and bills are online, as I hate to throw so much paper away!

However, there are some things that are inevitable… Bills.

And Insurance renewals.

The last piece of physical mail I received was a renewal reminder for my cat, Sonu Singh. And his Pet insurance premium.

We are lucky to be blessed with a beautiful, healthy kitty who has just celebrated his 5th birthday with us too.

And his health means that we haven’t ever had to use the insurance, but is’s a ‘just in case’ scenario, as it is for all insurance.

He’s a fully fledged member of the family so he deserves to be looked after, just right too!

But the premiums! Oh my!

It went up by £100 just in a year, and that is even though we haven’t claimed ever.

Apparently it’s his age.

Seriously? He’s 5! And a house cat, at that.

Most insurers mention the 10 year mark as a time you would start to see rises, but not our company.

Suffice to say, we found another insurer, at a fraction of the cost, and the same piece of mind regarding our fur baby.

We love you Sonu Singh!

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 205


“Time spent with cats is never wasted.” – Sigmund Freud

Today a cat quote to honour the very special feline in our lives.

Sonu Singh.

It’s his birthday today. He’s five!

Here, when we got him

And now

He’s a true king in our house, and the family wouldn’t be the same without him.

I still feel honoured when he decides to come and sit with me on the sofa or bed, because you can’t force him.

He’s a cat with his own mind… is there any other kind?

Today will be filled with cat treats and lots of scritching for our favourite feline!

So…do you celebrate your pet’s birthdays?

One-Liner Wednesday – #1LinerWeds – Kids

“Damned if you do… Damned if you don’t…” said by Loads of People


I took Lil Princess to the park today. Lil Man was already there, with his friend. We had agreed that I would bring his sister, but not go near him – Street cred and all that jazz (But I am a cool mum remember – I FLOSS!)

Whilst there, she wouldn’t stay away from her brother and ended up playing basketball with him and his mate. So that meant I was at a loss. I couldn’t stay away because I had to keep an eye on the girl.

Whilst sat there, I noticed a child getting pushed around. There were loads of people in the park yet no one batted an eyelid. This one child, who wore glasses, was pushed down to the ground, kicked, and punched. A girl stood beside him doing nothing. The others were a group of five children. They looked around 11-12 years old.

Then the bullies walked off.

I was getting ready to go home when I saw the kid get pushed again. Still, no one did anything.

Now, I know the culture nowadays is to not get involved. You run the risk of getting turned on instead, but I needed to know that child was okay. It could have been rough playing, I don’t know… Lil Man said, “I’ll go say something if it gets rough mummy, don’t worry.” But how much rougher did it have to get?

So, I told the three under my care to stay where they were and I walked over. As I got closer I heard ” Mummy!” It was Lil Princess, flanked by my son and his friend. Before I could send them back, one of the bully kids said something to my son. I don’t know what, but Lil Man turned to him and said: “Say that to my face!”

The kid walked off. I sent my three charges back to the basketball court, with the assurance that I was fine. I didn’t need mini bodyguards with me.

Some of the other kids were watching me.

I did think whether I should just walk past. If I got involved, would they turn on my kids?

Or did I go and check on that child?

The inner mumster/teacher won.

I went to him and quietly asked if he was okay. The girl with him looked like a sister. They both looked a little relieved that someone had asked, but they said they were fine. I mentioned that I was around if they needed anything, a call home etc. and left them to it.

Sitting back down, I still watched.

The bully group were still there, glancing over at me, but they didn’t approach us. Lil Princess wanted to play on the climbing frame some of them had congregated at. I was torn again. Do I go there with her, and let her play? Or do I say no, for fear of them saying anything to her?

But then I realised that we weren’t the ones in the wrong. They were.

I was tempted to ask some of the older kids why they didn’t intervene when they saw things like that happening. Maybe it’s the culture nowadays… you just don’t get involved.

But where does that leave you when you witness something like that, don’t do anything, then read the headlines later to hear that someone was seriously hurt, or even worse… or what if the bullying causes that child to do something drastic?


I stand by my decision to see whether that child was okay.

He seemed fine after. The worst three of the five who had been pushing him around disappeared and the other two just talked to him and his sister after.

And though I worry about my Lil Man going to the park, knowing there are idiots like that around, I know he has a big heart and a strong head on his shoulders. I can’t be his bubblewrap all the time…

Sorry… a little more than one line AGAIN!

For Linda’s #1LinerWeds Challenge. (But a lot more than one line!!!)

One-Liner Wednesday – #1LinerWeds – Feline Issues!

“Letting the cat out of the bag is a whole lot easier than putting it back in!” -Anon

I speak from experience here… literally. Not that we put Sonu Singh in a bag… But on the weekend we had that annual vet check, and finally, after four years, that cat realised that the carrier is no fun. It transports you to places of prodding, pricking and pain!

Usually we place the carrier down, and he happily gets in, before realising we are closing a door. This time, he saw, sniffed and scarpered!

There was cat hair everywhere as we attempted to cajole him into getting in! It took a while, catnip spray and a handful of treats, but we did it!

Incarcerated feline!

Thankfully all went smoothly there, despite him deciding that the sink was the best place to sit for his vaccinations, and aside from getting him to drop a few ounces, we have a healthy cat!

Good job he’s cute!

And, to top it off, once he had his jabs, he crept back into his carrier with no fuss whatsoever! Crazy cat!

For Linda’s #1LinerWeds Challenge. (But a lot more than one line!!!)

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