#WRITESPIRATION #142 52 WEEKS IN 52 WORDS WEEK 47 – I Don’t Believe You @sacha_black

Sacha’s #Writespiration prompt this week:

Your challenge is to write your story using the weekly theme/prompt and write it in just 52 words…. EXACTLY, no more, no less.


This week your story needs to include the following phrase:
“I don’t believe you.”
“I don’t believe you! There is no way Johnny Depp is inside that café. Stop playing with me!”
Leanne stormed past her best friends, the bell tinkling to signal her arrival.
Only he was there, and so was she, stinking of manure, after having cleaned out the stables.
“Ground! Swallow me now!”


One-Liner Wednesday – #1LinerWeds – Cookie Jar


“If all the world’s a cookie jar, and all the people are crumbs, I just happen to be a chocolate chip!” – Anon

Just because I like that particular quote. I heard it as a child and it stuck in my head. I quite fancy being a chocolate chip, though some may say I am more a bit nutty! 😉

For Linda’s #1LinerWeds Challenge.

#BookReview – Keepers by Sacha De Black @sacha_black

Over two years ago, I was introduced to a rather madcap young lady. She had spent her time organising a Bloggers get together in London, complete with awards, and I was gutted that I hadn’t been able to go. To be honest, I wasn’t sure my family would have understood my interest in meeting these strangers who were fast becoming virtual friends to me.


Still, I followed the progress of the bash and the organiser closely and am pleased to say I was able to finally go, and now, a twice-attending veteran, I feel I can call Sacha a friend, as well as a whip-wielding Bash-organising fiend!


Sacha Black

The gorgeous Sacha (De) Black!


Oh, but don’t let me forget the other label – author.


Over these last few years, I have followed her progress in writing the first of her YA trilogy. I have marvelled at her ability to be a wife and mother, organise amazing events, operate a weekly writing challenge, and even churn out writers help book (and workbook!) and rewrite her entire fiction work THREE times, before the perfectionist in her was finally happy with the result!

And what a result!

Now, let me tell you I am not the world’s greatest YA fiction reader. Nor do I get excited over fantasy realms or individuals with great powers, but I felt compelled to read Sacha’s book because I felt I wanted to support a fellow Indie author, and to be honest, the snippets I had caught from her regular posts had piqued my interest.

So, the book in question…

Available to buy here.

My review…


What a fantastic book!

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to get hooked, but oh my did I!

From the moment I stepped into the realm of Trutinor and the life of Eden East, with her powers and all the angst of being a teenager with so much pressure upon you, I was sunk.

I ended up reading the whole book in a day!

The characters are written well, with a depth to them which leaves you caring a lot about the protagonist and wishing evil thoughts upon the villains!

There is a love story, a family saga, and fantasy all in one, with the reality we know, Camden Town, woven into the cloth of the story that is set in a world that is unknown.

I loved the short glossary of terms at the beginning that shows just how well thought out this whole new realm is. And each chapter starts with a snippet from ancient scriptures from Trutinor, which again show the immense planning that has been done in conjuring up this story.

I can honestly say this was ‘unputdownable’ and I was left hanging, in a good way, desperate for the sequel to be published!

Well done Sacha! I am so proud of you! You did it! Gave birth to your longed for baby book!

My review on Goodreads – Here

My review on Amazon – Here

Book Blurb

Eden’s life is balanced…

…until her soul is bound to her enemy.

When her parents are murdered, the realm of Trutinor is threatened. Then a mysterious human arrives and changes everything.

As Eden’s world spirals out of control, she doesn’t need a charismatic Siren from her past returning to complicate life.

Now, saving Trutinor is the last thing on Eden’s mind.

Three boys.

Two murdered parents.

One deadly choice.

You can get the book from here. It will redirect you to your most frequently visited store.



Me with my real – live author friend! ❤


Ritu’s Renditions – Sun Sahiba Sun #Bollywood #Karaoke

I’m back y’all, after just over a week!

Another week umm-ing and aah-ing about which song to mutilate sing for you all!

Anywho… here’s the latest edition of Ritu’s Renditions – Sun Sahiba Sun from Ram Teri Ganga Maili

Ritu's Renditions – Sun Sahiba Sun #karaoke #bollywood #ritusrenditions #shesatitagain #singing

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And a quick lyric translation for those of you who like to know!

Sun sahiba sun pyaar ki dhun - 2
listen my sir this tune of love
Oh, maine tujhe chun liya, tu bhi mujhe chun
oh I have chosen you, you should pick me too
Sun sahiba sun pyaar ki dhun - 2
listen my sir this tune of love


Any requests? I can’t promise, but I’d try!

Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Tuesday Challenge Family & Thanks

So that Colleen went and left us for a month to chase her NaNo dreams, but she didn’t leave us without… oh no, she left us a challenge and a half.

A list of prompt word pairs that she wants in poetic form, but as SYNONYMS, not the actual words!

So, this week, we have

Thanks & Family

Here’s a Cinquain


Children, Play, Rock, Swing, Leisure

Pixabay Image


Tiny copies
Needing, wanting, loving
Grateful for our progeny

Ritu 2017

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