The Day Facebook and Instagram Erased #Sikh People

I try not to be political on my blog, but the events of the last few days have made me think about staying quiet, when it is our voices that will help, not our silence.

So the two previous posts have been in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement that is in full flow.

During this time of unease for many in the Black community, and the extended #BAME community , as well as those not of colour, horrified by the events that took place with the murder of George Floyd, I remembered there was something else of huge importance, to me, as a Sikh, to recall.


Ten days of Terror for the Sikhs.

This was when the Indian Government launched Operations Blue Star, and there, thirty six years ago, tthebeginnings of the biggest Sikh genocide took place.

Soldiers marched into the holy shrine in Amritsar, the Golden Temple, desecrating the buildings, grounds, religious artefacts, and murdering hundreds of innocent pilgrims, man, woman, child. There was no respite.

They were there to apparently flush out Sikh Separatists after there were calls for a separate state of Khalistan for Sikhs, as there was a Pakistan for the Muslims.

It was a time filled with terror, and resulted in hundreds, if not thousands of deaths of innocent Sikh people. The Indian Government were trying to erase us, the Sikhs.

To read more about the awful happenings of those ten days, click here.

Every year, there is a peaceful remembrance, filled with emotion, remembering those who died in this mindless act, which sparked the assassination of the then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, by two of her Sikh bodyguards. That act then set off a domino effect of riots, rape and murder of thousands of Sikhs in Delhi, and the Punjab.

To this day, there are Sikh people who don’t know what happened to members of their families during this time.

Then, to top it off, on 3rd June of this year, amidst the Black Lives Matter uprising, the hashtags #sikh and #sikhism, which were being used to remember and highlight a key time in our community’s background, disappeared from both Facebook and Instagram.

If you tried to search it, it was blocked.

Sure, there were others, but the main hashtags for us, #sikh, and #sikhism was unsearchable.

So the Indian Goverment tried to erase us then, thirty six years ago, and now, in 2020, we have social media doing the same.

It’s back up now, but why?

Why was it deemed ‘unsuitable content’ for us to remember this injustice?

Were there too many big other movements going on?

We, as Sikhs, are right there, too, but come on social media, give us our chance to speak too!

Chai And A Chat #61 #ChaiAndAChat

Happy Monday to you all! And it’s the first Monday of December. Seriously, where has the year gone? Right, you got your drink? I’ve got mine!

  • If we were sipping chai together I’d start by telling you that illness appears to have left the building… well, for now, anyway. Though Hubby Dearest was complaining of another sore throat last night… *Go away evil bugs!!!* And the kids at school appear to be a lot more hardy too this week. There were a couple off, but not the hoard we had last week. Good thing too, as we have to start the Nativity rehearsals!
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d tell you that I do love the lead up to Christmas in school. The children have been practicing their play songs, and slowly, the parents are getting the costumes in. I just hope they are all in by today as we need them for rehearsals! I was busy on Friday, with one of my dear colleague friends, creating a Post Office for the children, removing the Superhero HQ that they have loved so far. Just hope they aren’t disappointed with the change! And I put a few decorations up ready for December too. The children will help us decorate the tree this week.
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d have to mention my observation. I am pretty confident as a teacher. I know the children and their wellbeing, as well as their learning will always come first to me, but when I am being watched, I end up like a bowl of jelly… I know I will do everything, but I will forget little things. I even got the wrong group of kids to come to work with me! But realised pretty fast, and changed over. Aside from a couple of silly mishaps, it all went well, and my feedback was pretty much all positive. I don’t know why I worry, but you know, I’m only human!
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d have to say that it was my five year Blogiversary too! I am always amazed that this little blog that I started on a whim, has now got just shy of 8,000 WP followers, and over 14,000 when all followers are included! Awards won, blogiversaries celebrated – that’s all fantastic, but the biggest things to have come out of my blog are the friends and Blogily I have met and the encouragement to write. Thank you all for that. I wouldn’t be where I am right now if it wasn’t for you all!
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d tell you that I am aiming to get my time management into gear, thanks to a great book I read at the weekend. I feel quite fired up, and have even written some goals out too! Time Management for Writers, by Katie Forrest. Available on Amazon, if you are interested!
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d tell you that we had a lovely chilled weekend again. After swimming, Lil Princess and I went to get nails done and my eyebrows threaded, then we had a takeaway dinner, and it was great to be able to switch off from the madness that is my life usually.
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d also have to tell you that on Saturday was my Finndian nephew #1’s fifth birthday! I’m always gutted that we aren’t close by, but a video call with him and the rest of my Finndian family made things a lot better! He is such a little clown, and makes us all laugh!
  • If we were sipping chai together I’d have to mention that it is now December! Yes, the decorations came out and the household was Chrismassed up! Advent calendars were opened and all is well!
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Yup… Christmas is here! #christmastree #christmasdecorations

