#TankaTuesday (On Friday) Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 26, 5/31/22, #LifeOfATeacher

It’s been a while, but I thought I would take part in the syllabic poetry challenge, Colleen hosts every week!

It’s the fifth Tuesday of the month! #ShareYourDay is a way to get to know each other better. Take a photo and write a syllabic poem about your day. Don’t think on it too hard. Make it fun. The photo does not need to be a selfie. If you don’t have access to a camera, find an image on Pixabay.com (please add the credits) that best describes your day.

Colleen Chesebro

My photo(s) describe every day this week, during my holiday, as I write my End of Year Reports! A Senryu works perfectly!

Writing class reports
Reminds me how much progress
These children have made
They've tested all my patience
But earned a place in my heart

Ritu 2022


Colleen’s Syllabic Poetry Challenge:

For this poetry challenge, you can write a haiku and/or senryu on any subject you choose.

I’ve gone for the simple 2/3/2 form of Senryu. Hope you enjoy!

Next to you
Is bliss

From the night

You see
You snore - Loud
No sleep

Ritu 2021

#Tanka Tuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge NO. 218 #Ekphrastic #PhotoPrompt #Senryu

Colleen’s back with her weekly Syllabic Poetry prompt! It’s Ekphrastic prompt week, which means a poem inspired by a photo!

Masking my sadness
Strumming the strings of distress
Trying to soothe thoughts
Ritu 2021

Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 345 Bird & Blow

Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge:

Bird & Blow

Pin Up, Retro, Vintage, Model, Girl
Dollybirds passing
Men can't help but blow whistles
Losing all control

Ritu 2021
Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge Winter badge 2021

#Tanka Tuesday #Poetry ChallengeNO. 212 #SynonymsOnly Loose & Tight #Senryu

Colleen’s Syllabic Poetry Challenge! The words we are to use synonyms of are:

Loose & Tight

Relax, my people
We're in precarious times
Stress won't help, smiles will

Ritu 2021

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