Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 182



“Embrace the glorious mess that you are.”

Elizabeth Gilbert

Thanks, Spidey.

I had a chat with a very close friend recently, involving our current wishes and hopes with regards to our weight, and bodies.

She said, My plan is to love myself… I love myself inside, just need to sort out the outside which is doable!”

And it made me think deeper.

We really do need to love ourselves truly, before we can actually accept that others may love us too.

With that self-love, and acceptance of ourselves, we portray a confidence which shines through.

It doesn’t matter what we look like, how our hair is styled, our size. As long as we are happy, and we like who we are, others will too. And that is inside, as well as out.

If there is something you aren’t happy with, you have the power to change it.

I’m not talking about flaunting yourself physically, expecting compliments, or anything like that. Not this selfie culture. I think they are posted more by insecure people, who need the validation of strangers as to whether they look good. Where the more ‘likes’ you get for your photo, the more popular you are.

That’s not receiving love, neither is it feeling love for yourself.

Self-love is just an internal feeling of being at peace with yourself.

I feel thankful that I do love myself. I accept who I am, and I feel confident to be the real me around everyone. Yes, I complain about my weight, but that is something I can sort out. It doesn’t define me though.


Take time out to appreciate the wonderfulness of YOU! Tell me something you love about yourself. 😘

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps ❤


Here’s a fun little tag set by a great little FB group I am a member of, Sharing, Inspiring, Promoting Bloggers. Read Amelia’s, Esme’s and Rachael’s too!

They have put forward 10 questions to answer about ourselves, just a little ‘get to know you’ kinda thing, and I do like these kinds of tags!

My answers…

  1. What is your favourite Summer holiday destination? I don’t have a specific place to be, to be honest. Just getting the chance to relax is the best, wherever I am!
  2. What is your favourite childhood memory of Summer? I loved spending my summers in Kenya, with my family out there, carefree, enjoying life, visiting various amazing places while I was there!
  3. Which do you prefer: ice-cream or frozen yoghurt? It’s got to be ice cream, but at the moment, if I get a frozen delight it has to be low carb, and low sugar, so Keto friendly ice pops made from cream cheese, and fruit are refreshing, and so are sorbets!
  4. What is your go-to dinner on a hot Summer evening? A nice big salad with grilled meat of some sort!
  5. What is your favourite BBQ food? I love to make chicken kebabs with vegetables, smothered in oyster sauce, yum!
  6. Share a song that takes you back to an amazing Summer. Killing ME Softly by the Fugees. 1996. I was going to be starting my last year at university and it was an awesome summer!
  7. How do you beat the heat in the Summer? I stay in where possible, wear minimal clothing, unless I have to look decent, drink lots of fluids, have a fan on, and sleep with just a sheet.
  8. Do you prefer swimming in the ocean or a pool? I like to swim in a pool, but I enjoy paddling and splashing in the ocean!
  9. Do you prefer to travel with family, friends or solo? I think there’s a place for all! I love my family trips, creating memories with young and old, I love to go away with friends, as there’s a different sort of joy you can have with your buddies. I’ve never travelled alone, but I’d like to try, as I think the beauty of choosing what you want to d whenever you want could be really freeing!
  10. Flip-flops or barefoot? I am a total boho barefoot babe where I can be! I love the feeling of grass, sand etc under my feet!


Here are the questions if you fancy a go!

  1. What is your favourite Summer holiday destination?
  2. What is your favourite childhood memory of Summer?
  3. Which do you prefer: ice-cream or frozen yoghurt?
  4. What is your go-to dinner on a hot Summer evening?
  5. What is your favourite BBQ food?
  6. Share a song that takes you back to an amazing Summer
  7. How do you beat the heat in the Summer?
  8. Do you prefer swimming in the ocean or a pool?
  9. Do you prefer to travel with family, friends or solo?
  10. Flip-flops or barefoot?

#SoCS August 11/18 – Bodily Functions

Linda’s prompt for SoCS this week…

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “bodily function.” Decide on one or write about a whole bunch of bodily functions. Bonus inspiration: here’s a website. Enjoy!

An Ode to all things Lavatorial
Our body does the strangest things
Sometimes it sleeps, sometimes it sings
By singing, I mean parping
Or slightly ruder, farting
It’s one of the things we have to do
Like eating and then going for a poo
And all the things that you drink
Wee wee time, another toilet link!
It’s not all lavatorial though
We have to sneeze and burp, you know
But there are times a burp can lead
You to the loo again indeed
Because you may feel the urge
The contents of your stomach to purge
And vomiting can come hand in hand
With that other function needing the pan
For if you’ve ever suffered D and V
You’ll be pooping constantly!

Ritu 2018

Catch ya later Peeps! Happy Saturday!


#WritePhoto – Summer

Sue’s #WritePhoto Prompt this week:

I love summer
No really, I do
Even though pollen
Makes me achoo!
The gardens look green
The flowers bloom
It’s time for shorts!
(I need to groom)
The sun coming out
The clear blue skies
As temperatures soar
To unheard of highs!
The sticky discomfort
As humidity settles
Watching sadly
As plants lose their petals
The sun disappears
Who turned out the light?
As rain starts to pour
From morning to night
The moans from us all
That it’s too cold or hot
We’re never just happy
With whatever’s our lot!
We should be used to this,
One form after another
After all this is
The Great British Summer!
Ritu 2018



August 9– Flash Fiction  – Caught In The Act

Charli’s prompt this week:

August 9, 2018, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes  an act of “peering from the woods.” Go where the prompt leads.

I think this warrants a sequel to last week’s yellow tent-ry! Read here for the first part.

Caught In The Act

“Well Annie, that was fun! We should make these meetings of ours interesting more often.”
Petey unzipped the front flap of his yellow tent, allowing for a slice of light to cut through the darkness of the forest.
He stepped out and stretched, post-coitally, opening his eyes to the beauty of nature.
And stopped.
What was that?
Peering from the woods, he swore he saw the face of his wife, Susan, eyes open wide in horror.
A rustling sound followed.
“Come back Petey honey, we’ve still got time.” Annie’s voice brought him back.
Petey feared his time was up.


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