The Day I Broke Into My In-Laws House #notacriminalhonest

Yup… that day just came to pass.

Bitmoji Image
No, actually I prevented that happening!

It wasn’t quite the evening I had envisaged. I had been busy filling in my new school diary ready for next year. The kids were busy with their friends outside and Hubby Dearest was chilling with a beer and the TV on.

I’d just packed my school bits away, and got the kids inside, ready to get showered, when the phone rang. Usually my Mum-In-Law waits for us to call her, but it was her number on the display, so I answered it, worrying that something was wrong.

Well… it was.

Apparently one of the kids (naming no names, Lil Princess…) had opened Mum-In-Law’s bedroom window rather wide, and left it open, so a gust of much needed wind had swept into the room and slammed her door shut.

Such a hard slam that the door refused to open!


So the request was made.

“Could you come over and climb up a ladder, get on the flat roof and shimmy into the bedroom to try and open the door from the inside? Or bring Lil Man, he’s skinny and nimble…” (Cheek! I know I put on weight, but not that much!)

Well, Lil Man was in the shower, and I wouldn’t have wanted to risk him getting stuck or hurt, so Spider Woman here (or Idiot Girl, some might say) huffed over there.

Yup. I huffed.

Because there are others who may have been able to do this daring rescue mission… except, Dad-In-Law is too old, Mum-In-Law has too many health issues, Bro-In-Law wouldn’t have fit through the window, Sis-In-Law had only just got in from a crazy day at work, and Hubby Dearest, well, he’s only just recovering from his own injury!

So, actually there wasn’t anyone else.

I still huffed, mumbling during my exit, “Here’s hoping I don’t end up doing an injury to myself too, climbing through bl***y windows!”

Hubby Dearest told me to leave it, but I couldn’t. The window was wide open, and near a flat roof… too much temptation for someone who wanted to break and enter, without breaking…

I arrived.

Found ladder with Sis-In-Law.

Mum -In-Law tried to tell me to leave it, as whilst I’d been driving over, Hubby Dearest had called his mum and told her that it was very silly to expect me to climb up a ladder and possibly hurt myself (Oh, ye of little faith…) but if you know me, you know I am determined, and if I have set my mind to a task, I will achieve it, however silly!

I reminded her about the fact that she has her important ‘stuff’ in her room, and that open window would jsut be too easy a target… she stepped back and allowed me to begin.

Climbed up, with an audience. Mum-Im-Law, Bro-In-Law and Sis-In-Law. Mum-In-Law thrust a screwdriver in my hand as I ascended. “When you get it open, just take the damn barrel out!”

I tried to get in but the window was a tad too high, and nimble as I am, I wasn’t that flexible to jump through the opening, so went down again, got a stool and headed back up again.

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Ritu’s Mission Impossible!

Successful shimmy, (thought my chest might just be a little battered from dragging myself in!) and I entered the house in a way I never dreamed I would have to do.

But the door was stuck fast.

The barrel had totally gone. The handle just turned in my hand. I was thankful for the screwdriver then. I had to wedge it gently through and manually push the barrel to open.

Once that was done, I wasted no time in removing this ancient lock and barrel from the door, handed all the bits and pieces to Mum-In-Law (not before I had to get her to hold my legs as I hung back out of the window to rescue the abandoned stool – that must have been a sight!) and pootled off home.

So there.

That is the story of when I broke into my In-Laws house.

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Yup. that’s how I looked on the roof! (Im my dreams!)

You’re welcome.

Moral of story – When Ritu tells you something seems a bit faulty, check it out instead of waiting for clamity to strike. About a month ago I mentioned that said door was sticking sometimes and when closed, could only be opened from the inside… because the barrel wasn’t turning fully… See! Listen to The Ritu!

Loving Me A Giphy! #BloggingTips

You know I have my faithful Bitmoji avatar which I use on most of my posts. I do love her!

She’s got the feisty nature I might not really portray in my day to day life!

But I wasn’t feeling fulfilled…

I was getting jealous of those bloggers who were using GIFS within the body of their texts.

And it is possibly something most of you know how to do, but if you’re anything like me, you would be in awe of those little moving pictures too!

So I discovered how to add GIFs to my posts!

Isn’t that just the coolest?

Then Colleen, the Fairy Whisperer, asked me how I managed to get the GIF in my comments, and I knew I had to share my newfound knowledge! You can’t call me a selfish blogger!

So, here is a quick step-by-step guide to how to add a GIF from

1)   First, get on the Giphy website and then search for whatever you want!

Screenshot (2)

2)   Click on whichever GIF takes your fancy, and it takes you to this page. Then select the Media link as indicated below.

Screenshot (3)

3) Use the second link down that says Social. Copy it and paste into the body of your post, or even in a comment!

Screenshot (4)

And you get this!

Now, if that’s not cool, then what is?!

Hope you benefit from my GIF tutorial!

Friday Floss #Floss #SwishSwish

Right, let me start by saying I am not talking about dental floss – though as a retired dentist, I’m sure my Pops would be so proud if I was extolling the virtues of regular flossing and inter-dental brushing for the health of your teeth!


