Romantic Tuesday – Passion





I breathe
I exist
Only for you
The passion
I feel
Runs through and through
Your touch
Your lips
Excitement does brew
Pure heat
A release
For our love is true

Ritu 2017


A Girl’s First Love – Happy Father’s Day

It’s true, you know, a girl’s first love will inevitably be her father. He will be the benchmark for pretty much every male in her life.


Some aren’t lucky, they don’t get the most perfect example of man to look up to, and yes, that may colour their choices in the future, but no matter what, their father is still, very often, to them at that time, the BEST!

I’ve said it many times, and I’m not afraid to say it again, but I really have had the BEST father a girl could hope for! A beautiful, kind, generous soul, who has given his all to make the best life for his family.

Growing up, he didn’t have the influence of his own father, as my grandfather passed away when he was very young. His male influences were his elder brother and brother-in-laws, and once he was married, he had my other grandfather as a great pillar of strength behind him, until his untimely demise.

He felt a gap in his own childhood, and though he wasn’t one to ask for anything, grateful for all the love and affection he was given, it wasn’t really until he became a father himself that he realised what he had missed and what he wanted to make sure he gave us, his own children.

If you ask Pops, he would tell you that my brother and I were the first things in his life that were really his, and he gave his all, alongside my mum, to give us the life he felt we should have, and the attention that possibly, he didn’t have.

Girls first love 01

Love has always been there in abundance, from the cuddles, and hugs, to the affection, filled smiles, the ever smiling eyes that just overflow with feeling. The concerned lectures and odd tellings off were even filled with love. The taxi service taking us to various extra-curricular activities on the weekends, especially my brother, with his sport!

Taking us to, and bringing us back from school and university, he did it all, and when I got married and had my own babies he would happily drive a 6 hour round trip, to pick me and baby up, to take us home for a few days, then drop us back. Not easy for a 60-year-old heart patient, but he did it because that is the person he is.

I could never be upset, or mad at my Pops. If he was ever to have to have a go at us, it hurt him as much as it hurt us, as he hated being negative, or strict.  And, that mellowness has grown over the years to show an amazing peace within him, and spirituality, which just emanates from him.

And now I’m nearing 40, and he will be a sprightly septuagenarian next year, I still feel like his little girl, and I know that that is what I will be to him forever. I know if I feel down, I can count on Pops to say something to ‘turn my frown upside down’, and give me advice that is near enough always right!

When I was going to get married, I dreaded telling Pops about Hubby Dearest… Would anyone ever be good enough for his daughter? But he was so happy! He met his prospective son-in-law and welcomed him with open arms! Apparently my choice was good! It took us a while to set a date for the wedding, and when it finally happened, we started planning to the max, only to be requested, by my in-laws, to delay the wedding by a couple of weeks, on the advice of an astrologer who my mum-in-law consulted. I was distraught! The venue we had booked for the reception was not available on the new date, and it was just too much!

I sat with Pops and said I didn’t care, we should just leave everything as it was, after all it had taken so long to get this far. But Pops talked me round, and his biggest argument, the game-changer, “So what if you get married 2 weeks later, beta (dear), at least I’ll get you with me for another 2 weeks.” Well! It was a done deal then… It hit home that I would no longer be under his shelter, in the same way, once I got married…

Going forward, we married and became parents ourselves.

I watch Hubby Dearest with our own Lil Princess and see that love between them. I see the special place each holds for the other. I can see her wrapping her daddy around her little finger, and I can see him swallowing the bait whole, and her getting away with murder all the time, because he couldn’t believe that ‘his little girl’ could do anything wrong. I see her idolising her Daddy, and when he is away on business, I know the effect it has on both our kids, they miss him so much, and it fills my heart with joy, that they share such a special bond, father and children.

His previous job meant that he was there early morning, then home to say good night. This new job of his means he is at home more and I love to see their relationship go from strength to strength. As a father, he is more in tune with the needs of his children, and able to take an active part in their life.

In a nutshell, he has all the qualities of my first love, my Pops. They may be there in different quantities, in a different mix, but the end result is the same, a fantastic husband, and loving father, who gives his all for his family!

Girls first love 02

So, may I take this opportunity to thank my Pops for being the most amazing father to me, and to my Hubby Dearest, for being such an amazing dad to our two monkeys too!

Happy Father’s Day to them both, and to all the fathers, and those like father’s out the rest!

Know you are loved, respected and appreciated…and especially to, those fathers of daughters…yes, you will always be our first loves! ❤

Post first published on The Champa Tree in 2015 as a guest post.

