Lonely Cat

I really feel for Sonu Singh at the moment…

When we got him Hubby Dearest was working from home. At 2 months old, he had a constant playmate, and then when we all arrived back from school, he was spoiled!


Then came a period of about 3 months where Hubby’s work took him out of the house daily, and Little Sonu Singh had to fend for himself. He was tiny then, and prone to getting himself stuck under the settee and stuff, so we bought a special pet pen where he would spend the school hours, then get his freedom when we got home.

Since then, and for the last 2 years, he has had Hubby for company again, as, working from home has it’s advantages… and Sonu Singh was never alone…

But now, we have a change of job in the house, and three year old Sonu Singh is having to occupy himself on a daily basis. Oh he is very vocal when we wake up, and when we get home, but what does he do all day?

Sits and looks outside from the window.

Or sleeps on the table, or near the front door, waiting for us…


When we are home, he either goes crazy running around trying to get us to play hid and seek with him, or he sits on/in our bags, hoping that we might take him with us the next time…

He tries to stop me from working or writing, by laying on my books!


He lays near me and pulls funny faces so I may spent my time looking at him.


He even offers himself up as a phone holder to Lil Man, so he may be centre of attention!


But the sweetest thing, every night he crawls onto me and ‘cat-kisses’ me, then snuggles up on my lap for a sleep.


Don’t worry Sweet Sonu Singh… under three weeks to go, then we will be home with you for a whole 6 weeks! You may even be glad when we go back to school!


One-Liner Wednesday – Cat Years #1linerweds

Lil Man to Lil Princess: “You need to respect your elders, and I mean Sonu Singh too…(our 3 year old cat!), you know he’s like over 30 in cat years!! Oh that means he’s older than me too!”

Kids thought processes give me a giggle! There is always the argument about how old Sonu Singh really is! I did look it up…

There’s no reliable scientific way to calculate the relationship between human and cat years, but it’s generally agreed that the first two years of a cat’s life are roughly equal to the first 25 of a human’s, and after this, each additional year is around four ‘cat years‘. Source

So our furball is approximately 31 Cat Years apparently! (3 and a half human years!)


Sonu Singh

For Linda’s #1linerweds challenge!

My Miaow-nifesto

Sonu Singh stood last time too, and didn’t get in… imagine the world we would be living in now, if you had voted for him… Think again before you place that cross…

Vote for me!


Your Purrrfect Candidate!

Election fever has hit Catland too, as Sonu Singh decides to stand for Purrrime Miaow-nister!

I promise to provide scratchy posts at every corner, treats in all places, and high places to climb!

But I Smile Anyway...

What To Wear To The ABBA’s! #BloggersBash

It’s exciting!

The ABBA’s are around the corner!

Who will I get to meet again? Who will I meet for the first time?

What will I wear??

Well, I managed to solve that one already!

I placed an order for some business cards… get me! All professional, like!

And then I ended up with a Personalised tee-shirt too!

And there was the offer of a personalised card holder… couldn’t resist!

That’s me sorted! I can mingle, chat and network at the same time!



Cards AND tee-shirt, woohoo!


Now, it’s a great tee and all that, but I’m more of a v-neck gal, and there wasn’t the option to buy v-neck. I am also not really a sewer, so after a virtual trip to YouTube, I made my own!



Excuse the creases but yay! I like it much better now!


And not to be selfish, the cat got the box!


Ritu’s Healthy Eating – Week 40 – #icandothis

Another week, another weight change… but this time for the positive!I dropped 0.5lb so am hopefully getting back on an even keel regarding the eating… not so much eating double anymore!!!

Food this week…

And even Sonu Singh wanted a look in this time!


Think he could smell the fish lol!

I’m a little late writing this, this morning so no time for a recipe for tip, but will be posting on Sunday about how to make a Proper Punjabi Paratha! Look out for it!

Til next week Peeps!

Stay Healthy!

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