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Here are the winners of the third Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Rodeo!

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I was invited to take part in an Anything But Books Tag Post by the lovely Author Shelley Wilson, who is not only a most fabulous author but a fantastic motivational writer too!

Seeing as I am sat here coughing and snivvling at home, I figured now is a good a time as any, to complete these cool questions!

Q1. Name a cartoon that you love

Image result for tom and jerry


There are so many that I love, being a big kid… you surely know that about me already! 😉 But one of my all-time favourites has to be Tom and Jerry. I remember my Pops recording episodes for my brother and me to watch on repeat! Simple fun which I think can still be accessed today!


Q2. What is your favourite song right now

I have to say that for the last few years, recent music has passed me by. I have been stuck in my bubble of favourite music from the 80’s and 90’s, to be honest. But now Lil Princess is getting older, she is introducing me to much more of the new music than I had access to. As a result, I am really enjoying the new stream of latino influenced songs that are out right now. I love the beat and sensuous feel of the music, and even though I don’t understand the words, my body and soul ‘feel’ it… do you get me? As a result, one of the songs I could listen to on repeat at the moment is Enrique Iglesias and Subeme La Radio!

Q3. What could you do for hours that isn’t reading

As Shelley mentioned, I could definitely people watch for hours, or find a great series I wanted to see, and binge-watch the whole thing! But as I have a job, and kids, and husband, and pets, the opportunities for either are few and far between!

Q4. What is something that you love to do that your followers would be surprised by

Sit quietly and alone.

I say this as I am quite ‘vocal’ on my blog, and I appear to be this great extrovert. And I am. But there are times when I want to be by myself, serene in my own silence. Honestly, I don’t just love hearing my voice all the time, I promise!

Q5. What is your favourite, unnecessarily specific thing to learn about

Old Indian traditions and customs and their roots. There are so many things we are expected to do, within our culture, and I love finding out the reasoning behind why we still fulfil those expectations.

Q6. What is something unusual you know how to do

I can count banknotes – really fast! A remnant of my banking cashier days! Not that I have many notes to count nowadays!

Q7. Name something that you’ve made in the last year

Hmm… aside from food that I make every day, I think I can safely say I have made progress in my career! As a teacher, I am being stretched, and I have been given new responsibilities, and also with the role of Governor tagged on, there is a sense of accomplishment I am feeling (along with the exhaustion that accompanies it!)

Q8. What is your most recent personal project

I think my self-imposed #RiNoWriMo in August was my biggest and most recent personal project. I have a book inside me that has been crying to get out for the last 17 years. It has taken this long for me to focus and take the first 13,000 words into something more in the region of 70,000! It still isn’t finished but I hope that in the new year I will create time to finish this and maybe I’ll have a novel on my hands sometime next year!



Q10. Tell us something that’s your favourite, but make it oddly specific

As I have grown older, I have become a little more discerning about the tea I drink. As a result, if I am having a brew, my favourite teabags to use are Punjana. I love the taste and the fact that they are created from tea leaves from both India and Kenya, countries that feature heavily on my family history, just add to the reason why I think they are the best!Image result for punjana

And there you have it! A few random facts about me!

I am nominating 5 bloggers, who I think might enjoy the Tag Challenge, and if you wish to take part, please do!

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  4. Robbie Cheadle
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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #176 Broken&Over

Lovelt Ron’s prompt this week:

Broken & Over

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge Image 2016

My haiku turned tanka this week!

Forest, Trees, Mato, Nature, Twigs, Wood

Pixabay Image

Leaves overturned by
Feet stepping on broken twigs
Each snap a pleasure
The crackle of winter walks
Appreciating outside

Ritu 2017

And a Senryu

Heart, Sky, Dahl, Blue Sky

Pixabay Image

Broken hearts can heal
With a little tenderness
It’s never over

Ritu 2017

Whisked Away! Anniversary Fun – #MondayBlogs

Unless you weren’t reading my scheduled posts (if not, why not?!) on the weekend, you know that it was our wedding anniversary and I was whisked away for a night, no children, just us!

