Featured on Nandos UK Instagram Feed!

How cool is this!

I posted a pic on Instagram a few weeks ago, of my Nandos meal, and they contacted me to ask if I’d mind them sharing the image, with full credit to me!

I was very chuffed! Here it is on @nandosuk !


For more foodie pics, you can follow me on Instagram too!


Ritu’s Healthy Living – Week 24 #icandothis


Another week, another bunch of wonderful meals… and some exercise!

I have had some naughty things,

I have had some extra healthy things…

And I discovered baked oats! Ooooh! So good!

Simple recipe

40g plain oats
Half a Muller light vanilla yoghurt
1 teaspoon sweetener
1 small egg

  • Mix together
  • Bake at 180 C for 30 mins.
  • Enjoy

You can bake fruit in it too but that adds syn values to it as the fruit is cooked (an SW thing!) so I just ate it separately. And for one of them, I added chocolate chips too which made it rather sumptuous!

And I attempted my first Bhangra class too this week!

I am by no means a beginner to Bhangra. I have been dancing pretty much since I started to walk (though if you ask my mum, she’d say I started in her tummy!). But whatever I have learned has come from observation, practice and a natural rhythm inherited from my Pops!

But this class was a ladies beginners class, and at the same time as the kids’ Dhol drum lesson. It was convenient, and one of the other mums wanted to go too. I went, all dressed in my fitness gear, and sports bra (a must for the more generously chested of us. Bhangra involves a LOT of jumping!) and it waws 45 minutes of great fun, breathlessness, and realising I really needed to get fit! We were learning a routine, and remembering the moves in the correct order was hard enough!

True bhangra has never been touted as a ladies dance in the Punjab. At functions, we would probably do a more sedate version. The real ladies dancing is called giddha, which I also do, which has song rhymes that you dance too. Nowadays, however, you have more female bhangra teams and they use more or less the same moves as the men. It is very energetic, and some would say not that ladylike!

I survived it, though, and was told my body moves naturally to the beat (as I said, it’s in the blood!) so I hope to try it again next week. At least I will be managing one physical activity a week! (This class was on Wednesday evening… I am still aching!)

And on to the important announcement…

This week…

I lost another 1lb!


That makes 22.5lb down since I started Slimming World, and 27.5lb in total on this journey…That leaves 0.5lb to go until I hit my 2 stone loss!

I have not been this weight since university I think!

I am so proud of myself!

And I am off to finish my chicken and chips… not diet at all, for my dinner now! See, now I have that control in place, I can still eat naughtily, and make up for it in the week!

Until next week my dear peeps!

It’s That Christmas Cookie Time of Year!

Around this time last year I baked my annual cookies… and it is no different this year!

(Recipe here if you are interested!)

I like to make them for the family, ande take some into school too as my Christmas gift to my colleagues! They tend to go down pretty well!

This year I also attempted to dip some in both Milk and White chocolate!

They didn’t come out too bad, did they? 🙂


Cup of tea anyone?

Christmas Cooking! Nutella Tree

I love checking out all the videos that pop up on my Facebook page, especially the ones to do with food!

Last week the same particular item popped up a couple of times, different videos but the same treat… Nutella Christmas Trees!

Well, it would be rude not to try that, especially during this most festive of times!

So I headed on out and bought me some Puff Pastry. I had the Nutella at home, as did I have icing sugar, and egg for the egg wash!

Here is my attempt!

I was pretty impressed!


And it didn’t last long either!

The kids loved it too!

There was quite a bit of excess pastry left, after cutting the triangular shape out so I made some chocolate filled croissants too! (So good for my diet… not!)


Unfortunately Lil Princess and Hubby Dearest were hit by a tummy bug last night so I had very little sleep. Still, I figured that I deserved a naughty breakfast after being up half the night, washing sheets, changing sheets and mopping sweaty brows!


Hope you get a chance to have a try, the end results of both were delicious! It would make a great sharing centrepiece for Christmas day!

I may even experiment with a savoury version one day!

Disastrous Cupcakes, But Gorgeous Nails!

On Thursday, I left school with a few ideas. My ideas are not always good, but still…

The first was to get my nails done. I opted for some chrome talons, to brighten my day…


Fingers and tootsies done, I headed off to pick the children up from my in-laws. We had the Macmillan Coffee Morning the next day, and a cake sale, for charity, so I thought why not bake a batch or two of cupcakes for school!

Off we trotted to the supermarket to get the right ingredients, me tapping my new, shiny nails everywhere! (Love them!)

And the baking started in earnest. Lil Princess was eager to help so she took hold of the electric whisk and we got beating…

The rise was amazing… during the first 5 minutes, then they started to dip…

I ended up with two trays of sweet Yorkshire puddings!



In all my time baking, never have I had that happen to me! I was devastated! And i had even got the buttercream icing ready to pipe too!

So frustrated was I that I anger-iced the cakes… and after that, there was no way I could take them anywhere to sell!


Though Hubby Dearest and the kids assured me they were beautifully edible, if a tad crisp around the edges!

What was the point of rushing around the supermarket, for them!?

Sigh! Possible overbeating, I was informed by a friend who is a baker!

Still, at least my nails look good….

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