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There you go, you got it from the reliable source that is the Minions – never hold your parps in.

These restrained balls of methane may be responsible for making you think silly thoughts!

Let em out! Free that fart!

Who cares if there’s a stench, it’ll only last a few moments!

But a sh*tty idea’s effects can last a lifetime!

Happy Wednesday Peeps!

I Should Know Better!

I am a pretty good person, always looking out for others, smiling through life’s problems, that sort of thing.

But I don t half have some bad habits that are hard to break!

Now there’s organised, and then there’s organised!

I believe it’s the Virgo in me that likes to have lists of things to do, that needs me to know what is happening when, that asks a question and needs an answer NOW!

And these are all okay habits, but I can have a tendency to get myself a bit obsessed with them too! And often to my detriment!

Take last night for instance.

There have been lots of changes in our family life since Lil Man started Secondary school. The biggest being that now he is at another school, other than the one I teach at, I have little control or knowledge about things happening there (oh, I find that so hard… but breathe, Ritu… let go…!)

We have to go for his parent meeting soon. Now in primary school, it’s a pretty painless process/ Your child has one teacher, you book a ten minute slot. You arrive, maybe wait if there are any delays, but, unless you have more than one child, thus needing more ten minute slots, you are in and out relatively fast.

Not at secondary school!

Now we have a lotta subjects, so a lotta teachers and a lotta kids whose parents need to be seen!

There is the old fashioned way of booking your slots, which is to fill in a piece of paper, using a pen (remember those?!) requesting the teachers to book you in with a slot. We tried that last time, and I think one teacher managed to actually book a time.

Then I resorted to the new-fangled way, which is an online system! Oh so easy! You see the teachers names that you child has, you book your five minute slots, and leave five minutes in between, to give yourself time to move around!


If you get in early enough. But if you are one of the last ones to book, you end up with 7 appointments interspersed within a three hour window! But we were relatively quick so only had a couple of waits.

So when I realised his end of year meetings were coming up, I was hot off the mark!

I have been checking the website for the last couple of weeks and knew that the system opened up for booking yesterday.

But what time exactly?

In the morning it informed me that the system would be open 17 from them. I worked it out and made it to be an 11 pm open time.

Being me, Mrs Virgo, I wanted to get appointments booked and out of the way, so I knew what we were doing on that day!

I was tired too.

But I kept myself awake, and had checked throughout the evening to make sure that I know when it was definitely going live! Last time it was live at some silly time like 4 am, so I had to wake up to get the bookings done!

Just before 11 pm I dragged myself to the PC and logged in. The counter that had said one hour to go for the last hour should have said Open at 11 pm, but no.. it told me there were 59 minutes to go!


I had to wait until midnight!

Now here was where common sense should have prevailed and told me “Ritu, go to sleep. Get up at your usual time, don’t snooze your alarm, and you can book the appointments them.”

And quite possibly, it did try to tell me that, but stubborn, organised Ritu had her voice on loud speaker! “Ritu, watch another mind numbing programme to keep yourself awake then book, and you can sleep in peace!”

And so I awoke from a snooze just before midnight (luckily with no alarm, otherwise I would have been gutted!) and drowsily headed off to the PC again to book.

Surprise surprise I was probably the first one there, and all appointments needed were duly booked. I could rest easy for the next two weeks!

Except, you know when you wake from a deep sleep, you just can’t go back to bed.

So I was back in bed by 12.07 am and tossed and turned for an hour! And when my alarm did go off, I cursed my inability to listen to common sense!

But I was secretly happy that I got my preferred time slots!

So now I know I shall spend today in a stupor of tiredness – self-inflicted tiredness, at that!!

I should know better!

Any habits that you have that you really should change, but you just can’t quite make yourself to do?


Zzzzzzz! 9 Reasons I Still Need My Bed This Morning!

I thought Friday was bad enough with four hours sleep..

But after a pretty hectic weekend, filled with kids clubs, travelling to a family gathering and having a late Saturday night, and getting organised yesterday, I managed to sneak in an hour’s nap in the afternoon, and got to bed at a decent time.

  1. You get the amorous husband – Er NO!!!
  2. The mewling kitty – no food at 1.-12am!
  3. The kid who can’t sleep – It’s 3.23am, seriously?! Oh oh you have a cold and can’t sleep.
  4. The kid who thinks your bed is too hot – 4.06pm… Ok, she’s down again so can get at least two hours kip.
  5. The husband who think’s his luck is in as we are kinda awake! – 4.45am…SERIOUSLY??!!
  6. The bounce-back kid – 5.12am – Her bed was too cold…
  7. The dang alarm! – 6am came too soon! SNOOZE!
  8. The snoozed alarm – 6.05am… please 5 more minutes!
  9. The hyper kid – 6.09am “Mum! You’ve overslept!” He says – been awake since 6 and already in his uniform!

Guess I’ll have to get up!

Have a great Monday Peeps! Here’s hoping you got more rest than me!

Doubling Up!

