Bunchems! #SundayBlogShare

Have you heard of Bunchems?

They are an arts and crafts toy, little hook and loop balls that connect together so you can Well, Lil Princess really wanted some and was rewarded with a set at Christmas, but it’s taken a while for her to get them out to play…

This was what she made.


And we even got a shout out from Bunchems on Instagram!


Love a bit of creativity!

Fine Art Friday – Music and Sketches

The other day, I was going through my bedside cabinet drawers. They are fit to bursting, and something had fallen down the back, preventing the drawers from closing fully.

Instead of dislodging the offending item, closing the drawer, and getting back to whatever I was meant to be doing, I started a reminisce.

The bottom drawer is full of musical song-books.

Ones I helped to create.

During my teenage years, we had lots of family weddings, and my cousins and I decided we wanted to learn some of the traditional songs and dances so, going forward, we could continue the traditions. Of course, though I can speak and understand Punjabi, I cannot read or write it.

So came the fun job of trying to write it in Roman English, Phonic Punjabi!

And my ‘book’ was very popular within the family. For my own wedding, I typed and printed several copies which ended up in the far-flung corners of the world! This resulted in a few reproduced fancy copies being made, and adapted over the years!


The top left one was my original one, then my cousins printed them ‘offically’ for use at their weddings

And from my little idea there were off-shoots! My mum collects them whenever she goes to a wedding and sees them, then gives them to me!



Some of the ‘spin-offs’!

And also, as I dug deeper into the drawer, I found a whole heap of printed out Bollywood song lyrics! Cue a good hour of me sitting on the floor, surrounded by books, and paper, crooning to myself, hoping I wasn’t waking the children! (Don’t ask me to sing, because you know me, I probably would break out into song with not much encouragement!)

Then I came across a sketchbook from my GCSE years. I didn’t take Art as a subject, but I always enjoyed doodling and came across these pictures.



Palm tree paradise? Yes, please!



No, it’s not a self-portrait! I was never allowed a fringe growing up, I rebelled and had one cut in my late 30’s!


20170612_204420 - Copy

I think this may have been inspired by the Ball we had in my final year at school, which I didn’t go to!


So there you have it! Ritu’s Artwork, and Musical Endeavours!!!!

Have a great Friday Night Peeps!




Duncan Grant – The Artist

I went to an art exhibition yesterday.

Quite a different thing for me to do, with my little family.

The painter is the husband of a colleague of mine and he was exhibiting his artworks at the local gallery.  I took the children a few years back to another exhibition of his, but they were much younger, so it didn’t mean much, other than being able to say they had seen their teacher there! Having said that, Lil Princess was definitely touched by what she saw that day, and wanted to paint!

His name is Duncan Grant. Not the other, slightly more well known Duncan Grant, who was also an artist!

No, this Duncan Grant is a local gent! And his paintings are heavily influenced by his surroundings, as well as whatever he is thinking of at the time!


After the first exhibition, Duncan was rather unwell, and after a long stint in hospital his styles altered slightly, but his work was, and still is, pretty amazing!


The top painting is actually a self-portrait from when he was unwell.

Here is a series of three landscape paintings, portraying the Thames and the view we have from here of Essex. The top painting is of fishermen gathering their nets.


The painting below just made me giggle!


Lil Man was pretty impressed with this next one as it is where he plays cricket!



I shall quote from his website, which you can find here.

I was born in Gravesend, Kent in 1965 and am proud to be from the bottom right hand corner of Britain where I still live.
In my work, I try to express the strange goings on inside my head and using shape, colour and texture, show my own interpretations of what I see in nature and also my own take on everyday life.
My style of art is self-taught and I paint mainly sitting on the sofa listening to the TV with a small, hairy Jack Russell terrier at my side – my paint covered sofa bears testament to this!
I enjoy painting and I am pleased that people appreciate my work. I work full-time in the real world and I live happily in Gravesend with my wife Davina, two cats (Charlie and Katie) and two Jack Russell terriers (Maisie and Billy).

Something else rather cool. A few years back, Duncan was trying to hone his people painting skills, and he threw open an offer. Send me your photo so I can paint you and practice painting people. I did this and the final portrait was wonderful! But I never got round to actually buying it from him, for one reason or another.

Well, yesterday, when we got there, he handed me a bag with my very own Duncan Grant original painting in it! And refused to accept any payment! I was touched!

The original photo and the painting. So cool!

And here’s a proud me carrying my priceless piece!


A bit of a cultural evening, followed by the kids eating Macdonalds… Ever sophisticated are we!!!!!

But great to support a local artist, and friend!

What did you do this weekend?

Christmas Crafts!

During the week, I get one session where I plan for the following week.

It is then that I try and look for fresh ideas online, (Pinterest is a Godsend!).

This week I was trying to find different Christmas craft ideas for the children.

Though the ones I found may not be practical for my nursery children, they turned out beautifully!

Maybe you could have a go with your own children!


Playing With Food #fruitart – Lil Man’s Creations!

I guess my healthy eating may have rubbed off on at least one member of my family!

For the last few days, straight after lunch, Lil Man has been getting creative with fruit!


Remember when you were younger? When your parents would always tell you off for playing with your food? Well, this is one time, I think I don’t need to say anything.

Check out his creations! And he eats them all up after, along with extra as he is creating!


In fact, if this way of playing encourages kids to eat fruit, I say PLAY MORE!

I Instagrammed (maybe I am getting addicted to this Instagram…) with the hashtags #fruitart #healthykids and we even got the attention of Delmonte! Lil Man was rather chuffed!


He’s Fruit-mous!

Any other Fruity ideas Peeps?

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