We rarely get a chance to spend time together alone. Date nights happen so rarely, so this opportunity was seized with both hands!

The day started with lovely flowers and gifts, including a new charm for my Pandora bracelet! and a romantic breakfast!

So we disposed of dropped off the children to their grandparents, and headed off into London.


It was a grey day, the Shard was even swamped in low cloud! I was kinda glad we hadn’t booked dinner there, wouldn’t have been much of a view, would it!?

But we arrived at our hotel, The Grange, Tower Bridge in good time and checked in. Ironically the room number we were assigned was 1118 – and our anniversary is 18th November… 11/18! A good sign?

Hubby Dearest still tried to wangle an upgrade… but a suite, even at a discounted rate, would have been £250 extra… no thanks!

Inside the room, there was a surprise. Towel swans in a heart, and an anniversary brownie! The view showed the Shard and the Gherkin too. The room was lovely though, the bathroom beautiful, and the bed, oh so comfy!

But we weren’t in there long… my stomach was trying to get my attention, and we needed to eat, so we popped to the Wetherspoons next door, and grabbed a late lunch, and bubbles, obviously!


Back to the hotel, we pondered over whether to stay in, and use the spa facilities, or to go out… but before that Hubby needed to have another try and getting a better room! (He does like to try!) We were moved to the 14th floor for an even higher, clearer view, but a similar room. Dumping our stuff there, we decided to head off into the West End and see what we could do.

And it was so pretty in Leicester Square! There was a Christmas market on, the lights twinkling, and everyone wrapped up in hats and scarves as it was a cold night!

After popping into a last minute theatre ticket booth, we ended up with tickets to see 42nd Street, starring Sheena Easton, and a voucher for a free hot drink and cake at the Theatre Cafe!

Drink and cake consumed, we sauntered over to the theatre, taking in some of the shops around, including some beautiful old book stores…


Then we arrived at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, in Covent Garden.

The show was sold out. The theatre packed. We propped up to the bar and more bubbles consumed, (glasses 5-6 of the day) along with a random half an hour conversation with an older couple from Somerset! (You know me and random conversations, but this one was started by Hubby Dearest for a change!)

The show itself was magnificent! I clapped until my hands were red, and sang along to songs I knew, grinning from ear to ear at the ones I didn’t and harking back to the days I wished I could have learned how to tap dance!

Hubby Dearest wasn’t as enamoured of the production but he’s not your musical theatre sort to be honest. Still he had beer. He was hapy!

After the show, we pondered over whether to grab dinner, but having a late lunch and then cake before the show meant that we were still not hungry, so we walked around a little before heading back to the hotel.

More bubbles…


We chatted and people watched… and giggled at a John Malcovich lookalike who was falling asleep on the barstool, and ended up having to be escorted to his room. By this time it was nearing midnight, and I was getting hungry and tired too…

The room beckoned, as did the room service menu!


A club sandwich, and a portion of nachos later, we were ready to go to bed…

I shall not report back on the night hours!

And in the morning we were able to enjoy a complimentary breakfast and a late checkout.


There was so much food, I wasn’t able to eat the rest of the day (maybe that was a good thing!)

We travelled back home, stopping to grab some groceries on the way, before being reunited with our babies.

It was a wonderful weekend, which ended up with me and Lil Princess at the Walk-In Drs… She has an infected bite which has developed into impetigo – eek! And I have the start of a throat virus… wonderful!

Still, the memories are made, the time we spent, precious. I can’t complain!

Thanks for all the congratulations and wishes Peeps! Your words mean a whole lot to me! ❤


Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 144


“Real love stories never have endings.” Richard Bach


Following in the vein of this special love filled weekend for my Hubby and I, Spidey found this quote which I absolutely loved!

Isn’t this just so true?

If you have found that love of your life, you don’t want your story written, and just signed off ‘happily ever after’… No! You want to continue growing together, evolving together, and writing more chapters of your life together.

Real love should be a never-ending series of books, not a one off chapter book!

I’m off to continue my 16th Anniversary celebrations!

Have a Serene Sunday Peeps!

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