#RomanticTuesday ❤ You

Each day I feel so thankful for
The one I live my life for
The one who completes me
Who’s touch defeats me
The one who knows
And it shows
I love

Ritu 2017

Being Mum…


Motherhood is a really special thing.  It’s also damn hard work too…

We are expected to be perfect mothers all the time, but it’s just not possible.

We all have those split second moments when we almost wish them away, for some peace and quiet.

Yes, it’s true, we ALL have those moments.

I don’t think I have met one mother who truly hasn’t had that thought at least once during her motherhood stint.  Of course, I don’t mean that you wish you had never had them, we love our children dearly, but as I said before, it is hard work…

With that in mind, I wrote something, it’s fictional, but I can relate to most of it, and have experienced similar emotions during my 14-year journey to become, and be a mother…

I sit and stare out of the window, trying hard to ignore the voice calling me. It seems never ending. No one told me it would be easy, but still, come on… 24 hours a day??!! Jeez! Give a girl a break!
“Mummy!!! I NEEEEED you!”
“Mummy, I fell over!”
It had been a long wait, a long time coming, this motherhood malarkey… Others always made it look so easy, you know, “Hey, we’re trying for a baby!”, or “Oh look, first time round, we got the test results we were hoping for!” or the “Well, we weren’t even trying, you know, I mean it’s only been 3 months since [insert any child’s name} was born… I’m just so fertile!”
But it isn’t really that easy, well I know we didn’t find it easy… and every month, seeing that awful one line on the tests that I had stock piled, rather than 2, was the most heart breaking time of my life. Why me? I had wanted to be a mum since I was a child myself. I knew that one day, that would be my forte in life, to be the BEST MUM EVER!!!!! But they forgot to send me the memo, that my body was crap, it wasn’t working like everyone else’s, and that I would have to endure so much heartache to eventually get where we are now.
4 years… 4 years of tests, injections, medications, false hopes, disappointments, then finally that positive was in my hand… And this was one that stuck. I was going to become a mother!
The cautious way we progressed through this pregnancy… I read all the books, took every precaution that we were advised to, and it was smooth sailing. The Big Dude, up there, must have felt some pity on me, with all the struggles we had been through, and he allowed me to have an almost textbook pregnancy.
The day came when our little miracle arrived, and boy did she arrive! 2 weeks early, but with a set of lungs on her! Wow! How did something so tiny manage to be so loud??? Still, this was our little lady, our baby, that we had been waiting for all this time, and she was perfect!
Fast forward 2 months…
It’s hard work, this being a mummy! He hasn’t got the boobs, so he can’t even feed her, and he is going to work in the mornings, so the night shift is well and truly mine… Then he goes off, leaving me with little Lady Lungs, who well and truly lets me know that she want attention… 24 hours a day! But hey, this is what being a mum is all about, right?
Another 6 months on…
She’s sitting! She’s eating! She’s not eating…She’s teething! She’s adorable! She’s crying again… What have I done wrong now? What did I do in my last life to get a baby that cries so much? I’m pretty sure none of the other babies at the baby groups we go to cry quite so much…. Five minutes, please, just five minutes… oh, and a whole night’s sleep would be good too….
3 years later…
I can’t believe she will be starting nursery soon… my little Princess, growing up so fast! Thank goodness I was able to be here with her all this time, and daddy had a job that allowed me to stay at home with her. But, if only she played nicely, without constantly calling me… oh, to have a cup of tea, still hot… Oh, and she still won’t sleep through alone… it is so hard… To have those few hours peace a day… I’m really looking forward to ‘me’ time!
A couple of months down the line…
Why didn’t she cry? I left her at nursery for the first time, and she didn’t cling to me, she wasn’t bothered at all! Why not? I have given all of my being, the last nearly 4 years of my life to her, and not one tear today… What? Did she use them all up, crying at me all the time before then??
Then she came back all smiles, with a ‘drawing’ of me… its beautiful… guess what, it’s me who’s crying now!

Obelisk #writephoto

Sue’s #writephoto prompt this week…

Sitting here
I reminisce
Think of all
Those things I miss
All those moments that
We shared
All those feelings
When we cared
What went wrong
I’ll never know
Yet watching the tide
Come and go
I’ll think
Of you
And our love
So true
That monument
Marks where we’d meet
The secrecy
Turned up the heat
But then you said
we had to stop
Our idyllic bubble
You made to pop…
You left me there
And walked away
But memories
Are here to stay

Ritu 2017



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