Sue’s Songs For The Seasonally Challenged – We Feel Ill…

Sue Vincent, over at Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo blog is feeling ill… She has been rewriting traditional Christmas songs with her own very special lyrics, and yesterday’s offering was a verse to be sung to the tune of We Three Kings.

It resonated.


Because after not feeling too unwell so far this month, two kind children came in yesterday with the coughs and colds from Hell!!


And I sat in bed last night, unable to sleep as my chest congested, and today, well, my nose has been dripping like a tap that needs a washer changed!

To top it off, it was also Christmas Jumper Day for the Save the Children charity. Mine happened to have Rudolph on it, and by the end of the day, I had the red nose to match!

Anyway, back to Sue and her great words… well, yesterday, I just had to sing them as I read them, and I mentioned to Sue that I crooned away… and threatened to record the song… and she welcomed the idea (crazy woman!) so, bunged-up, and sore-throated, I sang…

And here is the result! Click the link below to hear me making a fool of myself!

And the words, if you want to join in!

Dog and mistress suffering are,
Fever-ridden, stuffed with catarrh…
Snuffling, sneezing,
Coughing, wheezing,
Feeling quite under par…
Got the lurgy, don’t feel great…
Christmas chores are running late,
Early closing?
Should be dozing!
Think that we should hibernate…
Dog’s complaining ‘cause I won’t go
Out for walks in frost, fog and snow,
She is seething,
I’m not breathing…
So much for ‘ho, ho, ho’.
In the shed the tree’s still in store,
Baubles, tinsel, angels galore,
They can stay there,
I just don’t care!
Feeling too stiff and sore…
Haven’t baked a cake or mince pie,
I should make the effort and try,
Guests arriving,
Feel I’m skiving,
Think I’ll curl up and cry…
No gifts wrapped for Santa Claus’ sleigh,
Christmas cheer? Not much here today,
Nose is glowing
And it’s snowing…
… I need a holiday…
Got the lurgy, don’t feel great…
Christmas chores are running late,
Early closing?
Should be dozing!
Think that we should hibernate…

Sue Vincent

One-Liner Wednesday – #1LinerWeds – Man Flu

“Man Flu? Good excuse for moaning, more like!” – Ritu

I’m sorry it’s a ‘one line’ with an explanation – again!

Some of you will have read about my feeling under the weather over the weekend. A horrible cold which hung on through the whole weekend, and is just about gone now, bar a few snotty tissues a day.

I dealt with it, as all working mums do, making sure I got rest  interspersed with making sure certain duties were done too:

  • clean house – ✔
  • grocery shopping – ✔
  • homework checked – ✔
  • ironing – ✔
  • family fed – ✔

Oh, and I wrote a poem about it too! 😉

Back to work Monday, feeling much better than I had been and looking forward to a full night’s sleep… but that wasn’t due to happen…

No, it wasn’t kids this time, but Hubby Dearest!

From 2.30 am, his bunged up self moaned, and groaned, tossing and turning, getting up for a drink, switching lights on to find medication and tissues, moaned some more, threw his arm over me all sweaty – no thank you!) then finally settled into a snore-filled sleep…

Two hours of dealing with that, and I fell asleep briefly, before being rudely awoken by my alarm.

Now, some of us don’t have the luxury of a job where we can go in late/book a day off just because/work from home. No, teaching isn’t that kinda bag, so I had to drag myself in, hauling my own bags (of the under-eye variety) in with me to school. His Nibs, snoozed on as the kids and I got ready for school.

I managed to get through the day with my class, then had to tackle assessment and progress grids, as it’s that time of term, and by 5 pm I could feel the pressure of a migraine building up.

I excused myself and dosed up on painkillers and we wrapped up our work, then collected the kids and finally got home, after a trip to the shops for needed pet supplies.

I was laying in bed, early, trying to fight off the ache, when Hubby Dearest popped his head round the door. Now, kudos to him, despite his severe ailment, he had managed to get into work, moans and groans and all, and was back, still full of cold.

I sympathise, I do, been there, done that this weekend!

But when he said ” I’m ill…!” looking for sympathy… Hmm, I’m sorry, but at that point, I couldn’t help him!

“I spent all weekend suffering, and on no occasion did I moan you out of your sleep, disturbing the peace of the weekend! Thanks to your noise and lumbering around last night, I have one hell of a headache!”

“But I’m not well…”

“It’s a COLD, for goodness sake!”

But I knew, deep down, it wasn’t a cold… it was MAN FLU! And we are all gonna hear about it until the last sniffle subsides!

Seriously, blokes? I know I read about it somewhere, that you are affected worse by this strain of cold , sorry MAN FLU, and apparently really can’t handle it. You go into meltdown. Heaven forbid if you were to have to go through childbirth!

Maybe it’s just time to admit it. Men ARE the WEAKER sex!!!

For Linda’s #1LinerWeds Challenge. (But a lot more than one line!!!)

I’m Ill!

