Christmas Cookies! ( Oh And Injury Report # 1045, or something like that!) #ThrowbackThursday

Thought I’d share a delicious recipe for cookies, seeing as I will be making these again soon!

Well, despite the sickness, and general craziness of the weekend, I decided to bake cookies. I like to take a big batch to school for the staff room, and these shortbread lovelies are melt in the mouth yum too!

Armed with my Cookie Press, I am ready!



It’s a simple recipe.

500g Butter, softened
200g Caster Sugar
2 Teaspoons Vanilla extract
500g Plain Flour
1) Preheat oven to 180 Degrees C/Gasmark 4
2) Cream butter and sugar together unil fluffy
3) Add vanilla extract and then mix in the flour well.
4) Load up that press and get aiming at the baking tray!

Bake for 10-12 minutes.


But these things are never uneventful, where I am concerned, and just for good measure, and to prove my blood and sweat goes into everything I do, I proceeded to burn myself on the oven!


I had to cover it with a dressing too, as it was (and still is) very painful! OUCH!!!

Injury Report #2584

Yes, I’m back after quite a while this time with another injury report.

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you’ll know that my middle name should be clumsy.

From burns, to trilling up, sitting on chairs awkwardly to hitting my head in strange places… there is always something silly I’m doing!

Well, why would I change things?

Yesterday, at the very beginning of the school day, I was setting up the classroom and managed to step down from somewhere, and land on my foot in a weird way.

I twisted it, and the top, and outer side was very tender.

Spent the whole day icing it, and trying to keep it up where I could, but that’s not easy with 40 new nursery children to settle and comfort!

Plus I was at school until past 7.30 pm  for my first Governors meeting!

Got home and settled my own two to bed before really looking at it, and giving it a soak..


Oh yes…definitely swollen and sore!

OUCH indeed!

I swallowed some ibuprofen and slept well though the night. It’s amazing how good a sedative the exhaustion of teaching is!

It’s still sore today, but I’ll have to manage!

And the kids are in for longer today…EEK!

Wish me well, and have a great Friday Peeps!

Thank God It’s Friday!




The first Sunday of my holidays and the tiredness really hit home!

It was a busy Friday, rushing from school to join thousands of cars on the Motorway, to get to Birmingham, but we did it.

A whistle-stop trip to see my parents, staying overnight with them, before the wedding we were to attend.

A day of driving to and from, and sitting, at the wedding. Eating, but no dancing, I was too tired!


Don’t scrub up too bad, eh!

Then back on the motorway to get home!

This morning, I woke up near 9 am. That is unheard of for me to be honest! But I needed the sleep!

Went shopping, the housework can wait, but food couldn’t!

Post-lunch I just crashed out.

Two hours of sleep left me groggy as anything, but I got up, and promptly slipped down the stairs, bumping elbows and my back.

Currently, I am sat here, aching all over, contemplating a hot bath to soothe my clumsy body… Then I need to sleep early!

But thank goodness for the holidays eh!

I am planning on binge watching Goodness Gracious Me! as I finally got the Box set!


Need to educate the kids in a bit more British Asian comedy! They already love Citizen Khan!



Allergic To My Fitbit!

I was so happy when I got my Fitbit for my birthday!

I’ve been wearing it everyday for 3 months, but I did notice a small rash under one area appearing.

In the past I have been allergic to certain metals (nickel) used in watches, so I tend to wear bracelet watches that are loose.

This has an elastomer strap and there is a small amount of nickel in the clasp.

I have turned it round, loosened it slightly, and worn a plaster to allow the sore to heal.

It eventually does, and things are ok for a while.

But last week it happened again, and by Friday the sore was so painful, I had to take my beloved Fitbit off!



Will possibly need to return it… 😦

Oops I did it again! Injury report #6084


Needed dinner, the chicken, which was in date, was off… What to do…?
I threw a little onion, garlic, some chopped continental meats from a selection pack, tinned tomatoes, mixed herbs, mushroom n salt, into a pan… Added spaghetti, and here’s a lovely dinner, sprinkled with cheese, mmmmm!
Then as I was picking up the pan to drain the pasta, one handle seems to have been over the flame more, and was red hot… Ouch!
Stupid over here puts pan down, then … Picks the damn thing up AGAIN! Same sorry hand!!!


Bit red on index finger, really red, and sore… I’m reckoning a blister by the morning!
The Klutz strikes again!

Relief by cold drink can on burnt hand… Perfect!

But I Smile Anyway...

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