One-Liner Wednesday – Overindulgence

“There is such thing as too much cake…”

Ritu Bhathal

For Linda’s #1LinerWeds

#SoCS Feb. 18, 2023 – Pro

Linda’s SoCS prompt…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “starts with pro.” Find a word that starts with “pro” and use it any way you like in your post. Enjoy!

Procrastination is sometimes a form of self-care, don’t you think?

I know it may seem like when we procrastinate, we are just putting off the inevitable, but sometimes, I think there is something inside us that makes us stop or not engage in a task because. we know, deep down, it isn’t the right time.

And I, as the Queen of Procrastination, fully endorse a bout of procrastinating. It can work wonders in certain situations. I know, for me, that when I am dithering about writing, it is not laziness but my mind figuring something out before letting my creative brain get carried away…

One-Liner Wednesday – Anticipation

“It feels like I have been waiting for today to come, forever!”

Ritu Bhathal

A little background… my brother and his family are coming over from Finland for a couple of days to stay with us, and I am beyond excited to see them all, but especially my nephews, who I haven’t met for four years. My youngest nephew wasn’t even one when I held him last… 🙏🏽💛🥰

For Linda’s #1LinerWeds

#SoCS Feb. 11, 2023 – Heart

Linda’s SoCS prompt…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “heart.” Use it any way you like. Have fun!

An apt one, Linda, since that heart day is creeping upon us all.

Yes, it’s commercialised, but you can hardly ignore it as the shops are interspersed with red and pink merchandise.

Cards, chocolates, fluffy toys, and silly/cute/sexy gifts that you would probably never use.

But, then again, sometimes it’s good to remind yourself of those you love and to show them a little appreciation.

Sure, it should be a daily thing, but let’s be honest. In the craziness that is life, it is easy to forget sometimes.

Just as it is easy to forget to love yourself, too.

So when heart day arrives, on Tuesday, along with anything you decide to gift to your loved one, remember that you need a reminder from yourself too.

As an aside, I got my first valentine in school yesterday. A cute little bag of sweets and a note from our head.

And in the afternoon, I received a special present from one of my pupils amidst a sea of notes from others with hearts on them for me. (I promise, I wasn’t talking about hearts, but it was Dress to Express Day – a part of Children’s Mental Health Week – and all the children were being extremely expressive!) He urged me to open it but not to show the others.

It said, “I love yuo,” (as spelt by my 5-year-old pupil).

I melted just a little.

What a way to end the term!

One-Liner Wednesday – Assumptions

“Never assume that things will be straightforward… the minute you think that, the opposite always seems to happen!”

Ritu Bhathal

For Linda’s #1LinerWeds

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