Christmas Cookies! ( Oh And Injury Report # 1045, or something like that!) #ThrowbackThursday

Thought I’d share a delicious recipe for cookies, seeing as I will be making these again soon!

Well, despite the sickness, and general craziness of the weekend, I decided to bake cookies. I like to take a big batch to school for the staff room, and these shortbread lovelies are melt in the mouth yum too!

Armed with my Cookie Press, I am ready!



It’s a simple recipe.

500g Butter, softened
200g Caster Sugar
2 Teaspoons Vanilla extract
500g Plain Flour
1) Preheat oven to 180 Degrees C/Gasmark 4
2) Cream butter and sugar together unil fluffy
3) Add vanilla extract and then mix in the flour well.
4) Load up that press and get aiming at the baking tray!

Bake for 10-12 minutes.


But these things are never uneventful, where I am concerned, and just for good measure, and to prove my blood and sweat goes into everything I do, I proceeded to burn myself on the oven!


I had to cover it with a dressing too, as it was (and still is) very painful! OUCH!!!

Tidbit Tuesday – Time To Get Fruity!

Succulent you taste
as my teeth sink in,
you spurt
Your juices all around
My face
I tentatively
Send my tongue
Out to explore
The sticky region
Around my mouth

Now let’s do something
I dip you into
Creamy whiteness
You drip
Thick drops
I catch them with my tongue
Pure heaven!
I lick my fingers
And suck you dry…
Then pop you
In my mouth

I consider,
Next time
We’ll get the
Chocolate out…

Ritu 2015

I was writing about one of my favourite fruits… Strawberries, obviously!

  But they can be quite naughty too!


Go… Enjoy some seasonal strawbs now! 😜🍓🍓🍓🍓

Chocolate Heaven!!!


I’ve had great fun today, making chocolate covered, double dipped strawberries!!!
OMG! Lush!!!
Recently I went to a birthday gathering, and my niece had produced these huge, plump, juicy mouthfuls if delight… And you couldn’t stop at one, oh no, one would never be enough!!!
So it just had to be done!!!
And if you eat enough you get one of your five a day too, isn’t that right???
Well, I need to taste one, to make sure it’s ok…


Oh yes! That definitely hit the spot!!!

(And, yes, I know, it’ll probably hit my waistline soon too!!)

But I Smile Anyway...

Banana Pancakes!!


Seriously lush!

So, following on from my last post, I remembered last year, during my diet, we were required to detox, and gluten etc was banned!!!
I discovered these beauties then, soooo yummy!

Banana Pancakes
2 eggs
1 banana
Fruit to garnish
Powdered cinnamon to sprinkle over if you want.

1) Whizz the eggs and banana in a blender til smooth.
2) Heat a pan with a little oil.
3) Pour eggand banana mix in and cook on a low heat.
4) Turn gently, they aren’t as solid as your usual.pancakes!
5) Once cooked on both sides, slide onto a plate and lovingly top with whatever fruit you like! My fruit of choice is strawberries!
6) If you like, sprinkle some cinnamon on top, the weight loss benefits of cinnamon are great!
7) Enjoy!





Pancakes, I’d eat them every day
I love em in each and every way!
Savoury, plain, fruity or sweet
Which way do you like to eat?
Ritu 2015

We had our Shrove Tuesday today as we don’t eat eggs on a Tuesday (another story, for another time!) And oh, they were yummy!! A savoury stuffed one with bacon, tomatoes, mushroom, mixed herbs n cheese for lunch, then my fruit filled one with bananas n strawberries, squirty cream and ice cream!! (Naughty I know but I managed to get some of my five a day in there too!!)

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