Tuesday Poems For Writers #Inspiration – Editing Hell!

Another poem inspired by Lucy of Blonde Write More! This time we tackle editing!

Editing Hell!

Another word for editing
Could be simply - HELL
It's not enough to write a book
You need to rewrite it as well!

Blood sweat and tears go
Into every word you write
And the rereading and rewriting
Eats into every night

Your story - finally complete
You happily type 'The End'
Until you find a plot hole
It drives you round the bend!

Your beta finds a typo
You quickly get it fixed
Now to send to your editor
Will your story have them bewitched?

"Hmmm, not too bad, but change that bit
And sort out your point of view
I'm not to sure about this arc..."
Jeez, my story'll read like new!

"It's not a lot, just scrap those words
And these chapters too.
Write this instead, add more pizazz."
Original words left - a few

Weeks or months spent unpicking things
And stitching together again
I'll win this battle with my book
And the war too, with my pen!

Finally complete, though
It's not the tale originally planned
Still, another step closer to my dream
Of holding my book in my hand

Ritu 2019

RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #248 Serene&Scene

Ron is back with his Haiku Prompt!

Serene & Scene

Coffee, Write, Table, Notebook, Writing
Pixabay Image
Just writing that scene
Makes me feel oh, so serene
A perfect ending

Ritu 2019
Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge Image 2016

One for you Lucy! 😉

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 189



“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” Anton Chekhov

Thanks, Spidey.

The whole writing thing is on my mind at the moment.

After not hearing anything back from the First Novel Competition, I was tempted to fall into a wallowing muddle, but because I had the charity walk to do, I wasn’t allowed to.

Instead, it made me think back to the fact that I LOVE my story, and I know the couple of people who read it for me in its unaltered state, enjoyed it too.

The biggest thing was to read through and do that whole ‘show, don’t tell’ thing. I was very guilty of it at the beginning as I started writing this piece as a young, inexperienced writer, and I have grown so much since then.

So, this is my next step.

Really combing through it and working out where I can do more showing, and less telling, and tweaking the plot where certain suggestions were made.

It’ll still involve a lot more work, but I know it will be worth it…

Because it is my dream. My story will be told. My book will be out there soon enough!

Tell me about a dream of yours that you have worked really hard to try and achieve 😘

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps ❤ And enjoy your week!

How Long it Takes to Create a Novel Isn’t Important, Writing it is. Inspiration From Author Ritu Bhathal #IWSG | Fiction is Food

Please pop over to Gary’s Blog, Fiction Is Food, where he has featured me, and my long winded journey to finish a novel (first draft!)

* Comments closed here, please feel free to make conversation over on his post!

via How Long it Takes to Create a Novel Isn’t Important, Writing it is. Inspiration From Author Ritu Bhathal #IWSG | Fiction is Food

#SoCS Nov. 25/17 – Ink 🖋✒

Linda’s prompt for SoCS this week…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “ink.” Use it as a noun or a verb. Have fun!

It’s quite funny actually that this was the prompt for today, considering I wrote about using a fountain pen, or an ink pen, to improve my writing in my post on Cursive Writing the other day!

I have always loved a proper fountain pen, ever since I was given the go-ahead at school to graduate from pencil to the handwriting pens, then onto a proper ink pen!

I loved my first Parker pens and went from the plastic variety to the more posh metal ones. From Parker, we moved onto Waterman pens. And until the necessity of speed in writing, and the more common use of keyboards took over, I took great pride in writing with my fountain pen!

I used the simple cartridges mainly, but I even went through the stage of refilling my pen using the traditional bottles of ink… in the classroom!

Oh, the messes we made! Ink splodges decorating not only our fingers and pages, but even the desks we worked upon, and sometimes we were unaware of the dreaded smudge across our faces!

But boy, did I feel grown up with my fountain pen!

I was so excited for Lil Man when he was given his Pen Licence at school (yes they had official documents to say kids were ready to use a pen rather than pencil a few years ago in school!) He drove us crazy trying to find the right pen!

Then, as he grasped the technique, so I learned how fountain pens, and their ink, were probably the bane of my mother’s life. Thank goodness for washable ink! The splodges that I had coveted, on what I call my Writer’s Lump, on my right-hand middle finger, my callus developed from excessive handling of pens, were not as welcome when they were gracing the fingers of my own child!

He prefers a rollerball now. (Thank God!)

But still, I do love a good ink pen!

Nowadays, in my fast-paced life, it’s not as often as I like, that I sit and craft letters on a page, creating a thing of beauty, rather, a rushed scrawl which I often have trouble deciphering myself!!!! So, excuse me if I am a little rusty, but here is an example of my handwriting! It’s still not as great as I can usually do it, but it’s better than when I use a biro!



My most recent pen acquisition!


Happy Saturday Peeps!

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