Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 209


“It’s not how we fall, its how we get back up again.”

Patrick Ness

Thanks Spidey.


Okay, so I’ve had a bit of a week of it.

Things going down that have almost knocked me sideways, in professional, writing and personal life.

I won’t dwell on them though.

I will learn from them.

And I will get back up, be a better version of me as a result.

So… tell me, how do you handle situations that knock you for six?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps  And enjoy your week! ❤ 

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 208


“Do not regret getting older. It is a privilege denied to many.” Unknown

Spidey is being philosophical today, as February in our family is a total Birthday Bomb!

Starting with my brother-in-law, then going on to my mother-in-law and Hubby Dearest on the same day, followed by father-in-law and Lil Princess, again on the same day…

Yup, it’s a busy month, too much cake on tap, presents to think of and special treats to organise, but a fun month nevertheless.

And each year is an opportunity to be thankful for the chance at another year. Another chance to learn all that life has to offer.

Right, now I am off to work off a whole load of cake!

So… tell me, what do birthdays mak eyou think of?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps  And enjoy your week! ❤ 

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 207


“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. “

Colin Powell

Thanks for that Spidey.

I’ve been doing a lot of dreaming over the last few years.

There are the dreams of a bigger, more organised house, the dreams of being able to jet off to wherever we fancy for holidays, the dreams of being able to see my nephews without the need for a flight, the dreams of becoming a writer…

Some dreams can come true just by time passing, some need a little effort, some need some initiative.

So, the holiday one… well, one day we’ll be able to have saved up enough that we can just swan off whenever…

The house one, Marie Kondo is helping me organise, and we are in the throes of deciding… extension or move?

Seeing my nephews… well, they are in a different country. It’s never going to be easy, but at least I can feel happy at the fact that we will see them in May, and I can finally cuddle my newest baby nephew, who will be two months off being a year old by then!

But the writer dream… well, that’s the one that is mine, and one that only I can push for.

So I have tried my hardest. That first book is written, it has been read by two, and is being read by a couple of others too. And I have entered it into a literary competition, and sent off my first agent submission… eek!

I’m not totally oblivious to the fact that there is a high chance that I shan’t get signed after just one submission, so I shall submit to more… but in case there is still nothing, I have been gathering quotes for professional edits and critiques… so if it happens, I am ready for the Indie adventure.

It’s not easy though. Going Indie can cost you a lot, so my next aim is to slowly fill my writer’s pot with any spare money I have, and I have even requested to Hubby Dearest that instead of presents for me, a donation to the pot would be the best gift!

And to improve my craft, I have started a writers course, to develop my art…

See. I am working on my dreams!

So… tell me, what is your biggest dream, right now, and what are you doing to try and make it come true?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps  And enjoy your week! ❤ 

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 206


“Spark joy.” Marie Kondo

You got the bug too Spidey?

Unless you have been under a rock the last few months, you would have heard of the KonMarie method of tidying up that has hit the world.

A diminutive Japanese woman has found her obsession with tidying up houses has become a huge ‘thing’ around the world.

In its essence, her method is to surround yourself with the things that spark joy in your life. In her words, “If you hold it and you feel ‘Ting!’ that is the joy.”

If what you are holding on to has memories attached, but the item could be excess, she encourages you to remember the memories. They will be with you in your heart and mind, thank the object, then let it go.

Sounds easy?


First of all, I think I’d need a month off work to go through things.

Secondly, I think I’d find it really tough to be so brutal with my ‘things’ A lot make me feel ‘Ting!’!

But, I do get where she is coming from.

I look around a lot of our house and the clutter is all stuff I think we should keep or have, but it hasn’t been moved for months, or years even.

Really, I think if it went, I would feel so much less cluttered in my brain too.

I made a start on shoes and coats. I did my undies and socks. I’ve gone through jeans and leggings.

I have about three bags full of things I have said thank you and goodbye too.

There is so much more.

The rest of the wardrobe. Hubby Dearest’s wardrobe. The Kids wardrobes…

The attic is stuffed with suitcases full of my older Indian outfits and the kids baby clothes.

Do I really need to keep them?

I’m never going to wear them again. The only thing I really want is a couple of the kids early outfits, first shoes etc, and our wedding outfits.

That’s it.

I have boxes of paperwork, from my own old school work to uni work, to miscellaneous stuff that is just there.

Needs to go.

The kitchen. Oh, the kitchen.

Packed with gadgets and spices I have never used, dishes that just sit in a cupboard and need washing if I ever want to use them, enough saucepans to cater for an army – thanks mum, but I don’t think I’ll ever cook that much!

And the special crockery for visitors… never used!

The bathroom. Well, that just needs a gutting out!

And the linen closet. It needs a sort out, a tidy up and a rejig.

But the one thing I really can’t agree on is her premise that less than 30 books are ideal.

She’s not got a clue, has she? Or she didn’t finish her sentence. It should have been “Ideally keep it to less than 30 books-helves!”

But then again, my books spark joy. I feel that ‘Ting!’ when I hold so many of the books I have. Three bookshelves so far, and I could easily fill a fourth with the books piled around my room…

So yeah, I’d love to jump on the #KonMarie bandwagon… if someone wants to give me the time, and a huge skip to throw my accumulated junk into!

So tell me, are you a hoarder like me or a minimalist? Will you be giving the KonMarie method a try?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps  And enjoy your week! ❤ 

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 205


“Time spent with cats is never wasted.” – Sigmund Freud

Today a cat quote to honour the very special feline in our lives.

Sonu Singh.

It’s his birthday today. He’s five!

Here, when we got him

And now

He’s a true king in our house, and the family wouldn’t be the same without him.

I still feel honoured when he decides to come and sit with me on the sofa or bed, because you can’t force him.

He’s a cat with his own mind… is there any other kind?

Today will be filled with cat treats and lots of scritching for our favourite feline!

So…do you celebrate your pet’s birthdays?

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps  And enjoy your week! ❤ 

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