One-Liner Wednesday – #1LinerWeds – A Mobile World

Life was so much simpler before… yet these technichal complications are meant to make our lives easier…

For Linda’s #1LinerWeds Challenge.


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  1. LindaGHill
    Aug 09, 2018 @ 13:40:17

    Only a day each week? The rest of the adults are slacking, apparently. 😛 😉

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  2. Jennie
    Aug 09, 2018 @ 11:51:22


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  3. syl65
    Aug 08, 2018 @ 16:13:06

    The pros and cons of technology Sister!!

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  4. Erika Kind
    Aug 08, 2018 @ 14:51:02

    Since we grew up with phones hanging on a wire and you could do nothing but talk, it is scary to watch this development … sometimes on ourselves.

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  5. Jim
    Aug 08, 2018 @ 12:42:17

    there was a headline? I was looking at the photo instead.

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  6. willowdot21
    Aug 08, 2018 @ 12:22:09

    Spot o Sis 💜💜

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  7. Shelley
    Aug 08, 2018 @ 12:18:43

    So true – I’m trying to focus on how I feel when I don’t have my phone. Hope it helps break the addiction!

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  8. J-Dub
    Aug 08, 2018 @ 11:55:36

    Ah, guilty as charged. I do have good days and bad days. We started family game night again recently and that is a no cell phone zone. Need more nights like that for sure.

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  9. Dan Antion
    Aug 08, 2018 @ 11:08:14

    There could be worse things. I’m going to go with attempting balance in all things.

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  10. bikerchick57
    Aug 08, 2018 @ 10:40:37

    So true and…guilty! I really do spend too much time looking at my cell phone and computer, although I know it’s not as much as many others. On the flip side, I make sure that my personal conversations and time spent with friends and family outweigh the time I spend with electronic devices.

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  11. some bloke
    Aug 08, 2018 @ 07:54:11

    idk about you, but I don’t wanna go back to the days without smartphones.. otherwise it’d be harder to meet people like you! 😀

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    • Ritu
      Aug 08, 2018 @ 08:04:34

      There are definitely positives, but they have kinda taken over our lives too… people are more interested in taking the photos and videos, and posting them, rather than appreciating the moment.
      Or messaging the person next to them, rather than actually talking.
      Though communication with those far and wide has become more accessible, the art of conversation has begun to die…



      • some bloke
        Aug 09, 2018 @ 06:27:37

        i’d like to think that it’s evolving and there’s still a lot of growing pains to get past.. i’ve recently met a lot of wonderful people via voice chat, but it’s mostly millenial video gamers that have caught on with it and not the older types. but i’m a millenial gamer too, lol. feels like a generational thing.. 🌌

        So, like, if WordPress had built in voice chat, how cool would that be? 😄 but for whatever reason, the tech isn’t there. could be a cost issue (servers can get expensive, especially for real time data), idk.

        i can see your concern, that certain nuances of life can possibly get lost in the sauce. wouldn’t worry too much though, i think things will be even more wonderful in terms of communicating and relating to others in the near future. being able to chat with you about it is proof positive enough.. 💞

        later ~

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      • Ritu
        Aug 09, 2018 @ 07:29:50

        You have some great thoughts there.
        Don’t get me wrong. I use technology a lot… Some would say too much!
        But I see where the kids are less active, less talkative, copying what we do … It really shows that these phones and apps are good for some things but the death of others … 🙏🏼💜


      • some bloke
        Aug 09, 2018 @ 09:10:53

        maybe instead of creating our own stories, we just passively consume what’s given to us maybe?

        for example, the magic of reading long novels has been lost for me as my attention span has taken drastic turns for the worse. i really wanted to read through anna karenina, but then i lost patience and read the wikipedia 😅 and then there’s infinite jest..

        less active, yeah. talkative, ehh… we’ll see in the future. 😊 but there will always be some things outside the digital world that we’ll always cling to, cherish and pass on… the important stuff that has to do with taking care of ourselves and each other, and electronic media may play an unexpected role in how we share those things with each other.

        peace and blessings 🤗 ☄️ and maybe influencing politics in a powerful, heartfelt manner even though it may not be difficult to lose hope in the short-term. Maybe I won’t see the kind of changes I’d like in my lifetime (naiveté and the status quo), but it would be nice to think of generations in the future enjoying a better quality of life as a result of the way we use these tools. at least, that’s my view. but i’ve said too much..

        later! 💙💚💛

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      • Ritu
        Aug 09, 2018 @ 09:16:06

        Like you said… Teething problems!
        Here’s hoping though eh!!!

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