I’m talking about that new dance craze that the kids are all going mental over.

That move that seems a bit of an impossibility…

giphy (1)

Yup, that one!

Katy Perry’s Swish Swish song has got the Floss kid going strong!

Now, I count myself as a pretty good dancer… I can try my feet at pretty much any move (not saying I can do them all!) and I’m pretty good at hip swivelling too.

But this one got me foxed…

Lil Princess has been ‘flossing’ (sorry again Pops, not the dental type again!) for a while now, and she makes it look so easy!

The other day fellow blogger and teacher, and all-round good sport, Fatty McCupcakes posted on her Facebook Bad Teachers Group about her class all being obsessed with this move, and how she basically did her back in trying to learn how to floss!

Well, last night we had our school disco – well, two discos – one for the younger lot and one for the older ones.

The first one was great, dancing to the Macarena and jumping around with 4-7-year-olds is just my thing!

The second one was cool too – I got to be there, embarrassing my daughter!

But the crowds of 7-11-year-olds flossing was getting me down! (Again – Pops, don’t get excited, there weren’t groups of children conscientiously clearing the gaps in their teeth collectively!) And one of the younger members of staff (she’s like 21, or something, a mere babe, and not much older than the kids!) was able to floss, so she showed me, as only a teacher can do… and I got it!

I was so excited! I flossed with the best of them! I couldn’t go at the speed of some of the kids, but hey, I got the move, got the idea, and was so pleased with myself!

Lil Princess was well impressed, rather than embarrassed, that her friends were coming up to her and saying “Your mum can FLOSS!!!”

She even challenged me to a Floss-Off when we got back home!

And you say you want proof? Here!

See! Told you I can do it!!

But I have to say, my back doesn’t half ache now!!!!!!!!

Still, it felt like a great workout, and I shall try and keep my flossing, both dental and dancing, up regularly!!!!

Have a fantastic flossing Friday Peeps!

Conversations with random strangers #ThrowbackThursday


Anyone who knows me will willingly confirm the following fact… I can talk for England!

And, though not verbal, once I start a comment rally , even on here, I find it hard to stop!

So it stands to reason, where there’s an opportunity to talk to someone, anyone, I will happily take it!
You can end up having lovely conversations with older people, who are sometimes boggled by the technology and communications nowaday, almost starved of regular ‘normal’ conversation.

The kids hate doing the weekly shop with me, apparently I ALWAYS stop to talk to someone and I take AGES… Hubby Dearest says the same… Hmmm, maybe there’s some truth to it then! 😜

Example 1.
I was shopping, sans kids or hubby, and went to the game section. Its Lil Princess’s birthday next month, so I need new present suggestions.. Too soon after Christmas! But, I digress.
I picked up Just Dance 2015 and went to pay… She loves these games.
An elderly lady was at the till. She looked at the game, then at me. I smiled and for no reason whatsoever explained it was a ‘getting ready for daughter’s birthday’ present. She said “Good choice my dear, at least it’s active!” We then went on to talk about the youngsters nowadays being addicted to console games, and lack of fresh air and exercise. This led to her saying she has no internet, no interest in getting it, and on to how her grand daughter insists on getting a text from them if they wanted to talk to her, not just a simple phone call! Her husband arrived and we parted company, with me getting a pat on the back for keeping my kids active, and for having a chat!
Yes, it does add 5-10 minutes to a trip out but it’s fun! I just can’t help it!

Example 2.
Yup, just today, I was in Primark and buying a couple of jumpers, which I had bought previously, but managed to shrink in the wash! 😳 Again, a lovely older lady was perusing the knitwear and happened upon one of the jumpers I’d also picked up. Eye contact occurred, then a smile, followed by a discussion about the jumpers being great, how I’m cr*p at laundry, and what on earth is up with Primark sizing!

Example 3
No, why would I stop there! The lady at the till was next. And after talking about the now infamous jumpers, we were discussing their practicality in my job, comfort and stuff, and I came away from this conversation with a ‘well done with doing the job you love!’
(And a queue of customers behind me!)

I have come to the conclusion its all about the eye contact…and smile.
So if you ever see me and don’t want to chat, whatever you do, don’t let me see you!!! If I smile, that’s 10 minutes of your life GONE! If, however, you fancy a chat, smile away!!! Just don’t wink… That’s just weird!

Spur – #writephoto

Sue’s #WritePhoto prompt this week:

Looking at the contraption hanging from the wall, Barbie turned towards Ken.

“Babe, I know we watched Fifty Shades, and all that, last night, but there is no way that is going anywhere near my perfect surgically enhanced figure.”

Fearful of puncture and subsequent deflation, Barbie backed away from her ‘adventurous’ boyfriend.

“Huh?” Ken stared back, confused. “I don’t get it. That, Babe, that is my new fidget spinner! I got it cheap from the scrap metal yard. It looks pretty epic… but I just can’t get it to spin…”


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