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  • If we were sipping that chai together, and possibly reaching for cake or cookies I’d mention that we are going to be busy this week, getting all festive at school! There will be rehearsals, and Christmas crafts starting up, and to top it off, the children will be having their Flu Spray immunisations too! fun and games!
  • If we were sipping that chai together, and possibly reaching for cake or cookies I’d say that I have another Dr’s appointment on Friday. Let’s see if there is any other joy as to why I am still getting these pains. Tiredness has been less, thankfully, but I still need that hot water bottle on my knees every night… Ow!

Right, that’s me done Peeps! Let me how your week has been.

One-Liner Wednesday – #1LinerWeds – A Mobile World

Life was so much simpler before… yet these technichal complications are meant to make our lives easier…

For Linda’s #1LinerWeds Challenge.


One-Liner Wednesday – #1LinerWeds – Season Switch

And I thought it was AUGUST, not AUTUMN!

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Raking autumnal leaves in Autumn!!! #seasonswitch #itsaugust

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This is what happens when it is really hot here… leaves dry up and fall off our trees, then we need to get raking, rather like the autumnal months… missing the lush greens of Britain… Can’t believe we’ve had wildfires due to the dryness and heat!

For Linda’s #1LinerWeds Challenge.


#Snowmaggedon2018 – In addition to injury report #4098

(Warning… Instagram heavy post!)

I’ll start with the injury report, shall I?

Well, you know I was incapacitated last week? (fell over, well actually, tripped over a chair, totally my fault, in the classroom at the end of the day on Friday, and ended up with a suspected fracture on my elbow!) I had the follow-up appointment on Monday, and after a three-hour wait (eek!) and another x-ray, the doctor decided it was not a fracture, but a severe sprain, and muscular injury.

I left with a sick note excusing me from work for a week, then reduced duties for the following two… and a rather fetching sling!


So I’m not at work… but I was kinda gutted, we had World Book Day on Thursday, and a visit from a dentist in the nursery on Friday too… And I  wouldn’t be there…

But… I could rest, in peace, for a few days at least!


You know this big storm, the Beast from the East? All Siberian blasts and low low windchill factors? Well, it was due to hit last night, and we were rather let down by its efforts before bed. The kids were praying for a snow day, I knew Hubby Dearest wouldn’t be able to get to his work either…

And we woke to this…

After an agonising hour wait, I found that Lil Princess’s (and my) school was shut due to dangerous driving conditions, but Lil Man, well his school are just obviously oblivious to snow, and they were Open As Usual.

Packed a stroppy tween off with his daddy to be dropped off, and settled down for a relatively restful day with him on his laptop, working for home, and Lil Princess trying to make slime, or watch videos!

Sonu Singh had a visit to the garden too. He wasn’t sure of the white stuff at first, sniffing it, touching it, then ending up on his hind legs trying to get away, before jumping back inside!

Then he had another go, and decided snow wasn’t too bad!

The snow had stopped falling but it started up again, covering any tracks that had been made previously…

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It's coming down again! #thebeastfromtheeast #snowiscoming

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Then at 11am, we got a call from Lil Man… they had taken the decision to close his school too! Hubby Dearest ventured out, car slipping and sliding along the way, to pick up our first born!

Firmly ensconced back in the house with chip shop chips as lunch, it was time to enjoy Snow Day!

So, I am sat inside, after venturing out to take some photos, and will be enjoying this Snow inside, while the others go mad out there!

Week off? Peace? Unlikely! We have more due tonight, and then the kind folks south of us are sending in another storm, labelled Emma where there may be MORE snow on Thursday and Friday!

Oh well!

Here are some more photos for you to enjoy!

Scroll along on the one below, there are a few shots!

And last but not least… Do You Wanna Build A Snowman???

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Obligatory snowman #snowmaggedon2018 #thebeastfromtheeast #snowman

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So, let’s see what the rest of the week holds! Not much rest for me, but I’ll be trying! Enjoy Peeps, and stay safe!

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