Chai And A Chat #119 #ChaiAndAChat #CoronaDiaries Week 43

Week two of this school home learning, and official lockdown three done… How was yours?

Right, got your drink?

  • If we were having chai I’d begin with telling you about school, as always. It was a bit surreal, having just one child in for three days. He is a vulnerable child, and the extra attention was definitely good for him, but it means, for safeguarding sake, we need two adults at all times, for safeguarding and child protection reasons. We did think about having him incorporated into another yeargroup bubble, but it wouldn’t be fair, as each group are accessing the relevant learning to their age, so he would have been thrown in at the deep end, really. But we coped. So did he! Planning was done, many phone calls made to parents to make sure they were okay, and the odd device (government ones) handed out to families in dire need. We’ve had some online training too, and I know there is more of that to come. The great thing was that I managed to actually get everything done, that I needed to, so I could work from home on Friday, which was great. I woke a teensy bit later, but was no less busy, being logged in to interact with, and mark the children’s work, as well as being in touch with my team, and setting rotas for the following week.
  • If we were having chai I’d tell you that we had to make a decision to try and lessen any contact with the in-laws, including the food delivery mum likes to provide. The numbers of the virus cases here in our area are amongst the highest in the country. Even though it really helps me, to have a little food made, so I can quickly rustle up dinner, a couple of nights a week, the risks are too high, and considering all four of them are classed as vulnerable, we can’t take chances. But Mum wasn’t too happy. It is hard to try and explain why we are making certain decisions… But we know it’s for the best.
  • If we were having chai I’d add that our house situation is also something that they aren’t happy about. If we can’t see them, why are we still looking at houses? Tough to explain to them, but we need to carry on with our search or another part of our life is put on hold. We had another viewer of our property, and went to see two prospective homes as well… all done in Covid secure situations. I do hope I have positive news to share with you soon…
  • If we were having chai I’d tell you that I finally finished my Bridgerton series reading binge, too! All eight books, read, as well as a second epilogue volume, too! Fun and games! I shall miss Regency romance, as I dive into the next lot of books I have to read!
  • If we were having chai I’d tell you that I am still journaling every day, too, and it is my little respite from the world.
  • If we were having chai I’d have a really sad face as I share the next bit of news from our world. A few days ago, when I went to have a catch up with my birds ( we have two parrotlets, Heer and Ranjha – miniaature parrots) I found one of them, the boy, Ranjha, dead, on the floor of the aviary cage, and poor Heer, the girl, just standing by him. He was only four. And we have no idea why he died. It was a sad time… And amazing how Sonu Singh was affected too. He keeps going and sitting at the cage, almost as if he knows Heer is alone now, and needs company. She was very quiet the first couple of days, after her mate was taken away, but is back to her feisty self again, now. I got her a little mirror so she thinks she has company, as well. RIP our beautiful Ranjha…
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This week, I’ll need to ring the doctor first, to apologise for totally missing an appointment that I had booked, last week, and trying to rearrange it! Then, there is school, but maybe more working from home this week, as I am not on Key Worker children duty. And house stuff… it’s all a bit same same, isn’t it?

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Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 306 – Sunshine Hopes


“It never hurts to keep looking for sunshine.”


Oh, perfect, Spidey. And Winnie the Pooh and his friends never fail to provide quotes to make you think.

You’ve probbaly been fooled into thinking that Eeyore is that pessimistic character, who always searches out the doom and gloom, rather than the lighter side of life, but this quote proves otherwise.

A quote filled with hope, which is my word of the year.

It’s a take on the old, every cloud has a silver lining, isn’t it?

If we look hard enough, there is always a positive to pretty much any situation we find ourselves in. Granted, there arae times when it doesn’t seem possible, but when you look back on it, you might realise that glimmer of hope was always there, just waiting for you to realise it, and reach out and grab it.

I think you all pretty much know that I am that eternal optimist, and hope is always inside my heart.

Try and keep it in yours, too.

So… tell me, do you believe in silver linings?

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Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps.   

#SoCS – Jan. 16th – First Thing

Linda’s #SoCS prompt:

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “first thing.” Start your post with the words, “first thing” and go from there. Bonus points if you end your post with the last thing. Have fun!

First thing in the morning, after waking, of course I tend to reach for my phone.

It is such a bad habit, but I can’t help it.

I’m not as bad as I used to be. There were times that the first thing I would look at, would be my social media notifications, then I realised that they were taling over my life!

Now, I will only glance, to make sure there are no urgent messages from school and work, or family, then I go off to perform my morning ablutions, get things ready for the day, and maake my first cuppa of the morning.

Then I let myself sit and browse my notifications.

Still early… but not first thing!

January 14: Flash Fiction Challenge – World Book Drag

Charli’s Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge:

January 14, 2020, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about dressing up. It can be a child or another character. Be playful or go where the prompt leads!

World Book Drag

“But I don’t wanna!”

Little feed stomp, but I’ll be damned if my hard work won’t be worn today.

World Book Day.

The bane of every parent’s life.

I’ve been planning this costume since last year, after seeing the spectacular costume Jenny Harris-Smythe’s mother made for her daughter last year.

She was dining off her win for months!

So, I’m sorry, but today you WILL be wearing this, because I say so.

I don’t care if you think you look silly, and no, you can’t be Captain America! Ready-made costumes. Pah!

The prize will be mine!

Sorry, yes, yours…

Teacher Life – #TestingTimes

Well, hello there, Peeps!

It’s me, back again, musing on a Thursday abot the strange world we’re living in, especially the world of schools.

As you know, I’m not a huge fan of remote learning, and honestly, there are very few teachers worth their salt, who would honestly say they prefer the systems in place now, as opposed to face to face teaching.


I won’t wax lyrical again about the same thing, though.

A quick update. Week one was much smoother than I had imagined, and I embarked upon the calls for week two, as well as having students in the classroom, it being my turn this week. Aside from two parents who asked about the possibility of Zoom, or live lessons, everyone else was pretty happy. A few needed a little urging, again, to make sure they were helping their child to access learning, but there were at least a few who made a point of saying how happy they were with everything we were setting.

I’ve received photos of work, and even some wonderful videos of children demonstrating their learning. It warmed my heart!

Right. Update done.

What I was going to discuss today was the testing regime that has been suddenly flung into the picture today by the DfE for teachers in Primary School.

‘Apparently’, all Primary schools are going to be sent sets of Lateral Flow tests for school staff to utilise every day, if someone was to test positive, who was a possible close contact, I think, or maybe it’s a set of tests we are all to do every day? Still no clear guidance… surprised? I’m not!

So as long as you are getting negative tests, you keep coming in to work.

Though, these LF tests are around 50% accurate, so we may still end up in school, actually positive, but with a result that said negative…

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And if you test postive? You have to go and get a proper test, and isolate for 10 days.

Here’s hoping that doesn’t mean we end up shutting schools, if the ‘inaccurate’ tests tell a whole staff, or the majority, that they are positive!

Oh, well, onwards and upwards, eh!

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