Well, This was a Nice Surprise!

Yesterday I was so excited!

I checked my notifications after school and saw this…


3000 WordPress followers! And over 4000 subscribers in total!

Then when I went to post about my amazement, it had dropped… 😦 to 2999.

So I went to bed and thanked goodness that I hadn’t posted in excitement too early!

This time, after school I checked and look!

Screenshot (28)

I am so surprised, shocked and humbled that so many pressed that follow button!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who have decided my little blog is worthy of a subscribe!

That has given me a little boost before the observation tomorrow!!!

I just hope that I can keep all of you entertained, and happy to be part of my blogily!


Sacha is back with this week’s #Writespiration prompt!


Your challenge is to write your story using the weekly theme/prompt and write it in just 52 words…. EXACTLY, no more, no less.
This week, include the following in your story:

“The bitch was right.”

Here goes!

She sniggered.
“Erm, Jane, you might want to lose that loo roll stuck to your shoe!”
Silly cow, always trying to show me up.
Not this time.
I walked into the meeting room and smiled at the board of directors.
They looked at me.
I looked down
Damn, the bitch was right!

On Being Observed… 11 ‘What Ifs’ Running Through My Mind.

I haven’t been sleeping well, you guys know that.

The reason is because I have a lesson observation on Thursday. I am pretty used to being observed by my manager, but this time it is her along with the Head Teacher, coming to see me in action.

But there are so many things running through my brain all the time, regarding said observation!

Oh My God!

What if…

  1. …I am doing EVERYTHING wrong!
  2. …I goof up?
  3. …the kids don’t listen?
  4. …I can’t speak?
  5. …I don’t live up to the expectations of the management?
  6. …my lesson just ‘doesn’t work’?
  7. …I can’t control the kids?
  8. …my staff don’t react in the way I’d like them to?
  9. …the children look bored?
  10. …things don’t go to plan?
  11. …the kids don’t learn?

I’ve spent nights thinking about specific activities that show the children being ‘stretched’ through play, and whether the activity makes sense/is fun/is beneficial/ticks the relevant boxes with regards to the learning intention I hope to achieve.

I worry about whether my behaviour management techniques with the children will be deemed to ‘work’. The children I am being observed with are lovely, but there are a couple of children with additional needs, and the obligatory behavioural issues, not to mention English as an Additional Language for most of the class!

Everything needs to be simple, they are three or four years old. But not too simple that it doesn’t challenge the children that are more able.

I have the additional pressure of the fact that when my colleague was observed, there were a lot of ‘issues’ pointed out, and I know that management want to see me addressing these issues, which I will.

I am confident in myself… until someone comes along to judge me.

Then I go to pot.

I’m the same with exams. I know what is needed, but put me under that exam pressure, and I crumble!

But I am worried that I’ll stutter, or I’ll waffle, to overcompensate and over explain things to the kids, waffling away, as is the case with me normally, so imagine what ‘over-waffling’ could be like?!

Oh dear God, see! I am waffling on here again already… you are reading my nerves!!!!

So please, wish me luck for tomorrow.

‘Everything Works Out in the End’-FFF 39 #FlashFictionForay

Matt The Book Blogger’s prompt for this week’s #FlashFictionForay.

This week’s edition will be on (drumroll please)… Kodaline’s Everything Works Out in the End. Feel free to base responses of anything to do with the song, I always enjoy any different takes!

It’s a song I hadn’t heard before, but here’s my take!

100 words of crazy, as usual!

Meet Bob, my fiancé.
And that’s Jill, my Maid of Honour.
Yes they are walking up the aisle.
Rewind to three hours ago.
I was having a breakdown.
It had dawned on me that it was Jim I loved, not Bob.
Jim, the Best Man.
Jill’s boyfriend.
So was I!
And I was meant to be getting married TODAY!
Then Bob went all gooey eyed looking at Jill.
And she looked at him the same.
So we swapped places today.
Jim squeezed my hand.
Everything works out in the end, they say … I guess they were right.

Neon Music Sign

RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #146 Behold&Eye

Ron’s prompt this week.

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge Image 2016

Behold & Eye

The first… a little serious…


Image from Pixabay

Eyes cannot unsee
Witness to all that happened
Truly scarred for life

Ritu 2017

And a second for my Lil Man who has been bringing home scrumptious delights as he has started Food Technology (formerly known as Cookery, but that’s too girly for boys!)


Behold the wonder
He made his first Mac’n’Cheese
Feast your eyes on it!

Ritu 2017

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