Willy! – Kids Logic Part 38 #ThrowbackThursday

Another priceless gem from Lil Princess!

LP: I know William is a boys name!

Me: How’s that?

LP: Easy! It’s got Willy in it!!!

A little smile-inducing morsel for you! ūüėä

Injury Report #2584

Yes, I’m back after quite a while this time with another injury report.

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you’ll know that my middle name should be clumsy.

From burns, to trilling up, sitting on chairs awkwardly to hitting my head in strange places… there is always something silly I’m doing!

Well, why would I change things?

Yesterday, at the very beginning of the school day, I was setting up the classroom and managed to step down from somewhere, and land on my foot in a weird way.

I twisted it, and the top, and outer side was very tender.

Spent the whole day icing it, and trying to keep it up where I could, but that’s not easy with 40 new nursery children to settle and comfort!

Plus I was at school until past 7.30 pm  for my first Governors meeting!

Got home and settled my own two to bed before really looking at it, and giving it a soak..


Oh yes…definitely swollen and sore!

OUCH indeed!

I swallowed some ibuprofen and slept well though the night.¬†It’s amazing how good a sedative the exhaustion of teaching is!

It’s still sore today, but I’ll have to manage!

And the kids are in for longer today…EEK!

Wish me well, and have a great Friday Peeps!

Thank God It’s Friday!



Friday Funnies – Trying To Keep Writers Block At Bay! #SundayBlogShare

It’s one of those days.
I’ve been writing, and my mind came to a halt.
Then I thought what better than to browse the internet whilst munching on my rather late breakfast.

And I found some funny writer memes on Google that I just had to share!

writer meme 5

I think I have been doing that to myself, to be honest, enforcing word count targets on myself every day. My furry muse, however cute, just wants me to stroke him!

writer meme 1

Not pale either…. and I think I eat more as I create…¬†Substitute the coffee for tea, and that may just be me!

writer meme 2

Though I have been pretty good, there have been mornings that I have felt have gone just like that!

'I'm still working on my novel. In the meantime, and this is between you and me, I make ends meet by writing all those cat memes you see on Facebook.'

I found a gif maker… trying really hard to keep myself away from it whilst I am meant to be writing!

writer meme 7

This just made me giggle!

writer meme 4

I’d like to think I’m going to be the ‘Ray of Sunshine’, probably more likely that I’m a Space Cadet though!

writer meme 3

And with that, I must get back to writing, need to try and tap out another 1,000 ¬†today, lr I’ll be shooting myself, like that first meme…!

So for any of you Peeps in my position, writing your first draft, good luck, and if you needed a giggle, I hope you got one!

I’ll be back on Monday with my week 3 update!



At one with a Malteser… #ThrowbackThursday



I’m back after my teacher training day. It was lovely, a school with no crazy kids! Peace around the corridors and time to sort displays and classrooms out.

In the last half an hour or so, I had a short course on mindfulness. It was interesting, all about clearing your mind, slowing down, and thinking of negative thoughts at buses, or clouds, that pass by, not them being all encompassing.

I chose to do this course because, I kid you not, there was a picture of a Malteser in the handout!

And, to my joy, there was Malteasers present too!! And we got to eat…one…after becoming one with that Malteser…

I had to pick one, hold it, really look at it, think about its appearance (round), smell it (chocolate), listen to it (heck, it’ll only crunch when you let me eat it!), feel it (melting, melting, it needs my mouth!) And taste it…mmmmmmmm!

Oh, it dissolved so beautifully! Melted in the mouth theoretically. In reality, it melted in my hand!

Then we had to meditate for 5 minutes… Now, I do know the benefits, after all, my Pops teaches yoga! But in a room full of people, susceptible to giggling fits that I am, and with an open bag of Malteasers in front of me, do you REALLY think I can concentrate my mind on my breathing??!!

Kid’s Logic – Part 50 – Write a Book, We Can Get A Dog!

It’s been over a year since I posted one of these! Not to say the kids haven’t come out with some corkers, but they are also more aware now, and I can’t be shaming my tweens (can I?!?)

But yesterday, I had a classic conversation, which was totally kids logic, and I had to share.

Both of the kids ( and their father) have fostered the hope of getting a dog. Npw, a few years ago, I would have flat out said no. I was scared of them. More recently, I have been more accepting of the idea of a dog, but the practicalities of having one, that I can’t change. It would be hard for us, with our life as it is, to be fair to a dog, and give them the life they need.

You know kids though. These things mean nothing. “But mummy, you don’t need to worry! We will look after it!” I mention the fact that no one is at home during the day ” It’s ok Sonu (the cat!) will look after it!”

Then Lil Man had a lightbulb moment!

LM: Mum, when do you retire?
Me: Not for a long while yet son.. the way things are going, I’ll need to work at least another 30 years!
LM: Why?
Me: Because we need to earn money to survive, and save up for when we do retire.
LM: Haven;t you got enough yet?
Me: Nope, and we still have a lot of spending to do before we are at the stage where we just save.Gotta bring you two up first! Either that or we win the Lottery, or this book I’m writing becomes a best seller!
LM: That’s it. Write a best seller then!
Me: If only it were that easy son…
LM: If you sell like a hundred, would that be enough?
Me: Not quite.
LM: Do you get all the money when you sell a book?
Me: No.
LM: Is it about Indians?
Me: Yes, kinda..
LM: Well then all the Indians will buy it! And if they aren’t Indian, you say “Why aren’t you buying it? Are you racist?!”
Me: Er, no son, it’s just not that simple to write a best seller. If I am lucky and someone important read it, and recommended it, it could sell more, or even better, if a movie company say it and wanted to make it into a film that would be great too!
LM: Ok then, write one of those! Do you have pictures in it?
Me: No son, it’s not that kind of book.
LM: What? Not even at the beginning and end of a chapter?
Me: No.
LM: Get ’em from the internet, innit!
Me: No thanks son. Firstly, that would cost a lot too, and secondly, I don’t need pictures!
LM: So get on with it Mum, write that book and sell loads, then you can retire.
Me: why are you so worried about me retiring?
LM: So we can get a dog innit! And you can look after it!


Kid’s Logic, see!

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