Writers, Have You Heard About The Occupation Thesaurus? (And a GIVEAWAY!) @WriterThesaurus @AngelaAckerman @beccapuglisi

Hi everyone! Today I have something fun to share…a special chance to win some help with your writing bills.

Awesome, right?

Some of you may know Angela Ackerma and Becca Puglisi of Writers Helping Writers.

Well, today they are releasing a new book, and I’m part of their street team. I’m handing the blog over to them so they can tell you about their Writer’s Showcase event, new book, and a great freebie to check out. Read on!

Certain details can reveal a lot about a character, such as their goals, desires, and backstory wounds. But did you know there’s another detail that can tie your character’s arc to the plot, provide intense, multi-layered conflict, AND shorten the “get to know the character” curve for readers?

It’s true. Your character’s occupation is a GOLD MINE of storytelling potential.

Think about it: how much time do you spend on the job? Does it fulfill you or frustrate you? Can you separate work from home? Is it causing you challenges, creating obstacles…or bringing you joy and helping you live your truth?

Just like us, most characters will have a job, and the work they do will impact their life.

The ups and downs can serve us well in the story.

Maybe you haven’t thought much about jobs in the past and how they act as a window into your character’s personality, interests, and skills.

It’s okay, you aren’t alone.

The good news is that The Occupation Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Jobs, Vocations, and Careers is going to do all the heavy lifting for you. (Here’s one of the job profiles we cover in this book: FIREFIGHTER.)


To celebrate the release of a new book, Writers Helping Writers has a giveaway happening July 20th & July 23rd.

You can win some great prizes, including gift certificates that can be spent on writing services within our Writer’s Showcase.

Stop by to enter!

Resource Alert: A List of Additional Jobs Profiles for Your Characters

Some of the amazing writers in our community have put together additional career profiles for you, based on jobs they have done in the past.

What a great way to get accurate information so you can better describe the roles and responsibilities that go with a specific job, right? To access this
list, GO HERE.

Happy writing to all!

And as A STREET MEMBER, I was given early access to this fantastic resource… I am making sure the order is in for the hard copy, to add to my Thesaurii collection!

The Occupation Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman

The Occupation Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Jobs, Vocations, and Careers by Angela Ackerman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Having purchased all the other Thesaurus books in this fantastic set of resources, I jumped at the chance to be able to read an ARC of the Occupation Thesaurus.
If all we wrote about, was what we know, then our characters would be a bunch of people with not very diverse backgrounds and jobs, but lo and behold, we now have a resource that will help us to find the perfect job for our characters, and a list of responsibilities, situations, characteristics required, personality traits, etc. to help us delve into a career we may have no previous knowledge of.
Knowing an occupation, in detail, can really enhance your character, within a story. The place they work, and the job they do can affect them emotionally, and mentally, so having this new thesaurus to help piece together information to flesh out your character’s background is priceless, and can even give you catalysts for behaviours and incidents in your story.
I can’t wait for the hard copy to be available to order, because I’ll be putting my order in straight away on the 20th July! Updated – It’s arrived!!!

This Is Lockdown #BlogTour @Marjorie_Mallon

I am so excited to invite Marje over to talk about her latest project, which she took on over the Lockdown period; a project I have taken part in too! I’m not going to ramble on, but please, read on for Marje’s wonderful description of This Is Lockdown!

Thank you to my lovely friend Ritu, (who is an awesome contributing author,) for invitinag me to her lovely blog today to talk about: This Is Lockdown.

This project has grown enormously! It started off as a popular series on my blog, in which writers and authors shared their thoughts about isolation during COVID19. At the time, I was writing my COVID19 personal diaries, flash fiction, poetry, and short stories to take my mind off the sad news reports and escalating deaths. It didn’t occur to me that this coping mechanism would become a published book! As the contributions grew, I realised that this lovely project had the potential to become much more… Not only that, but it could connect a diverse bunch of authors who might never have discovered each other if it weren’t for COVID19.

