Guest post – Ritu Bhathal – Positively Poetic

I was invited by Jools to guest post on her blog. Please head on over to read!!!!

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to prolific blogger and the cheeriest, most up-beat and positive poet I’ve ever encountered – Ritu Bhathal. Ritu finds so much to smile and be positive about. Her blog is a wellspring of optimism and good cheer, liberally sprinkled with her delightful poems, stories of her life, family […]

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Ritu’s Healthy Eating – Week 32 – #icandothis

Quick recap… I have reached that target weight, and I am happy to announce that I have stayed the same again this week! My food has looked a bit like this…

Last week I said I would try and share some recipes that I have been using over the last few months. There is so much that I have made, simply by throwing things into a pan, but if you have any specific requests,I would love you to ask, so I can see what I can do!

I thought this week I would start with a simple breakfast recipe of Quark pancakes.


1 tbsp of Quark
1 tsp of sweetener
1 egg

  • Whisk the ingredients together to make your batter.
  • Heat up a pan. I use Frylight spray, or a few sprays of olive oil to grease the pan.
  • Pour a little batter in at a time to create small pancakes. This is easier as a large one is quite hard to turn, without it falling apart!
  • Turn, and cook on both sides until golden brown,then put on a plate and serve with whatever you wish!
  • For a slightly savoury twist, I add bacon that has been cooked with the fat cut off, and then drizzle Agave Nectar on top instead of Maple syrup.
  • For a sweet alternative, I place mixed berries on top, sweeten some quark with a little sweetener, and dollop that on top of the berries. Sprinkle some cinnamon on top and you have a lovely sweet breakfast that feels quite decadent!
  • For those that are slimming world followers, you just have to syn the sweetener, and any agave nectar you use! Pretty low syn breakfast if you ask me!

Enjoy! And remember if there are any requests for specific recipes, do let me know!


Ritu’s Healthy Eating Week 31 – #icandothis

Hey all! I am back with another dose of food pictures and an update in the healthy eating life of Moi!

I have been at home again all week due to the whiplash, and that has resulted in me cooking all my meals properly at home, but the downside? I have ended up being a little naughty too. Snacking is far too easy when you are home, and there are naughty things to choose from as well! Chocolate covered rice cakes are okay if you have one or two, but not a whole packet! The same goes for the McVitites Thin Digestives! And if you have scones, or hot cross buns at home, well then, excuse my French, but you’re b*ggered!

Still, here is the good stuff I ate!

Oh, and we were finally able to cut Lil Princess’s cake, 2 weeks late, thanks to my accident, but better late than never!


Petula Pug!

And as usual, Friday morning and the scales beckoned.

1.5lb on.

But, I am not too worried! I over reached on my target last week, and this week I am actually at the target weight I set myself, so I am totally happy with that!

Still feeling achy, but not as tired this week. Exercise, apart from the gentle stretches I have to do, is still not on the cards, but I will slowly get back into it!

Until next week Peeps!

I’m thinking I may start to post some recipes each week now, to share some of the simple but healthy dishes I have started to make! What do you think?

Ritu’s Healthy Eating – Week 30 #icandothis

It’s been a roller coaster of a week, emotionally, as you all know, what with funerals, and life-threatening accidents, then prolonged time off at home, with the threat of grazing too much… But here’s my food…There was convenience, a little naughtiness, and pancakes!

And how did I do? Well, I’m not gonna recommend the Stop The Motorway Diet, but …

I lost 2lbs!

So that is 25.5lb off with Slimming World, 30.5lb off in total, and I smashed my second Slimming World target!

As I said, I don’t recommend shock and emotion for weight loss in the long run… but it worked!

Now all of you have a wonderful week Peeps! Luck and love, and lots of lovely healthy food! ❤

Ritu’s Healthy Eating Week 29 – #icandothis

It was another week of emotional ups and downs. Birthdays, coping with loss, late nights, back to school..some element of cake, and lots of trying to be good, to counteract the naughtiness of the previous week.

Then I had a great time at Bhangra this week. 45 minutes of pure jumping around! I managed to get a friend to video us.. there’s me in the middle!

That! 45 minutes of that, with one short break in the middle lol!

And the results, you ask?

Well, I managed to maintain once again!


So that’s 23.5lb off with Slimming World, and 28.5lb off in total! That elusice 0.5lb is still haunting me! But I am happy!

Until next week Peeps…I still have more cake to eat this week!

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