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Hi all!

Just popping in to say Hello! ๐Ÿ‘‹!

And,how it happened, I don’t know, but I am now at over 6000 followers!

… Even if the last one is an Indian escort service…

Thank you and welcome all you wonderful new followers!

I do hope you’ll enjoy my ramblings!

And I’ve not forgotten you my Peeps from before! Missing posting and I’m sure I’ll be back soon!!!

How Long it Takes to Create a Novel Isnโ€™t Important, Writing it is. Inspiration From Author Ritu Bhathal #IWSG | Fiction is Food

Please pop over to Gary’s Blog, Fiction Is Food, where he has featured me, and my long winded journey to finish a novel (first draft!)

* Comments closed here, please feel free to make conversation over on his post!

via How Long it Takes to Create a Novel Isnโ€™t Important, Writing it is. Inspiration From Author Ritu Bhathal #IWSG | Fiction is Food

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 172 – Rest


โ€œHow beautiful it is to rest, and do nothing afterward.


Thanks, Spidey!

Yes, I’m still in rest mode, and have really done nothing productive this last week, being on half term too!

Actually, I lie.

I haven’t been creative on my blog, though I have been reading posts and interacting.

I have attended two barbeques (one at ours, one at a friends), been to the cinema, upgraded my phone (new Huawei P20 Pro – it’s lovely!), seen two cricket matches Lil Man played in (he was captain in one too!), taken the kids on two playdates, and watched ALL the available Black-ish episodes! I’ve read books, watched films, and spent time with my children and husband.

And, a biggie… I have decided to enter my novel into a competition. It’s a First Novel Competition, and if successful, I could be represented by a renowned agent, and be published by a traditional publisher! Baby steps, but I have spent an age, the last couple of days writing and tweaking the synopsis, and giving a good brush up of the first 3000 words.

But I have really relaxed. I have not thought about work either, and that is a good thing, as, going forward, it is going to be a really busy last term of the year, with new student home visits, and assessments for the old, report writing and organising for the new year…

One day of relaxation, then work stress will hit again, and I will be back, blogging properly soon too, just not quite yet…


Chillax Peeps, I am!

Happy Sunday!

Happy Guide by Michael Kinnaird #BookReview #Competition #Giveaway

Ever wondered how to create a lifestyle where you genuinely feel happy? Fulfilled? Content? Ready for other challenges?

It’s all about mindset, to be honest, and a healthy lifestyle.

If you are feeling good on the inside, you’ll project feeling good on the outside.

And if you are feeling happy within yourself, you ‘ll be more willing to face challenges that you encounter in day to day life.

I read a book recently, Happy Guide by Michael Kinnaird, which was a short, succinct guide to how to retrain your mind, and ultimately, your body to be ‘happy’, leading to a more fulfilling life.


I have been feeling a little bleurgh recently, and reading this gave me a kick up the backside, to start thinking about the root causes of my bleurgh-ness.

  • I need to sort my diet out.
  • I need to add some physical exercise to my day.
  • I need to ensure I am sleeping better, and more regularly.
  • I need to set some goals which I really want to achieve.
  • I need to learn to step back from things and learn to say no.

I’ve always been a pretty positive person, and that will never go away, but I fear it had slightly dimmed, with my exhaustion recently.

This book reminded me of the various stages I needed to go through to get my ‘happy’ back.

  • break bad habits
  • picture positive changes in my life
  • plan for a successful, happy future
  • eat and drink better
  • exercise
  • use nature’s medication and meditation, not be reliant on drugs
  • sleep better
  • clear my mind as well as my surroundings of clutter
  • start down the road to HAPPY!

A lot of the advice in the book is common sense. There were many chapters I read and smiled at, knowing my Pops says the same.

But it was great to have it all in one place, and in an order, that was easy to follow, and it left me feeling that I could succeed, and feel more fulfilled too!

And, lucky for you readers, I have access to three copies to be won by three of you!

I was approached by Michael’s brother, James, asking if I’d be interested in hosting a competition/giveaway.

And so here I am, happily giving these copies away, though, it’s not thatย easy! Here’s what I request of you, to be considered for one of the three copies.

“Happiness in a line” – tell me in one line how you achieve happiness. The three answers that touch a chord win a copy of the book, either digital or physical.

You have until Midnight (UK time)ย  Sunday 3rd June to post your entries in the comments below.

Good Luck!

Find out a little more about the Happy Guide by clicking here.

I’m always happy to help fellow writers and bloggers, though I wasn’t familiar with the book. They kindly sent me a copy to read, so I would feel confident with giving away their baby, alongside my own thoughts.


Meet The Bloggers Who Attended The 2018 Bloggers Bash

Check out Hugh’s great video from the Bash itself, and meet the attendees!

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