Lost: One Spark. If Found, Please Respond Below…

I really thought I’d be up to it by now…

A few weeks away from the writing pressure I put upon myself, of writing posts regularly, and I thought I’d be itching to get back.

But I’m not.

I still enjoy being here, reading posts, commenting on others, but I can’t make myself write.

My brain is just not engaged at all.

It’s like a cloud has settled over my blogger’s brain…

I feel like I’ve lost my spark…

I’m not in any sort of depression, I don’t think, I’m just so tired.

It happens at the end of the academic year.

There is so much to do at school on top of the day to day pressures: assessment, report writing, home visits, class lists to make for the next year… all things that take a lot of thinking and time.

Home is the same: housework, family to feed, helping with homework, laundry, being the usual parent taxi to clubs and matches…

I am taking down time, honestly, but instead of posting, as I usually do, I’m just reading. Enjoying books and reading posts.

But the lethargy I feel, and the migraines that are coming back after a two month hiatus, it’s not good.

I’ve entered that novel writing competition, tweaking the first 3,000 words that needed submitting, but don’t want to touch the rest of the manuscript, to execute some changes as suggested by my alpha readers.

Not because I can’t be bothered, but because I don’t feel up to my best, mentally and emotionally, and my prized WIP deserves more than that, maybe a CampRiNo in the summer holidays again, to give it the extra oomph it requires…

So, I’ll just leave that there for you all, in case you find my spark… or any extra energy you can send my way…

But don’t worry Peeps, I’m still smiling, because that’s what I do 🙂

And I will be back soon, honestly!

Half Term Is Here! (Stream of Consciousness)


It has been a short term so far, but no less exhausting than the 7/8 week ones we experienced before Christmas so this week break was welcomed.

The cold weather doesn’t help, but hopefully, the weather-induced downs will subside soon!

I had it all planned…

Initially, we planned to spend the week with my parents…  I could spend time with them and relax, recharge batteries… then all sorts of other plans and prebooked events cropped up!

So no long drive, and instead, the week would consist of me ferrying kids to places, but there would be plenty of writing time to… maybe that WIP would become a completed first draft!

But no… things aren’t ever that simple, are they?!

The trip back home was long overdue, so Hubby Dearest said I should fit it in, even if only a couple of days… meaning that we are apart for Valentines this year…😪 But then, isn’t it really just a commercialised day, when, in fact, we can celebrate our love every day? And it’s worth the sacrifice to spend time with my Pops and Mum.

So, instead, the week has so far consisted of, and will continue with…

  • Birthday dinners
  • Bit of pampering (Nails, etc)
  • Friend’s birthday party (and some alone shopping time for me!)
  • A day in (today), as my car is out for service and MOT (another expense that wasn’t needed in February, with all the family birthdays too!)
  • Taxi service for indoor cricket training (Lil Man)
  • Charity shop visits to find some bits and bobs for Nursery
  • A sleepover for Lil Princess
  • Driving home for 2 days
  • A mega birthday for Lil Princess who will turn to double digits soon!
  • A single Sunday free from any planned activities before the school term starts again on Monday!



No… where is the writing time in all that???? And I need to catch up on sleep too!!!

It’s Monday, and 9.30am as I type this.

I’ve been up since 6am, getting the car ready for pick up so it can be serviced, tidying up the kitchen, doing laundry, seeing off my working Hubby, occupying kids, paying megabucks for the car (whoever wanted a Mercedes? Dang expensive cars!), reading blogs… I feel like I’ve already done a day’s work!

Can I go back to bed?

Snowed Under…Not Literally! #MondayBlogs

OMG! I only wish it was real snow that was causing me stress! But if it had been, it wouldn’t be stress, I’d be celebrating a snow day!

SO much going on this week, and the next few, in the run up to Christmas!

I have observations at school, a Toy sale to co-ordinate with my colleague and School councillors, Governors meeting, progress grids to complete, and to top it off ( a nice thing!) a trip to the folks to see them!

This is on top of the usual two classes I teach and family life…

I was even at a course on SATURDAY!

I think the pressure of what is to come resulted in me being rather unwell yesterday with an epic migraine too…

But I am up as usual, and feeling better now!

I just needed sleep and time to recuperate my poor overworked brain!

Seriously Peeps, if you get to that stage, and you have a bad headache/migraine/cold, listen to your body and shut down for a while.

It is telling you that you need rest!

Now it hasn’t miraculously made all the issues go away, but I am rested enough that I can put things into perspective!

So, have  great Monday all! Off to tackle the first of the tasks!

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 93

“A change is as good as a rest .” -origins unknown.

So ‘they ‘ say… and I’m all for this saying. But  it doesn’t always quite work out!

I’m currently sat at my in laws house on a Sunday Morning. We had an impromptu sleepover last night. 

Cue frantic rushing back and forth to collect various items for the kids, food and water replenished for our furbaby Sonu Singh who would be flying solo for the night, and various chargers and electronic gadgets!

Hubby Dearest wanted to do this for ages. A night in his old home. Mum and dad in law are away visiting the Motherland at the moment so my bro and sis in law are home alone.

We’ve had a good time. A relaxing evening together and I think the kids had fun too.

But… I’m afraid I got no rest.

I slept with Lil Princess and Hubby Dearest slept with Lil Man.

And the girl snuffled her way through the night, then started whimpering. 

A nightmare in which a class mate of hers was strangling her (!!??) meant she slept fitfully. Meaning I did too. 

And my natural body clock wakes me around 6.30 as well, so a late night, coupled with the automatic wake up call meant not much sleep. 

Then there’s the fact that it wasn’t  my bed! Nothing can match your own bed for a good night’s sleep!

But… ever positive, it was a good time to reconnect with the family. Since mum and dad have gone we have been spending more time, just the four of us, rather than with the others. It was needed! 

The kids are trying out badminton coaching this afternoon . .. I may take the opportunity to catch up on my sleep !!!

Have a wonderful Sunday Peeps!!!

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 74


“Sometimes you need to do the right thing by yourself too, not just think of what is good for everyone else.” Ritu Bhathal

Today, I don’t even really have the energy to help Spidey an inspirational quote by someone else so, Spidey noted what I was saying to him instead!

Today is my day. By that I mean, I am not going to live it depending on a whole host of outside factors.

Of course, my own little family will be around, and things will be done accordingly, but for the rest of the world, I am not available.

It’s the end of the academic year. There is one week of term left.

As a teacher, I am dragging myself to school every day, counting the days until we can officially say holidays are here.

As a mum, I am already wondering what I need to do to keep my own two munchkins occupied over the 6 weeks.

As a wife, I know I want to give more time to my long-suffering, neglected Hubby Dearest.

But in order to do all this, I need energy, and that is what I am lacking!

I have had a hectic 2 weeks, with the emotional and mental stress of the school inspectors coming (still no result, we’ll find out in September!), visiting new pupils, and encouraging the old, and physical exhaustion due to the late nights that preparations have caused.

This is not including the over-tiredness from hosting some lovely family who came over to visit. They didn’t expect much from us, but when you have visitors, you need an alertness of some sort, and I can create that, via the second wind syndrome, but now I’m all out.

I feel the need for a charger to be plugged into me, as my battery is totally depleted!

There is a function at the temple today, and the responsible Ritu feels the need to go, but this time I have realised that the more I push myself, the harder I will find everything. So I am not going. Some people may not like that, but I don’t care!

I am chilling. We may even take the kids out somewhere later, but for now, I’m thinking of me!

So please Peeps, have a restful Sunday. Take time out for yourself as well as others out there! I plan to!

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