I have to confess… I have been oh so naughty these last few days! The Easter break always finds me with less willpower than at Christmas or the summer holidays for some reason!

I have been eating… and eating… and eating. When I want a snack, I am not reaching for the fruit bowl, or a yoghurt, as I have been doing, but rather the crisps, chocolates, ice creams, cakes… did I mention chocolate? And rather than having just one, I end up going back for a second helping!

It inspired a little poem from me today! Here’s to all of us who can’t help but snack! ( I’ll be back on my wagon once term starts. It’s not even worth me trying to be ‘good’ this holiday!)

This is getting serious
I don’t know what to do
For every time I have a snack
It’s never one, but two!

I went to get an ice cream
Didn’t realise the trouble
For after scoffing one
I needed more – Double!

Maple pecan plaits
You buy them in a pair
So I ate them both
I think that’s only fair!

At afternoon teatime
I make myself a brew
And if its not a pack of biscuits
I’ll have a scone – no, two!

With Easter coming it’s no fun
Chocolate everywhere
It would be rude not to eat,
And just sit and stare!

It’s not just sweets but savoury too
That seem to be coupling up
Wine, two glasses – not just one
And tea, ooh yes, another cup!

This doubling up is awful
I really shouldn’t indulge
After all my hard work
To shift my waistline bulge!

But then, I’m only human
Sometimes you gotta eat
And at my next weigh in
I promise I’ll not cheat

Instead, I’ll be good, I swear
I’ll get back to my routine
And then I’ll be posting about
How I got back to being lean!

Ritu 2017

What Is In A Name?

After the Get To Know Me Tag post, and reading Debbie’s post about names, I felt inspired to write another post! (You know me, blogaholic and all that!)

So, if you didn’t read my tag post (and why ever not??!! ;P) the question was “Who were you named after?”

My answer was this:

 I don’t believe I was named after anyone specific. But what I do know is that my name, Ratinder, was meant to be! It is a custom  in the Sikh religion for the parents to go to the temple after a baby is born. Prayers are done, and then a random page is opened in the Guru Granth Sahib (our holy book) and the letter that starts the first page is the letter that the baby’s name should start with. My parents already wanted to call me Ratinder, Ritu for short, but the rest of the family were expecting this tradition to be upheld. Pops went, and R came out, but his sisters didn’t believe him, so it was done again with one of his sisters as a witness, and lo and behold, R came out again. So you see, I was destined to be Ratinder/Ritu!

Yet there are other aspects to my name, and little stories surrounding it.

Like I was always Ratinder, to everyone at school, and to my mum if I had misbehaved! But it was Ritu that I was called at home and in the family. Affectionately called Ritu by those I loved, and those who loved me.

Ratinder was a bit of a mouthful, and when we were around eleven years old, we studied The Wind In The Willows, and were introduced to Ratty.

Image result for wind in the willows ratty

Ratty from The Wind In The Wilows

He was a lovely rodent, kind of heart and all that, but the name Ratty doesn’t always make you think positive thoughts. Nevertheless, one of the girls in my class cottoned on to the fact that my name started with Rat… so Ratty, as my nickname, was born! From eleven to seventeen, I was henceforth known as Ritu at home, Ratinder to my teachers (and mum if I’d been naughty!) and Ratty to my classmates. Thanks Kenneth Grahame!

Image result for wind in the willows illustrations

Another affectionate moniker, which my brother resorts to sometimes, is Tindi Paal. Full maiden name was Ratinder Padhaal. One of my school friends had a little sister who couldn’t say my name, and Tindi Paal is what came out. It stuck too!

Starting university was a big thing. The birth of my independence, I guess, and a chance for me to give myself the identity I wanted.

Again Ratinder was the name my tutors used, apart from Pam, one of my favourite Drama tutors, who used to called me Tinder (not the app, thank you very much! This was a long time before then!)

But I introduced myself as Ritu. This was the name I thought of with a lot of affection. This was the simple Indian me. No more Ratty, or Ratinder! 

Just Ritu.

And since then, that is what I am known as.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love the name Ratinder… Tried to find a meaning for it… It can be made up of two portions… Rati and Inder

What does the name Rati mean?

The meaning of the name “Rati” is: “Repose; (sexual) pleasure”.

What does the name Inder mean?

In Hindi the meaning of the name Inder is:Supreme god.

So what, am I the Supreme God(dess) of Pleasure??! Sounds kinda fun!

This is in the Hindu name dictionaries!

We aren’t Hindu, but Sikh, Punjabi, so I asked my Pops and Mum and they said to them, Ratinder meant Changing Seasons. And Kaur, the middle name for all Sikh women meant Princess, so my name meant Princess of the Changing Seasons. (Don’t confuse that with the weather… I am NOT responsible for the changeable weather! Jut the seasons, apparently!)

And on a side note, Ritu means Season, so I guess I’ll go with my parent’s definition… thought the Hindu one does sound cool!

So, tell me, any interesting stories about your name? Leave a note in the comments!!!

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