Sadness #Loveuary day 17.1

I know it’s the month of love.

Love is there whether someone is  with you or not. It may be distance that keeps you apart. It may be something more… like death.

Just because a soul departs from this world, it doesn’t mean that we stop loving them.

This morning I was greeted by the news that one of my cousin brothers had passed away. He was a gentle soul, a wonderful person. A supportive father and loving grandad.

He’s been holding on by a string for a few days… but he slipped away this morning.

I’m hurting. I’m sad. But I’m not crying. He wouldn’t have wanted that.  My memories of him will live in my mind until it’s my time to go. The stories I tell of him will ensure he lives on in my children too.

I may feel down, but thinking of him will always bring a smile on my face.

Loss – a Tanka

The sadness grows deep
You left a gap hard to fill
Sleep tight big brother
Our love for you will remain
Though you walk with us no more

Ritu 2017


Oops I did it again! Injury report #6084


Needed dinner, the chicken, which was in date, was off… What to do…?
I threw a little onion, garlic, some chopped continental meats from a selection pack, tinned tomatoes, mixed herbs, mushroom n salt, into a pan… Added spaghetti, and here’s a lovely dinner, sprinkled with cheese, mmmmm!
Then as I was picking up the pan to drain the pasta, one handle seems to have been over the flame more, and was red hot… Ouch!
Stupid over here puts pan down, then … Picks the damn thing up AGAIN! Same sorry hand!!!


Bit red on index finger, really red, and sore… I’m reckoning a blister by the morning!
The Klutz strikes again!

Relief by cold drink can on burnt hand… Perfect!

But I Smile Anyway...

Doing Damage!


I’ve told you previously about my clumsy nature
Well check out my latest addition to Ritu’s Bruise Brigade!
I managed to walk into a coat hook on the wall at work… They are a damn sight less painful during the school day, with coats on them, but after school, when they are empty metal hooks, this is the result of being clumsy, and not being able to walk around a corner without somehow walking into walls, or hooks for that matter!!!

But I Smile Anyway...

Ouchy Easter!

See, I always knew exercise wasn’t good for you!

I am loving the Hula Hooping, though I have had the bruised hips and sides from it, but I can cope with that, I am seeing results after all.

It was a beautiful day here in the South East of England and as you do, on an Easter Sunday, (!) after the obligatory Easter Egg hunt in the garden we decided to take the kids for a stint on the park  Tennis racquets, Cricket bat, balls of various shapes and sizes, we were all prepared, and for once even I was happy to play a bit of tennis.  I used to play a bit at school too, Apparently I had potential, but I was too lazy to pursue it!

But then I got injured!  Went to collect a wayward ball that had gone out of the court, and misjudged the entrance, which appears to have been made for 3ft people, I might add.  I straightened up too early and whacked my scalp on the wire fencing and had a sore head.

Hubby Dearest checked it when we got home, and I had indeed scratched/cut/done something to my head!


Wanna see? Okay then, but please excuse the white hairs which I now notice are again in abundance!!! Drat! Than means I will need to get the dye out too!

Ouch! Can you see the red?

Ouch! Can you see the red?

And another view…

See?! Oooh it hurts!

See?! Oooh it hurts!

I have a sore head, a head ache and now I need to make dinner! Antiseptic cream applied, and pain killer taken…

Sympathy please oh all of my Blog Pals!!! 😦

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