Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 345 – Time Starved


“It is not that we have too little time to do all the things we need to do , it is that we feel the need to do too many things in the time we have.”

Gary Keller

Thanks, Spidey for that simple, but so true, quote!

Firstly, Peeps, I apologise for the late post.

That thing spoken about, above, time, got away with me, again, and I didn’t get our post ready, as I usually do, so here I am, actually typing it on a Sunday morning, instead of scheduling it, in advance, the day before!

I’m definitely one, firmly in that category of trying to do too much, constantly, and though it has tired me in the past, right now, I have another obstacle to contend with, too.

Before moving, we lived five minutes away from school.

Now, I have to factor in an hour, in total, to commute to and from work.

And that is five hours in a week, sacrificed to the Gods of commuting. Sometimes more, if there is traffic. It’s not even as if I could use it productively, and listen to an audio book, or call a friend, or even use my voice function to record thoughts for my WIP. because the kids are in the car, and they want to listen to music!

It means I seem to find less time to tackle the laundry when I get home, meaning a pile of ironing, and I mea a HUGE pile, on Sunday, grocery shopping, house cleaning, etc. And all those jobs you leave for the weekend, in general, too.

Like yesterday, after shopping, and sorting lunches out, I chilled for a while, then Hubby and Lil Man went out, so I tackled fixing together our new bedside cabinets. It’s not a hard job, just long. An ardous task that took me nearly four hours.

Back aching, one cut thumb and a scratched leg later, it was done.

By then I was too tired to actually get my laptop out and write even a little post!

I have got better at saying no to things, honestly. There was a time I felt compelled to agree to do everything I was asked, but now, I am firmer, if I know it is too much, but there are still jobs that need doing, and I really do feel like I need just one more day, every week, so I didn’t feel so rushed!

So, today, once all are up, will include a general house clean, and then I need to do some work, in preparation for school, tomorrow. But I will try and factor in some me time, too, promise! And time for words!

So, how good are you with time management?


Wishing you a wonderfully peaceful Sunday, Peeps!

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 344 – Parental Approval


“I know it sounds really weedy, but we are all children who seek approval from our parents.”

Gurinder Chadha

Thank you, Spidey, for a quote from a woman I much admire! (Gurinder, if you are reading, by any chance, I think Marriage Unarranged would be a great base for your next film!)

This week, I was given the news that Pops, my dad, was reading my book. As a holiday read!

Now, I have to tell you, this is a big thing. My Pops isn’t a reader of books, apart from the holy Guru Granth Sahib, and the daily paper.

My Mum is a different case, altogether. She is the reason I love books, and though it took her a little time to finish it, (she isn’t the speedy reader she once used to be, as I am at the moment!) she told me all about what she thought last summer, and even allowed me to interview her abou her thoughts!

Now, Pops was sat there, as we discussed Marriage Unarranged.

Mum had her Kindle copy, and, knowing Pops isn’t tech crazy, ordered him a paperback (she wouldn’t take one from me!) It was sat by his armchair in the living room, lovingly wrapped in a clear plastic bag. Mum told me he would take it out daily, and look at it, with pride, before replacing it.

At that time he told me that he had tried to read it, but was a bit put off by the risqué scenes near the beginning, and laughingly told me that he had been unable to read further.

I never thought he would read it, so the fact that he had tried was just wonderful.

On the Friday just passed, Pops text me, from Finland, to say that he had finished Marriage Unarranged.

That is a feat, in itself!

Such cuties, both of them!

But the best part was the feedback.

I called him, straight away. Knowing that there was that little scene at the beginning, to negotiate, I was dying to know what he really thought.

He said that he was so proud of me. He had, once he got past that ‘scene’, really enjoyed the book. He could relate to so many parts of the book, and recognised many of the places I wrote about. He loved the bits about India, and felt that he was there, when reading.

I felt blessed. So blessed.

Pops had finally read my book. And liked it. And that parental approval, for me, beat any other reviews out there.

An aside – I was speaking to my brother, the Finndian, and he did say that Pops took him to one side, to ask if I had ever experienced anything like what had taken place in the book… but my brother reassured him that it was totally fiction, from his sister’s overactive imagination, and that just the places were real! (Though, he hasn’t read it yet, himself, so I wait, eagerly, to hear what he thinks, too!)

Knowing both my Pops and Mum enjoyed that labour of love meant the world to me. I need to get this next one finished, but goodness knows what he will think of the content with this one!

So, how important is Parental Approval for you?


Wishing you a wonderfully peaceful Sunday, Peeps!

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 343 – Don’t Panic!


“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”

Mahatma Gandhi

I apowerful quote, there, Spidey. Thank you, so much for that.

So, for those of you, not in the UK, I’ll just reiterate the state of affairs here. We are in the midst of a fuel buying panic.


That’s to add to last year’s Toilet Roll Shortage, the pasta wipe out, and precedes, what I just know will be coming soon… the Turkey disappearing act.

I know I ranted a little in my Chai post, on Monday, but the hope was, honestly, that by this weekend, things would be more or less normal. Panic would have died down. People would have begun to take notice of those in power, who were desperately trying to reassure the Brit public that there is NO shortage of fuel, simply a lack of drivers. The fuel is coming, a little slower than usual, but it’s there.

