Merry Christmas All 🎄💜🌟

I know I’ll probably be around but, just in case I’m too busy, making memories…

Wishing you all a very special time, this festive season.
It may be different, but there’s no reason to not enjoy, make memories and wish that the next one will be a Christmas surrounded by those we love, because we made the sacrifices this year.
Merry Christmas, Peeps 💜💜💜💜

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 302 – Christmas 2020


Christmas isn’t a parade or a concert, but a piece of home you keep in your heart, wherever you go.”

Donnaa Vanliere

Thank you. Spidey, for finding some words to soothe, at a very tough time.

Earlier, I was wallowing, because it was confirmed that a colleague of mine, that I had contact with, has tested positive. this meant that I was to be in self-isolation for ten days, taking me up to 27th December.

Yup, missing out on Christmas, totally.

But the rest of the family would be okay. They could, at least, go and see the in-laws, and there might have been some semblance of normality.

We were just getting ourselves prepared.

I’d already bought a frozen turkey crown, pigs in blankets, and all the veggies, and crackers, etc, just in case of us being at home, rather than with the extended family. Presents were ready for a doorstep exchange, just in case, too.

And the hope was, that on the 27th December, the last day of the 5 day Christmas Grace that the Government had deemed a possibility for families across England, we could all be together for a short while, at least. (Providing I don’t feel unwell, or end up testing positive myself in the next few days.)

But at 4pm(ish) on Saturday, BoZo and his clueless minions took the decision (which they should have taken ages ago, when the virus numbers started to rise considerably) to cancel the original Christmas plans of three households being able to mix between 23rd and 27th December, and they have also introduced a new Tier 4, (under which we are, now, too, being in Kent).

So from tomorrow, we are effectively in lockdown, again, until at least 30th December. No non-essential shops to be open, no indoor gyms, hairdressers, nail salons, etc. No going into other households, unless you are in a support bubble. Only meeting maximum of one person from another household, outside.

It’s gutting for those who really had their hearts set on seeing their families for the festive period.

I, for one, would usually be seeing my parents for a couple of days. I’ve not seen them since August. But we had already decided that their safety was more important, and that video calls would be the plan for the day.

But I think what is important to remember, is the essence of the quote above.

Christmas is in our hearts. And even if it has to be a quiet one this year, the hope is that all the cancelled joy we have experienced this year, will mean we are safer, healthier and happier, for the next one.

So… tell me, how are you feeling, if the new Christmas plans have affected you?

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Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps.   

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 251 – Festive Cheer

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“I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.”

Charles Dickens

What a lovely thought, Spidey, that you found there!

Christmas, and all the feelings of ‘peace on earth, and goodwill to all men’, it’s all well and good, but why do we save it for Christmas?

Would this world not be a better place, if we had those feelings in our hearts all year round, as good old Dickens said, above?

Personally, I try to live my life with these thoughts all the time, but I am always amazed at some people I have encountered, who truly Scrooge it up the whole year round, and then flip a switch, and become this all giving, all cheery individual, just around the festive period.

Then come January, yup, you guessed it, Scrooge is back.

Bah Humbug again!

The world truly is a nicer place around this time of year. There are smiles, and so much generosity.

Seriously? Why can’t we share this giving nature around, spread it over the whole year?

So… tell me, are you more of a Scrooge, during the rest of the year, or like Will Ferrel’s Elf?

Spidey’s Serene Christmas Sunday – Part 201 –


“For me, Christmas is about family, loving, forgiveness, compassion, understanding and comradery.” – Anthony Mackie

What a perfect thought for our pre Christmas post, Spidey!

To me that is all that encompasses Christmas, truly.

I hope you all have a wonderful family, and love filled Christmas, Peeps!

merry christmas

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 200

Wow Spidey! You’ve hit your bi-centenial post! Who’d have thought that a child’s figurine, found in a cross-legged position a few years ago would have led to 200 posts?!


When the ‘I’ is replaced by ‘we’ even ‘illness’ becomes ‘wellness’ – Anon

And what a lovely bit of wisdom you have found for this week! Quite apt for my family and I this week.

We have all been struck down by the dreaded Christmas lurgy… The kids are coughing, my nose is streaming, Hubby is the same. We are keeping the tissue business afloat, I think!

But we are not suffering alone. We are together. And pulling each other through this period of feeling bleurgh…

And isn’t it true, that if, when you are unwell and feeling miserable, a little company can really cheer you up!

Heres hoping we can shift this yuckiness before the Christmas week starts, so we can really enjoy our holidays!

So… tell me, any tried and tested remedies to share?

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