The wonderful contributing authors and creatives are many in number!

Richard Dee, (Sci Fi , Steampunk, Amateur Detective author,) Catherine Fearns, (Amazon Bestselling Author of Police Procedural/Mysteries and Music Journalist,) Lynn Fraser, (Author,) Jackie Carreira, (Writer, musician, designer and aspiring philosopher,) Willow Willers, (Poet and writer,) Sharon Marchisello, (Murder Mystery, Financial non-fiction,) Fi Phillips , (Author, Copy Writer) Jeannie Wycherley, (dark stories, suspense, horror,) Chantelle Atkins, (urban fiction, teen/YA,) Tracie Barton-Barrett, (Speaker/author,) Peter Taylor- Gooby, (Crime, Love Stories, Political Fiction,) Ritu Bhathal, (Chick Lit romance, poet,) Alice May , (Author, Artist and Speaker,) Miriam Owen, (Blogger and Doctural Researcher,) Drew Neary and Ceri Williams (Ghost Horror, Supernatural,) Katherine Mezzacappa, (author name: Katie Hutton,) (Historical Fiction/Romance,) Sally Cronin, (huge supporter of indie community/blogger/author) Debby Gies (D G Kaye), (Memoirist/NonFiction,) Adele Marie Park, (Fantasy, horror, urban fantasy,) Marian Wood, (blogger, poet and writer.) Samantha Murdoch, (Writer, Blogger,) Beaton Mabaso (Blogger, African Storyteller,) Frank Prem  (Poet, Author,) Anne Goodwin (Author, Book Blogger) Sherri Matthews (Writer, Photographer, Blogger,) and Jane Horwood and Melissa Santiago-Val – Community Masks 4 NHS

I arranged the book into two sections. The first half is a compilation of my personal diaries, poems and photography and an anthology of writings about isolation from contribution authors, their poignant poetry and thoughts at this time.

Here is one of the pieces from Sally Cronin:

Double Etheree – Silver Lining

there is a
silver lining
to isolation.
A chance to reassess
how we effectively use
one of life’s great commodities
so often wasted and lamented
yet measured so accurately each day.
Time can be fleeting or last a lifetime
and it seems there is little to spare.
But during this brief hiatus
I have come to understand
that clocks do not decide
how I use this gift.
In the future
I will live
and love

© Copyright Sally Cronin 2020

The second half includes my flash fiction, poetry, and a YA romance short piece: The Poet’s Club, plus a more mature piece called Love Affair, ( set post virus.)

Excerpt: Love Affair – Post Virus

Annie glanced at her scrawny husband. A glance was all it took. He couldn’t lift her, no carried wife could she ever be. No threshold over which she could be taken. Adam was different. His different scared her. She couldn’t help but imagine Adam lifting her onto his shoulders and running to the ocean, his bare skin wet with the salty water, his hard, taut muscles flexing. What would happen thereafter? Would he leave her to the fishes, or scoop her up with dreamy kisses? She knew what she would become: a carried Jezebel; perhaps she’d like that more.

© Copyright M J Mallon 2020

Recently, I sent out ARC copies to contributing authors, and the lovely email comments I’ve received back have touched me deeply…

I’d like to mention this particular comment:

“I particularly loved the beginning when you talked about your uneasiness of COVID, despite what was being reported. What I find absolutely remarkable is that although we live on opposite sides of the pond, our experiences were/are so similar.” Tracie Barton-Barrett (contributing author.)

This is the unique aspect of This Is Lockdown. Our global experiences are so similar in many ways. Unfortunately, this is a worldwide pandemic, so whether we live in the UK, Italy, Australia, USA, Canada, Zimbabwe…, we are sadly, all in this together and there is much common ground.

Therein, lies the secret, internationally we must draw together and try to help each other through this. Work towards a common goal – overcoming this virus.