This is me…

A whole weekend of sniffles… This isn’t fair!



Ramblings Of A Sleep-Depraved Mother #ThursdayThoughts

“Have an early night,” they said.

“You’ll feel much better!” I was assured.

Lil Princess told me to make sure the last thing I say to her at night was “Promise to stay in your bed,” as apparently that works….

Yeah right!

So, I managed to drift off around 10 pm, and all was quiet around the house.

I fell into the peaceful sleep of a person who no longer had the pressure of observation on her head.

Oh yeah, thank you all for the good wishes yesterday, things went really well, and the kids shone in the class too. My head teacher was really happy with how the lesson went, and said she really enjoyed time in the nursery. Phew! I was so worried, after an awful observation pre-Christmas (due to terrible timing of a lot of things, resulting in a really bad lesson, where nothing really flowed!) but now I can relax  until the next one !

Then at 2.30 am I heard crying…

Lil Princess.

She isn’t a crier.

“Mummy, my tummy really hurts…”

There are bugs going around again at school. The place is rife with snot, coughs and sick buckets – had she caught a bug?

Two hours of encouraging going to the toilet, massaging tummies, even getting fruit down her in case it was more constipation…

And in the back of my mind I am thinking… “Could it be ‘time’ for her?”

As a mother of a girl I have to remember that she is getting older, and soon enough will join the club, so to speak, of females with PMT! In all honesty, she’s perfected the hormonal mood swings already, they were in evidence from around the age of seven!

We’ve talked about the changes that will be occurring obviously. She tells me she knows everything already because they talk on the playground, and well, YouTube teaches everything too, doesn’t it!

Obviously I have corrected certain misconceptions, and we have the joys of that talk happening in her year group this academic year too, but I can’t help but wondering if that may be part of the reason for the tummy ache…

We are all up now. She is teary and tummy still aches a little, but I have made some herbal concoction, recommended by my mum in law, to help tummy aches, in case it is sickness or digestion related (boil cardomom pods, fennel seeds and ajawain (caroway) seeds in water until the liquid colours. drain and sweeten with a little honey for kids, and sip while warm. Should help loosen anything inside, or ease aches).

We will attempt school, and if things don’t look good, I can drop her to her uncle who is working from home today.

She’s also getting a cold – great. Lil Man is blowing his nose (with his unbruised left hand – did I tell you he caught it in the car door the other day?) and my throat is starting to hurt…

I’m praying there is no sickness – hoping we can crawl to the weekend, then all just slob out on the sofa and recharge batteries and get better….

Oh well, off to school for another eventful day ending in a Governors meeting (that finishes at 8 pm, if we’re lucky!).

Catch y’all later Peeps!

#JusJoJan – January 5th, 2018 – Memories

Day five of #JusJoJan!

I’m going to try to write on each of the prompts!

Today the prompt is:

Your prompt for January 5th, 2018, brought to you by friendly “gender undefined female” (click to read the post) Cage Dunn, is “Memories.” Use it any way you’d like within your post. And make sure you visit Cage Dunn at her blog, “Cage Dunn: Writer, Autory, Teller-Of-Tall-Tales” to read her post and say hi!  😀 Here’s her link:

Thanks, Cage, for a great prompt word!

You should see my house – heck you should see my parents house!

It’s a place those minimalists in you would be itching to declutter!

And believe me, both my mother and I have tried to declutter our respective homes many times. Sure we get rid of many bags and boxes of things, but there are still piles of ‘things’ that we can’t seen to let go of.

Because those ‘things’ that others may see as tat, or unnecessary clutter, are memories.

In the garage of my parents house, are boxes and bags full of items from my brothers and my childhood, and university years. There are boxes of books, films, paperwork, sports equipment, and old toys. Even cassette tapes that no one will ever listen to again!

But they won’t be tossed away recklessly.


My mum lovingingly goes thought boxes and keeps then in order for us to check out, and claim for our own memory chests.

My parents have has so many precious items from various members of our family, gifts from our grandparents who are no longer with us, photos of members of our family who passed away.

My brother and I do say to them to try and get rid of things. but deep down we are just as bad.

He’s lucky because, being in Finland, he is limited to the amount of stuff he can transport back there, but for me, all it takes is a boot-full and I have transported the memories to my house!

My home is a treasure trove of items. thousands of photos, real ones not digital, books, treasured pieces of clothing – all items which make me smile when I look at them.

My children love to look back on old things. They are getting to that age where our memories are of interest to them.

This past summer, when we went to visit my folks, the kids discovered the Cine projector! What a fun evening we had, looking back on these tiny reels of soundless film, showing their mummy and uncle as little tykes! Pops had more squirrelled away, which he couldn’t locate at the time, but there is promise of another evening, where we can revisit memories soon!

Now, having written this, and being still off sick, I may just go and wallow in old memories, checking out some of my old photos!

And no, you’ll never convince me to declutter… NEVER!!!!!

See you tomorrow!

If you want to find a full list of rules and the daily prompts visit here.


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