Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 250 – Tis The Season To Be Sneezing


“Tis healthy to be sick sometimes.”

David Henry Thoreaux

“Say what, Spidey?” I hear you all cry, but, you know what? He’s right with this one he’s found today!

Seriously, as I sit here today, typing away, with the first sniffles of the season (for me, anyway), I get it.

No one wants to be ill. No one wants to feel incapacitated in any way, least of all at Christmas, when there is so much to do, at work as well as home. Colds and flu? They can do one.

But they won’t.

When they decide to come visiting, you have to make a decision. To battle through it, and possibly infect a whole host of other people, or to sit back and allow your body to take over.

Because, a lot of the time, you get a cold because you are run down. Sure, getting caught in that downpour may not help, or going out, not wrapped up properly, can make a situation worse, but I do believe that getting a cold os really your body’s way of saying “STOP! You need to rest and refuel!”

I really should take my own advice. Yesterday, I awoke to the sniffles, but had a busy day planned, takinbg Lil Princess to visit some friends, and the idea was that they chilled out whilst I found a comfy sofa in a coffee shop, and read or wrotte, peacefully.

Nope. That didn’t happen. We still had to go, but Lil Man was with me, so I ended up dropping her off, then traipsing around a few sports shops with him after a meal together, (mother/son date – don’t have as many of those as I’d like!), before my knees said “Sit down!” and my head willed Lil Princess to want to go home.

We managed a couple of hours, where I did convince him to go and sit with me in a Costa Coffee shop for a short while, then once home, I slipped into bed with a good book, and did what I should have been doing all day – Read and snoozed!

Today, I hope to feel a bit better – got a hair appointment – but the rest of the day will be more resting up, and relaxing, ready for the last week of term! I only have to last 3 days, then officially we break up… I can do it.

Just need to shake this stupid cold! (And try and ignore Hubby Dearest who seems to have contracted Man Flu AGAIN! I just think he’s jealous that I really need the tissue box this time!)

So… tell me, what do you do to get rid of colds?

I’m Ill!

This is me…

A whole weekend of sniffles… This isn’t fair!



One-Liner Wednesday – #1LinerWeds – Hot Water Bottle!


On days like these, God bless my hot water bottle!


I don’t function well in the cold. My whole body goes on go-slow! This photo, taken last night, shows me with my wonderful companion at night! I was ready to just go to bed because the cold was deep within me, but as soon as I got my feet warm, I felt ready to do all sorts of little jobs that I had been putting off!

Love me a good hot water bottle!

For Linda’s #1LinerWeds Challenge.

It’s Been a Cold Week!

We’ve had some really frosty weather here this week, you know, temperatures hitting below freezing.


Pretty icy ferns inside my car!!

I have had to scrape ice off the windscreen at least twice!

Now I am firmly a ‘spray with de-icer and scrape’ kinda girl, but my sis in law usually splashes lukewarm water over hers and is good to go. Her father is a car salesman with his won garage, and he swears by it.

So, on the second day, I thought ‘why not try it, and filled a bottle with warn water, and got ready to pour and leave with speed.


And this happened. The frost lay on the ground ‘deep and crisp and even’, it was -3.5 degrees celsius, and my windscreen was a sheet of ice!


Because no one told me I needed to actually stick the wipers on while pouring!

Spent another 10 minutes dislodging ice instead of frost off the windscreen instead!

Women drivers eh!!!

Sod’s Law (And A Last Minute Vote Appeal!)

It’s the last day of term.

Every teacher out there is tired.

7 weeks is a long stretch for anyone, kids and adults alike.

And I have to go and wake up with a cold.


The last day.


I struggled into school, after dropping Lil Man off to his grandparents, and spent the whole day with a tissue box next to me.

It’s no fun trying to keep up with a whole bunch of 3-4 year olds, when all you want to do is give your nose a good blow! I felt like stuffing tissue up my nostrils…it’s not like I could breathe anyway!

Bu the absolute worst part? I am so considerate that I have left it until the last day to feel rotten, so I get to spend a week, which should be my break, feeling sorry for myself, and watching my nose get redder than Rudolph’s!

Hopefully, a couple of days in bed, doing not much, will help. I need to be better for Tuesday when the kids and I are planning to visit my Pops and Mum for a few days. I NEED that break too!

Why does this illness not strike mid-term? Actually, scratch that. Even if it did, I would feel too guilty to take days off! Many a time has passed where I have a migraine coming, or feel under the weather, but knowing I will leave my class understaffed, and not wanting to let anyone down, I drag myself in… inevitably using my own weekends to recuperate.

I’m not the only one. Many teachers feel the same. But what can you do?

Excuse me while I slather myself in Vicks, and replenish my dwindling tissue supply…

(feeling ever so sorry for myself right now!)

And while I am whining on… Can you see it in your hearts, to help a struggling, cold ridden teacher, who finally got her half term, but still needs to be on call as mummy, and wife too…? And click here to vote for the cover of my book, Poetic RITUals?


I need way over 100 votes… people really love those Zombie Dogs!!!! Let’s be honest, I won’t beat em, but no one can say I didn’t give it a heck of a try!

Love you long time, Peeps!


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