My diaries in This Is Lockdown are expressed from a writer’s perspective, but they are also from a family perspective. They honestly share the manner in which this virus affected my family of four: myself, hubby and our two grown daughters. To date, we have been lucky, and for that I am incredibly grateful. There are anxious moments, sad stories, but there is also a sense of overcoming, hope, and kindness.

Talking of kindness and positivity, I’m thrilled that Jane Horwood and Melissa Santiago-Val have contributed a piece about their fundraising venture #CommunityMasks4NHS and free masks for charities and not-for-profit organisations.

To date, they have raised a staggering £30,000.

And the masks are cool! Here I am wearing a sea themed one. Yes, I am missing the seaside!

During this time, I have been the mother hen trying to keep the peace and making the best out of this horrendously scary experience.

Both myself and my eldest daughter have been on furlough from work (a scheme in the UK to pay 80% of the salaries of employees to keep them from redundancy.) My hubby has been working from home and my youngest daughter has been studying and working in her part-time job in a supermarket.

We have spent more quality time together in this lockdown than we have for an exceptionally long time. This has been challenging at times, but it has also been rewarding. Empty nest syndrome is beckoning. From the end of August my eldest daughter will leave to study at Strathclyde University in Glasgow – Secondary Teacher training. My youngest is returning to Manchester to complete her last year at University.

It will just be hubby and I!

Change is coming, COVID19 is still here. So we must carry on. We will hand sanitise, stay as safe as we can, learn to adjust to this ‘new normal.’

Except my ‘new normal’ is different. I am now a keen yoga enthusiast, (Yoga With Adriene,) I bake more, I’ve learnt so many ‘new’ blogging and publishing skills. During lockdown I’ve added a newsletter to my blog, I’ve learnt how to use Kindle Create… and my youngest daughter created a brief promo video for my YA Fantasy The Curse of Time.


I will forever remember this time in all its shades of light and darkness and hope you all stay safe and well.

I’m so excited for This Is Lockdown, I have a good feeling about this, I hope it will showcase all the brilliant authors in the anthology. I’m looking forward to reading more from them and sharing in their successes.

This Is Lockdown releases on 20th July, it is on preorder until then.

Buying Link:

Amazon UK link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08CD1MCFB?pf_rd_r=NPA6S5SQJ30A6VYX87Q5&pf_rd_p=e632fea2-678f-4848-9a97-bcecda59cb4e

Amazon US link:

Author Bio

I was born on the 17th of November in Lion City: Singapore, (a passionate Scorpio, with the Chinese Zodiac sign a lucky rabbit,) second child and only daughter to my parents Paula and Ronald, only sister to my elder brother Donald. I spent my early childhood in a mountainous court dwelling in the Peak District in Hong Kong.
It’s rumoured that I now live in the Venice of Cambridge, with my six-foot hunk of a Rock God husband. My two enchanted daughters often return with a cheery smile.

Sometimes when the mood takes me, I adopt an alter ego, M J – Mary Jane from Spiderman. I love superheroes!
When I’m not writing, I eat exotic delicacies while belly dancing, or surf to the far reaches of the moon. To chill out, I practice Tai Chi and Yoga. If the mood takes me, I snorkel with mermaids, or sign up for idyllic holidays with the Chinese Unicorn, whose magnificent voice sings like a thousand wind chimes.

My favourite genres to write are: YA fantasy, magical realism, and various forms of poetry. I blog about books, writing, photography and inspiration at: https://mjmallon.com

I enjoy writing articles celebrating the spiritual realm, my love of nature and all things magical, mystical, and mysterious. One of my greatest pleasures is reading. I’ve written over 150 reviews at my lovely blog home: https://mjmallon.com/2015/09/28/a-z-of-my-book-reviews/
I’m a member of a professional writing body. SCBWI, the Society of Children’s Writers and Illustrators.


