Thursday photo prompt – Mask #writephoto

Sue’s #Writephoto prompt this week:

A tanka was born!

Rising out of flames
Evoking fear with those eyes
Destined to haunt you
A devil walks among us
Which mask does he hide beneath?
Ritu 2017


Messenger #writephoto

Sue’s #Writephoto prompt this week.

corvid in flight - Sue Vincent

Black-winged messenger
Soaring through the skies
On a mission to deliver
Words to the unwise.

Black-winged messenger
Gliding to his destination
To speak his words of wisdom
To the assembled congregation

Black-winged messenger
With feathers widely fanned
Delivering a message
Bringing peace throughout the lands

Ritu 2017


Thursday photo prompt – Peace – #writephoto

Sue’s back with her #WritePhoto Prompt this week!

“Now this,” tour guide Tim indicated, “is the famous bed!”
His words were greeted by coos of excitement and eightened whispers in all manner of languages.
The 20-strong group were the fifth he’d taken around today already.
“Yes, here is the bed where Snow White lay, after consuming that poisoned apple, given to her by her Evil Stepmother. Here is where the seven dwarves congregated each day and night, keeping watch over the body of their beautiful princess. And here is where the Prince came to kiss her, and wake her up!”
Cue the phone cameras and proper cameras clicking, image after image from all angles.
“What, you want to lay there and have your photo taken? With your own Prince Charming kissing you? Hmm… Well this is a historical landmark… I’m not sure I can bend the rules. If everyone was to request the same, the bed would be worn away by now. But, if you are prepared to make it worth my while…”
Pocketing another £50, Tim happily clicked photo after photo. Several others came over and requested a similar photo opportunity in various forms of Pidgin English
He led the group back to the coach half an hour later, patting his pocket… Nice little earner! These tourists are so stupid! Don’t they realise Sleeping Beauty was just a Fairy tale!
And that bed? Just knocked up by a friend of his! Or so he was told. Who cares, anyway? He was making a packet with this Fairytale tour!
Unbeknownst to him, seven pairs of eyes followed him back, peeking from a nearby bush…


Flight – #writephoto

Sue’s Prompt for #WritePhoto this week.

Part one of Becca And Jack’s story – here

Becca lay in bed gazing out of the window.

A week or so had passed since she had been rescued.

Jack had been an angel, honestly. He’d taken time off work to look after her and had been amazing, tending to her every need.

And now she was starting to feel stronger. Strong enough to go out for a walk, or a hobble with her crutches, to get some fresh air, and to clear the stifling vibes that had been building up inside.

He meant well, really he did, but from the moment she woke up, until the second her eyes closed, he was there.

This morning he was pacing, she knew there was something he wanted to say, and in the end he did.

“Who were you going to meet, that day?”

She had genuinely been going for a walk the day she inadvertently slipped down a tunnel and got trapped in a tunnel for a few days. It had been because of him that she had needed to escape the house.

The constant questioning and suspicion had got all too much and she needed to think.

To clear her mind.

Usually she would have been rather meek in her response, bumbling some story to prove her whereabouts, but after four days trapped in that tunnel, some sort of resolve had built up inside.

“For goodness sake Jack, I was out for a walk! I tripped I fell. Isn’t it punishment enough, that I was trapped for days, with an injury, without you making it all about you?”

Jack sat, slightly shell-shocked. Becca had never answered him back before.

“Right, well, I’ll just go and make a cuppa…” He left the room.

But only for a few moments.

Becca knew.

Looking out of the window, she watched the beautiful Kite soaring over the rooftops. Not far behind her was another. Imagining the first bird to be like her and the other to be like Jack, she thought “See, they never leave us alone. Always there, following us, checking up on us…”

A quiet knock at the door heralded the entry of her Jack, tray set with two cups of tea and a plate of biscuits.

See? He just can’t leave me alone…





The tunnel – #writephoto

Sue’s prompt today for #WritePhoto

Man caught in the light at the end of the tunnel

“Hello?… Hello!..”

Becca rubbed her eyes and allowed her sight to adjust to the pinpoint of light that was streaming down on her.
It wasn’t quite clear, but she thought she could see someone standing there, at the end of the tunnel.
Summoning up all her energy, she tried to shout out.

“Hello! Help me!”

It wasn’t more than a whisper leaving her mouth.
Four days, she had been stuck in this cave. Four nights of pure darkness and four days of muted light she had endured with no food or water, and an excruciating pain in her leg, hip and shoulder.
She had gone for a walk to clear her head.

The arguments were starting to really wear thin now. Jack was getting increasingly paranoid and it took something as simple as her working late for him to start questioning everything from where she was, to why she was wearing certain clothes… even though he knew exactly where she had been.
She knew she wasn’t in the wrong, but how long could she fend off accusations and snide remarks? If he loved her, he wouldn’t do this…
Caught up in her thoughts, she hadn’t noticed the mouth of the cave, and didn’t see the unearthed root sticking up at the entrance.
Before she knew it, she was tumbling down a shallow tunnel, before coming to a wall. She had landed awkwardly and hurt her leg.

After calling out until she felt hoarse,  and trying to gently ease her way back up before realising that her shoulder hurt too much and that her leg couldn’t hold her weight, she had all but given up…

The days and nights were starting to blend into one another.

Surely Jack would have alerted the authorities. Someone must be trying to find her…

Her eyes were starting to close again when she heard something again.

A rustle, and what sounded like movement close by.

She felt herself being moved gently and reassuring voices calmed her.

As long as Jack believed where she had been, she had no wish other than that…


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