Write – #JusJoJan the 31th, 2023

And, it’s a wrap! Today is our thirty-first prompt for Just Jot it January 2023. This month has felt like the longest month ever, and yet it’s flown by. I won’t say too much here because I want to leave some for tomorrow’s wrap up post. But what do you say we finish this thing with a flourish?


Your prompt for JusJoJan January 31st 2023, is “write.” Use the word “write” any way you’d like. Have fun!

Why do I write?

Because I have so much to say!

Sometimes I think I started this blog because others were fed up of listening to me blather on, so I thought that a blog would be good. I could write, as if I was chatting, and no one could stop me, or if they didn’t want to listen, they could just shut the page!

That writing culminated in me getting to know so many amazing folk in the Blogishpere, and from those early years and their encouragement, my dream of having a novel published also came true.

And now I write, still for myself, but as much, for many people who apparently enjoy my ramblings!

I’ve got through writing courses and craft books, listened to podcasts about honing my ability, but shall I tell you the one thing I have learned? The most important thing?

There is no ‘write’ or wrong!

When you write from the heart, that is the purest form of prose or poetry.

On a personal note, I must thank Linda for hosting this fabulous month. It is never easy to coordinate these things, but she is just a superstar, and I used #JusJoJan as a training month to get me back into my writing. I hope that after this month, I can take time out every day and write words on book three so I stay on track for my idea of when I would like it finished.

Farewell, my fellow #JusJoJanners!

Chai And A Chat #221 #ChaiAndAChat with Jan 30th, 2023 #JusJoJan – Canine

The last Monday of January. CAn you believe it?

I’m supping my green tea. What about you?

(Adding a little #JusJoJan to the prompt with the word Canine by Dawn. Thanks, Linda!)

  • If we were having chai, I’d start by telling you about school. It feels like school is always busy. Seriously. We never stop! We celebrated the Chinese/Lunar new year with the kids all week. It was great to see them embracing new skills and trying foods they may not have, tried before! We explored Chinese calligraphy and Chinese Numbers. The children all had a fortune cookie, thought of and wrote their own Fortune cookie message (in their own special way!). They tried using chopsticks, and we even had a noodle-tasting session! And the best thing? They made two class dragons, which we used to do a Chinese Dragon Dance on Friday! What fun!
  • If we were having chai, I’d tell you I also took Reception on their first trip out of school! Now, I have been on plenty of school trips before, but since becoming the Phase Leader, I have never actually been on one, with ALL the responsibility on my head! We were walking into town to visit the local library. I had to ensure we had sufficient adults to help with the supervision of walking 60 4-5 year olds down the roads, so enlisted many enthusiastic parents to help. I also had to be mindful of the children with additional needs, who weren’t having their home adult coming with us, so anticipating any possible triggers/meltdowns too. You know, on the whole, it went really well. But we did have two upsets, which we were able to sort out pretty quickly, and I arrived back at school with just as many children as when I left. Phew! A good trip for all!
  • If we were having chai, I’d say that one of my colleagues’ hubby has started a food account on Instagram, and I commented on one of his items, saying it looked rather yummy, only to be sent one of the brookies that he had made. Possibly not great for my diet, but rather yummy, nonetheless!
  • If we were having chai, I’d tell you Lil Princess had a bit of an incident to deal with at school, which was really tough (not involving her, but some of her close friends.) It led to quite a tough few days, as she processed what was happening. But, in order to get her out of a funk, we did some baking of our own! Fairy cakes (me) and cookies (her) were the order of the day on Saturday. Then she helped me make Chicken and Sweetcorn soup on Sunday, and some chocolate rice crispie bars too! Cooking is definitely the best therapy!
  • If we were having chai, I’d mention that I kept up with my weights. Lil Man adapted my programme, not to heavier weights, but by increasing my reps, so even though I thought it wouldn’t make a difference, I can feel the muscles working! I’m not sure the brookies and baking have helped with weight loss, but I feel a bit healthier! But I am running low on my HRT (Progesterone tabs, in particular) as the pharmacy say they are out of stock and unable to be reordered until the end of the month. This led to stress too. Plus, I have been feeling a little more away with the fairies again… Don’t know if we need another chat with the GP to see if my dosages need upping…
  • If we were having chai, I would need to update you on my furbaby, Sonu Singh! It amazes me that he wakes me so early in the week, yet somehow has an idea about not coming in too early on the weekends! But, he has taken to coming into our room, and sleeping on my back or shoulder, nowadays! Lil Princess is still harping on about getting a dog, but I wonder how our feline would react to a canine sibling???
Bitmoji Image

This week there is the first of a few organised teacher strikes by one of the unions. I am not a part of that one, but we have a few members of staff who are, and I am still unsure as to who is planning on striking. It will be a sticky day, as the head tries to cover classes, so parents aren’t left too out of sorts, but equally, trying to rally round and support the staff that are striking, for good reason. Strikes are meant to cause disruption, but it is with a heavy heart that any educational professional (or other professionals in other industries) decide to strike, because they know of the disruption that will be caused, but the idea is that the disruption will make the people at the top sit up and listen to the reasons for the strikes. Will it work? I don’t know. But I support my colleagues who choose to strike. In fact, I wish it were for the support staff too, who are paid a pittance for doing a HUGE job in classrooms every day. Elsewhere, I am attending an EYFS STEM conference on Thursday, all day, and I have an official observation on Friday. I know I can teach, but this always scares the bejesus out of me. Wish me luck!

