One-Liner Wednesday – Look Back

“Sometimes you really should look back and see exactly how far you’ve come.”

Ritu Bhathal

For Linda’s #1LinerWeds Linda was worried about posting late, this week. Well, I’m right with her there, today!

Chai And A Chat #186 #ChaiAndAChat

Is it bad that I am counting down the weeks until the next half term? Two to go…!

Right, so, have you got your drinks ready?

  • If we were having chai I’d tell you I have had a HELL of a week. It has been a journey of extreme downs and a few ups but unfortunately more downs than ups, and I am still, quite frankly, exhausted from it all. Nothing I can really go into in detail here, but from issues that arose at school that were avoidable, if only we talked more, as well as things at home, coming to light, which I am glad I know about, now, but which are also extremely tough for a parent to swallow, and the ongoing journey is not going to be smooth, or easy. Shattered… emotionally, as well as physically.
  • If we were having chai, I’d say that other than that, school was lovely. The kids are progressing so well, and even the ones who have SEN, are showing some progress, and aside from a few wobbles, things are good. I can’t believe I have to do my final data on them in a month’s, time! Where has this academic year gone?
  • If we were having chai I’d mention that cricket training was cancelled on Wednesday, much to Lil Man’s disdain as there was heavy rain all day. However he played his first league match on Saturday and the weather was gorgeous. They won! Yay! And he got two wickets, after bowling 7 overs, giving away only 24 runs, which was a great score, for a spin bowler! Still, never happy, though! Here, please appreciate the gorgeous grounds of the pitch!
  • If we were having chai I would tell you that we have a wedding to attend in the Summer and Lil Princess wants a new outfit to wear. It’s not easy to get something inexpensive, that she will only wear once or twice, as well as the fact that we may need around 3 outfits! Still, we took the first step and found a small boutique near the school with some great outfits. And a bonus is that I know the owners! Always good when your teaching career means that you know the local business people! We are still looking but I couldn’t believe how grown up she was looking in these outfits. Slow down, time!
  • If we were having chai I would probably get a tad excited as I told you about my Facebook Live interview with my favourite author, Amanda Prowse! I was honoured that she wanted to talk to me about my books and writing, in her group, My Book Friends, where she hosts alongside several others amazing authors! We managed to finally get going at around 8.30pm after a few technical hitches, but if you want to have a listen, here is the link to the post.
  • If we were having chai I would end, as always, with my Sonu Singh. He’s trying to work out the best place to chill out when it gets warm, and recently has decided that the conservatory floor is good, in the sun! Bless my furry son!
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This week I have Pops’ Birthday to look forward to on Sunday, as well as a packed week at school. Some staffing ups and downs mean that we will need to be on duty in different capacities, and a different timetable of duty is also being implemented, so fingers crossed it all works! There will still be Cricket (when is there not, in the summer months!) and the usual everyday things going on!

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Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 375 – Overcoming Problems


“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” 


Definitely one for me to keep in my mind after this last week, Spidey, thank you.

Another week, another whole host of issues to contend with. No one ever said being a parent was going to be easy, and being a teacher in team management is exactly the same!

This week, I have had things going on at school and home, involving the emotional well-being and mental health of people I care about.

A lot.

And how ironic, since it is Mental Health Awareness week, here in the UK.

It has been exhausting, to say the least, but equally, I feel proud of the people involved for coming forward and talking to me or someone who they feel will listen.

The above quote totally highlights this.

Anything we want to do for ourselves starts by us taking that first step. It may seem small to some, but any step is a big step, especially if it is the first.

What I do know is that this is the start of what could be a very precarious journey for us in some ways, but at least we are on that journey, now.

So, have you ever had to deal with someone whose own mental health has been hanging by a thread? How have you managed through the journey?


Wishing you a wonderfully peaceful Sunday, Peeps!

#SoCS – May 14 2022 – Hat

Linda’s SoCS prompt

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “hat.” Use it literally or metaphorically. Have fun!

Hats are great things, aren’t they?

They cool you in the summer and can warm you in the winter.

They can be protective, or add a splash of glamour to your look.

Equally, they just add character to some people.

Now, when you have curly hair, hat-head can be even more of a thing for you, compared to your straighter haired compadres… Because curls do like to hold certain shapes, or they like to frizz up.

I also have the problem of when I sleep at night, I can end up with one side of flattened curls and one side still full of bounce, and I don’t wash every day because I don’t have the time to do the styling involved every morning!

This has led to some more research into products I could and should be using, and how to combat flat head, and one thing I read about was using a satin/silk sleep bonnet or pillowcase to reduce frizz overnight, and also satin or silk-lined beanies for the colder months, when you need a hat, but could do without the silly way your hair moulds to said hat, retaining its shape on your bonce, once you have removed it!

So I bought some satin sleep hats, or bonnets off Amazon (good old Amazon, you can say what you like, they have been a lifesaver for me!) and, though I look like I am about to go to bed with a shower cap on my head, they actually do retain the curl, and feel so comfortable to wear, too! I have been amazed, and even my colleagues at school have commented upon how much curlier my hair looks, on the middle days between washes!

And, the proof is in the pudding, so I am even baring my bonce, along with sleep bonnet, for you to see. This is a pic from this morning, without any extra curl spray, (and no make up or filters, sorry!) and I promise, I didn’t colour coordinate my pyjamas! It was just pure luck!

Still got the bouncy curls!

One-Liner Wednesday – Books

“The day I complain that I have too many books is the day you know I’ve lost it!”

Ritu Bhathal

For Linda’s #1LinerWeds

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