Willy! – Kids Logic Part 38 #ThrowbackThursday

Another priceless gem from Lil Princess!

LP: I know William is a boys name!

Me: How’s that?

LP: Easy! It’s got Willy in it!!!

A little smile-inducing morsel for you! 😊

Kid’s Logic – Part 50 – Write a Book, We Can Get A Dog!

It’s been over a year since I posted one of these! Not to say the kids haven’t come out with some corkers, but they are also more aware now, and I can’t be shaming my tweens (can I?!?)

But yesterday, I had a classic conversation, which was totally kids logic, and I had to share.

Both of the kids ( and their father) have fostered the hope of getting a dog. Npw, a few years ago, I would have flat out said no. I was scared of them. More recently, I have been more accepting of the idea of a dog, but the practicalities of having one, that I can’t change. It would be hard for us, with our life as it is, to be fair to a dog, and give them the life they need.

You know kids though. These things mean nothing. “But mummy, you don’t need to worry! We will look after it!” I mention the fact that no one is at home during the day ” It’s ok Sonu (the cat!) will look after it!”

Then Lil Man had a lightbulb moment!

LM: Mum, when do you retire?
Me: Not for a long while yet son.. the way things are going, I’ll need to work at least another 30 years!
LM: Why?
Me: Because we need to earn money to survive, and save up for when we do retire.
LM: Haven;t you got enough yet?
Me: Nope, and we still have a lot of spending to do before we are at the stage where we just save.Gotta bring you two up first! Either that or we win the Lottery, or this book I’m writing becomes a best seller!
LM: That’s it. Write a best seller then!
Me: If only it were that easy son…
LM: If you sell like a hundred, would that be enough?
Me: Not quite.
LM: Do you get all the money when you sell a book?
Me: No.
LM: Is it about Indians?
Me: Yes, kinda..
LM: Well then all the Indians will buy it! And if they aren’t Indian, you say “Why aren’t you buying it? Are you racist?!”
Me: Er, no son, it’s just not that simple to write a best seller. If I am lucky and someone important read it, and recommended it, it could sell more, or even better, if a movie company say it and wanted to make it into a film that would be great too!
LM: Ok then, write one of those! Do you have pictures in it?
Me: No son, it’s not that kind of book.
LM: What? Not even at the beginning and end of a chapter?
Me: No.
LM: Get ’em from the internet, innit!
Me: No thanks son. Firstly, that would cost a lot too, and secondly, I don’t need pictures!
LM: So get on with it Mum, write that book and sell loads, then you can retire.
Me: why are you so worried about me retiring?
LM: So we can get a dog innit! And you can look after it!


Kid’s Logic, see!

Kids Logic Part 49 – Europe

They can talk sense, sometimes, these kids!

In the UK at the moment, the papers and news shows are repeatedly showing articles and items regarding Britain’s EU Referendum.

Just yesterday my colleagues and I were talking about it, saying that really we have no idea what is best. The with business acumen say we must stay for, the economy.  But the speak in such high faulted terms that Jo Bloggs on the street won’t listen, so that point falls on deaf ears.

Many people, fed up with the immigration mess the country appears to be in, say get out of Europe, close the borders!

But it’s hard to get a rounded picture for the average person. There are many implications with staying in the EU, but also many issues that will rise with leaving.

Who knows how the country will vote?

This morning, Lil Man, who is a worldly wise 10 year old suddenly gave me his opinion.

LM: We should stay in Europe!
Me: Why?
LM: Because it’s better for us all.
Me: How will it be better? I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m genuinely interested in what you think.
LM: Well, if we stay in, we have more allies, and much better defences against terrorism.

There you go. A 10 year old nowadays can’t even have a simple innocent childhood, as he is already thinking about things like terrorism.

But I think he has a valid point.

What do you think?

Cray Cray! – Kids Logic Part 48

Well, you know, if you read my blog, that I am a Nursery teacher, and that I have a rather interesting set of children in my afternoon session. Special needs, English as an additional language, behaviour… all sorts goes on in the afternoon over here!

Well, Lil Princess came into my classroom one afternoon, as she was coming home with me, rather than being picked up by her grandparents. She had heard about the kids from me, but not actually met them.

She sat, watching in bewilderment, as kids launched themselves at each other, and just did whatever they pleased, rather than listen to the adults in the room.

This was her comment to Hubby Dearest that evening…

“Everyone listens to mum… Except her afternoon class! Oh My God, those kids are cray cray!”

From the mouths of babes, eh!

Gay Love – Kids Logic Part 47

Ok, so I know it is one of those things that certain people will think of…

In a same sex relationship, who is the ‘man’and who is the ‘woman’ for biological reasons, obviously!

No, my kids did not actually raise this topic on that particular issue…

Somehow, they were discussing adoption, and it moved to gay couples adopting.

For a little background info, in our Indian culture, more ore less every family member has a specific name that you call them, so you know exactly how they are related… and if you are interested, I posted about that here.

Rather than the confusion of who is nanny, or granny, or grandma, or nana, or whatever you may call your grandmother, we have names already so you know exactly which grandparent is who, so your father’s father is a Baba, or Dadaji, and father’s mother is Bibi, Bebe, Dadiji or Dadima.  Your mother’s father is Nanaji, and your mother’s mother is Nanima, or Naniji.

My kids shortened them a little more, and we have Baba, Dama, Nanu and Nani.

Anyway, rather than work out who is the male or female in the relationship, when it comes to same sex partnerships, Lil Princess was more concerned with how they would know which grandparents get called Baba and Dama, and which Nanu or Nani!

I guess in a roundabout way, it comes down to the same thing, but for now it is a much simpler question, and thinking!

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