Authors Website:https://mjmallon.com
Authors Amazon Page: https://www.amazon.co.uk/M-J-Mallon/e/B074CGNK4L
Twitter: @Marjorie_Mallon and @curseof_time

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mjmallonauthor/
#ABRSC: Authors Bloggers Rainbow Support Club on Facebook
Goodreadshttps://www.goodreads.com/author/show/17064826.M_J_Mallon BookBub: https://www.bookbub.com/profile/m-j-mallon

Collaborative Grouphttps://www.facebook.com/pg/5SpiritualSisters/

An anthology and compilation of diaries, short stories, flash fiction, contributions from the ‘isolation writers,’ plus poetry written during the time of lockdown in the UK. This Is Lockdown is written from a writer’s perspective highlighting the simple pleasures of day-to-day life during such an uncertain and frightening time. It also gives a glimpse of the blogging, writing world. The book showcases several authors and their thoughts on what it is like to experience ‘isolation’ as a writer. I also discuss the handling of the pandemic and my thoughts on what might happen next. In the final part of the book I include my latest short story idea: a YA romance and various short pieces of poetry, and flash fiction inspired by the pandemic.

And there you have it! Make sure you get your copy!

Thank you so much to Marje for taking the time to actually compile everything together, and to make it into a book that we can read, to remember this crazy time!

Chai And A Chat #93 #ChaiAndAChat #CoronaDiaries Week 17

Well, hello all!

I’m sitting here with an iced drink as it is rather warm, but have you got whtaever you want? Right, let’s get on!

  • If we were having chai I’d start with my school update. The days ahve been pretty similar, with my 13 children, except I am now down to 12 as one has chicken pox (let’s see if any others go down with it!) It’s been calm, leaving me with time to get a lot of paperwork done in the afternoons, when another teacher takes my class, to give me time to get ready for September… because… DRUM ROLL…
  • If we were having chai I’d tell you we might need bubbles because, as of September, I am the new Early Years Phase Leader! This is my first foray into management, and I have to say, I have never actually thought about this ide of teaching. My real passion is to be the best teacher I can be. But my head offered me the position, because of my experience, and she thinks I can handle it… So, this means I will be responsible for all the Reception and Nursery classes, their curriculum, and needs, managing the staff (I will have 3 teaches and 5 teaching assistants in my team) and up to 100 children! I will still have my own class of 30, but I will oversee the rest. I have been busy getting plans up for the return to school, ad working out a way for our new children to start in the least stressful waay for them, and us, after all, they will be teeny, and many won’t have even met us. Oh, and we are also bringing in a new EYFS curriculum too, as Early Adopters for the Government… not much to stress about, eh! Still, it’s a new professional challenge, and my own personal one will be to make sure I keep my work/life balance manageable!
  • If we were having chai I would tell you that in order to stay organised with my life, I ordered a proper planner for everything, and I am looking forward to filling it up! I aalso have a teacher diary on order which won’t arrive until next month, but that will get filled with specific school info!
  • If we were having chai I’d tell you that we took Lil Princess to the orthodontist, and she hasa had some separator bands put in. The next appointment is on Tuesday, but we already had to go back once, as one band decided to ping out! And she picked up her new specs, too. It’s all change for her!
  • If we were having chai I’d mention that the kids are now officially on their holiday now, but I still have another week to go. I can’t wait to enjoy at least 3 weeks of not thinking about school, because the building will be closed, to allow everyone to have a proper break.
  • If we were having chai I’d proudly mention that we had a lovely day on Saturday, at Lil Man’s cricket match. It was his first game with one of the Mens teams and he did so well! the weather waas glorious. So hot, infact that I managed to get a sunburned chest! (The one place I forgot to put cream!)
  • If we were having chai I’d put on a sad face, and tell you that I didn’t manage words this week, but what with everything at school, my brain had no space. I did read though. And the running seems to have ground to a halt, because I am so tired by the evening… But I will start up doing something in the holidays, promise!

