Frantic Friday! – #Exhaustipated

The weekend couldn’t come soon enough!

And I have another big week ahead of me so I can’t relax just yet!

You all know I have rather a lot of duties in school this week, with two classes, and subject responsibilities, and the Governor role too…

And I am coping, honestly!

Yes, I am tired, but I combat this by falling asleep earlier.

  • If I don’t read my book then fair enough.
  • If I miss my fave show on Telly, no worries, it’s recordable.
  • If I don’t make the lunches, they can be done in the morning.
  • If I can’t be as hot on my blog and reader, I just have to cope with it.

Can I give you an example of one of my days this week?

Obviously, I wake up at 6am and have to make sure the kitchen is tidy, lunches packed, school bags ready by the door, feed the cat and birds, shower, have breakfast, read my emails and browse my reader, answer notifications and check my other Social Media, holler for Hubby Dearest and the kids to get up, then when all are ready, we finally leave!

  • 7.50am Get to school.
  • 8.00am Settle down in nursery for the morning.
  • 8.45am Let my nursery children in and spend time interacting and observing them. Meet a new parent and child, showing them around the environment.
  • 9.40am Get called to attend my Reception class to be part of the ‘My First Class’ photo that our local paper takes, and submits into a big supplement of all the reception classes in the area.
  • 10.00am Other teacher leaves to do a home visit with one assistant, leaving me with the other assistant, to field drink times and outside play.
  • 11.10am they arrive back in time to take kids back in for fruit and story.
  • 11.25am Off to a Reception parents meeting, which should last 30 mins.
  • 12.25pm Meeting overran by half an hour so yamming lunch down my throat as have a meeting with a fellow new Governor, to book in some training.
  • 12.45pm Realise I was meant to be in the classroom letting the afternoon nursery children in! Thank goodness Wednesday is the day my team teacher and I are together!
  • 12.50pm Spend time with children, observing and interacting.
  • 1.20pm Off to set up for some planning time.
  • 1.30pm Scheduled Progress meeting for children with possible SEN issues in Reception class.
  • 2.35pm – It overran again. Try to do some paperwork before…
  • 3.10pm back to Nursery to help supervise the end of the session as the afternoon kids can’t sit or stay quiet or understand instructions!
  • 3.45pm once all kids are picked up, head back to planning area to meet with Reception team to discuss the plans for next week.
  • 4.15pm Back to Nursery to discuss next weeks plans with my team teacher.
  • 5pm Finally leave work.

Then it didn’t end there – got home and had to make sure homework was done, dinner was eaten, birds and cat fed and cage cleaned. Quality time with the pets too. Also assisting Hubby with packing for his Boy’s weekend away. Ironing. Made lunches. Blogged… Collapsed to sleep just after 10pm!

So, do you get why the weekend is so welcome? And this was a week where the Reception class were only in for half days!

Next week, we start the Reception children on full days, which involves staying with them for lunch too for the first week, which means Monday and Tuesday will be full on! Wednesday I am with them too, to cover my Partner Reception teacher, then I have planning time in the afternoon. Nursery on Thursday and Friday, with a Governor’s meeting on Thursday evening too, and the children are having their first individual school photos on Friday, which is always fun with the Nursery children!

Oh my days, I need a real holiday!!!!!!!!!!

Flow #writephoto

Sue’s prompt for #WritePhoto this week:

Gushing waterfall
Flowing waters rushing by
Giving life to all

Ritu 2017


Willy! – Kids Logic Part 38 #ThrowbackThursday

Another priceless gem from Lil Princess!

LP: I know William is a boys name!

Me: How’s that?

LP: Easy! It’s got Willy in it!!!

A little smile-inducing morsel for you! 😊

One Lovely Blog Award

The Lovely Gary at Fiction Is Food nominated this here space for the One Lovely Blog award! Thank you Gary! #GaTu!

Fiction is Food


Rather like my book and story slush pile I have, during my 20 months blogging, gathered a similar stack of blogger recognition awards. Winters coming, and perhaps it’s time to clear the decks…

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Sacha’s back with yet another #Writespiration prompt!


Your challenge is to write your story using the weekly theme/prompt and write it in just 52 words…. EXACTLY, no more, no less.

This week I want you to write about the weird kid at school…

Oh, Sacha…I have so many weird kids I encounter at school, what a catalogue of memories I have to look back upon!

Here’s one celebrating weirdness, and showing not all weird kids are necessarily unable to accomplish goals in life.

The arena exploded into rapturous applause.
A huge audience chanted his name “Will! Will!”
This latest tour celebrated his fourth platinum selling album.
Inside his smile was brighter than the one he portrayed on the outside.
So much for being the weird kid at school.
Finally he’d shown them – Wilfred wasn’t weird!

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