Ramblings Of A Sleep-Depraved Mother #ThursdayThoughts

“Have an early night,” they said.

“You’ll feel much better!” I was assured.

Lil Princess told me to make sure the last thing I say to her at night was “Promise to stay in your bed,” as apparently that works….

Yeah right!

So, I managed to drift off around 10 pm, and all was quiet around the house.

I fell into the peaceful sleep of a person who no longer had the pressure of observation on her head.

Oh yeah, thank you all for the good wishes yesterday, things went really well, and the kids shone in the class too. My head teacher was really happy with how the lesson went, and said she really enjoyed time in the nursery. Phew! I was so worried, after an awful observation pre-Christmas (due to terrible timing of a lot of things, resulting in a really bad lesson, where nothing really flowed!) but now I can relax  until the next one !

Then at 2.30 am I heard crying…

Lil Princess.

She isn’t a crier.

“Mummy, my tummy really hurts…”

There are bugs going around again at school. The place is rife with snot, coughs and sick buckets – had she caught a bug?

Two hours of encouraging going to the toilet, massaging tummies, even getting fruit down her in case it was more constipation…

And in the back of my mind I am thinking… “Could it be ‘time’ for her?”

As a mother of a girl I have to remember that she is getting older, and soon enough will join the club, so to speak, of females with PMT! In all honesty, she’s perfected the hormonal mood swings already, they were in evidence from around the age of seven!

We’ve talked about the changes that will be occurring obviously. She tells me she knows everything already because they talk on the playground, and well, YouTube teaches everything too, doesn’t it!

Obviously I have corrected certain misconceptions, and we have the joys of that talk happening in her year group this academic year too, but I can’t help but wondering if that may be part of the reason for the tummy ache…

We are all up now. She is teary and tummy still aches a little, but I have made some herbal concoction, recommended by my mum in law, to help tummy aches, in case it is sickness or digestion related (boil cardomom pods, fennel seeds and ajawain (caroway) seeds in water until the liquid colours. drain and sweeten with a little honey for kids, and sip while warm. Should help loosen anything inside, or ease aches).

We will attempt school, and if things don’t look good, I can drop her to her uncle who is working from home today.

She’s also getting a cold – great. Lil Man is blowing his nose (with his unbruised left hand – did I tell you he caught it in the car door the other day?) and my throat is starting to hurt…

I’m praying there is no sickness – hoping we can crawl to the weekend, then all just slob out on the sofa and recharge batteries and get better….

Oh well, off to school for another eventful day ending in a Governors meeting (that finishes at 8 pm, if we’re lucky!).

Catch y’all later Peeps!

One-Liner Wednesday – #1LinerWeds – Being Watched

“Why does sleep elude me when I need it the most?” – Ritu

I’m sorry it’s a ‘one line’ with an explanation – again!

I’ve been really tired again recently, and to top it off, Lil Princess thinks it’s a great idea to wake in the middle of the night, and appear in our bed.

Usually, I don’t realise, but last night (early this morning) at 4.30 am, she dutifully turned up, and since then I haven’t slept.

Instead, my mind has been full of thoughts surrounding playing cards (Alice in Wonderland topic in one class), staff placement, Purple Mash Log-ins (online learning platform), Jack and the Giant (Jack and the Beanstalk topic in other class), and shape activities…

Because I am being observed today, by my head teacher, but I also have to cover another class in the morning too… And somehow fit a little planning in too…

And before you think ” Well that’s not fair! Being observed when you are in and out all day!”, I was meant to be observed two weeks ago, but my arm and the snow week put paid to that. Booked this date in before I realised that I was already meant to be covering the other class.

So it’s my own fault really, and I didn’t want to change the observation date as it has been hanging over me for the last few months!

I just hope a huge yawn does not escape from my mouth mid lesson while I am being watched!!!

For Linda’s #1LinerWeds Challenge.

TFI Friday!

Oh yes! Hello Friday!

25 Funny Friday Memes #Friday #Memes

What with the thoughts that I would be at parents evening, then not, and general work at school dealing with my own home and family life, and then a looooong governors meeting last night, it’s been pretty mad, as usual!

