Colleen’s Syllabic Postery challenge always gives us Poet’s Choice on the first Tuesday of the month:

Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata on Pexels.com
Life gives you lemons
Sometimes you just can't avoid
What you gonna do?
You're gonna atake those lemons
And make the BEST lemonade!

Ritu 2021


It’s Tuesday, and that means Colleen’s Tanka Challenge! Of course, just providing a couple of words would be far too simple, so we have two words, yes, but we can’t use them! Only synonyms allowed!

Except it’s the first Tuesday of the month which means

Poet’s Choice of Words – Shattered & Rejuvenating

This one is dedicated to me this week… so tired after looking after an ill child, multiple training courses, noisy animals, and a lot of broken sleep…

Bed, Sleep, Girl, White, Tired, Pillow
Pixabay Image
Can't wait
To lie down
And close my eyes
Head hitting pillow
Drifting into slumber
Hoping for a solid sleep
With no nasty interruptions
No cat mewling at me for his food
No children with raging temperatures
No husband needing my attention
Just me, snuggled up in my bed
Oblivious to the world
Refreshing my body
My mind and my soul
Ready to face
The world

Ritu 2019

Colleenโ€™s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 122

As I said yesterday, the challenges are back on after a month off!

Today it is Colleen’s turn, with her Tanka Tuesday which is not just about Tankas, but rather a chance to use different syllabic poetic forms.

Usually, she gives us two words which we need to use synonyms of within our verses… but on the first Tuesday of the month, we get free rein, and this month, the suggestion was to think of love related poems, as Valentine’s is so close…

Colleen recently introduced us to a new form, called a Haiga, where the words, usually a haiku or senryu, are echoed by an image, traditionally painted, but nowadays, can be a photo too.

I thought I’d try the traditional way, and even painted my own quick watercolour to go with it! It’s simplistic but effective, I hope!

A senryu for you all.

My words are Together and Heart

Two Hearts By Ritu
Two hearts beating fast
Ten fingers firmly entwined
One life together

Ritu 2019

Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka Challenge #110 – Pleasant & Read #MicroPoetry #Senryu

Colleen’s tanka challenge, as always includes the premise that only synonyms for the prompt words must be used…

This week, the words were;

Pleasant & Read

Character Deceptive Mask Two-Faced Woman D

Pixabay Image

On the face of it
Perfectly agreeable
It’s how you see her

Ritu 2018



Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka Challenge #109 – Poets Choice #MicroPoetry #Senryu

Colleen’s tanka challenge, as always includes the premise that only synonyms for the prompt words must be used…

This week, the words were;

Poets choice of words

Diwali, Diya, Lamp, India, Clay

A celebration
When good wins over evil
Happy Diwali!

Ritu 2018



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