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Spidey’s Serene Sunday #412 and #JusJoJan the 29th, 2023 – Exercise

We’re doing an amalgamation of posts here today, with Spidey (with his newly spruced-up graphic!), and Linda’s #JusJoJan, together!

Welcome to the daily prompt! Today is your twenty ninth prompt for Just Jot it January 2023, and it’s brought to you by Wendy. Thank you, Wendy! Please be sure to visit Wendy’s blog to read her post and say hello. And follow her while you’re there, if you’re not already.


Your prompt for JusJoJan, January 29th 2023, is “Exercise.” Use the word “Exercise” any way you’d like. Have fun writing!

“I am wonderwoman!

I wonder where my keys are.

I wonder why I went upstairs

I wonder where my mind has gone

I wonder who will annoy me today.”

The Hot Flush Club

Thanks, Spidey. That quote kinda sums up my life right now.

Perimenopause is a painful thing, my Peeps. I know many of you are experiencing it at the same time as me.

Some have been through it, some are approaching or not near yet, and then there is the other half of the population who don’t know what happens to the women in their lives…

One minute your missus/mum/sister/friend is as she usually is. The next, you have a screaming banshee/blubbing mess standing in front of you, quite possibly fanning herself as she negotiates a hot flush or scratching her skin/unmentionables as the dryness is driving her insane. Or she is looking at you without a clue in the world. Why was she even there? What did she come to say/do?

Welcome to the World of Perimenopause!

Did you know that Menopause – that big word that we have bandied about forever actually only lasts for ONE day?

It is Perimenopause that is the killer, as your body begins to negotiate the withdrawal symptoms of hormones slowly seeping away from your body, rendering you a loon/monster/incapable. (Or none of the above, if you’re lucky.)

Then once you’ve hit a whole year without a bleed… that day, that ONE DAY is Menopause day.

Then you are in Post-Menopause, where you might still feel weird things…

But apparently, nothing is as crazy as that ‘peri’ part.

So I began my initial journey when extreme tiredness was unexplainable, I was snapping at my family, my joints were aching for no reason whatsoever, despite all investigations being undertaken. My weight crept up despite me trying so hard to eat well, and lose it. Sleepless nights, fitful sleep when I got it, cold sweats, and what I now know were hot flushes.

Then I started to feel this brain fog. My thoughts were unclear. And I could not remember the simplest of things, despite being in the middle of a conversation about the same damn thing! It came to a head when I was forgetting the names of the children in my class.

My Boss is brilliant. She is a headteacher who is going through the same right now. I have several colleagues who are too. We spoke at length. And I was convinced to go and speak to the GP.

I did.

And they first tried to send me off with antidepressants. (A common occurrence when misdiagnosis is happening due to GPs not actually having enough knowledge of Perimenopause.) I am the least depressed person around!

But I persevered, and we started our journey with HRT>

Can I say that I am feeling so much better. There are still things that aren’t perfect, but I can remember more, and I feel a little less tired, and that is a good thing.

I take special vitamins, too, and I have embarked upon an exercise routine, set by my son, to help build my core strength, and hopefully feel better all round. And I try and take my 11k steps every day, too.

I am also very open about what I am feeling. As long as my family know what I am going through, they can support me through it, as I support them through their own ups and downs.

It’s a ‘give and take’ game, life. Don’t you think?

So, Peeps, anyone want to share how they have coped with the dreaded Change, whether as a woman, or a male watching someone else go through it?

Amenitites- #JusJoJan the 27th, 2023

Welcome to the daily prompt! Today is your twenty-seventh prompt for Just Jot it, January 2023, brought to you by Kym. Thank you, Kym! Please visit Kym’s blog to read their post and say hello. And follow them while you’re there if you’re not already.

Your prompt for JusJoJan, January 27th 2023, is “amenities” Use the word “amenities” any way you’d like. Have fun writing!

When I go somewhere, I don’t always consider if we have all amenities we are used to available to us.

I am more of a whimsical person in that respect, and I am also someone who was brought up to make do if things weren’t what we expected.

However, Hubby Dearest is the opposite. If we book to go away, he will be the one who is checking out what is nearby, what is available where we are staying, and how many different amenities are at our disposal. (Whether we would use them or not!)

Thing is, I have one child like me and one like their dad… that can make booking things fun…

Family – #JusJoJan the 26h, 2023

Welcome to the daily prompt! Today is your twenty sixth prompt for Just Jot it, January 2023, brought to you by J-Dub. Thank you, J-Dub! Please visit J-Dub’s blog to read their post and say hello. And follow them while you’re there if you’re not already.

Your prompt for JusJoJan, January 26th 2023, is “family” Use the word “family” any way you’d like. Have fun writing!

If you’ve read this blog for any length, you’ll already know that family means the world to me.

The people who made me, the other one they made, the one I married, the one my sibling married, their families, the ones I made, the ones my brother made, my blood family, my extended family, my friend family, my work family, my blog family

All such important facets of my life.

I have love and respect for each of them (sometimes in varying quantities…), but it’s there, nonetheless.


Without mine, I wouldn’t be sitting where I am.

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