But this term, so far, I haven’t come home exhausted.

Last term, I’ll be honest, I had the thought flitting in my mind about asking Hubby Dearest if he thought he’d be okay supporting us, as I was ready to hand in my notice.


I was that close to jacking in my dream job!

But it ended up being exhaustion and a particularly long settling in period for our children that had almost broken me.

Two weeks in, I am happily tired, and still full of the teacher-y beans that I should contain (I think!)

I’m looking forward to Friday evening, as always, but not dreading Monday, thank goodness!

Have a fantastic Friday Peeps!

Forgive Me #MondayBlogs

Forgive me Peeps.

Yeah, that’s me right now… in a constant state of  ‘Meh’!

I am entering the last week of this first term and I think I will be crawling towards Friday. I am really tired. Things have been too hectic for me this term.I ave coped, just about, but it means that many other things in my life have suffered.

I cannot teach, be wife and mum, writer and blogger to the standard that I want, so I am not going to push myself either.

Rather than write posts that are just full of ‘Meh’, I will just do my weekly challenges for a little while. But I will still be around! I can’t disappear completely! My day’s aren’t complete without reading your posts or answering notifications!

Of course, if inspiration hits, I am sure something will end up being published!

So, forgive me if I don’t seem more ‘present’

But I shall be around…

Enjoy Peeps, and try and learn when you’ve reached breaking point, that it’s better to recoup your energy and start afresh, rather than destroy yourself trying to be a superhuman…

Friday Fatigue!

Two weeks almost done…

And the kids aren’t even in full time yet!

Switching from Nursery hat to Reception hat is surprisingly tough, you know!

Even though these two years are in the Early Years Foundation Stage, they are both very different in terms of developmental milestones a child hits.

Nursery at 3-4 years old is a time for building confidence, looking at their personal, social, and emotional development. For us, with our extremely mixed cultural demographic, it is also a time for teaching spoken communication in English, and fostering understanding of simple concepts. The children need to learn how to play together, talk together, take turns, learn patience and perseverance.

Throughout the year there is emphasis placed on counting, and learning the sounds of the alphabet through play, and recognising their names too, with hopefully, attempts at writing it.

Reception at 4-5 years old, is a time to just consolidate these things above, but there is a high expectation to really build the academic learning foundation too. These children should be writing sentences by the end of the year, counting fluently to 20, and doing simple addition and subtraction. Oh, and hopefully they should be reading simple words and sentences too!

Within both groups we need to give them experiences to enhance their learning of the world around them, culture and community and technology. They need to experience ways to create in different ways too.

So, what impact does this have on me?

My expectations for each group have to be different.

I need to remember not to push my babies too hard, and to make sure my older babies are stretching themselves enough!

The nursery children are doing a couple of hours in the morning then the afternoon session are doing two hours. We have worked on settling them, and showing them how to keep busy, trying different things.

The reception class are still doing mornings only. They are learning about structure, and listening, and exploring their new environments.

But this doesn’t mean lots of free time! No!

We have to assess each child individually, to see where they are at the start of their academic life.

In Nursery it is for our records. In Reception it is for the National Base Line.

Yes, I can sit with a cuppa and go through my paperwork. But I am running back and forth between the two classrooms to confer with my colleagues. The path from my class to the printer is wearing thin.

And that teacher tiredness encompasses all in my profession, not just me!

And I attended my first Governors meeting too, which was actually not as daunting as I thought it would be!

I arrive home and the Mummy hat goes on. Dinners for the kids are already cooked by my dear Mother In Law, so that is great! But homework, housework, laundry, all still need doing. Making the lunches for the next day, and feeding myself and Hubby Dearest also takes priority.

Then I finally sit and can write for my blog! Ritu’s ‘Me!’ hat finally on!

My novel has a little bit left, but with the tiredness I am experiencing, I don’t want to try and finish it without a fresh brain!

So when I am yawning, and craving asleep before 10 pm, I am not fighting it at all!

Do you blame me?

Right, I’m off to finish my week!

Enjoy your weekend Peeps! I’m planning on enjoying mine!

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