This week we finally break up! Thank goodness! The kids last day is Wednesday, but we are still in on Thursday, and possibly Friday, to finish up our setting up for September, tentatively, at least, because things may change in the holidays again!

There are more appointments for Lil Princess, and a bike that needs fixing, and I need to schedule some relaxation time in as well, this week!

Oh, and while you’re here, did you sign up for my mailing list? I am in the middle of writing an exclusive Chickpea Curry Lit story for my subscribers, and there will be news, tips and even recipes! You know you want to join… go on! Click the pic below to sign up!

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 281 – Supportive


“Behind every young child who believes in himself, is a parent who believed first.”

Matthew Jacobson

Thank you, Spidey, for finding another great quote to illustrate what I’m thinking today.

Today, we spent around eight hours travelling to, and from, and sitting through, another of Lil Man’s cricket matches, as a family.

(Granted, Lil Princess was dragged, with no interest at all, but she did sit, so props to her for not complaining too much!)

Lil Man loves cricket with a passion. It runs in the family on both sides, with a dad who used to play as a youngster for the district, and an uncle (my brother) who played for Warwickshire county as aa young man, and now is in the Finnish national team.

This year’s season has been hit and miss, what with the Pandemic (as has so much stuff) but a few weeks ago, training resumed and he was so happy. Last week, he played a match, and came awaay quite disheartened, as certain adults were a bit rude to him…

But on Saturday, he was asked to play in his first Men’s match, with the clubs’ 5th team.

We travelled to near Whitstable, in the heat. Whitstable is a seaside town, so we were stuck in traffic, as all the rest of the cars wanted to head for the beach.

Once we arrived, the weather was glorious, and we set out our mats, to sit and watch, as he joined in the game.

He was nervous, slightly, because of the comments last week, but with us there to encourage him, I think it gave him a boost.

He was the last batsman, and finished the innings, with six runs from three bowls, including a four, and was not out.

Bowling is his forte, being a leftie spin bowler, so when they switched over, we waited with bated breath, for them to call him up to bowl.

It took a while, but being a forty-over-each-way match, there were plenty of chances.

He managed to take a catch, clean bowl someone out, and had another batsman run out from one of his bowls, so three wickets out of 9 were his!

Proud parents, we were, sat there, clapping him on.

They lost, but it was a tight finish, and the joy at seeing him being congratulated by the elder, more respected members of the team was heart-warming.

Talking of warming… it was boiling there, and we slathered on the suncream, but I obviously missed a spot, and am now sporting a burnt chest!

And at no time have we doubted his skill.

Lil Man is a fantastic team player. Academics may not be his thing, but sports are. And we, as a family, are right there behind him, cheering him on.

Not least because as a child myself (albeit a grown up one) I know that my own parents have been behind me my whole life, encouraging and pushing me to do what my heart believes, from my teaching, to my writing.

Knowing they believe in me, helps me believe in myself, and this is something I want to pass on to both our children.

So tell me, how do you support your children, or do you have supportive parents?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps  And enjoy your week! ❤ 

You READ – but do you leave REVIEWS? – by Chris Graham (aka The Story Reading Ape)

Please, leave reviews!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog


A stack of books and words Read - Review - RepeatIf not, why not?

I don’t have time

The author probably spent a heck of a lot more time writing the story than you took to read it, no matter how slow you think you are, so why not take a few minutes to record your feelings about it.

I can’t write long fancy reviews like those I see on book review blogs

You don’t have to, Amazon, for example, only ask you to use a minimum of 25 non repeating words.

I can’t express myself very well

No-one is asking you to produce a literary masterpiece, start off with things you liked, didn’t like or a mix of both about the book, e.g.,

I liked this book because –

it reminded me of –

it made me think about –

it made me so scared I couldn’t sleep for –

it made me feel homesick for –


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