No need to top up constantly, when and where you can. Just take what you need, and go about your usual business, they say.

Is anyone listening?

I don’t think so.

I had, just by chance, filled my tank prior to this craziness, so knew that I would be okay for the next week, at least. So, even as I saw the needle slowly moving towards the emptier side, I ignored the queues of motorists at the stations that were lucky enough to have fuel. I didn’t need it, desperately. I could still get to work, and home. I could still ensure my own children were able to get to their school.

I thought, by mid week, things would be calming down, but no. Every garage either had blockades and signs saying no fuel, or queues stretching back a while, which also meant that traffic was heavier than ever. That also meant more idling around in a car with an engine running, in traffic, using more precious fuel.

So, on Friday, I had to join the queue to fill up my tank, too. Because I really needed it. Not because I thought I should, ‘just in case’.

You see, on top of the stupidity of the panic buyers, who really need to get a life, and stop following false news, then spreading it, causing panic, we have a very real issue, which is the effects of BREXIT.


This was what so many of us were attempting to vote against, but those pro Brexit lot got a bit too big for their boots.

Now, we see our grocery bills begin to soar, as the prices of food we are used to seeing go up, since we aren’t part of Europe. Visas are needed for every trip we wish to take, even if it is just to hop over the channel to France. Honest workers who were keeping certain parts of our economy going, were forced to leave. Many of them the same drivers who were keeping the fuel coming…

Yeah. Thanks BREXIT-ers.

In a round about way, it’s all thanks to some of you and your skewed views that these people were taking our jobs, and houses, and even our benefits, that we are in this mess. Because, let’s be honest. It’s not like you’ve tried to take those jobs up, now they are available… even though unemployment is sky high.

(Though, I know there are some who voted to Brexit for their own reasons, there were, unfortunately, far too many who were misinformed, thinking it was all about immigration…)

Right, I am stepping off the soap box now. It’s become more lecture than inspiration… Sorry, Spidey!

The most important thing to remember is that as long as we have enough, we are richer than many. Too much, and it’s just greed.

So, have you been affected by the craziness of panic-buying, ever?


Wishing you a wonderfully peaceful Sunday, Peeps!

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 342 – Family


“I love to see my family together. That’s what life is about. It’s about family.”

Ja Rule

Lovely thought, you found there, Spidey, thank you!

I really do love to see my family together, and in a perfect world, we would all be together, physically, a lot more.

However, today, we were all together, in a different way.

It was heartwarming to see my Pops and Mum, on a video call, with my brother, sis-in-law and my Finndian Nephews, in Helsinki. They have finally managed to get out there, to see the Finnish contingency, after over 2 years.

So, even though I was only there, via screen, we were all together, for the first time in a long while.

And, yes, I wished I was there, but I was so, so happy that my parents were able to get there. My nephews faces, the love they bestowed upon their Dada and Dadi, so precious!

One day, soon enough, we will be together, but right now, I am content to be able to be with them, in this way.

So, what about you? Do you love the age of the video call?


Wishing you a wonderfully peaceful Sunday, Peeps!

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 341 – The Power of Rest


“When you get tired, learn to rest, not quit.”


Think I needed this reminder, this weekend, Spidey, thank you!

I have fast learned this over the last few years, you know, putting my physical health ahead of everything else.

I just recently read a post I had written several years ago, about how, as a teacher, I, along with many of my colleagues, find it hard to admit being unwell, slogging away, for fear of getting behind, evenif we desperately need a day in bed, to recover from an ailment.

But now, I am of the firm belief that self care comes first.

Now, I’m not talking about taking random days off to get my nails done, but knowing when I really need to stop, recharge my batteries, before continuing on the constant treadmill that is life.

School isn’t going to stop. And I can run myself ragged, being there every day, in sickness and in health (yup, it’s like being married to my job!) but, if something was to happen to me, school won’t suddenly cease to operate. they will just carry on with a repllacement Ritu in town, because they have to. (Well, it won’t be a new Ritu, as such, there’s only one of me, but you know what I mean!)

So, if I am to give the best to my job, as well as to my family, my writing, and my own interests, I have to know when to stop, or slow down, and rest.

THis past eighteen months, the whole pandemic, on top of moving house has meant that I have barely enough enercy for the basic daily life tasks, and school, meaning much less time for me to write. But I realise that I could burn the candles at both ends, and end up with words that are filled with no passion, and myself suffering from burnout.

I am not willing to do that. Whichever words flow from my fingers, need to be words that mean something, so, until I feel on an even keel, they are there, in my mind, and ideas jotted down as they come.

And with work, I have realised that I have to draw a line somewhere, too, and not bring my stresses home with me, if I can help it.

This, on top of feeling a bit unwell this weekend. Those lovely little mites in my class are filled with bugs and germs, and because we have all had less exposure to a lot the last few months, our immune systems aren’t as hardy as the were before. I have a really sore throat, and am tired, obviously.

So, I made sure I did my grocery shopping on Friday evening, so Saturday meant a little lie in. The laundry was done, the house cleaned, leaving the evening, and today free for me to rest up, ready for whatever the next week brings.

Here’s hoping I manage to listen to my own advice… you know me!

So, what about you? Can you recognise when you need to rest, not give up?


Wishing you a wonderfully peaceful Sunday, Peeps!

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